Nursing my big sister

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Nursing my big sister
My big sister has always been super competitive. Sports, studies, eating worms from the garden; it didn t matter as long as she was the best! So when I got the phone call that early Saturday afternoon I was not really surprised. She had been at a picnic with several friends from work and they got into a tug-of-war fight. Her side was loosing and she really stepped up her efforts, nearly grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat. But when the other side pulled HARD and her teammates lost their grip, just my s*s tried to hold a grip onto the rope as it sped through her hands. She had a firm grip, and the first thought she had was to grab harder. Her second thought was to grab REALLY hard! Her third thought was that her hands hurt like hell.
It was our mom and dad that made the call to me. I met them at the hospital where the doctors were just finishing up their work on Vanessa s hands and leg. I ll skip the gory details, but after they dug out all the little pieces of the rough rope material from her raw hands they had to wrap them to protect them and help in the healing. Somehow when she fell down the rope got caught around her right leg and she ended up with a deep and nasty rope burn that spiraled around her leg from her knee right into her crotch. Luckily it stopped about four inches from her happy spot.
My mom saw me walking down the hall and cried out, Oh Mike, over here! I m so glad you are here! They briefly got me up to speed on what happened and then the doctor was telling them how she would need somebody to help her with all of the things she would not be able to do. Her hands would be heavily wrapped for nearly a month and would have to stay dry, etc. Mom was taking it all in and I was glad she was such a good mother hen . Then the sky fell right onto me.
Okay Mike, you heard the doctor. Did you understand what you will need to do? mom asked.
Huh? What…me?
Yes you! You re an adult and Vanessa will need you to help her do all the things she can t do on her own right now.
No buts, young man. You know your dad and I are packed and ready to fly out of town tonight for our first vacation in over ten years! SHIT! I had forgotten their month long trip around the world! It s time you two mended fences and acted like caring adults instead of bickering k**s.
Case closed, I was stuck. No way could I get out of being Vanessa s nurse maid for the entire time they would be gone having fun. SHIT! So there I sat being shown how to put the salves on her hands and rewrap them just as the nurses had done. This had to be done every day for at least three weeks! Her leg would also need tending to but not quite as much.
Nessa (as I called my sister) was released and the four of us descended on her apartment where I would be staying for the duration. I arrived late after stopping at my house and getting my clothes and other essentials. Dad had gone to the pharmacy and picked up all the gauze, tape, and medications that my sister would need, so I wouldn t have to leave her alone. Nessa was in great pain and the hospital had really doped her up so she was a virtual zombie for about six hours, well past the time when our folks left for their trip.
I was watching ESPN when my s*s cried out MOM , and I ran to her room to see what she needed.
What are YOU doing here? she asked groggily.
You don t want to piss me off, s*s! I told her. Nurse Mike at your service…what do you need!
Oooooooo noooo. MOM! MOM! HELP ME, MOM! she cried out, wincing in pain.
I see you forgot about it too. They are about one fourth of the way to China, or where ever their trip s first stop is. What do you need, Nessa.
Shit! I need to pee! she said with distress written all over her face.
Reluctantly she let me help her out of bed and to the bathroom, where she stood looking at the toilet with fear in her eyes.
Oh god, I…I can t… and she waved her hands by her loose shorts and looked to me with a red face. She turned around aiming her ass at the porcelain throne and said, Mike, please shut your eyes and pull down my shorts.
What the hell, why not give her one chance at the embarrassment I had been thinking about while she was asleep? So I did as she asked, then turned around and stood up opening my eyes once more as she settled onto the seat and her bladder emptied in a usher.
I chuckled and told her, Damn, I guess you did have to go!
Her only comment was a huge sigh of relief while her flow began to dwindle.
She finished peeing and I said, Okay, I ll shut my eyes and help you stand up and then pull up your shorts.
Um, no, I need to wipe off!
Oh shit! I guess YOU need to wipe me off! No peeking, got it?
Nessa told me what to do and after four hopelessly inept attempts she finally said, Oh all right, open your eyes!
