My New Neighbour (part two)

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My New Neighbour (part two)
The three women hadn t heard a word i said about my meeting with our new neighbour David, so engrossed were they in their travel plans. They had chosen to book a hotel at the airport for their overnight stay before their flight left for New York at 5am the following morning but were in no particular hurry to leave even with the prospect of a three hour drive ahead of them. Me? i wanted them out of the house as quickly as possible, something told me i was not going to be lost for things to do during the five days they would be away and i wanted to make the most of the situation, strike while the iron was hot in case my new friend got cold feet about sharing his little secret with me. Not that he had intimated that such a thing was going to happen, it was going to be up to me to ensure it did.

I had had a fantasy about hooking up with a crossdresser for many years and had spent years admiring them online on sites like Xhamster where i had made friends with quite a few very sexy and beautiful CD s who never failed to arouse me with their pictures and videos. They made me even more determined to one day meet one and hopefully more than once, the ideal dream being to form a close bond, a long term relationship if possible. Discretion would be vital but i was sure that this was something that played an important part in the lives of most dressers. I d often told myself i wouldn t stop there if need be, with the right person i would be quite willing to change my whole lifestyle, move to another area or country if need be. My c***dren were grown up, the wife and i spent less and less time together, sex was a distant memory and to be honest she no longer aroused me sexually and if someone with her figure, great 38DD breasts, 40 hips and great ass couldn t get me hard then no woman could. Probably just something i told myself but i did know that the sight of a mature CD in stockingss and suspenders on Xhamster always had me hard and throbbing, unable to resist shooting a hefty load in honour of them.

I decided to go for a shower to kill some time in the hope that the women would be closer to their departure time by the time i got out of the bathroom. I took longer than usual to bathe making sure i was spotlessly clean, my goatee neatly trimmed and my curly silver chest looking as appealing as possible. I even removed my chunky earrings and nipple rings and polished them. A good indication of how little contact my wife and i had was the fact i d had both nipples pierced nearly two years earlier, a present to myself when i turned fifty, i d waited each day to see when she d notice but since we hadn t shared the same bed in seven years and the k**s were too old to want to go to the beach with their parents in the summers then she d actually never seen me bare chested since i had them done. I d already stopped making sexual overtures towards her a long time ago and she never and i mean never once instigated sex in the 31 years we d been married. I looked at myself in the mirror, ok so my 278lbs weren t as evenly distributed as they had once been but at six foot six tall i certainly didn t look fat, not so much a sixpack stomach but there were signs of at least two still visible. My 60 chest was thanks mostly to my very broad shoulders which had made it a pain to buy clothes all my adult life, nothing ever seemed to fit properly as i had a 36 waist which meant Tshirts and shirts that fit on the shoulders looked like tents at the waistline. Suitably cleaned i pulled on a tight vest top and my leather waistcoat, i never usually wore it around the house, nor my leather jeans which i stepped into minus underwear, i had thought about wearing a jockstrap i d secretly bought and worn on cam a few times with other guys but then remembered it had been too much of a bother to secretly wash and dry it and had binned it a few months earlier when my camera had broken. I stepped out of the bathroom, my nipple rings obviously visible and awaited any comments about them, i could have worn a santa suit or just the jockstrap for all the attention the three women paid me.

I glanced at my watch, it was now 3pm and the women looked like they were ready to leave, it seemed from the snatches of conversation i caught that they had aquired tickets for a show in the city that night as a way of passing the evening and it started at 8pm meaning they would need to be in the city by 6pm if they were going to eat first. The car was already packed and they said their goodbyes, leaving final instructions about the other neighbours dog which i was to look after for thenext few days, not so much as a peck on the cheek or a hug before she left, just a wave and a promise to call sometime over the coming days. I stood at the gate and waved them off, 3.15pm, i wondered how long i should wait before going over to Davids house and decided i couldn t go empty handed, not when i was welcoming a new neighbour to the area. I grabbed my helmet and jacket and got on my bike, rode over to the local supermarket and spent ten minutes surveying their drinks aisle trying to make up my mind if i should buy beer or wine. Never having been a beer drinker myself or liking strong spirits i decided on a couple of bottles of good red wine and returned home. It was now 4pm. I went out to my shed and rooted about in a dark corner to find a little package that contained a bottle of poppers i had bought a few years earlier, never much cared for them myself but perhaps David would appreciate them, i had no idea if he d ever used them or even been with another man for that matter but i d seen them used in plenty of videos so thought what the hell, better to be prepared. Thats when condoms entered my head, i didn t have any, hadn t worn one since i was 18, i knew i would rather not wear one but again i had no idea what Doctor David would have to say on the matter, whether he knew it or not he was getting fucked before the night was over and if it meant me having to rubber up then so be it. I hadn t any concerns healthwise, not on my part and again i knew nothing of his sexual history, if he was a virgin then i intended to fuck him bareback if possible. I had already envisaged us having a discrete longterm relationship for as long as he was my neighbour, we seemed to have hit it off so far and the whole crossdressing and sex thing aside i thought he was somebody i could be friends with socially. Back onto the bike and back to the supermarket, no way was i buying condoms off the shelf, the town was small enough that too many people already knew my wife was off to New York so the sight of me at the checkout buying condoms would be town gossip before i ever slipped one on. I went into their bathroom and locked the door, rifled in my pocket for pound coins and bought three packs of two, would have bought more to be safely armed but i ran out of change. Back on my bike and off i roared in the direction of home.

