My wife and the neighbor

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My wife and the neighbor
My wife and the neighbor
By Chris Christopher All rights reserved

Halloween always reminds me of the one and only time my wife let one of our neighbors into bed with her.

It happened when we were living in Texas, on the northeast side of Austin. In our neighborhood the adults would get together and have a barbeque just about every holiday. For Halloween my wife had decided we would dress up as old west characters. I would be dressed as the bartender and she would be a saloon girl.

For herself she selected a pretty skimpy costume that, if it had not been Halloween, might have gotten her arrested for indecent exposure. I looked more like the missing man from a barbershop quartet.

Her outfit started with black high heels and black mid-thigh length fishnets that were held up by black garters. Her panties were also black but accented by a series of small red ruffles. The panty material was very thin and somewhat see through. I’m guessing that she should have worn a pair of cheaters under those panties, but she didn’t.

The dress was in the 1880’s saloon girl style – sleeveless, very short with lots of ruffles, frills and lace but not much dress material. It barely covered those black panties and the slightest movement put everything on display. The strapless bustier style top was more like a platform upon which her breasts were displayed revealing that milky white skin between her tan lines and her barely hidden nipples. I think there was more boob on display than there was covered.

A series of red buttons ran down the center to hold the dress together. Red ribbons provided additional highlights to the black satin of the dress. She also wore a black choker or ribbon around her neck with a tiny red bow on one side. Long black mesh fingerless gloves completed the outfit. The real secret of the sexiness of that outfit was the way she walked in those high heels. Her hips swiveled in a strut that made her butt wobble with delight and her breasts jiggle like two mounds of Jell-O.

Most of the other wives were also dressed somewhat provocatively but none were showing as much skin on that warm Texas evening as my wife. I seemed to be the invisible man but I was totally blown away by all of the attention that she was getting.

One of the other husbands started talking to me about all the wives costumes. We were both wishing that they would dress this way more often. We discussed each of the ladies and their outfits. I told him that I would love to spend some ‘quality’ time with the lady in the light green, skin tight, sequin covered Tinker Bell outfit. She was blonde with a beehive style hairdo and legs that would put a model to shame. She appeared a little flatter on top than my wife. It may have just been the costume but hey, I like small boobs.

When he commented on my wife, I could hear an extra note of lust in his voice. It was strong enough that I was sure if I looked down I would find a Texas sized tent pole in his blue and red superman tights. He said if he could pick any woman there that his select would be my wife. I agreed that she looked totally sexy in that outfit. He replied that she always looked hot and sexy. Then he leaned over toward me in a conspiratorial manner and told me that he often fantasies about my wife while he’s having sex with his wife.

At home after the party, when my wife and I were in bed, I decided to tell her about her admirer. I told her that one of the guys at the party had fantasies about her all the time. She didn’t believe me. When I told her that he thinks about her when he’s fucking his wife, she decided that I was just making the whole thing up.

About a week later, my wife mentioned the Halloween party and how much fun it had been to have all of the guys (and a couple of the women) admiring her in her costume. Then she asked me about the guy that I had thought was lusting after her. But before I could answer, she said, “No, wait; don’t tell me who it is. I want to keep wondering who my secret admirer is.”

A few days later I arrived home in a horny mood. I took her into my arms and leaned her back in my best impression of a romantic Hollywood kiss. While we were kissing I put my hand under her skirt and discovered that her panties were soaking wet. I said she felt as ready for sex as I was. Then I ask her what had gotten her so wet.

“It’s my fantasy lover. I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately.” She gave me a really serious look and then said, “We need to do something about this so I can let it go and stop thinking about him all of the time!”

I said, why don’t I invite him over and the two of you can have a little fun together. She said that would never do! She would never be able to look his wife in the eyes without giving everything away. And she didn’t want to actually screw him, just maybe get naked together, “Or something like that.”

After a lot of discussion we came up with a plan. I would invite him over and she could get her hands all over him and, of course, he would get to see her naked. Then we could all masturbate together. Her conditions were that he could touch her anywhere but he no penetration. He had to shower before coming over so there was no hint of any telltale aftershave. He could not say a word because she would recognize his voice. If he agreed, she would meet him blindfolded but otherwise totally naked.

