Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend Ch. 04

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Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend Ch. 04
8:20am Monday Morning


…You can t be serious, Mike. There is no way anyone is gonna believe me, I whispered intensely.

I was sitting in the school office dressed in the patently ridiculous outfit Michael had picked out for me that morning, waiting to see the principal over my disruptive behavior. I just glared open-mouthed at Mike as he patted me on the head and smiled.

It s gonna work great, Andi. Just trust me, he said, and then walked out of the office.

I watched him walk down the hall back to class, and it was then that I saw my mother walk in through the font door of the school and approach the office. I was horrified….

—- Wait…. Maybe I better bring you up to speed. —-

In case you ve forgotten how we…or rather, I, got here: Three days ago I accidentally leaked my secret fantasy about wishing I was a hot girl to Michael, who seized the opportunity to reveal his own cross dressing desires. Which led to us both getting dressed up like sluts, and sneaking into a night club, but not before I stupidly allowed Michael to superglue my junk down into a smooth tuck which has the awful consequence that whenever I get turned-on the pain is so intense that I can t stand it, and need to be ass-fucked to release the tension.

This of course gets us back to the night club where I got so wasted I wound up sleeping with Michael s step brother Derrick, who filmed the whole damned thing. Derrick then threatened to upload the video which showed me in the throes of ecstasy begging to be fucked like a slut unless I agreed to be his girlfriend. A situation made worse by Michael who had intended for me to be HIS personal fuck toy, and became insanely jealous of me being with Derrick. He managed to get a copy of the video from Derrick, and decided to punish me with it. He threatened to upload the video himself unless I agreed to come to school as Andi. Which brings us to earlier this morning…


6:15am Monday Morning:


I stood on the sidewalk outside Michael s house. He had said 6:30am, and I was fifteen minutes early. I didn t want to risk being late. He had said there would be consequences if I was. I paced back and forth, nervous. I prayed that when I knocked on the door, Mike would say he was just joking, and I wouldn t have to go through with it. I steeled myself for the worst, and walked to the door. I looked at my reflection in glass portal of the door. The way Michael had shaped my eyebrows was unmistakably girly, despite what he had promised me when I allowed him to do it. I definitely looked a bit girly. I raised my hand to knock on the door when it opened and standing there was Michael.

Right on time. Good girl, he grinned devilishly as he let me in.

Mike, you re not gonna make me do this for real, are you?

Oh, absolutely. Now get in the bathroom, and get naked, we got a lotta work to do.

I groaned, rolled my eyes, and did as he demanded.

Michael had me shave my legs and pits again so they d be smooth, and then sat me down to curl my hair. He combed my bangs down in front of my face, and before I could even react he took a pair of scissors and lopped off a chunk of my 14 inch bangs right in the center, which now hung down to my nose but with a jagged cut.

Fuck, Mike. You didn t say you were gonna cut my hair.

He slapped me up side the head.

If you ever speak to me in your boy voice again. I ll cut your dick off, got it?

Sorry, I said switching to my girl voice.

But you re right the cut is pretty sloppy. I guess I better clean those up, he said as he went to work evening them up, and tapering the long bangs around the edges.

He then took two pretty pink scrunchies with long blue satin ribbons hanging off them and tied my hair into anime-esque twin tails that sat high on my head, the sides of my bangs hung down in cute whisps. Even without make-up I was definitely cute.

There. Juliette from Lollipop Chainsaw would be proud, he said as he wrapped a white robe around me, and led me back to his room.

Michael plopped me down into the make-up chair where he had first made me up, and went to work. He gave me a more fresh faced look than the slutty smoky look I had all weekend -he glued some false eyelashes on that weren t ostentatiously long, but still luscious, purple eyeshadow with blue Mascara that brought out my green eyes, light pink blush, and matching pink lipgloss. I marveled at how different I looked form the other night. Less of a slut, but extremely girly.

He cinched me into a matted white under-bust bridal corset which gave me a very sensual shape, and then added a powder blue pair of satin and lace panties, a white garter belt and white lace top stockings with big light blue satin bows on the back, and then handed me a baby blue blue plaid layer skirt. I stepped into it, and pulled it up. Michael zipped up the back. I checked it out in the mirror.