I did and was amazed to see she was clean shaven down there. We both turned red before I quickly dabbed her dry and got her standing and pulled her shorts up. She needed more pain meds so I gave her some and then got her back to bed where she was asleep almost instantly.
I looked down at her and said softly to no one, I love you s*s, but this really sucks!
As I sat in her living room I thought about our relationship. As k**s, my big sister used her extra years to rule over me, always maintaining her superior status and holding it over me like a club. We never really got close, though, probably due to her being four years older than I am. In fact, when she graduated high school followed by secretarial school, I was happy that she moved out, even happier when she got married and not that upset when they divorced 18 months later. At least she didn t move home, instead finding her own place to live.
When I graduated high school I took courses in computer system programming and repair and was hired by one of the largest firms in our state. I m NEVER sick, not even a cold, so my sick leave had accumulated until I had nearly three months sick and family leave available for me to use. So after making one phone call I had the next month off with full pay, more time off if I needed it. I was making so much money that I had my own home, all 2400 square feet of it, at the young age of 22.
I ve had my share of girlfriends but am currently unattached. Even though we seldom saw each other, I did know that Nessa was also not seeing anybody. In fact, I couldn t recall her having a real relationship since her divorce. This really did surprise me because she is fucking hot! Oh sure, I shouldn t think of my sister like that, but as I grew up it was her only redeeming asset and she still maintained her great looks even at her advanced age of 26. Her 34C-22-35 shape is spread over 5 4 of loveliness. I know her blond hair is natural, and her eyes are emerald green.
I guess I m a nerd without the glasses. I m 6 2 tall and all of 175 pounds, strong but definitely not the body builder type. It s hard to figure out why I don t have a steady gal as I ve never had a complaint about my lovemaking, in spite of my nine inch wanger. Or is it because of it? So here I sit, in my sister s living room sporting a huge boner due to just staring at and then wiping dry my sister s perfect bald pussy.
Four hours later I was awakened to Nessa calling me. She needed to use the bathroom once again so I got her there and pulled her shorts down, this time with my eyes open and then excused myself to let her have some privacy. When she called me back in her face was flushed a deep red and I wondered what was going on. Taking a few pieces of TP I prepared to dab her dry when she softly said, Um, Mike, you re going to need a lot more than that.
I gave her a blank look before saying, Oh shit!
Yes, shit! I m sorry but I ate well at the picnic before… and she held up her arms with hands wrapped to three times their normal size. She shifted on the seat and I knew she was telling the truth, her poop odor filled the room instantly. Damn, this was going to be a lonnnnnnnng month! After attempting to wipe her clean I gave up and found a washcloth, got it wet with warm water before washing her clean. After thoroughly rinsing the cloth I also surprised her by washing her pussy before finishing her ass, and then I dried both areas. Nessa shook a little bit as I cleaned her, but I figured it was from embarrassment.
More meds were dispensed and then she was asleep again. Thus went the next five or six days of my life, watching ESPN when I wasn t feeding my sister or cleaning her ass or pussy after she went to the bathroom. Oh yeah, and trying to control my damned cock which seemed to be always hard after helping her in the bathroom.
Changing the wraps on her hands wasn t that bad, I actually became quite good at it by the third day! The problem area was her inner thigh. Nessa hated the fact that she had to allow me to spread her legs wide so I could get at her long snake like rope burn. The first time we did this she tried to keep her shorts on, but I couldn t really see the top five or so inches of her leg, so after much discussion she agreed to let me remove her shorts from her right leg only. This allowed her to at least think she was covered when in fact her pussy was not only fully exposed but was also gaping open letting her bright pink insides dare me to stare at her. I struggled with that but somehow I got through it with only small slip ups and no visible hard on.
On Tuesday another problem reared its ugly head. After Nessa peed I dabbed her dry like she wanted only this time tons of little pieces of TP stuck to her scratchy pubic hair! What the hell? I said as the white specks appeared everywhere. Nessa looked down and groaned before giving me a pleading look. I started trying to pick the pieces off of her which really pissed her off. Obviously she was returning to her usual self.
Frustrated, I just stepped back and stared at the dotted crotch in front of me. Nessa blushed before lifting her eyes to mine — thank god I was looking at her face — and timidly saying, Oh shit, I was worried about this! I never go more than two days without shaving…down there…and it has been about three and a half now! And it itches like hell!
