Naughty Lauren 4

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Naughty Lauren 4
Troy and the boys got back from their camping and fishing trip with a cooler full of fish they had caught, already cleaned and on ice. The boys went out to play in the yard while Zoe and Kristi began to get the fish ready for the fish fry they had planned, and Troy went out on the patio to get the propane deep fryer ready.

Zoe brought the first pan of fish out to Troy, battered and ready to fry up, and told him they needed to talk. Kristi was finishing up the rest of the fish, filleting them out and battering them up in the kitchen, and Troy took a sip of his beer and asked Zoe what was up.

Zoe explained about Lauren, that she had been fucking one of the boys in the neighborhood, and how she had found out Zoe was fucking her dad, Lauren’s Grampa. Lauren had later gone to Grampa to fuck her as well, then later walked in on Zoe and her sister fucking their dad and they had allowed her to join in.

Troy was a bit upset, having planned to take Lauren’s virginity himself when she turned age, but his disappointment was somewhat mollified by the thought that now he wouldn’t have to wait to fuck his daughter.

Zoe didn’t explain that she thought Lauren and Lee might be experimenting with sex together, leaving that for later; but she did explain that, now that Lauren was having sex, she would need to take her to see a doctor about getting her on some sort of contraceptive, and probably Lee as well, once she started her period. Troy agreed, and when Kristi and Grampa came out together a few minutes later with the rest of the fish, the four of them discussed the situation for a bit while the deep fryer finished heating up.

That evening, after dinner, Grampa got a chance to take Lauren aside and tell her she should visit his room later that night, after Lee had gone to sleep. Lauren’s pussy was immediately wet, anticipating the fucking she knew she was going to get, and she could barely contain herself until bedtime.

As soon as Lee was asleep, Lauren slipped out of her room and quietly crept down the hall and downstairs to Grampa’s room, wearing only a pair of panties and a t-shirt. She saw the light was on in Grampa’s room, as she had expected, and without knocking she opened the door and stepped inside.

Troy, her dad, was standing there waiting for her, completely naked, and on seeing his daughter enter the room, his cock began to stiffen immediately.

“Where’s Grampa?” Lauren managed to stammer, still standing in the doorway.

Troy walked over and took Lauren by the hand, then closed the door as he led her into the room. “He’s upstairs, with your mom and Kristi,” he told her. “They’ve all told me all about you, and tonight is my turn…Daddy wants to see how well his sweet little girl has learned her lessons the last few days.” He helped pull her t-shirt off over her head, then laid her back on the bed as he removed her panties.

Lauren didn’t resist, though she had really hoped her Grampa was going to be here, and watched as her father knelt down and began to lick and kiss her thinly furred pussy. Her pussy had already been wet, and the idea that now her father was eating her pussy made Lauren even more so. He gently spread her pussy lips with two fingers on one hand, and ran his tongue up and down her slit a few times, lapping up the juices that flowed freely from her young cunny. He finally paused and licked around her clit a few times, then sucked and nibbled at it a bit as Lauren moaned in pleasure and began to squirm.

Soon Lauren was cumming, moaning and thrashing as her father held her hips and plunged his tongue in and out of her pussy, pausing to lick and suck her clit every few seconds. Her pussy juices flowed down to her ass, wetting it, and her father freed one hand and worked a finger into her ass, using her own pussy juice as lubricant. Lauren was bucking up against his face, trying to get his tongue deeper inside her, as he worked his finger in and out of her ass, gently probing that puckered hole. Her orgasm carried her to new heights as she felt him fingerfucking her tight ass, as she recalled the image of her Grampa fucking Kristi in the ass earlier in the day, and how much she had enjoyed it. God, she thought, it felt so gooooooooooooood, her father sucking her pussy and ramming his finger in and out of her ass at the same time…

Her father quickly had a second finger in her ass alongside the first one, working them in and out rapidly as his young daughter continued to cum. He managed to get a third finger in alongside the other two, driving them in and out of her young ass, having already made up his mind – he might not be able to take this daughter’s virginity, but he planned to be the first to fuck her in the ass, and he wanted to stretch it a bit to get it ready.

Lauren, in the throes of her orgasm, had no idea what her father had planned. She felt him stop licking her pussy and probing her ass, and looked up to see him standing between her legs, his cock in his hand. It was large, but not quite as large as Grampa’s had been, and she thrilled at the thought of it plunging in and out of her pussy, of her father fucking her…”Please,” she whispered to him, humping her young pussy up to meet his cock.

Troy placed the head of his cock against the slit of her pussy, pushing it inside ever so slightly, and running the head of his cock up and down her slit a few times. Lauren tried to thrust her hips up and take his cock inside her, but he moved back, keeping just the head inside her pussy. “Be still,” he ordered, then continued to rub his cock up and down her slit. Finally he began to slowly push his cock deeper into her pussy, and Lauren could barely keep herself still as she watched him enter her.

He pushed his cock as deep into her pussy as it would go, and let it rest there a moment, loving the feel of his cock deep inside his young daughter. The look on her face told him she wanted more, and he began to fuck her, slowly moving his cock in and out of her at first, then a bit faster, watching Lauren writhe beneath him as she continued to cum.

After a few strokes, he slipped his cock out of her pussy. Lauren’s eyes opened again and looked at him, pleading with him to go on, then widening in surprise as she felt the head of his cock push up against her ass. Even as she remembered watching her Grampa fuck Kristi in the ass, and knew how much she had enjoyed it, Lauren was sure her own ass was to small, not ready yet to take her father’s cock inside it. “No, no, no…” she begged, trying to wriggle away, but her father held her tightly by the hips as he pushed his cock against her little asshole.

