My Neighbour

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My Neighbour
I moved into a house in a quiet town after a long soul sucking marriage and a bitter divorce, and now I was looking to start fresh.
Late in the afternoon I saw my new neighbour for the first time, she was fairly tall, slim, pale as snow with bright red hair hanging down her shoulders and a bosom that was trying to fight it s way out of a very tight t-shirt.
Hi! I said smiling as she pulled her car up a few meters away.
Hi to you too! she replied back with a smile.
I m Joe I said staring at her big green eyes.
I m Faith! she replied looking me up and down, So you re my new neighbour then? she asked.
Yeah, looks like it I replied.
Well, when you ve finished unpacking, why don t you pop round for a drink, and we can get to know each other! she said, then I watched her in her tight jean shorts that were stretching over her round bubble butt, walk inside her house, and after that I got back to moving in.
It was good few hours later when I was finished, and aware it was late in the day I decided to just grab a beer and watch TV rather than go visit my new neighbour, no matter how hot she was, or how nice it was of her to offer me a welcome drink.
But by the time I downed my cold one, I thought what the hell i ll just go over anyway!
So grabbing another bottle I walked out the house and round to my neighbours house, and gave the door a knock, but there was no answer, and just as I was beginning to wonder if she had gone out, or gone to bed already, I heard a noise inside.
It was cry, a female voice crying out and thinking that my new neighbour might be in trouble I forced the front door open and dashed inside.
I charged through the front room and seeing no one I continued on into the next room and then I heard the noise coming from the kitchen, and racing in there I came to a sudden stop, and stared with amazement as my new neighbour sat on the edge of her kitchen counter, completely naked, shoving a wooden rolling pin into her bald wet pussy lips, while pulling on her erect hard nipples that sat up on top her large round plump tits.
Holy shit! I gasped seeing her all hot and sweaty in her own little world.
She just glanced at me and said, Don t you ever knock!
Sorry! I replied I thought you were hurt or something!
She then stared at me for a moment, and I guess seeing my hard cock trying to burst out of my jeans she just said, Come here! I ve got a use for that!
Well what could I say? so I quickly moved towards her, and undoing my trousers I released my hard cock.
Now i m not super blessed in the trouser department, but i m a fairly good size and as stepped between Faith s open naked pale legs she reached down and grabbed my hard cock and grinned, Oh yes, this will do!
And then she pulled me towards her hole, but not her pussy, no she raised her hips and suddenly I found my cock nudging at her back hole, her tight pink asshole.
Go on! she said, and with her guiding hand I entered her already wet asshole, and with a firm thrust I slipped in deeper.
Yes! she groaned as I buried my cock into her ass, then she began plunging her pussy with the rolling pin and so I began fucking her ass!
yes! she groaned again as we both fucked together.
I held her plump soft ass cheeks in my hands, as her naked legs hung over my shoulders, she continued to pump her own pussy, and every so often she would tug on her tits.
Yes fuck me! fuck me! she groaned.
I rammed away at her asshole, slipping in and out fairly easily as her pussy juices trickled down lubbing my cock.
Yes keep fucking! keeping fucking my asshole! she groaned.
I plunged harder and deeper into her butt, she plunged harder and deeper into her pussy and together we were fucking like a machine.
Yes, yes, yes! she groaned and it was then I realised she was nearing orgasm, Yes, yes fuck me, fuck me! she groaned as I rammed away as best as I could.
I couldn t believe this divorced average man was fucking this hottie, I couldn t believe I was fucking her ass, and I really couldn t believe I hadn t blown my load the moment we started.
Yes do me, do me! she groaned as I thrust as hard and as deep as I could in time with her wooden dildo.
I m nearly there! she then cried.
I fucked her more and more enjoying every second of it, then as she pulled on her tits and plunged the wooden toy into her pussy, I suddenly felt her clench.
Yes! YES! she cried before screaming louder than anyone I had ever heard as her orgasm hit!
FUCK! she groaned as she shook on my cock unable to stop her self, as she did I felt her asshole clench on my cock and instantly I had to stop, but with her loud climatic cries and her asshole squeezing my cock I suddenly felt my balls tighten and before I could stop myself, I began shooting my load deep into her asshole with a groan.
I pumped what felt like a ton of cum in her backdoor and lost in my own orgasm and her in hers, we both just groaned and jerk together until we were both spent.
After a moment we relaxed and gasping for breath we just stayed as were locked together in our sweaty sticky embrace.
Was that a beer you brought with you? faith asked after a moment.
Yeah I replied looking at it over on the other counter.
Good I need a drink! she smiled, so I slipped out of her asshole, and as I did some of my goo slipped out as well and ran down her ass cheeks and along her thighs.
Faith reached down and scooped some up before tasting it, Nice! she grinned enjoying the taste of my cum and her asshole.
So I opened the beer and handed it to her, she gulped down at least half the bottle in one hit and then passed it back to me.
So i m guessing your not married then? she asked.
No newly divorced! I replied with a grin.
Good, me too! she replied with a similar grin, Now you ready for another go? she asked.
I slugged the beer back and then put the empty bottle back on the counter, Okay, but I think this time i m going to need some motivation! I replied, and so Faith slipped off the counter and knelt on the tiled floor in front of me, and then taking hold of my wet limp cock she began sucking me back to life.
God this taste good! she groaned as she sucked me hard, while I watched the rest of my cum ooze out of her asshole and onto the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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