If you can make it a few more days that should go away, s*s, I offered hopefully.
You try it with hands like this and tell me how you like it, asshole! she snarled before realizing I was her only source of help and quickly continued, I m really sorry about that, Mike, I know you are doing the best you can and I really appreciate it. I m sure this is almost as embarrassing for you as it is for me! At least you don t have to deal with your sibling playing with your cock several times each day!
Hey, I am not playing with your pussy! Trust me, you would know it if I was! I countered.
Oh really? You certainly sound sure of yourself, little brother! But I don t want to argue with you during the short time each day that I m not doped up. Do you think you can handle my razor and shave me…down there?
Down where?
Down here… she said before realizing I was giving her a hard time in order to get her say the words so she finished with …down here, you know, my PUSSY! Can you shave my PUSSY without cutting half of it off?
I m a Quadra-Trak man myself, so I think I can handle it as long as you don t jump or anything. So it was decided that with her coaching me I was to shave her to the silky smoothness that she had the first time I wiped her off. I helped her up onto the bathroom counter top and then went in search of a low chair to sit on.
Shortly I returned with one and got into position with all the supplies I would need. I started following her instructions and was doing pretty good, although she did groan the first time I touched her skin with my fingers. I checked and she said I had not hurt her. After several moments it became obvious I was going to need more contact with her and Nessa softly said, I think you will need to grab my lips and stretch out the skin to make it easier for you, Mike. Holy shit, I can t believe I just told my brother to stick his fingers inside my pussy! Oh my god this really sucks! As I gingerly reached for one of her folds of skin she shuddered and said, Careful, Mike, I want to be able to use that when I finally heal up!
I was doing my absolute best not to hurt her when a small tremor went through her and she softly groaned out a solitary Ohhhhhh!
Stopping instantly I asked, Did I hurt you, Nessa? I didn t mean to, really!
Huh, what? Oh, um, no…you didn t…um, hurt me, no I m fine, really! I think…I think I am going to just close my eyes and lay back while you do this. You re doing fine with the razor. Maybe it ll be better if I don t watch you. And then she leaned her head back and lightly chewed on her lower lip as I went back to work.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get to be this close to my sister s pussy…things like that just don t happen! Yet here I was not only looking at it from no more than fifteen inches away but I had my fingers inside her little flaps pulling on them to stretch out the skin for my task. Several times she tensed and seemed to bite down on her lip, but otherwise she seemed at ease with what was happening.
I was nearly finished but couldn t get a good angle at the area at the top of her slit, her clit was rather prominent and I sure as hell didn t want to cut that! s*s, I need you to spread your legs a little wider, I said and she helped me get them opened up another 8 or 9 inches. Then I made certain I finished every other spot between her legs until I had only the area around her clit left to do. Sorry s*s, but there is no other way for me to do this, I said as I eased my fingers onto her clit as I pulled on her hood to make it shaveable.
At my first touch she emitted a single sharp OH! before she bit down even harder onto her lip. I worked as fast as I could, but my fingers were in nearly constant contact with her clit as I tried to shave her safely from all sides. Several times I thought I heard her gasp softly but never looked up to check on her. Finally I was finished and leaned in to closely inspect my work as I rubbed my fingers lightly over her skin. I was exhaling when my fingers slid over her clit area when she shook lightly and groaned softly before I pronounced the task completed.
Leaning back I looked up at her face and then waited for her to open her eyes, amazed to see a small smile on her face. Her eyes fluttered open and she stuttered saying, Th-th-th-th-thanks b*o, you did a great job! I nearly told her she hadn t even looked at it before deciding to just keep quiet. Could you be a REAL sweetheart and rub some of that lotion on my skin now, I always finish with that? she asked as she nodded her head towards a bottle on the shelf.
For my wonderful sister, anything, I replied and poured a small amount onto the palm of my hand and moved towards her. No, you need more. I always use more than that, she said so I doubled the amount of lotion I had and started rubbing it onto her skin. She cooed when I started gently rubbing the lotion over her pussy, then urged me on with, Come on Mike, don t get shy on me now. Rub it in like you mean it.
