My Neighbour 2

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My Neighbour 2
It was a warm morning when I went outside to take a look at my back garden, since I had moved in I really hadn t much with it and was beginning to think it needed a trim and tidy.
So pulling out my lawn mower from the garage I started with the cutting, and after a few minutes I heard a voice call out.
Hey Joe when your done there, my could do with a trim!
I glanced around and saw Faith in a pair of shades grinning at me over the fence.
You re what needs a trim? I asked, and she laughed like a naughty teenage girl.
No, i m all good down there! you should know! she replied with a grin, But when your done, come over, I ve got a friend coming by and we re having drinks, your welcome to join us!
Okay! I replied and then Faith disappeared behind the fence again, and I carried on with the mowing.
An hour or so later I was done with the garden, and after a quick shower, I strolled round to Faiths.
I rung the doorbell and waited, then a moment later the door opened and Faith in a small black bikini opened the door.
Hi there! she grinned, Come in!
So I stepped inside, and then Faith led me through her house to the patio outside, where a short petite black haired woman with a few tattoos sat lounging on a sun lounger, in a small gold bikini.
Joe this my friend Jess, Jess this is my new neighbour Joe Faith said introducing us.
Hi so you re the neighbour huh! said Jess looking up at me with a grin.
I guess so! I replied glancing at Faith.
We talk! it s what we do! Faith replied with a shrug, then she handed me a beer and I sat down on a garden seat as the two ladies laid out on the sun loungers.
So apart from Faith, what else do you do? asked Jess making me cough up my beer as I tried to laugh.
Jess! exclaimed Faith surprised her friend would say such a thing loudly.
What! I just wanted to know if he only did hot red heads, or if he was interested in other types of women? Jess replied back.
Well, I ve just got out of a divorce and I really hadn t thought about it I said.
Well that sounds like a possible yes to me! Jess said, then she reached out with one of her short tattooed arms and grabbed my crotch through my shorts, Well hello there! she grinned as she gave my junk a squeeze.
I sat there unsure what do, or say, then as Jess s hand continued to rub my cock through my shorts I glanced at Faith, and she was just watching with interest.
So, you ever been with a midget before? Jess asked excitedly.
No I replied back nervously.
Then Jess sat up and tugged at my shorts, and they quickly pulled down revealing my half hard cock that dangled right in her face.
Oooh! is that for me? she grinned, then she took hold of it wrapping her little fingers around it and began massaging it more, Oh yeah this is going to be fun! she said stroking my cock to it s fullness.
I sat there with this little lady between my legs stroking my shaft and couldn t help but look across at Faith and she was lying there watching her friend tug my cock and I could see her fingers slip into her bikini bottoms towards her crotch.
Then Jess leant forward and began sucking my cock head, I groaned happily as her little mouth engulfed me and for a few minutes enjoyed her lips and tongue as they explored my whole cock and balls.
Glancing at Faith again, I saw her watching everything eagerly as her own hand rubbed rhythmically between her legs, making that sweet pink pussy as wet as she was a few nights ago.
Jess was really going for the sucking and was now bobbing her head furiously up and down in my lap, taking pretty much my entire length into her mouth and down her little throat with ease.
Then just as I was beginning to feel like I was almost getting there, she whipped her head back off my cock, leaving a drool trail dribbling down my shaft, before she lay back on the sun lounger.
You re turn! she grinned opening her short pale legs and then pulling her gold bikini bottoms to one side to reveal a small shaved bush of pink hair above her completely shaved pussy lips.
So I quickly dropped to my knees, and crawling between her legs, I lowered my head into her crotch, and began licking at her pussy.
Oh yeah! she sighed as I began running my tongue up and down her moist slit, Come on get in there! she moaned pulling on my head and forcing my face further into her pussy.
As I began licking and probing her increasing little wet pussy, Faith clearly needed to get in on the action and walking around next to me, she lay down on the deck, and then slipped beneath me, and then I felt her mouth engulf my hard hanging cock.
This was incredible I thought, I was eating the pussy of a petite midget girl I had barely just met, and was being sucked off by my hot neighbour for the second time in a week, life was good!
Yes eat it! eat it! groaned Jess pulling at my head every so often to urge me to keep going, while Faith continued to suck my cock.
Yes you re getting me so wet! so fucking wet! groaned Jess more.
After a bit longer Faith crawled out from under me and plonked herself down next to Jess and then said, Hey what about me?
So I pulled myself off of Jess s wet pussy and moved in between Faith s long pale legs, and pulling her bikini bottom to one side to reveal her perfectly shaved pink pussy I plunged into her already wet pussy.
Yes! gasped Faith as I began tongue fucking her.
I eagerly licked at my hot neighbours pussy, probing her wet hole and lapping away at her lips as best as I could, and clearly she was loving it because she soon started moaning loudly.