I can t wear this to school, I complained.

Why not? It s part of a school girl uniform.

We go to public school!! And from what school is this from? The Horny Japanese Anime Academy? It s too short!

It comes to your middle thigh, that s regulation.

Guys will be looking up my skirt all day.

And you re point is?

What are you doing to me? The last thing I want to do is draw attention to myself.

Darling, look in the mirror. Do you see any trace of Andy in there?

I looked at myself in the mirror, and sighed. He was right, my own mother wouldn t recognize me.

Fine, I breathed

Then came the bra. I had wondered why I was wearing an under-bust corset, and we hadn t bothered with the silicon inserts, and now I knew. It was a white microfiber bra that had what looked like C-cup sized silicon breast shaped suction cups woven into it, Michael slipped it onto me, and clasped it closed in the back.

This is a Brava…

He pressed a button at my cleavage area, and I could feel the suction cups seal, and the Bra began to tug on my breasts.

…It has a tiny super-quiet motor in it, that will periodically activate and pump up your boobs.

It s gonna do what? I asked.

It ll give you boobies. It ll take all day for it to work, but by the time you get home from school, you ll have perky little A cups for Derrick to play with.

No way. Take it off, I protested.

It s not permanent. The swelling goes down overnight. Unless you are on hormones it won t make your boobies grow permanently.

I don t care, I m not modifying my body for you or Derrick.

I reached back and tried to undo the bra.

Do I have to explain what happens with the video every time you don t like my decisions, or will this be the last time? Michael asked impatiently.

I hung my head in defeat. If Michael want to send me to school dressed as Batgirl, there wasn t much I could really do about it. Michael smiled at my reaction. He handed me a white microfiber camisole that served to smooth out the lines created by the corset and the Brava. He then handed me a white long sleeve girls dress shirt which befuddled me at first when I slipped it on.

The buttons are on the wrong side.

Of course they are. all girl shirts have the buttons on the left.

As I struggled to button the shirt Michael slipped a standard girl s school uniform tie around my neck, and fit it into the collar of the shirt. He added a medium gray vest to the mix. I looked at the completed ensemble in the mirror. The shirt, vest and tie were in such stark contrast to my anime-esque hair, and sexy skirt and stockings, but the combination was stunning.

I almost forgot.

Michael went to his closet and pulled out a pair of shiny black patent pumps for my feet that buckled around the ankle. I sat down, and put on the shoes. When I finished, He handed me 2 little pink rhinestone studs for my ears along with a silver heart pendant, and a silver serpentine bracelet, and a packet of ice pink press on nails.

Here. You can take care of these, and I ll go get us some breakfast.

I had pierced my ears years ago. I double pierced the left to offset the right so people wouldn t think I was gay… but apparently that was now a moot point. I put on the jewelry first, and then went to work gluing the tips onto my nails – being careful not to use the heavy duty stuff so I could get them off without my parents noticing. I had never had long nails or wore tips before, so they felt weird, and it took some getting used to.

Michael came back into the room with a half-eaten plate of scrambled eggs, and 2 glasses of orange juice. He sat down at his desk and dug into the rest of the eggs.

Hey, where s mine? , I asked.

Oh, shit. I completely spaced it, hang on.

Michael stood up unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

Here ya go.

I looked up at him as if to say, Are you serious? He shook his manhood at me.

You want breakfast or not?


I could always grab something from the food cart before class, but I made a mental note to eat before I left the house form now on.

Michael laughed and put his dick away. And handed me the other glass of OJ. Which I took. I downed it hungrily, as he finished his breakfast.

I pulled my keys, wallet and phone out of my pants and went to put them in my backpack. Michael stopped me.

Not so fast, girly.

He reached under his desk and pulled out a shiny pink backpack, and a very elegant black Prada purse and handed them to me.

These used to be Britney s, but they are yours now. I think you know what to do with them.

I hung my head. I transferred my books and stuff into the backpack. Inside the purse was a matching wallet/pocketbook I transferred all my stuff into it as well. I hoped this wouldn t last past today, but it was looking like Michael was making this a regular thing. He picked up the make-up he had used on me from the Vanity and put it in my purse as well. He glanced at the wall clock. it was 7:30.

