My Girlfriend and My sister…both want me! .

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My Girlfriend and My sister…both want me! .

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Drrrr Drrr Drrr

God, I hate the sound of a phone ringing when you are asleep. I slowly opened my eyes and reached for my phone, which was on the table next to my bed. I didn’t care to look at the caller-ID and answered it.


“Jake? It’s me”

“Mom?” I asked, still wondering why she called me at this hour. I got up from my bed and walked to the bathroom and sprayed some cold water on my face to wake me up.

“Listen Jake…Sarah is pregnant…as you know already and we are going over to visit her in Alabama…”

“That is wonderful…but why are you telling me this?” I asked with annoyance creeping through my voice.

“Listen! Olivia doesn’t want to come with us…she doesn’t want to spend all her time in Alabama so she asked us if she could visit you in Switzerland…and you dad surprisingly accepted…so she will be at the airport at 9:00…ok?” I was excited and eager to meet Olivia. I could feel my heart racing as my mom uttered those words and I instantly woke up, but kept my enthusiasm under control.

“At 9:00! Mom it is 8:30 already! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I panicked, cleaning my room. I quickly threw all my boxers in the closet and tried to hide all the panties which belong to numerous girls.

“We tried to call you but your phone was turned off or something so we couldn’t reach you…anyway…Jake please behave…I am trusting you…”

“I Know!” I snapped into the phone and turned it off. It was my fault that they couldn’t reach me because I was at my friend’s house and we were having a little bit more beer than necessary.

Olivia was my younger sister by 3 three years, while she was 18, I was 21. She is the most beautiful girl, I have ever seen in my life. She has beautiful dark strawberry blonde hair, with sparkling blue eyes which are always shining. She has dark and defined eyebrows with long eye lashes and amazing dimples. Her C sized breasts fit her body perfectly and her stomach was flat with no fat on it. She had lovely hips and a beautiful ass, which she shows off with tight jeans. She has long slender legs and when she walked it was hard not to stare at her legs.

When we were younger, we were exploring our bodies and our mom just happened to catch us during one of those experiments. She immediately sent me away to Swiss to live with my aunt and study while my sister stayed in the States with our parents. It was hard not to be with my family but I like it in Swiss and soon forgot about everyone except Olivia, who I often visit secretly. We never tried anything during the secret visits, but just talked and told each other how much we missed each other. She would introduce me to her friends and take me to nice places to eat.

“Oh Shit!” I cursed and broke out of my day-dream and ran to the bathroom to get ready for her. I quickly took a shower sprayed some cologne and ran to my Mercedes and drove to the airport. I parked my car waited for her to come out side. I saw all kinds of people, but I didn’t see her and looked at my phone to see what time it was and I saw her.

She had a tight pink shirt which stuck to her skin with a pink jacket and skinny jeans. As soon as I saw her, I moved towards her, she was however faster than me and ran to me and gave me a big hug and then a long kiss on my lips, which gained some smiles from people. I let my hands slide across her back and rested them on her ass and gently squeezed it.

“I love these” I whispered, she giggled and pushed me away.

“Are these getting bigger each time I see you?” I asked her looking at her breasts hungrily.

“George!” She squealed and smacked my arm playfully.

“God I have missed you so much!” She hugged me tightly and I hugged her back just as tightly and put my arm around her and took the bag from her and led her to the car.

“Tell me everything!” she squealed as she sat down next to me.

“Whoa! You tell me everything…”

‘Well…As you know Sarah is pregnant and mom and dad went to visit her and I came to see you and my school is very boring the boys there are so immature and that’s basically it…now it’s your turn” she concluded

“Alright…what do you want to know?”

“Tell me about your girlfriends? How many have you had? Huh?” she teased me

“I have my share of pussy and I just split up with my girlfriend last night at a party…” I said, pulling into the garage.

“Oh my god! Your house is so beautiful! You have a pool and a sauna…we are going to have loads of fun baby” she said as she ran in the house. I laughed and followed her inside, throwing her bag in my room, since there was only one room. My house wasn’t a palace but it was a decent place to live, it has one floor with one bedroom, a kitchen, one bathroom, a large living room, pool and sauna outside.

“Well? What do you want to do? Bar? Nightclub? Movies?” I asked her.

“I am so tired Jake…the flight was tiresome… can I sleep tonight and we can go someplace tomorrow?
Where is my place?” she asked, yawning.

“Sure…Umm…well…you can take my bed…I will take the couch…” I said, getting a pillow.

“Jake? What is this?” she asked, picking up a pick panties from the floor. I cursed and snatched it from her and threw it in the closet and smiled. She stared at me and broke into laughter and collapsed on the bed.

“Let me sleep on the couch…this is your house” she said, taking the pillow from my hand.

“Liv…it’s okay…now go to sleep…you must be tired”

“You know what…let’s share the bed…I am in no mood to argue” she said, pulling my hand. I reluctantly followed her and put the pillow back on the bed. I took of my shirt and jumped on the bed, waiting for her.