Okay, as you wish but this is really strange. I told her as I started rubbing the lotion in with more fervor. Her eyes closed once more and she moaned softly as I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. s*s, this is way too much lotion, I finally told her as I stood up.
Without opening her eyes she softly said, Just keep rubbing it in. It s the right amount so don t stop until I tell you. I resumed working the lotion into her skin and finally decided to use two hands. When she felt my second hand on her she groaned out Oh yeah, that s good! The lotion still wasn t being absorbed fast enough so I really started rubbing it in harder which just made her moans more intense. I wasn t paying very good attention to my hand s position and ended up rubbing straight up and down over her slit. My middle finger slipped deep into her gash and the heal of my hand was pressing on her clit. Ooooh yeah, that s better, Mike, keep rubbing it in!
It wasn t until my third stroke with my hand that it dawned on me what was REALLY happening! God was I really that dense? I had been watching my other hand as it worked on her inner thigh right where it joined her body and as my eyes shifted I saw my finger slide deeply inside her gash as she tensed and a soft moan slipped from her lips. I pressed my hand harder onto her clit and she groaned again, so I just moved my hand harder and my finger deeper until she tensed really hard and she finally exhaled again.
Her eyes slowly opened and she looked up at me before saying I…I think you ve gotten it rubbed in now, Mike, thanks…thanks a lot! My hand was still coated with lotion so I pulled my finger slowly out of her slit before moving my hand to her left leg and massaged the rest of it into her skin there. My eyes went to her pussy and I nearly shit when I saw her lips were much larger and engorged with blood! Her clit was sticking WAY out of its hiding place and I knew beyond a doubt that I had just gotten my sister off, maybe more than once! Holy shit!
Well, what do you think? she asked me in a whisper.
Huh, about what? I asked dumbly.
What you are staring at…my pussy. What do you think, does it look as good as your girlfriends did? She saw my hesitance and said, Oh come on, you just rubbed in the lotion after shaving me down there. I think you should know what you think of it.
I think you are very pretty and sexy, I told her.
Well, um, thanks but I m not talking about my face, I m talking about my pussy.
Good, I said, because so was I, I think it s the prettiest I ve ever seen!
Thanks but you don t have to be nice to me. She looked into my eyes and realized I meant it. Oh, really, you really like it that much?
Yup, too bad it s yours. Off limits and all that, I replied.
I bent down and retrieved her shorts, then started to pull them up her left leg when she surprised the shit out of me. Mike, I d rather NOT have them on. They chafe at my sore leg, and you ve already had your face about as close to my pussy as any guy ever has, so there is no reason for us to be shy. Besides, it will be easier when I need to go to the bathroom next time. So I just pulled her shorts back off and placed them in her hamper.
After helping her off of the counter top she asked for another pain pill and went back to bed, but not before giving me a firm hug, my half hard cock trapped between her legs. I went out to her living room and relived the past half hour, deciding there was no doubt that she had cum — although very quietly — at least twice on my hand. Holy shit!
About four hours later she awoke needing to pee once more. As I waited for her to finish I reminded her that she had a follow-up visit with the doctor scheduled for 10:00 A.M. the next morning. She thanked me for remembering as she couldn t remember shit, then gasped, Oh my god, look at my hairy legs! I can t go like that! Will you be a doll and shave them for me, you did an excellent job earlier?
So I retrieved the low chair once more and got back to work with her razor. Nessa volunteered to rest her feet on my shoulders to make it easier, thus affording me a tremendous unfettered view of her totally sexy pussy. I had to force myself not to stare and was amazed at my sister s uninhibited attitude about this. It was so unlike her.
When I was finished my s*s told me to take some TP and drag it over her legs to check my work for smoothness. I did and could not find any spot where there was the slightest bit of drag or tearing. Damn, VERRRRY impressive, dear brother! She NEVER called me dear anything! I might have to hire you as my personal barber! I chuckled as I took one last look at her open pussy as her legs were still spread wide.
After helping her down we had some supper, more soup as it was easy for her to eat as I fed her. I looked around her small apartment and asked, How do you manage in this cracker box apartment, s*s?