Well, we better get moving. You know how bent out of shape Mrs. Kring can get when you are late.

I gulped. We were really doing this. My knees were wobbly as I stood. I looked one last time in the closet mirror. I was gorgeous. Way too gorgeous. There would be nowhere to hide. I was easily one of the sexiest girls in school. This could only end poorly.

Britney poked her head in.

C mon, Mike it s time to go– Oh, sorry… ,

Britney stopped speaking mid sentence when she saw me. She studied me carefully, and then started giggling hysterically.

Oh, shit. I gotta admit, Andy. You are one sexy bitch.

She turned to Michael, How d you get him to agree to this? It s not even Halloween yet?

Don t be rude, Brit. This was her idea. Andrea is just expressing her true self, and we should support her choice to come out to her friends and peers, and not mock her.

My jaw dropped. Michael winked at me. I really fucking hated him. Britney looked confused for a second, then took it to heart.

Oh…I m sorry, Andi. That was incredibly insensitive of me. You look… very pretty.

Thank you, I said reluctantly.

Well, I m gonna be late for work if we don t get moving, Britney popped off, as she spun her keys around her finger.

Britney dropped us off in front of the school, and immediately as I stepped out of the car heads were turning. I kept my head down and kept pace with Michael and tried not to look anyone in the eye. Michael giggled a bit.

Every guy on campus is checking you out.

It s not funny, Mike.

C mon you have to admit that it feels good to be that hot.

I hated to agree with him, but it actually turned me on a bit to see how all the guys were looking at me.

I hate you, I smiled.

Michael smiled back.

We entered class and sat down, as the bell rang. I made sure to sweep my hand behind my skirt so it wouldn t flare out as I sat, and leave me sitting on just my undies. I pulled out my notebook, and a pen as our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Kring, came in the class and looked over the roll. Her eyes locked on me. She looked from her chart to me and back to her chart.

Excuse me, young lady. I don t think you are in my class. If you and Mr. Lembke are playing some sort of game, I suggest you do it to another teacher. I m not in the mood.

Oh shit. This part never occurred to me. How do I explain myself.

Um…. I… Mrs. Kring…. I stammered.

Michael interrupted, Mrs. Kring, I think what Andi is saying is that she is in this class.

Kring gave Michael a quizzical stare.

Mrs Kring, this is Andi. Andi Lembke.

Don t play with me, Michael. I m not blind. I know what Andrew Lembke looks like, and—

It s me, Mrs Kring, I spoke using my boy voice.

A shocked gasp swept over the room. A few murmurs of fag and fucking tranny could be heard. I felt like crying.

Well, Mr. Lembke, unless sanctioned by the school, I can t have you dressed like this in my class it s clearly a distraction. You need to see the principal.

She wrote out a hall pass, and placed it on the end of her desk. I packed up my things and looked at Michael who was stifling his laughter. He did this just to embarrass me. This was anything but seamless. Everybody in school was gonna know my secret. I was totally fucked. I gave him the evil eye, and he burst out laughing.

Mr. Keller, you can take your snide laughter with you to see the Dean.

She wrote out a pass for Michael as well. The whole class quietly snickered as I left the room in shame. I waited for Michael in the hallway. When he rounded the corner I punched him in the arm.

You fucking asshole. You outted me. Everybody in school will know by lunch.

Yeah, it s awesome. I told you I d make you pay for fucking Derrick.

Fuck you, and your brother. I m going home.

I don t think so. Your secret is out. There s really no going back from this. BUT they still don t know what a cock hungry slut you are, and unless you want the whole world to know that too, you ll do exactly as I say.

Fuck. That was definitely worse. I could move after graduation where nobody knows me, but that damn video spreading over the internet could ruin me.

Fine. What do you want me to say?

You are going to tell them this was part of our Sociology research on the effects of discrimination on minority groups. Our assignment was to give a perspective on discrimination towards women and gays. So, in order to really know the sociological and emotional ramifications of being a woman in this society you had to experience it first hand. And due to the nature of the research you could also experience the discrimination towards the transgender community. This is all temporary. You ll live like this till Christmas break when the report is due, and then come back next semester as Andy.