“Whooo…taking of your shirt huh? It is hot isn’t it?” she then took off her shirt, so she was only in her bra. I tried hard not to stare at her beautiful breasts with her pink nipples but found that very hard to. Olivia smiled and turned off the lights and slept on the other side of the bed.

I slowly drifted away to sleep and woke up when I felt Olivia’s warm body against mine. I looked at Olivia, who was particularly hugging me.

“Jake? It is really cold” she complained. I was surprised because she has been the one who took of her shirt and if it was too cold, why couldn’t she put her shirt back on? I however dismissed these thoughts and pulled her closer into me and found her shivering. We both were facing each other and she was hugging me tightly, I rubbed her head, hoping to warm her up a little.

She fell asleep in my arms and I let my hands travel down a bit, so it was resting on her ass. I looked at her to see, if she would say anything and then slowly inched my way into her pajamas and let my hand rest on her naked ass. She still didn’t wake up or push me away so I caressed her smooth ass cheeks, gently squeezing and spreading them.

By now, I had a rock hard bonner and I really had to relieve my balls. I parted her cheeks and traced her ass crack and found her forbidden pussy lips. She sighed but didn’t say anything, and I felt wetness around my finger. My dick was aching to rip my pants open and I knew I have to masturbate but I can’t do it without waking her up

I gently pulled my boxers down and pulled her pajama’s down and I saw her neatly shaved triangle for the first time. I smiled and pushed my dick between her ass cheeks and used my pre-cum as a lubricant and started rubbing slowly. It wasn’t long before I felt the churning in my balls, I increased the pace a little and gently moaned as I shot my cum behind her back and onto the bed sheets.

I sighed and quickly put my dick back into my boxers and pulled her clothes up and relaxed. I looked at her beautiful face and smile as I took in her beauty. Her rosy lips, all of her was beautiful to me.

“Hey Moron! Wake up!” Olivia smacked me with a pillow. I groaned and rubbed my eyes.

“What?” I asked hoping she wouldn’t notice the cum stains on the sheet but it was obvious not to notice.

“What do you have for breakfast?” she asked. I looked at her. She was neatly dressed; her hair was in a lovely ponytail, with a strand hanging over her forehead, making her look SO sexy. She had a tank top and blue shorts, which came up to her mid-thighs.

“Huh? I usually eat breakfast outside…just grab something you know…too lazy to make my own breakfast…” I said, slowly getting up.

“Lazy Asshole” she muttered and started walking away. I laughed and smacked her in the ass playfully, she giggled and ran away. I went to the bathroom and got under the stream of hot water. After taking a nice hot-shower, I remembered that I forgot to shave and went back in the bathroom and shaved cleanly.
“Mmm” I moaned as I smelt something delicious coming from the kitchen. I put my boxers on and jeans and headed towards the aroma without a shirt on.

I saw Olivia making something really good and I walked behind her and hugged her tightly. She squealed and laughed but didn’t say anything.

“I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” I said and kissed her neck and sat down to eat a good breakfast for what seemed

“You’re welcome” she said and sat down across from me.

“This is good…what is it? Aren’t you going to eat?” I said as I crammed it down my throat.

“Thank you…no…I ate already…and it is something I learned from my friends” she said her head tilted to
the side and was resting on her hand.

“How come you stopped introducing me to your friends?” I asked, helping myself with the food

“ I…I don’t like the way they look at you…they way they touch you…the way they smile at you…the way they-

“Ha-Ha…I get it baby…you are jealous…” I laughed

“I am not!…it’s just…I don’t want them to be with you. You are mine!” she said seriously.

“Mmm…Possessive…I like it” I put the plates back in the sink and washed my hands. As I went back to the
living room, I saw Olivia move to the couch with my phone.

“Calling your boyfriend?” I asked with a smile on my face as I dried my hands.

“You know I don’t have a boyfriend…I am looking at your pictures…” she said.

“Noo!” I flew from where I was towards Olivia, trying to grab the phone from her hands. She however saw
me coming and was faster than me. She held it close to her and she was grinning at me.

“What pictures do you have in here? Naughty ones? Sexy ones?” she teased me.

“There is nothing in there Olivia…just pictures of my girlfriend and me…now could you please give it to me?” I begged

“I wanna see her!” she said eagerly

“NO! I mean…hell! There are pictures of me and her naked…now please give it to me” I begged, getting on
my knees. She shook her head and gave me a evil smile.

I pounced on her, trying to steal the phone away from her. She tried to escape but I grabbed her wrists and pulled her into me. “Stop!” she screamed with laughter as I tried to take the phone from her. She fought with all her power but I finally pinned her down. We both lay panting, and she still had my phone. I eased my grip on her and she took advantage of that and flipped me over and pinned me.

“Holy Shit!” I muttered as she pinned me. She had a broad smile on her face and her eyes were twinkling. I managed to get my hands free and started tickling her, knowing she was extremely ticklish. She
immediately started laughing and fell on top of me, her breasts were pressed against me face. I took a big
sniff and rubbed my face against them. She finally controlled herself and straddled my chest. I took this
opportunity and grabbed my phone from her.

“Got it! And now…” I smiled at Olivia. She was excited and nervous. I grabbed her and pushed her onto my
lap so her ass was on my legs.

