My Son’s Secret Desire – Mom & Sam

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My Son’s Secret Desire – Mom & Sam

It had been a few months since I had discovered my son s attraction to older women. I still looked through his sketch pad at the young boys and the older women having sex. It excited me so very much!

My son now had sex with me whenever he wanted and he was becoming a wonderful lover. We had decided from the beginning that we would live out whatever fantasies we had and with a teen boy that can be a challenging commitment.

Our first fantasy was for me to have sex with another woman and once it was clear; to have Tony join us. So far I had seduced my first woman and Tony did watch me have girl sex but we had not gotten comfortable enough to bring him in.

Another fantasy and for me a requirement was for my son to date girls his own age and in fact fuck them. We had agreed that if he found the right girl we would bring her into our special relationship.

I insisted on this for several reasons with first to make sure that Tony looked like normal boy but even more important was that someday I hoped that Tony would have c***dren of his own.

Tony was good to his word and started dating Samantha who was pretty girl. He was proud when he told me one night that he had popped her cherry. He said they fucked like crazy all night long!

Everything seemed to go as we liked until Samantha went off to visit her aunt. She was only gone a couple of weeks but when she returned she seemed different.

Mom I don t know what happened but Samantha said that perhaps we should see other people. I really liked her mom! I was hoping that she would be that special someone for both of us! Tony said one evening as I sucked his cock

Maybe it is for the best. I said as I licked his cock

She told me that and then we fucked. Why would she want to fuck me and breakup? It just doesn t make sense! He said as my mouth worked his dick

Maybe I should have a girl talk with her? Would that be ok? I asked as I licked the sensitive area just below his cock head

Fuck that is good! Ahhhh fuck! Tony moaned as his cock spurted cum in the air

I licked his cum up and looked at him and smiled as I knew my boy really had a nice orgasm. He looked at me and smiled.

You re the best cocksucker mom! Fuck you can make me cum so good! He said

So should I talk with Samantha? I asked as I continued slurp up his tasty man juice

That would be great. Thanks Mom! He said

The next day we arranged that Tony would not be home when Samantha came by.

Hi Mrs. Alberts! Is Tony here? Samantha asked as she came into the back yard

I m sorry Samantha he just called to tell he is running late but he will be along. Have a seat and talk to me for few minutes. Please call me Carol. I said as smiled at the pretty young girl

Ok, Carol! she said as she sat next to me

Tony said that you want to start seeing other people. Is there something wrong between you two? I asked with concern

No not really. I just think we need to slow down some. That s all! She said

You two make such a hot looking couple and I know you two have been doing some serious making out. Is Tony pressuring you for sex? You know boys love to think with their cocks! I can talk with him about it if he is. I said trying to bait her into a sexual discussion

Oh no! Tony does not pressure me about sex and in fact I m the one who wants it all the time …. She said as her voice faded out with embarrassment at revealing more than she intended

I smiled at her.

It s ok! I figured you two were having sex. I could see it on your faces but if you like fucking Tony why do you want to see other people? I asked

Samantha looked like she wanted to run away and hide.

Samantha you can tell me anything. I m a woman too and I have gone through a lot in my life. I said reassuringly

I don t want to hurt Tony but… She started but stopped again

Suddenly it occurred to me what the issue was likely to be.

You were a virgin and Tony was your first? I said as she nodded. And now you want fuck other people to see what it is like! I finished

I already had sex with some others. It happened when I visited my aunt! I really do not want to hurt Tony but I m not ready for just one guy! Do you understand? She asked

I do understand. I also think that is a wise decision on your part. Tony does care about you and I know he is wise like you. Maybe you two should agree to have an open relationship. That s were you allow each other to have sex with others but your emotional relationship is with each other. I said

That would be great! She said

Ok but now you have to tell me who did you have sex with while you were with your aunt? I asked

My aunt is kind if wild. Have you ever heard of a glory hole ? She asked

Yes I have. I have never been to one but I know what they are. I said and thought of the rumors about the teacher Ms. Johnson

She took me to one and I sucked a cock and it was a big black cock. My Aunt sucked him too and then told him to come over and fuck us. She said

Wow! I bet that was sexy! I said trying to encourage her to tell me more

It was! I went back several times and I had sex with at least ten different men. I also fucked several guys that my aunt introduced me to. I really like Tony best but I want to try more things! She said excitedly

What if I told you that Tony has some sexual desires that he wants that you cannot do for him?