She felt a bit of pressure, but no pain, as the head of his cock entered her ass. Her father had taken time to stretch it a bit with his fingers, and used her own pussy juices as lubricant, and his cock slipped in with just a bit of resistance. Lauren realized he was inside her ass, and actually was able to relax and make it easier for him to get the rest of his cock inside, until he was as deep in her ass as he could go. He paused, letting her feel his cock deep inside her, and asked if she was okay. She nodded her head yes, unable to speak, thrilled at the feel of his cock deep in her ass. This was so dirty, she thought, so wrong, but it felt so good…

Gradually her father began to fuck her ass, easing his cock in and out slowly, and Lauren found herself picking up the rhythm, trying to slide back and forth, up and down on his cock as it entered her, loving the feel of having her ass filled. It felt so incredible, not as good as having her pussy eaten and fucked perhaps, but she loved it and tried to hump back against his cock as he increased the pace. One of her hands found its way to her pussy, and she began to masturbate herself as her father fucked her in the ass, furiously fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit as, hands on her hips to assist, her father plunged his cock in and out of her ass.

Lauren began to cum again, and was groaning and begging her father to keep fucking her, surprised to hear herself calling out for him to fuck her faster, harder, more…Her father complied, now ramming his cock in and out of her ass as hard and fast as he could, plunging as deeply as he could, close to cumming himself. Finally he could hold back no longer and leaned into her, thrusting his cock as deep as he could, his cum exploding deep into her ass. He held his cock there until it had stopped spurting his cum into her, then began fucking her again, getting in a few last strokes before his cock grew limp.

Lauren felt her father’s cock slip from her ass, and she was on it before he could move away. She wanted that cock back in her, in her pussy, her ass, she didn’t care, and she was determined to help Troy get his erection back as quickly as possible. She had his cock in her mouth, sucking greedily, not caring that it had just been in her ass, and Troy was a bit shocked, not having expected her to be in such a hurry. He lay on the bed on his back and let Lauren lick and suck his cock, stroking her hair as she did so, telling her what a good daughter she was to take care of her daddy so…

As his cock began to stiffen up again, Troy had her straddle him, then lower her pussy onto his cock. Lauren obeyed, carefully positioning her pussy over his cock, gently lowering herself onto it until it had entered her pussy, then dropping her entire weight down on his cock, letting it thrust deep up inside her pussy. She bounced up and down roughly on his cock, driving her pussy down onto it, until Troy reached up with both hands and restrained her a bit. If she wanted him to fuck her hard, he told her, it would probably be better if she were lying on the bed as she had been before.

Lauren lay back on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge, begging her father to hurry as he positioned himself between her legs. This time he didn’t hesitate, plunging his cock to the hilt in her pussy, then back out rapidly, fucking her hard and fast. Lauren was quick to pick up the rhythm, and the two of them fucked fast and furiously for several minutes. Lauren was cumming again, rapidly building to a peak, when her father again leaned into her, shoving his cock deep into her pussy as his cum spurted into her again. As before, when he had stopped cumming, he resumed thrusting in and out, getting in a last few strokes, then let his cock slip from Lauren’s pussy.

This time he knelt between her legs and began licking and kissing her pussy before Lauren could move, and was able to keep her orgasm going, driving her back up to the peak again. Lauren moaned louder and louder as her climax built, bucking and humping her pussy up at her father’s face as he licked her furiously. Troy could sense his daughter was close again, and slipped a finger up her ass, watching her squirm and wriggle as she was driven over the edge. He continued eating her pussy and fingering her ass for a bit as she came, then changed his position a bit, now licking her ass as he fingerfucked her pussy.
Several minutes later, Lauren breathing heavily on the bed beside him, Troy reached over and pressed a button on the intercom on Grampa’s nightstand.

Upstairs in Troy’s bedroom, Grampa and his daughters, Lauren’s mom and aunt, were just finishing a round of sex of their own. Zoe lifted her face from Grampa’s cock while her sister, Kristi, continued to grind her pussy into his face, and switched on the intercom. “Yes?” she said in anticipation.

“We’re ready,” was the reply, and the intercom switched off.

Minutes later they were all in Grampa’s room, Grampa and Lauren, Lauren’s dad Troy, her mom Zoe, and her aunt Kristi. There were hugs all around for Lauren, welcoming her into their family fuck group, and Troy explained how he had initiated Lauren into anal sex, and how proud he was of her that she had learned her lessons of the last few days so well.

Within a few minutes all five of them were back at it, licking and sucking each other, getting ready for another good round of fucking. Lauren was more than happy to once again be sucking her Grampa’s cock, while her mom and aunt took turns sucking her dad and each other. It was going to be a great night.

Upstairs, Lee awoke alone in her and Lauren’s room. She got a drink from the bathroom then, wondering where her sister might be, opened the door and roamed down the hall a bit. There was a light on in her parent’s room, so Lee knocked softly, thinking Lauren might be in there. Instead there was no answer, and when Lee cracked the door open and peeped in, no one was there.

Lee wandered downstairs and down the hall toward the kitchen. There were no lights on in the boys’ room, or in Aunt Kristi’s. Lee continued on, finding no one in the kitchen or the living room either, as she kept going on down the hall toward Grampa’s room. The light was on there, shining through the slats in the door, and Lee could hear noises inside.

Rather than knocking, as she had been taught, Lee turned the knob and pushed the door open, and was shocked by what she saw…………..


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