It s all I can afford, and I like it.
Yeah, sure you do. I responded. Did you really buy this furniture?
No, it s a furnished apartment. The only things that are mine are the dishes, cooking stuff, my clothes, the boom-box, my TV, and my linens and some CDs and DVDs. Oh, and the food!
Well I m glad to hear that as I was starting to think you had no taste in furnishings.
She fell silent for about thirty minutes as I kept trying to get her to open up to me. Finally she said, Mike, before we leave tomorrow morning, I need you to give me a bath. Her eyes didn t meet mine as she said that.
You mean a bath bath?
Well, yeah. At least a sponge bath as my bandages can t get wet. I ll tell you how to do it. So we headed to the bathroom again where I felt my face turn red when I realized I would have to remove her blouse and bra thus leaving her totally naked before me. As I did so I peaked at the mirror and saw my face turn the brightest beet red it had ever been!
Nessa giggled when she saw my face before saying, Thanks for adding the color, Mike, but I think I am the one who should be turning red! After all, you are getting to see ALL of me!
I m really sorry about this, s*s; I never expected anything like this to happen! However, since it is, I should tell you that I must have the most gorgeous sister on earth!
Flattery can get a guy quite a bit, what was it that you wanted?
Get real s*s! I m just saying that you are really beautiful, whether you are fully dressed or bare assed naked like you are now! I never knew you had developed such a great body!
Obviously we haven t been very close, have we little brother?
Well, let s see; I ve had my house for over two years and have asked you over at least a dozen times, but you have never set foot inside of it. Yeah, I d say we haven t been very close! s*s went quiet after that, just giving me brief instructions on how to give her the much needed bath. When I finished washing her 34C tits her nipples were standing out like steel bullets. Perky, s*s! I said without thinking, then felt like shit as she turned five times redder than I had been. Turning her face to mine I said, I m such a shit Nessa, I m sorry for being such an asshole for saying that! I hope you can forgive me.
She looked into my eyes for several seconds before saying, Jesus, you really mean that, don t you? You don t have to apologize, I mean hell, they are STILL hard as nails and I m embarrassed that it s because my own brother was touching me! Shit, this is so hard for both of us!
I resumed bathing her with the washcloth and things went smoothly until only her crotch area was left. Just as I worked up a lather on the cloth she said, Oh god no! That will be to close to my bandage! You will have to use your hand, and you need to really get me clean, okay?
After mumbling my agreement I soaped up my hand and then started carefully washing her crotch. Harder Mike, wash me harder and get me clean, she said. I increased my efforts and soon her face flushed again as she urged me to wash her even more. As I worked it struck me that my sister was really trying to get me to masturbate her to an orgasm! Was she that horny? Who would have guessed it? Figuring if I was wrong I could just call it an accident, I changed positions and then used my hand like I had with the lotion as I pressed my hand against her clit while I slid my middle finger into her slit.
I need to be REALLY clean there, Mike! Get me clean, please get me clean there! she groaned out. I went for the gold as I really pressed my palm against her clit, rubbing in a circular pattern while my finger dipped into her fuck hole to the second knuckle. Ohhh yeahhh, get me clean. Get me clean! she gasped as I worked harder. It took about another thirty seconds for her to cum hard on my hand, disguising it better than I thought she would be able to. But I knew…boy did I know!
As her climax faded away I eased my deeply buried finger out of her and shifted my attention to the rest of her crotch. Nessa s breathing slowly came back to normal and she said, I…I think I m clean enough now Mike! Just rinse me off and help me to bed, I m really tired! So I rinsed her off before drying her completely, even though most of her had air dried. I lifted her off of the counter top and we walked to her bedroom.
What top do you want to wear, s*s,
Huh, oh, I think I m fine like this. It s too much hassle. She turned to me and used her bandaged hands to hold me as she hugged her body to mine; my twitching cock was again trapped between her legs. Thanks Mike, thanks for being such a great help. I don t know what I d do without you! It s hard to admit this, but I didn t realize what a really great guy I was pushing from my life by avoiding my brother all these years. I m sorry for everything!
s*s, just take it easy and get well, okay? Everything else can be discussed later when you feel better. I hugged her back before giving her a kiss on the top of her head and helping her onto her bed. I moved to the door and placed my hand over the light switch before taking one last look at my satisfied naked sister. Just for the record s*s, that ex-husband of yours must have been crazy to let a beauty like you get away! You really look incredible! sleep well.