“Hey!” she complained.

“Your punishment!” I pulled her shorts down, exposing her naked ass. I trapped her hands underneath my
body, so she couldn’t fight me. I took my own sweet time squeezing and massaging her perfect ass

SMACK “Ouch!”SMACK “Ouch! SMACK “Ouch!”SMACK “Ouch! SMACK “Ouch!”SMACK “Ouch!

Both her cheeks were rosy red but I kept on slapping her ass, loving the way it jiggles when I slap it. She
stopped complaining and screaming but just lay there, taking the hit. After a while, I stopped and kissed
both of her cheeks and pulled her shorts up.


She rose and walked off without saying anything and I thought I went over the line this time so I followed
her to the pool.

“I am sorry Liv….I won’t do it again…” I pleaded

“Jake…that hurt” I knew, I smacked her a little too hard so I put my arm around her and kissed her
forehead. She laughed and before I knew it, she pushed me into the pool. Water traveled through my nose
and into my lungs and I started couching. I wanted to get her back so I pretended I didn’t know how to

“Olivia! I…can’t swim!” I gasped going in and out of the water.

Olivia laughed for a while and then she bit her lower lip and jumped in the water to “help” me. She grabbed me and pulled me into the shallows. I started laughing and she looked at me confused and then it dawned on her that I could swim. I was actually my High-School’s varsity Swim captain.

“I HATE YOU!” she said and punched me hard in the chest. This made me laugh even more and she
punched me again. I grabbed her and pulled her into me. That is when I noticed that I could see through her shirt and her nipples. She looked down at where I was looking and immediately went out of the pool to get herself dried.

I followed her into the house and threw my wet clothes outside side to let it dry and put fresh clothes on. I put the T.V. on and waited for Olivia to get dried.

“That was fun” I turned my head to find Olivia in a pink robe, which came up to her thighs. There was nothing underneath it and I could see her breasts pressed against itself. I felt my dick harden and looked at Olivia. She had two long earrings which were in shape of circle. I just stared at the goddess in front of me and she giggled.

“Did you just change your earring?”

“Yeah…do you like them?” she asked moving her damp hair out of the way to give me a better look. I got up and moved to her. She looked at me, somewhat confused, but didn’t say anything. I moved the hair out of her face and looked at her beautiful face, I didn’t know what made me do it but I reached down and kissed her lips.

She was surprised but kissed me back putting her hand around my head. I let my hand travel down her back and then I lifted her up while still kissing her and brought her to the couch.

“Geez…what took you so long to do that? Was it the earrings?” she asked

“No…it’s you…you are so beautiful” I kissed her again and our tongues met and danced in harmony and we both moaned into each other’s mouth.

She moved her hand towards my dick and unbuckled my belt and pulled my shorts down and then pulled my boxers down. My 7in dick sprung out and she stroked it expertly. She then broke the kiss and leaned down and took my dick into her mouth and sucked on the head, twirling her tongue around my head.
“Ahhhh” I moaned and made a fist out of her hair and guided her into taking more of my dick. She eagerly took my dick and eventually got it all the way down her throat. I didn’t hold her there like I did to other girls, but I didn’t need to, she then sucked while coming back up making my knees treamble.

“YES SUCK MY COCK BABY YOU LIKE SUCKING MY COCK DON’T YOU? YOU LOVE YOUR brotherS COCK” she started sucking me off like a porn star. She then stopped sucking and took one of my balls into her mouth and gently rolled them.

“AHHHHH” I knew, I wasn’t going to last much longer. She then took my other ball into her mouth and gently sucked on it and then took my dick into her mouth once again. She twirled her tongue around my head and tickled the underside and took it deep in her throat.

“OHHHHHH” I moaned as I shot ropes and ropes of cum, into her mouth. She swallowed it quickly and made sure not a drop was wasted.

“God that was amazing. Where did you learn to suck cock like that?”

“I had couple of boyfriends…but thanks for not holding me down there like some people do…it panics me…” she said. I lifted her up and we shared another deep passionate kiss where she let me taste my own cum. Normally, I would have been disgusted by that but the fact that she gave me an amazing blowjob and because I love her so much made me do it.

“Now my turn” I smiled and put her on the couch. She took off her robe and for the first time since I was 8, I saw her naked. She was stunning; words could not describe her beauty. She has amazing breasts, which were perfect for her body. She had beautiful pink nipples, which were rock hard and were sticking out half-inch. I then traveled my eyes down to her forbidden pussy and my mouth watered. Her pink lips were soaking with her juices and her pussy was shaved except for a neat triangle. As I looked further down, I saw her brow star. There was no hair on her lower body, except for the triangle.

“Is something wrong Jake?” She asked and she looked somewhat scared as if I was going to reject her body.

“Everything is perfect baby…perfect” I replied to which she smiled. I took her pointy nipple into my mouth
and gently sucked on it. She moaned and relaxed as I gently massaged her other breast with my hand, rolling her nipples with my fingers. I then moved to her other breast and sucked on her nipple, gently pulling it with my teeth and twisting it.