When i pulled up to the house i saw a van pulling a trailer parked next to my new neighbours house, David was standing talking to the driver of the van and i could see that there was a bike strapped onto the trailer, so, i thought, my new neighbour is a biker too! this just gets better and better. I hooked my helmet over my handlebars and took my jacket off, flinging it across the seat, it might have been late afternoon in mid November but i intended to put on a show for my little friend, hopefully he would find the sight of me in my vest and leathers as much of a turn on as i did the idea of him wearing the contents of that trunk. I strode over to the van and admired the bike, a 750cc Honda Shadow, low-slung seat, need to be for David s legs to reach the ground, purple and black in colour, a very nice looking bike indeed. Not as nice as my own of course which i had owned since i was 19, a chopper with a 650cc Triumph Tiger engine in it. long chrome candycurl springer front forks, apehanger handlebars, diamond coffin tank, king and queen seat, 12 wide back wheel, a hardtail chopper which meant it has no rear suspension, and a sissybar (i already had notions of David s alter ego leaning back on that, arms around my waist as we cruised the country lanes in the summer.

Nice looking bike David, yours i assume? i spoke casually over my shoulder in his direction as i surveyed the bike thinking he must look tiny on it. Eh eh eh, yes it is Scott, we didn t get around to talking about bikes earlier what with one thing and another, i ve only had it six months and i never get a chance to ride it as often as i would like. He answered. He was holding a sheet of paper in one hand, a pen in the other, obviously delivery documents of some sort. He looked a bit flustered as he made an attempt to sign the sheet while holding it in middair. Come over here and lean it on my back to sign it, you ll never get it done like that. David smiled up at me and approached, pen in hand. I turned my back to him and felt him place the paper on my back, the gentle pressure of the pen as he signed for the delivery of his bike. once he had finished signing he took the paper in the same hand as he held the pen, he must have as i felt a hand gently caress my back, sliding down my spine until it reached the waistband of my leather jeans, a fleeting touch against my buttock as i heard a low gentle murmer escape from his lips. Thanks Scott, again, what would i do without you today? my knight in leather. I laughed and half turned towards him, the driver was ten feet away unfastening the straps that held the bike upright on the trailer. Glad to be of service David, you still haven t let me know what your other name is or will be so i ll call you David just now.

I looked down at him, i just loved the fact he was 16 shorter than me, i just loved how he had to crane his neck to look up at me when we stood close, his big brown eyes sparkling up at me. I am free of all responsibilities for the next five days if you need my assistance with anything else? i thought perhaps we could ride and then perhaps take the bikes out for a run over the weekend if the weather is good. I laughed loud enough that the driver stopped what he was doing and turned to see what we were talking about. David, bless him, blushed from head to toe, not that i could see his toes, its just an expression. I put my hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze, Lets give this gentleman a hand with that bike so he can be on his way, you can stick it in my garage if you like, theres plenty of room for both bikes.