The pain from her hands must have been easing up some as she actually slept through the night without calling to me for another pill. We had oatmeal for breakfast then I showered and dressed and then she took one last bathroom stop before I helped her get dressed. She said NO! to including a bra and panties to her ensemble, instead choosing just knee length shorts and a Phoenix Suns T-shirt along with sandals.
The nurse called out, Vanessa Williams! so I helped her up and then we followed the nurse to the examination room. When she was ready to remove my sister s shorts she told me to leave but Nessa uttered a curt NO! He stays!
The nurse looked at me with a questioning look and I said, Hi, I m Mike Andrews and I m…
The nurse interrupted me with, Okay, he stays! A good boyfriend is hard to find! When she pulled the shorts down and saw no panties, just a clean shaven Nessa she smiled at my sister while saying, And it looks like he s been a VERY good boyfriend! Keep him girl! By then I knew better than to correct her mistake and she introduced me to the doctor as the boyfriend as well.
The short of it is the doctor said I was doing a fantastic job of tending to her hands and leg, and my bandages were applied at least as good as the nurses could do. Because of my efforts, her burns were healing nicely and in fact we could leave her leg unwrapped for about half the day to allow better exposure to the air. He wrote another prescription for pain meds and told us to come back in one week.
On the way home Nessa said, So my boyfriend is getting kudos from the nurse AND the doctor for his good care giving abilities! Way to go boyfriend! I ll have to thank you later!
I ll hold you to it, I said as we walked up to her apartment door only to find a note from the manager attached to it. I took it from the door and we went inside as I opened it for her. Oh s*s, this is NOT good! Due to non-payment of rent you are evicted and have three days to vacate the apartment! What the hell is this about?
It turned out she was going to pay her rent after the picnic but that plan had been totally forgotten about. She was now way past due and since it was her fourth time being late; it was the manager s decision as to what to do. I looked at the note and then at my sister s very worried face before saying, Okay, this settles it! For the time being, you are moving in with your boyfriend…um that s me! She started to argue but I said, I have plenty of room, and this place is far from the best — no offense intended. Besides, it s what brothers and boyfriends do! She giggled and agreed to a temporary move in.
I zipped out and got lots of boxes at the nearby U-Haul store and had most of her stuff packed up before 2:00. After loading up my pickup we headed to my house while s*s fretted about imposing on me. Look, just because we weren t very close, that doesn t mean I don t love you s*s. Besides, I have to do something to get you to at least see my place, considering I ve been in it for over two years!
She was admiring the neighborhood we were driving through and I could almost see the wheels inside her head turning as she wondered how far it was to my neighborhood. Her jaw dropped when I reached up and pushed the garage door opener and I turned into my driveway. You…you live HERE?!
Yup! My humble home sweet home! I like it a lot, even though it is rather big for me. When I bought it I figured I d grow into it with a wife and k**s and all that stuff. Hasn t happened yet but someday…
I hopped out and ran around to her side to open her door and help her out, easily lifting her off the seat and into my arms, making her squeal in surprise. She wrapped her club hands around my neck and hugged me as I carried her to the door. Nessa hugged me tighter as I unlocked it and stepped through before starting to ease her down to the floor. Stop, my brother needs a thank you kiss. And then she gave me a very brotherly kiss on the lips. Now one for my new boyfriend, and she kissed me once more, this time hot enough to melt diamonds! Her tongue even pushed its way into my mouth and attacked my own.
Finally she broke off the kiss and I gasped Jesus s*s, what the hell was that?
I just wanted my boyfriend to know how much I appreciate what he s done for me…what he s doing for me! As I stepped outside I realized we had been right in front of the still open door so my neighbor across the street could see her kiss. As I walked to my box laden pickup he called out, Hey buddy, she looks like a keeper! Good luck to you both man!