“Ohhhhh Jake? That feels soooo good” she moaned, running her hand through my hair. I moved to her neck and started sucking on it and kissing her. She shook and put her hand on my shoulder and leaned back. I continued kissing her neck, and then I moved to her Adam’s apple, and I licked her chin and traced her throat. I felt her swallow and she started twitching lightly.


I didn’t answer her and kissed her shoulder and then moved to her armpits and kissed her, and licked it gently. I knew I was driving her crazy and licked it thoroughly before moving on to the other shoulder, where I did the same. She had her eyes closed and from the look on her face, I could tell she was experiencing absolute pleasure.

“Mmmm” she moaned unable to get out any words. I moved down to her flat stomach and planted a trail of small kissed to which she shuddered. I used my tongue and circled the outer layer of her pussy, but never actually touching the pussy. This was driving her wild and she tried to force my face into her pussy, but I ignored it and traveled to her thighs and then to her toes.

I massaged her feet and took her toes into my mouth and sucked on them gently. She was moaning with pleasure as I sucked each toes switching ever five seconds or so. I moved to her other feet and did the same thing and I looked at her pussy which was drenching with her juices. I finally decided to take pity on her pussy and planted a kiss in the center of her pussy.

“JAKE!” she moaned and her hand grabbed my head and forced it into her pussy. I started lapping away her juices. I took her sensitive bud in my mouth and started sucking on it furiously and I knew she was about to have an orgasm so I increased the pace and flicked it faster and harder.

“OHHHHHHH I AM GOING TO CUM JAKE I AM GOING TO CUM!!” she moaned. I slowed down and let her orgasm pass, and then I started flicking her cilt again. I used my teeth to pull her cilt and then twirled it around my tongue making her go wild.

I then slowly spread her pussy lips and started licking her and eating her inside out, sticking my tongue as far as it would go. She was buckling her hips in my face and trying to drown with her snatch. I could feel her orgasm coming close, once again and quickly shoved my middle and my index finger into her sex and found her G-spot. I made a “come here” motion with my fingers and she tightly gripped my fingers with her pussy and I knew she was close so I slowed down.

“JAKE!?! PLEASE PLEASE” she begged me. I finally decided to have mercy on her and started sucking on her cilt furiously and pressed my thumb into her asshole. Her juices gushed my face, she shook and quivered for a good minute. I got up and held my beautiful sister in my arms as she collapsed on top of me.

“Jake…every part of my body is burning…I never orgasmed like that…that was amazing…” she said with a
smile on her face.

“Anything for you baby” I kissed her neck and hugged her tightly.

My girlfriend decided to show up just then and she found me and Olivia naked on the couch. I saw Julia
before Olivia saw her and instantly prayed to god that I wish I was anywhere but here.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!” Julia screamed. Olivia whipped her head around and looked at Julia. She was utterly confused, she then looked at me for help.

“Jake? Who is she?” Olivia turned around to face me.


“Ex-girlfriend” I corrected and instantly regretted it.

“SHUT UP! We will talk about that as soon as this whore leaves”

“I am no whore! And Jake I thought you said you broke up with her”

“You stay out of this…he is my boyfriend and he has been for a long time and he will be…”

Olivia stood up and put her clothes on, which were laying on the ground. I found my boxers and put them
on to and stood there between two angry women.

Julia was 21, just like me, we met in the same college and started dating instantly. I really loved her and
she was always cheerful like Olivia. She is 5’6 with long blonde hair which is little bit longer than her shoulder blades. Her haircut is the type when the hair in the middle is longer than the sides so it looks somewhat like a “v”. She has nice tan and her breasts were just as big as Olivia and her ass was little bit larger and her legs were more defined.

“Julia” I went to her to reason, she slapped me in the face, she waited for couple of seconds and slapped me in the face again!

“Why did you slap me twice?”

“One for leaving me yesterday alone and two for telling everyone that we broke up and also because you
were sleeping with this whore” Julia explained, and then threw herself against me and hugged me tightly.
She was crying into my chest and I immediately felt bad for doing what I did. I hugged her back and rubbed her back.

“Jake? You know Sarah is lying bitch…she is always trying to ruin our relationship…why did you believe her?” She said looking up with her blue eyes full of tears. I kissed her gently assuring her that everything is ok.

“I know…I know…I am sorry, alright?”

“Good…you are mine. You remember that…and who is this whore?” she said moving away from me and towards Olivia, who stood there confused and shocked. I was not nervous because I don’t know how Julia will react. If there was a fight between these two, it would be very hard to judge who will win.

“She is my-

“sister…yeah I am his sister! And good luck trying to get rid of me…do you have any idea how long I wanted him? I waited so long to be with him alone and when he finally makes the move…you come in out of nowhere and put on a water show and try to steal him from me…” Olivia glared at Julia. They both stared and glared each other for what seemed forever. Julia then smiled and moved slowly towards Olivia like a tigress teasing her prey.

“Let’s see what you got underneath those clothes…” she grabbed her shirt and ripped it open, revealing her breasts. Olivia scrambled back and tried to cover her breasts.

“AHH! Get your hands off me!” Olivia screamed and slowly removed her hands exposing her hard nipples and sticking her breasts forward.