He was making a lot of sense. But every time he had convinced me that everything would be fine, and each time things got progressively worse.

We entered the office, and presented our slips. The office aide, Ms. Gaithier did a double take after she saw the name on my pink slip. She awkwardly pointed me toward the bench outside the principal s office. Michael was ushered into the Dean s office right away, and came out after about two minutes of apologizing. He sat on the bench next to me.

Three days detention. Looks like you re walking home alone, chica. Or you could give your boyfriend a call and see if he ll pick you up.

Very funny.

I started to feel nauseous. I bent over and put my head between my legs. Michael gently rubbed my back.

Stick to the plan and you ll be fine…

But what about my parents and Derrick?

Dude, Derrick has never had a girlfriend longer than a month. He ll likely lose interest by Halloween. Your parents might freak at first, but what s more noble than walking a mile in someone else s shoes to raise awareness for gay and women s rights? Your mom will eat that shit up, and then she ll bring your dad around. And if all else fails, tell them the truth, that you want to be a girl. You ve wanted it your whole life, and it was either this, or suicide. That ll shut em up right quick.

—— and…I think this is where we came in. —–

My mom came into the office and looked around confused. I tried not to make eye contact. She hadn t yet noticed her son dressed like a female anime character sitting ten feet away. Principal Myers came out to greet her, and escorted her into the office. He looked at me sternly as he closed his door. I could see through the glass portal that the two of them were conversing, but the room must have been sound proof, cuz I couldn t hear a word. The principal pointed at me vehemently. My mother turned slowly and walked to the window. Her jaw dropped as she stared at me in disbelief. She opened the door.


Hi, mom, I said meekly

My mom was flabbergasted. She looked me up and down several times and shrugged.

Come here, honey, She beckoned me into the office.

I went in and said exactly what Michael told me to say. My mother sat for what seemed like eternity in a state of shock. She thought about what I had said for a bit, and then surprisingly agreed that this might be an enlightening and worthwhile experience for me, and for the school. And after some quiet thought the principal agreed.

But we ll need a day to explain everything to all your teachers so we don t have another episode like this morning. You are not to use the girls bathrooms or locker rooms. You ll be given a pass at anytime during class to come use a private washroom here in the office. You ll be excused from gym, and you ll spend that period here working as an office aide, is that understood?

Yes, sir, I nodded.

You re free to go with your mother.

My mom and I walked out of the school in silence. The silence remained in the car ride home. As we walked into the kitchen, she motioned for me to sit at the breakfast bar. She sat across from me, and stared at my face until the silence became unbearable.


She smiled faintly, and then laughed warmly.

You re so pretty. I don t know why I never saw it before. But wow… And you seem so comfortable like this, so natural.

Mom, yer kinda freakin me out.

Andy…. do you. Are you trying to tell us something? Are you… gay?

No, mom I–

I mean cuz I want you to be comfortable in your own skin, and if your father and I have stifled this side of you, or made you feel like… I don t know. Would you feel more comfortable dressing like this at home?

No, mom. I… Well, I guess… I mean, yeah, if it s okay with you and dad, I d like to have that option, but… this doesn t mean…

Sweetie, whatever you need. I just want you to know, that I m okay with whatever.

Thanks, mom. But what about dad?

I ll handle him. o

My mom took my hand, and for the first time in my life I felt like she genuinely cared for me.

So what do you prefer, to be called?

I think Andi with an i works for now. It s not very confusing, but I m kind of starting to like Drea. But either one is fine.

I like Drea, too. Well, if you re going to be Drea around here, you re going to need clothes. So how bout we go to the mall?

I beamed with joy.

I d love to. Just lemme go pee first,

Michael was right. Everything was falling into place. As I walked to the bathroom I began to think that maybe this whole ordeal with

Michael and Derrick was the best thing that ever could have happened to me.

I went shopping with my mom, and we loaded up on clothes accessories, beauty supplies, and shoes enough for at least the next 2 weeks. I made room in my closets and drawers for all drea s clothes. After everything was put away, I sat on my bed, and tried to take it all in.

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