I just grunted and started carrying boxes inside. Soon my truck was empty and we both looked at the pile of boxes in my entryway. It s not much to look at is it? my sister said. Not a lot to show for my life, especially after seeing what you have here!
Hey remember, you live here now! You decide when you leave…or even IF you leave!
She looked up at me and tears welled in her eyes before she hugged me as her body shook through her sobs and she said, Oh my god Mike, you are way too nice to me! I ve been such a shit, even trying to exclude you from my life…avoiding you at all costs!
I ve noticed
I m so sorry for the way I ve acted. I promise I ll make it all up to you somehow! She hugged me once more before I finally closed the front door and sorted out the boxes by where they would go.
Taking my sister s arm I guided her through the house, giving her the tour she should have gotten nearly two and a half years ago. She oooed and ahhhhed her way from one room to another, surprised that I had done such a nice job furnishing everything. We finished at my bedroom and I asked, So which bedroom do you want me to put your stuff in?
I like this one!
Yeah, well, it s mine so pick a different one, I said as she pouted at me.
Okay, meanie, I ll take this one, she said as she walked to the bedroom next to mine. I had expected her to pick the guest room on the other side of the house for privacy but she was turning into a woman full of surprises.
Not daring to leave her alone, I took my time as we went together getting all of her stuff from her old apartment, finishing late the next afternoon. I also shut off her phone service and forwarded her mail to my house. Her apartment rent included the utilities so that was taken care of. When we got back to my place I started supper as she lay down for a while. Supper went on hold as she slept for two hours, awakening only because she needed to pee. After dabbing her dry she asked me, no pleaded with me to shave her pussy again, claiming the stubble was bothering her. I got her to have supper first but she clearly wanted to finish so I could begin shaving her.
When I asked her what the hurry was she turned a light pink as she said, You are the best lotion applier ever! I nearly cracked up laughing at that but somehow maintained control. Later she was still able to stifle her cries when I rubbed in the lotion as I massaged her clit and pumped a finger into her pussy until I got her to cum, albeit quietly.
The rest of week two continued that way, every second day she just had to have me shave her pussy AND rub lots of lotion very effectively onto her pussy. Afterwards she slept quite soundly, but we never talked about what I was doing to help her out. It was like she was pretending I wasn t getting her off every time! I finally brought it up the night before her two-week checkup.
We had really gotten to know each other during her awake time as we spent most of it talking about everything and anything. So tell me dear beautiful sister, not that I m complaining or anything, but just why have you never wanted to wear ANY clothes around here?
Are you certain you aren t complaining?
Oh no, there is no way I would complain about having a gorgeous woman such as yourself lounging around totally nude all the time. I could never tire of that!
And you really think I look good?
Oh god s*s, you are so for beyond just looking good, you are fucking HOT!
Oh sure…if I m so fucking hot why haven t I been fucked in over 6 months? she asked. I pondered this revelation and she insisted, Well, tell me why haven t I gotten fucked!
I gave her a very obvious once over as I inspected her from head to toe and back before looking right into her eyes saying, Stupid men.
Yeah, I ll say! God I ve been so horny and there s just no relief in sight! she said before a look of shock covered her face. Oh my god, did I just say that? Oh my god, I just meant to think it!
Does my sister need me to apply more lotion? I asked innocently.
Would you?! she asked excitedly before much more calmly continuing, I mean, I d like it if you really wanted to.
Oh sure, I know how much the lotion helps your skin stay so superbly soft! And I also know how much you like the WAY I apply it to you.
What ever are you talking about?
Why don t I apply more lotion to you right now and just skip the lotion? Again I looked her right in the eyes as I finished with, I think you will love it just the same, maybe even more.
So just why does my brother want to get me off? That is what we are talking about, isn t it?
Well, yes it is, and I want to because I was certain — after the first time — that you needed some kind of release. And there is no way you could do it on your own! The doctor said I needed to help you with ALL of the things you wouldn t be able to do for yourself so why shouldn t I? If I m going to take care of you, then I have to do this for you…I simply must! Plus, I kind of like knowing how much you like it!