“Shut up! What do you have that I don’t?” Julia snapped and came back with soft ropes. Julia sometimes
likes to be tied up when I am fucking her and she tied Olivia’s hands with the rope.

“What the hell are you doing? I am no lez…go find your own kind” Olivia screamed and tried to get away but Julia easily over powered her and sat on her chest.

“Julia” I began and stopped when I saw Julia sucking on Olivia’s tits. The sight sent a jolt through my body waking my dick up. I moved towards Julia and when she saw me, she smiled and we shared a passionate kiss. I took off Julia’s clothing while she started sucking on Olivia’s pussy.


I then took off Julia’s panties and found them soaking. I bent down to suck on her bald pussy and started licking the juices from her cunt.

“OHHH JAKE…SSTOP….JUST FUCK ME PLEASE” she begged. My erection was waiting to be pounded
into a pussy and I had to accept her request. I pulled her away from Olivia’s pussy and threw her over my shoulder and carried her to my bedroom. I dropped her on the bed and fell on top of her, kissing her with urgency. She kissed me furiously grabbing my head and shoving my tongue deep into my mouth.

“Mmmmm fuck me” she moaned as I lined my cock with her pussy and teased her with it.
I then shoved my rod up her soaking pussy making her moan and shudder as she grabbed my dick. I moaned as her tight pussy gripped my dick and tried to melt it with her heat. I then pulled back until my head was almost all the way out and then slammed it home. I dragged her to the edge of the bed so I could stand up, then I lifted her legs with my hands and threw them over my shoulders.

This gave me much better access to her pussy and I started pumping my dick into her pussy. She met each of my stroke and I caught Olivia out of the corner of my eye coming into the room and pressing her snatch into Julia’s face. Julia after recovering from the shock, immediately started licking away the juices and sucking on her cilt. The sight of my girlfriend and my sister doing this, sent me over the frenzy and I fucked her with more force and speed. It wasn’t long before I felt Julia grabbing on to my cock and squeezing it as she had an orgasm.

“AHHHHHHHH!” she screamed into Olivia’s pussy, sending her over the edge and letting her pussy juices flow onto Julia’s face. Olivia slowly got off her face and collapsed on the bed next to her.
I pushed Julia into her bed and jumped on top of her, shoving my dick in her pussy. I leaned forward and found her lips and kissed her with passion and lust. I tasted the sweetness of Olivia’s juice and licked her face lapping away her juices. Julia found this arousing and grabbed my neck and pulled me into her as she started sucking on my ear lobes.

I was fucking her with short quick thrusts and licking the sweat and Olivia’s juices from her face. I knew I was close to my orgasm and knew she was too from the sounds she was making. I felt her legs tighten around me and she choked me as she squeezed my dick and let her juices flow around my dick. The feeling was amazing and I shoved my dick deep inside her exploded in her pussy shooting my cum into her.

“OH JAKE!” she moaned and eased her grip on my neck. Our foreheads were touching and we looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. She was struggling to hold my weight so I rolled off her. She giggled and put her arm across my chest and snuggled closer to me.

“How was it?” Olivia asked, throwing her arm across me just like Julia, except she put her head on my chest and one of her legs was over mine.

“Amazing…like always…” she giggled

“Yeah…oh my god…you should have seen what he did to me before you came in…my whole body was on

“I know what you are talking about…he touches every single part of your body and at the end you are on
fire…that is how I fell in love with him…” she laughed and gave me a wet kiss.

“Since when were you getting along so well?” I asked

“Shut up Jake” They both said at the same time and then laughed.

“So Olivia…you had a crush on your brother?”

“Yeah…for a long time…and so did he but he never acted until yesterday and last night…” she sighed and
then added, “you still didn’t fuck me!”

“Not now…I need a break…just you and me later…alright?” I asked and gave her a wet kiss and leaned
back as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to an amazing feeling and when I looked down, I saw Olivia sucking my rising cock. Her warm
mouth was feeling incredible around my cock and I saw her fingering herself. Julia smiled and moved up to kiss me; we both shared a wet kiss.

“Fuck me Jake…Just fuck me!” she moaned

I was ready to fuck her and brought her up and gave her a deep kiss and pushed her on the bed and
slowly pushed my cock into her warm, inviting pussy. She moaned and spread her legs further and threw
her head back.

“Come on! Shove it up my pussy!” she moaned as I slowly entered. I moaned and shoved my dick deep
inside her pussy. My cock fit her pussy perfectly; it was like a lock and a key. She must have noticed this too because she was looking at me with her mouth open and her face filled with pleasure.

“This is as far as I got…all the rest of the guys would usually cum” she moaned as I grinded my hips into
her. I looked at Julia, who was fingering herself and rubbing her pussy slowly and steadily.

I smiled at her and then used Olivia’s love handles and pulled my cock out and thrust it in her. I slowly
picked up the face and soon I was pounding her pussy away, she was meeting every single one of my strokes and she was shaking all over the place.