I’m not sure which one of us was more excited about our planned encounter with the neighbor.

Over the next few days I made sure to talk to him every day and I always mentioned something about the Halloween party. I was hoping that he would say something about my wife. One day I mentioned that I was still thinking about the woman in the Tinker Bell costume. Then he said that he still thinks about my wife a lot too. When I told him that I might be able to get him a little private show, he seemed pretty excited.

I explained her conditions to him and that the most important thing was that he would need to remain totally unknown to her. He agreed to her rules and we set the date of the ‘show’ for the following Tuesday evening. That was his company bowling league night and he could get someone to fill in for him. That way he would not have to make up a story for his wife.

For the next couple of days my wife was nervous but horny as hell. We would make love when I got home and before we went to bed and before I got out of bed in the morning. Her anticipation was working wonders for my sex life!

Finally Tuesday evening arrived. My wife’s plan was that I would meet him in a parking lot and drive him back to our house. While I was gone she would get the guest room ready. I would sneak him in through the garage and he would strip downstairs. She would be upstairs waiting for us, blindfolded and lying in the guest room bed.

My wife and I had a few drinks while we were waiting for the call to go pick him up. The phone rang and ten minutes later I was back with our guest of honor. The house was quiet and seemed empty when we entered. I had him come into the living room and wait on the couch. I quickly ran upstairs. My wife was already naked and laying on the bed. I tied the blindfold on her. We checked that it was tight and that she could not see anything.

I returned to our neighbor and told him that everything was ready but that he needed to strip down to his socks before we headed upstairs. He was a little reluctant until he saw that I was stripping too. I reminded him about the vow of silence and checked to make sure he was not wearing any cologne that my wife might recognize.

Minutes later two 30 something guys dressed in the classic porn movie outfit – black socks and nothing else – headed upstairs. I opened the door and invited our neighbor in by way of hand signals. As he entered, he let out an auditable gasp. Placing a finger to my lips I reminded him again to be silent. Obviously my wife was now well aware that we were in the room, but she could not tell anything past that.

She was lying on her back fully spread-eagled on the sheets. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy looked very moist. Her arms were straight out to the sides of the small double bed. The only thing covering her was the black blindfold over her eyes.

I motioned him toward one side of the bed and I went to the other side. Kneeling on the edge of the bed I signaled for him to do the same. Then I placed my cock into her left hand and he placed his throbbing member into her right hand.

We were similar in size and I wondered how quickly my wife would be able to tell who was who. She grasped our cocks and started stroking them. I looked at our friend and he was smiling from ear to ear. He pointed to her pretty, petite 34B breasts and looked at me. I nodded ‘yes’ as I reached out to pinch her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger. He followed my led. She moaned a little as she increased the speed at which she was stroking us.

She moved her head from side to side. I assumed that she was trying to decide who was who. Then she pulled on his cock until he moved fully onto the bed. I noticed a smile on her face as her head turned and she pulled him into her mouth.

We had discussed what she was going to do and she had insisted that she was not going to allow him to have his cock inside her. I had assumed that she meant no fucking or sucking. But with my wife two or three beers usually changes everything! I was also pretty sure that she had figured out who was who by just holding our dicks in her hands.

I again motioned for our neighbor to make sure he remained silent. Then I crawled down between her legs and started eating her soaking wet pussy. I had no sooner started than she experienced her first trembling orgasm as her thighs shook and then clamped around the sides of my head.

I looked up at our neighbor and pointed to him and then to her pussy. He crawled down between her legs and started sucking on her clit. She reached down and grabbed a hand full of hair in each hand. Using her hands she moved his head back and forth exactly where she wanted him. Very quickly her body began to quiver and her legs twitched as she had her second orgasm of the night.

I stepped back to put my dick into her mouth and started a slow face fuck. I watched her clamp her legs around our neighbors head and shoulders. We swapped places a couple of times eventually giving her another oral orgasm. I was a little surprised on one of the swaps when rather than putting his dick in her mouth, he started French kissing her. He would move from sucking on her tit to sucking on her tongue.