I wasn t expecting an answer, i d decided David s bike was going into my garage, two reasons, firstly it was safer than leaving it parked at the roadside and better than parking on his gravel drive in, i had experience of parking a bike on such a surface and the small stones were liable to chip paintwork when you rode off them onto the road. Second, my own garage was partially hidden between the mature trees that formed the front border of my garden, only the doors were visible from the street, i didn t like the idea of him considering building a free standing garage to park his bike and Aston Martin in, spoil the look of the avenue, i am a bit of a snob like that, i don t like change. I let go of his shoulder and casually shoo ed him in the direction of the trailer, the pecking order of our relationship having now been established, if my plan to formulate a relationship with my new neighbour was going to work to my ever evolving plan then he was going to need to be submissive and i could already see that this was not going to be a problem, his whole attitude changed when in my presence, i d only ever seen him interact with one other person but it was something not obvious to the casual observer, just a subtle change in his mannerisms and the tone of his voice. When he talked and interacted with the man delivering his bike he was confident and assured as befit a man of his profession and standing. When he had turned to me to sign his delivery note his whole demeanour changed, i knew he would always defer to me and do my bidding, how far he would go i was yet to find out but i already had a few things in mind. I wasn t going to take advantage of him in any way, well not that much but i was already turned on with the prospect of how the evening was going to progress.

The straps on the bike were soon untied and the driver rolled them up and placed them in the back of his van, when he was out of earshot i took David by the shoulder and turned him to face me. Looking down at him standing only a couple of feet away i leaned forward slightly and whispered in his ear. When you ran your hand down my back you did something to me, i don t know what is going through your mind but i know what is going through mine and to be perfectly honest with you my cock is hard right now and i want to know what your thoughts are on that topic? He looked up at me, a small smile on his lips, his face turning red again, his lips struggled to form the words he wanted to say as he whispered, Anything you want me to do Sir, i ve never done anything like this before so i am not sure what is expected of me, just what goes through my mind each time i open my trunk. I gave him a smile and a little squeeze on the shoulder, running my hand down his back and patting him on the ass, my eyes onthe driver to make sure he wasn t looking. To be honest i ve only dreamed about this kind of thing too, we can discover together and i am sure we will work it out to our mutual satisfaction, lets get rid of this distraction first, we have the whole weekend ahead of us.

We manhandled the bike off the trailer, well i did, it wasn t something two people could do, i backed it down a ramp onto the roadside while the driver collected the keys to give to David and they exchanged smalltalk. I pushed the bike round past the van to park it beside mine outside my garage. The driver had concluded his business with David and got into his van and quickly pulled away, his work done, leaving David standing alone at the roadside. He walked the few yards from his drive to my garage a i unlocked and opened the double doors. He stood there, keys in hand as if waiting instruction, i didn t look at him, i just returned to my own bike and backed it up so i could push it into the garage. Bike parked i cam back out, my hand outstretched towards him, he handed me the keys to his bike and just stood there looking up at me, an expression like a lost c***d on his face. Wait there, i ll be back in a minute. I climbed onto his bike and put the key in the egnition, started her up and put her into gear, checking the traffic i roared off down the road and out of sight my helmet still sitting on the sissybar of my own bike. Making a quick circuit of the locality i was back in a couple of minutes and as i came round the corner into view of our homes i could see David standing beside my garage, i slowed down and steered past him into the garage.

When i came out of the garage i closed the doors and locked them, then taking the key from my own keyring i put it on David s and handed them to him. There you go, thats a key for you so you can get your bike out whenever you need to, i have a spare in the house. He thanked me and remained standing in the same spot awaiting my instructions, thats what it looked like to me anyway, perhaps he was still confused and working things out in his mind, whichever it was i didn t give him time to make up his mind. Right, the rest of the weekend is up to you, i have a couple of bottles of wine and something else that you may or may not enjoy in the house, would you like me to give you time to prepare before i come over? give you time to shower properly and open the trunk? He gulped, i could see his adams apple bob up and down rapidly beforehe replied. Could you give me an hour? and please, when you come over don t knock, just come in the back door and lock it behind you. So far so good i thought and smiled at him, OK, i ll be over in an hour, it will giveme time to roll a couple of joints, i think you ll need something to relax you. I haven t smoked dope since i was at medical school thirty years ago, it makes me giggle and makes me hungry too. He said, that made me laugh, Good, I replied, I have something i want to feed you that i hope you develop a lasting hunger for, off you go, i will be over in exactly an hour from now, oh and try and come up with a name while you get ready, when i enter your home i don t want to be spending the night with Doctor David, not tonight anyway.

I turned to leave, walking the few steps to my own front gate, just as i reached it and turned to see if he had left i noticed he was still standing there. My name is Claire. He called, then turned and started walking quickly towards his house. I ll see you in an hour Claire. i called after him and entered my garden, down the steps towards my door to house and my secret stash of dope, it would take me most of that hour to roll a couple of joints as it was something i wasn t very good at, my hands were shaking slightly, i was about to fullfill my biggest dream and despite my outwardly confident demeanour i was scared stiff, i was also stiff, i d never been so hard in my life.

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