While I was busy with Faith, Jess slipped off her bikini, and now completely naked, she crawled under me, and lying down between my legs she took hold of my hard cock and positioned at her small wet hole.
Realising what she was doing, I lowered my body slightly and then felt the warm engulf of her pussy as she guided me into her.
Jess groaned I slipped into her wet hole, and then more as I pushed deeper into her hole, she raised her short legs around my hips and I quickly began thrusting in and out of her as I continued to eat Faith s pussy.
Oh fuck! cried Jess
Oh yes! cried Faith
both women were loving the attention I was giving them, and eager to keep it going I ploughed on pounding Jess s pussy harder and licking Faiths quicker.
Oh fuck! cried Jess beneath me.
Oh yes you bastard! cried Faith holding onto my head.
I couldn t believe I was pleasuring two women at once, and was doing fairly well! then Faith began cursing louder and she started to grind her cunt into my face, Yes, yes! she groaned and after another minute or so she suddenly cried out, gripped my head tight with her whole body and clung to me as she hit her orgasm.
I had to stop moving as Faith bear hugged my head and shook uncontrollably but Jess wasn t finished and merely just kept thrusting her crotch up and down my shaft as I lay on top of her.
Then after a moment Faith relaxed, and released my head and lifting it up to catch my breath, she just grinned back at me, That tongue is fucking awesome! she muttered breathing heavily.
I then went back to fucking Jess, and beginning to feel the ache in my knees, after all i m not a k** anymore, I quickly scooped her up and holding her in my arms I began pounding my cock into her pussy again.
Yes do me! do me! you fucking fucker! she cried as she clung to me.
I rammed away at her sweet little wet pussy as I held her in my arms, and soon she was cursing and crying out louder and louder, then Faith knelt up behind her and I suddenly felt her tongue on my wet sweaty balls, before it made it s way up my shaft and a second later it was licking at Jess s pussy.
Oh fuck yes! cried Jess as she felt Faith s tongue.
We both then proceeded to fuck this hot little woman, and very quickly she began screaming, Oh shit! i m nearly there! i m nearly there! Jess cried.
I rammed my cock as hard as I could into wet dripping hole, Jess clung to me urging me on, then Faith reached up a bit more with her tongue and brushed against Jess s asshole, and suddenly the little woman cried out, Oh FUCK YES!
And then she began twitching in my arms and screaming loudly, and it was all I could do to hold her as her orgasm ripped through her.
Jess bucked on my cock groaning loudly and then after a moment she went limp in my arms.
I quickly lowered her on to the sun lounger, and pulling my still hard cock out of dripping pussy, she sighed loudly before trying to catch her breath, Oh fuck that was good! she muttered grinning at us both.
Right my turn! Faith then said and lying back on the lounger next to Jess she pulled her bikini bottoms off and lifted her legs up.
Come on! you know I how I like it! she said, so I dropped between her long pale legs, and as Faith hooked them over my shoulders, I placed my wet cock against her asshole, and with a gentle thrust slipped inside of her again.
Yes! groaned Faith as I pushed into her asshole more.
Then I began fucking her, pounding her asshole nice and steadily letting her have most of my length as she began rubbing her wet pussy, Yes fuck my ass Joe fuck it good! she groaned.
I pumped away at her asshole for several minutes and began building up the rhythm, then Jess leant over Faith and I watched the little black haired woman plunge her tongue into her friends open pussy, Oh Christ! groaned Faith as her friend began licking and fingering her pussy.
We both then began fucking Faith and it wasn t long before Faith was groaning and cursing us loudly and more urgently.
Yes you fuckers! yes! she cried as pounded her holes, Yes do me! do me! she cried more.
Faith was now lying back just enjoying her holes being stuffed by her neighbour and her friend and we were willing to do it harder and faster.
Then after another minute Faith really began crying out, Yes come on! come on! fuck me! fuck me! she cried
Jess and I really began hammering her holes, and after just another minute or so Faith suddenly cried out, YES FUCK YES!
and then her orgasm hit, and she bucked and screamed on my cock, and held onto Jess as she twitched on the lounger.
It was then I couldn t take any more, and quickly pulling my cock out of Faith s pussy, I felt my balls tighten and twitch, and with a groan I began firing my load all over the two hot women.
Jess raised her head quickly and opened her mouth and caught several of my sticky blasts in her mouth, and then after a moment I was done and so was faith.
Jess then reached over for my dripping wet cock, and began sucking me clean swallowing every last drop of my cum until it was all gone.
She then grinned at me, Cheaper than a yogurt!
After that I sat back in my garden seat, and for a few minutes we just lay naked enjoying the sunshine, then Faith got up to get us some drinks, and Jess quickly got between my legs again, Let s see what you can do with my asshole this time! she grinned before she started to suck my cock back to life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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