“YES YES FUCK ME JAKE POUND YOUR sister’S PUSSY” she moaned. I picked up the pace a little and
twisted her cilt a bit. She screamed and grabbed my dick with her vaginal muscles and convulsed.
“OHHHHHH JAKE!” she moaned and closed her eyes and started shaking, her juices flowed around my cock and it gave one of the most amazing feeling I ever experienced. I tried to hold her down but she shook like she was possessed.

“Wait a minute Jake…give me a minute” she gasped and closed her eyes as she caught her breath.

“Julia? Could you…she is shaking too much” I asked her, she smiled and jumped on her and got herself
in a 69 position so her face was in my dick and her pussy in Olivia’s face.

“Go Jake!” Olivia screamed. She spread Julia’s legs and started eating her cunt out. I started fucking her
again, slapping her ass with my balls. Olivia started shaking again but Julia’s weight held her down. I felt
the familiar feeling in my balls and started fucking her with more speed. I saw Julia playing with Olivia’s cilt
and found this extremely hot.

“I AM GOING TO CUM…” I moaned



she moaned and this sent me over the edge and I shot my cum deep in her pussy. This tipped Olivia and
she started orgasming, grabbing and letting go of my dick.

I collapsed on top of Julia, who was on top of Olivia and lay there for a while, enjoying the smell of fresh sex. Julia pushed me off her and I rolled off her and dragged her with me so she landed on my chest. She
laughed but I noticed something was bothering her so I gave her a deep kiss.

“Ewww I am all sweaty and everything…Are you hungry Jake?” she asked holding my head and looking into my eyes. I was holding her perfect ass and nodded my head. She gave me a quick kiss and jumped
off me and went to the bathroom.

“Come here” I grabbed Olivia and pulled her into me, and then rolled on top of her. I held her sexy body in
my arms and used her breasts as pillows and put my head on them. She giggled and pressed her
breasts into my face.

“Jake?” she asked seriously

“Yeah?” I moved up and looked into her face. I looked her sparkling blue eyes, which always manage to
stun me.

“I don’t want to leave you, this place…I just want to stay with you…when I am with you I feel complete…it is
like I filled something void…I don’t want to go back…” she said her eyebrows, all scrunched up.

“I guess you can stay here…finish your college in here…transfer your credits and I can afford a bigger

“Thank you so much!” she kissed me deeply and held me tightly. I laughed and then got off her and went to
the bathroom to clean myself up. I poured cold water on my body and thoroughly washed my hair and my
body. I then dried myself and put fresh boxers and jeans on and went to my bedroom. I took off the bed sheet and laid a new sheet and went to the living room and smelled something great. I found Julia making something and moved behind her and hugged her naked body and kissed her neck.

“What are you making?”

“Chicken sandwich…your favorite” she said and turned around and kissed me. She gave me the plate with
the large sandwich and I jumped on the couch and started cramming it down my throat.

“Jesus! Slow down Jake…save some for me” Olivia yelled from the other side of the room. She then came back after couple of minutes and jumped next to me on the couch with her sandwich.

“I need to eat all this…to please you guys” I said with food in my mouth. Julia laughed and put her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek, she however didn’t let go of me and put her chin on my neck and

“You are a big boy aren’t you?” she laughed again and kissed me again. I finished up the sandwich and
put the plate aside and pulled her into me, she squealed and screamed as I flipped her making her land on my lap.

“I am your big boy” I laughed and kissed her, she laughed with me and snuggled against my chest. I kissed her and then started sucking on her ear lobe, knowing that she loves it. She started kissing my neck, started sucking and slowing pulling it with her teeth.

“ALRIGHT GUYS…we just had sex…what we are doing now?” Olivia interrupted us. I really didn’t care, but Julia seemed pissed so I kissed her again and gave her a tight hug, she frowned and got of my lap. Just then, I got a phone call from my friend Adam and I picked it up.


“Yeah dude…what’s up?”

“Dude Craig is throwing a party at his house and it is going to be a big one…why don’t you and Julia come

“Sure…and can I bring someone else with me?” I asked hoping he would say yes.

“Yeah sure you can bring another one along…it is going to be late…make sure you have someone to drop
you off” he said and hung up the phone.

“Olivia? Want to go to a party?”

I patiently waited, while the two ladies got dressed for nightclub and saw Julia first, coming out of the room. She had perfect make-up on, not too heavy but light enough to notice. She applied lip stick/lip gloss that made her lips noticeable. She had a beautiful shiny black dress, which came up to her mid thighs and her honey-blonde hair fell smoothly over her shoulders.

“Baby…you look beautiful” I told her as she beamed with pride and blushed slightly. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me and leaned down to kiss her but stopped. She looked at me confused.

“I don’t want to ruin you lip stick” I said, to which she smiled and grabbed my head and kissed me tightly.

“I can always fix it” she said and took her lip stick out of her purse and applied it again. I laughed and
waited for Olivia and saw her with a shinning red dress and she had curls at the end of her hair and she
applied make-up, just like Julia. She came right up to me and waited for me to judge.