Eventually I decided to move things along a little and crawled up between her legs and pressed my dick into her soaking wet pussy. We fucked that way for a while as he watched us. Then he returned to letting her suck on his cock. I decided that I didn’t want to cum inside of her so I pulled out and offered her pussy to him.

He crawled between her legs but before he could slip it into her, she reminded him about the no penetration part of the deal. He was a gentleman and proceeded to just rub the tip of his cock in, over and around the lips of her pussy. In a short time he was holding his stiff shaft while rubbing that soft purple head on the bud of her clitoris. The more he rubbed it on her, the harder she sucked on me. Then her legs started jerking again as she orgasmed on the tip of his cock.

I looked at my friend and then ask my wife if we could cum on her pussy. Her answer was simple. She just kept repeating the word ‘yes.’

I decided to show him what she would allow. I got the tip of my cock really l close to her pussy. She spread her tanned legs wide with her knees up in the air in what I like to call ‘the golden arches pose.’ She reached down to each side of her pussy to pull her pink lips open. Hell, her yawning tunnel of love presented me with the perfect target. I looked up at our neighbor who was furiously stroking his cock against her right breast. His eyes were fixated on my wife’s pretty little pink pussy and that dark, little almond shaped cavern in the center.

Moments later I shot my load of hot cum onto her pussy. About half of it dribbled into her channel of love. When I had finished, she twisted her hips slightly to point her freshly cum covered cunt toward our neighbor’s side of the bed.

He moved in really close, again rubbing the head of his cock on her pussy through that combination of her pussy juices, his pre-cum and my semen. I think he might have had the whole head of his cock in her but no more than that and there were no thrusting motions. She didn’t say anything, so I assumed what he was doing was OK with her.

Then he moved back an inch or so as he ejaculated onto her pussy. As he was cumming she kept her lips spread open as wide as possible. When some of his cum started to run down toward her ass, she used her fingers to scoop it back up into her love nest. By the time she was finished, I think she had scooped all of the cum back up into her tight little pussy.

We all spent a few minutes letting our breathing get back to normal. “Well guys,” she said, “this is a one-time offer: it anyone wants to whip up another batch of hot cream for me now is the time.”

I looked at our neighbor and he was already stroking his semi stiff dick for another round. I told her that her secret admirer was working up a second load for her. She smiled and told him she would like him to place his big cock against her pussy again. Then she added, “If that will help.”

He knelt between her legs and pushed his hardening cock against her pussy as he stroked himself. She was still holding her pussy wide open for him. She started using her index fingers to rub the head of his cock, guiding it around her honey hole.

By the time he had grown back to his full potential her right hand was stroking the end of his dick as the fingers of her left hand formed an inverted V to hold her pussy open. As she stroked him, she kept the head of his cock swirling and gyrating just at the entrance of her vaginal tunnel. She had most that swollen purple end of his cock inside rubbing the entrance walls of her vagina.

When his body stiffened as he began to cum, he thrust her penis hard into her fist, pressing her hand against the folds of her labia. She gasped and taking a deep breath let out a lingering ‘Ahhh.’

This time she didn’t have to do anything to keep all of his seed inside of her. After he finished cumming into her pussy, she held him tightly in place. I don’t know how deep he was inside of her, but only the portion of his shaft that was in her fist was not within the walls of her tight little cunt!

After our neighbor left, I got into bed with my wife and we talked about the experience. She said that she thought it was the naughtiest and sexiest thing she had ever done. And that not knowing who it was had added to the experience. I asked her if she wanted to do this again, but she declined, saying that as sexy as that was, she had missed the visual experience of seeing his whole body and she had missed seeing the look on his face when he was cumming.

We lived in that neighborhood for another year or so before being transferred. I spoke with our neighbor often and he always reminisced about the great time he had with my wife and how much he would love to do it again.

There was one lasting effect from that encounter: From that day forward my wife never missed any of the neighborhood parties. After each party she was always horny as all hell. She told me that knowing that someone at the party knew more about her than she knew about him really excited her. Her panties were always soaking wet when we would get home.

Once she even told me that she often thinks about her mystery admirer and that in her fantasies she has masturbated while imaging every guy in the neighborhood. I tried to use the excitement that she was feeling to talk her into having some more blindfold sex but she never agreed to it.

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