Like what? She asked but she had sexy smile on her face

I took her hand and we walked in the house. I pulled out his sketch book and showed her some of his drawings.

Tony has a sexual attraction to older women. I said as she looked at the drawings

Wow! These are sexy! Samantha said

I agree. Everyone has desires and fantasies that they want to live out. I replied

I think that Tony is already living his fantasy. He told me that he has an older woman as a lover.

Yes, I know that he has a lover that is my age. I m glad he is living out his desires. We all should! I said

Even you? She asked and giggled

Even me! I said as my hand ran up and down her back

She looked at me and I lowered my lips to her and kissed her. Her mouth opened and our tongues mingled. She moaned as my hand cupped her young firm tit. I ran my finger over her erect nipple and she shivered.

So have you ever had girl sex? I asked

No, my aunt was going to show me but I kept choosing guys. She replied

I licked her lips and kissed her neck. I moved my mouth to her ear and I licked and kissed her.

I would love to show you how much fun girl sex can be! I breathed in her ear

I took her hand and we went to the whirlpool. We undressed and looked at her tight young teen body. Her wonderful natural tits that stood so firm without the help of implants like my own.

We kissed and our hands explored each other. Her hands and lips sucked and played with my tits. My hand found her hot wet pussy and I played with her clit making her moan.

I pushed her back and lowered my face between her legs. I wondered how many times had my son ate this pussy but then I wondered how many times would I eat it too!

Her pussy was so tasty. I loved the way she squirmed as I spread her pussy open and then licked her inner lips with my gentle tongue. She was very aroused and came very quickly but I was not close to being done. I had her stand up and turn around. I licked her from behind. Then my tongue licked her tight little asshole.

Oh fuck! She screamed

I spread her ass open and started to eat her pretty little asshole!

Finger you clit! You will cum like crazy! I said

I watched as she rubbed her pussy as I licked her ass. As she relaxed I pushed my tongue in the tight opening. Her body was shaking from intense pleasure as one orgasm after another hit her.

Please stop! I can t take anymore! She said as she collapsed back into the tub

So how was that? I asked as I cuddled her in my arms

I would have never thought being with a lesbian could be so sexually stimulating! She said as she gasped for air

I m not lesbian and in fact I really prefer a good cock any day but girl sex can be fun! I said

You prefer men to girls? She asked

Absolutely! Girls can be nice for a change but I have had girls mostly when my man is with me. I said

You have done threesomes? She asked with wonder in her voice

Not yet but he would love to watch me having sex and then join in but now it is time for you to lick my pussy too ! I said

She knelt in the tub and I put my knees over her shoulder. I pushed my pussy toward her face. Then I smiled as her tongue came out and licked my pussy. My pussy was creaming and I was excited to watch my son s girlfriend lick her first cunt.

Suddenly the girl started to suck my pussy juice from my hole. I could hear her happily lapping at my pussy.

I think you like the taste of pussy! I said

I love it! I love the taste! I love feeling you get excite! Yes I love it! She said as she dove back into my pussy.

I could take no more and my body shook with pleasure as Samantha kept fucking me with her tongue.
I collapsed back in the tub and we started to kiss.

What s going on here! Tony asked as we both looked up at him

To be continued…

(A word from the author: so far this series has been a big success and there will be more to come. If you liked a thumbs up…comments and messages are appreciated

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