“Wow…you are hot” I told her and took my arm off Julia and moved to Olivia and gave her a passionate

Twenty minutes or so later, I pulled into a spot along the street Craig Johnson lived on. There had to be forty cars lining the road and the groups of k**s could be seen milling around outside his house. Now when I say house, it’s really a massive understatement, a mansion would be a more accurate description. But what really boggled the mind and got the rumor mill going, was the fact that his parents didn’t make near enough money to have a house like they did. Three stories tall, four car garage, balconies, chandeliers, you get the picture.

“So are you prepared for the horror of a teenage house party?” I asked Olivia as we clambered out of my car.

“Jake,” she sighed, straightening her top, “you seem to forget that I am a teenager?”

“Oh yeah, I keep forgetting you’re…older.” I snickered. “You just don’t look it.” I added quietly after a brief pause.

“Aw, an insult and a compliment all in the same breath, aren’t I lucky.” She smiled; putting her arm around my waist and pulling herself close.

“Seriously though, these are um, a little different then what you went to in America.”

“She’ll be fine.”Julia said in a tone that suggested she hoped the opposite would be true. I gave her a look and headed for the open door. Even from out in the yard the pounding of popular rap music began infusing us with an excited energy. Craig Johnson was near the door, half way through a Heineken, checking faces. He was a big buy, not tall but broad. He had sandy blond hair and a butt ugly face, set off by a broken nose he’d won freshman year.

“Sup Jake, who’s your friend?”

“Olivia.” She replied, flashing a saucy smile that was probably a wasted effort. He gave me an appreciative look and nodded to Julia who had come up behind us.

He drained the bottle and grunted, “Don’t break anything.” We walked past him and into pure noise and chaos. Craig Johnson’s parties drew the crowds, and not just from one social group either. There was an astounding mix of k**s here, the jocks, the uber popular k**s, the theater k**s, skaters, emos, from every click you could imagine. It was a melting pot and all put together by Craig Johnson. We struggled into the living room, forcing our way in through a press of teens and the ever present pounding music. I cast a glance at Olivia and found her grimacing slightly at the noise.

All the furniture had been moved to the sides of the huge room and an entire side had been given over to tables holding enough alcohol to choke Ireland. And next to that, a massive sound system filled the house with noise. A bunch of football guys were gathered around a keg and I couldn’t help but notice the furtive looks they threw Olivia’s way and the astonishment in their eyes when they realized she was with me. I picked out a can of light beer while Olivia mixed herself something I couldn’t identify, but looked a hell of a lot stronger. I’ll admit it, I was a huge lightweight. It took nothing to get me drunk and I learned my lesson the first time that happened, vowing to never let that happen again. Julia however, didn’t get anything, which I was glad for.

I led the way through the throng of gyrating, bumpin’, grindin’, k**s out onto the back porch and into the sand. There were only slightly less k**s outside the house, but they were calmer and I preferred it out here. It was an absolutely beautiful summer night, the kind of evening where you could sit outside and be completely comfortable. A floodlight or two illuminated the stretch of beach reasonably well, but there were still a few areas of deep shadow. Even in the dark, figures could be seen, doing what it was that teenage boys and girls did in the shadows.
“Alright girly…go find yourself someone to entertain yourself” Julia said to Olivia

Olivia slowly lowered her cup, and for a moment, I thought she was going hit Julia. But instead she just smiled and took my arm as I continued to splutter, trying not to spill my beer on myself. “C’mon Jake lets go dance.” She pulled me away, downing her drink in one gulp and tossing the cup in a trash can as we headed back into the house. I didn’t even dare look back at Julia because I knew what I would see.

Once back inside, Olivia made herself another drink, downed it, and pulled me into the heaving mass of pent up teenage hormones that was nearly palpable. We danced for awhile, but Olivia kept breaking the rhythm by telling me to ‘hold on’ while she went and got another drink. Before long it was starting to become apparent she was long since tipsy. She started slurring her words and trying to make out with me. Finally she had pulled me away; back out onto the beach, where we ran into my friends. Sam was drunk off his ass and so was Sonya, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. John and Stephen were trying to get them to leave, and didn’t pay Olivia and I much attention. Julia was nowhere to be seen.

“C’mon Jake, lesh do it!” Olivia said rather loudly, trying to kiss me again. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, her breath reeked and something deep inside me kept me from allowing it to happen.

“Olivia, no.” by now it was well into the night and tomorrow was approaching fast, “why don’t I bring you home ok?”

“No!” she slurred, “I wanna stay!” I sighed and grabbed her arm, intending to spin her around and drag her out of here, but somehow our feet tangled and I ended up toppling backwards into the sand with her on top of me. The breath was driven from my lungs and I gagged as she finally managed to kiss me, her alcohol breath forcing its way into my mouth.

I got a hand up and covered her mouth with it, pushing her face away, “Olivia, stop it!” I was getting frustrated, to say the least; I had never had to deal with this kind of thing so I didn’t know what to do.

“Jake, please! Jush a quickie.” She pleaded drunkenly. I pushed her completely off of me and got to my feet before she could even sit up. Suddenly a hand grabbed my arm and turned me around, and a pair of soft, full lips pushed against my own. It was Julia. I moaned, after this whole ordeal it was like heaven, and sagged against her. I only became aware of the complete lack of conversation around us after it was too late.

“Unlike her,” she whispered after breaking away with a gasp, eyes flicking down to Olivia’s prostrate form, “I’m not drunk.” She turned me so my back was to the house and looked up into my eyes,”But I could go for a little of what she wanted right about now.” And just for emphasis she reached between us and squeezed my crotch with a small hand.

“Uhn, Jesus, you can’t be serious.” I grunted, leaning into her and resting my chin on her head.

“Mhm, totally serious. And now that I’ve had my public kiss, I want mohore!” she squeaked the last word as I slipped a hand into her shorts. “Aahh!” was all she could manage; my fingers felt over her soft outer lips and lightly brushed down her moist slit. Anyone watching would have been slightly suspicious as to what was going on. But all they saw was Julia pushing tighter against me and her hands going around my back to grab fistfuls of my shirt, clenching and unclenching her fingers.

“Shh, shh.” I breathed, bringing my other hand up and stroking her hair. She made these little noises against my chest as I started pushing a finger against her opening.

“I want to get Olivia home alright. Then we can do whatever.” I said calmly, running my fingers through her silken locks.

“Uhg fuck it!” she groaned in annoyance, bringing her hands around and gently pulling my hand out of her shorts. She kissed my cheek and hurried over to Olivia, leaving me standing there dumbfounded to turn around and see just about every eye outside turned in my direction. As my attention focused on them, a few huge smiles appeared along with a few shaking of heads. Seems opinions of my actions varied. I shot back a feral grin and went to help Julia get Olivia to her feet.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” She was muttering quietly to herself as we each took one of her arms and hauled her up.

“You’re alright.” Julia soothed as we half carried half dragged her around the house to my car. Thankfully she was small and was difficult to maneuver into the backseat. Though the noises she was making and the sudden nauseous look on her face was distressing. I rushed her back to my apartment, just in time too. The moment she was in my room her eyes bugged out and she put a hand to her mouth, running for the bathroom.

I turned to Julia with a nervous look, “You think maybe I should have eased her into it a bit more?”

She took my hand and squeezed it, “I know she doesn’t look it, but she’s a big girl Jake.”

I sat down heavily on the bed with a sigh, “Yeah you’re right.”

“Of course I am.”

“Right, I forgot.” I chuckled dryly.

She turned and stood in front of me, “Now if I’m not mistaken, you promised me a little somethin’

I sighed again, “Uh, I’m sorry, I don’t really feel like it. And plus,” I held up a hand in the direction of the bathroom and as if on cue the sound of retching was all too audible through the door.

She looked back at the door and smiled, “Since when were you allowed to say no to me?” She saw my face and knew not to push me on this, but that wasn’t going to stop her from playing with me.

“Oh, I’ve always been allowed. I’ve just chosen to spoil you all this time.”

“But why should you stop now?” She teased, pushing me over so I flopped onto my back on the bed. Fortunately she didn’t try anything she normally would have after doing that. Instead, she got onto the bed and lay down next to me, propping her head up on an elbow supported hand. I rolled onto my side and mimicked her pose with a smirk.

“Hmm, maybe I want to see what happens.”

She giggled, “You’re a bastard.” Just then the door opened and Olivia practically fell through it. I rushed over and helped steady her.

“I feel disgusting.” She groaned.

“Aw, poor thing. Wanna take a shower or something?” I suggested.

She worked herself close to me and looked up at me with big blue eyes, “Are you gonna come with me?” she asked in the quietest, most innocent voice. For a second I was tempted to go through with it, but didn’t and led her to the couch, so she could sleep. I came back to my room, to find Julia waiting in that same exact pose, I mimicked her pose once again.

“Stop it!” she giggled and tried to punch me but I caught her hand and pulled her into me and we laughed
and giggled but almost immediately she stopped laughing. Her face had some twisted emotion of
sadness and disappointment.

“Hey…what wrong?” I asked her, stroking her hair and caressed her face.

“Nothing” she said and you can easily tell that was a blatant lie.

“You know…you could tell me right?” I told her and kissed her gently. She nodded her head and bit her
lower lip. “so tell me”

“Jake…I…I can’t get pregnant…I am physically unable to produce any babies…” she told me with tears
running down her face. She was crying like a baby and I hugged her tightly and let her cry on my shoulders.

“I don’t care…I don’t care baby” I said and rubbed her back and kissed her forehead. She didn’t stop crying
and held me tightly.

“Do you love me?” I asked, looking into her face. She nodded her head and looked at me with her eyes full
of tears. “I love you too…and that is all that matters” I told her and hugged her once again and kissed her
lips tasting the tears. I then kissed her eyelids and then her forehead.

“What about your sister?” she asked and I knew how she felt. She felt scared, she felt that Olivia was going
to steal me away from her.

“She is just here along the ride baby…she will find someone…it is you who will be with me…nobody is
going to take me away from you…just like you said this morning…” I comforted her.

“But I can’t get pr-

“No buts! I love you and if you really want a baby…we can adopt someone…ok?” I asked her and rolled off her but dragged her with me so she was on top of me. She nodded her head and hugged me tightly and drifted off to sleep.

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