So this has nothing to do with a long dormant c***dhood desire to fuck your sister?
Huh? No, we were too far apart in age for me to even think about you growing up, besides you always ignored me and I just sort of ignored you back. I did lust after Lori down the street though! God I had such a crush on her!
Lori… Nessa repeated slowly. Oh yeah, she was a real looker when she was younger. I saw her several months back, fat, three brats in tow and generally looked like shit warmed over!
Oh yuck, thanks for ruining that memory for me!
Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts, she said softly.
Getting back to my question, would you like me to help you out and get you off? Does my beautiful sister want me to make her cum?
If you think you re man enough to, I think I d like that. I d like it a lot. She replied looking right back into my own eyes. Where?
Move to that easy chair over there, I told her and she quickly moved and then leaned back with a smile on her face. Grabbing a pillow to sit on I took position in front of her and eased her legs further apart, Nessa gasping at the knowledge of what was happening. My lips found her right knee and kissed her just below the scar where it was healing, then I kissed her inner thigh along side of her rope burn as she groaned in pleasure. Just as I reached her pussy I moved to her left leg and gave it equal time kissing her inner thigh from her knee to her crotch.
Nessa s eyes were locked onto me as she watched me kissing her legs, but her head fell back as she groaned out Oh fuckkkkkkk! when I finally made contact with her slit, my lips and tongue slurping their way up to her clit. I merely circled her clit and then slid my tongue back into her gash before dragging it all the way down to the bottom where I continued on to her puckered hole and pointed my tongue before pushing it right into her ass. Oh my god! Nessa gasped as I tongue fucked her sweet ass for several moments before pulling it back out and returning to her pussy.
Once more I kissed and licked my way up her slit then back down before settling my tongue right over her fuck hole. Soon my stiffened tongue was as deep inside of her as I could get it as she squirmed before me, gasping as little shock waves began pummeling her body. Oh my god, Mike, that feels so good! Oh god don t stop. Oh fuck, please don t stop! she cried out softly.
STOP? What the hell was she thinking? There was no way I was going to stop until she finally screamed in release. My right hand eased up her hip and then snaked around towards her clit, finally taking it gently between my thumb and forefinger as I rubbed it softly. Ooooooooooh my goddddddddd, Mike! Oh fuck…oh…oh god yes! my sister cried out as I began my two pronged attack. Her hips started humping up at me and I rubbed her clit harder as I worked my tongue even deeper into her.
Nessa moved her bandaged hands to my head and tried to hold me in position as I pushed her towards her climax. Her body lurched and shook each time my tongue swirled slowly around inside her pussy as I rubbed and pinched her clit harder. Suddenly her wrists held my head tight as she jerked before me, crying out Oh god yes, I m cumming! Oh god! Oh god! Oh Mike don t stop — oh my gawwwwwwwwwd don t stoppppppppp!
Her orgasm crested and I eased her back down with my lips once more kissing her thighs and legs. My god Mike, HOLY FUCK that was incredible! My sister told me as my lips circled around her pulsing pussy and throbbing clit. Good god that was sooooo good! How…where…who…oh god how can you do that?
Does that mean you liked my appetizer? I asked her, smiling at her face, my own coated with her pussy s cum juices.
Oh my god did I! You were just awesome! It s been so long since I…wait, did you say appetizer? I nodded my head and she gasped, You aren t done? I didn t answer her, instead my face slid around until I gently sucked her clit into my mouth. OH MY GOD! she cried out as I sucked slightly harder. My right hand slipped around and down until I slid one finger into her pussy and began fucking her with it. Ohhhhhhhh, she groaned as I mashed her clit with my flattened tongue and finger fucked her pussy. I slipped another finger into her and she moaned again, then I pushed a third finger inside of her and she cried out Fucking hell!
I rotated my hand until my palm was facing up and pushed my fingers deep into her, easily finding her g-spot, rubbing it hard. Oh god Mike, oh shit! she groaned as I resumed sucking her clit hard and I pounded her pussy with my hand, rubbing her happy spot with each thrust of my fingers. It took no more than two minutes of this before her hips shook violently and her body tensed up. I REALLY sucked her clit hard as I bit down on its tip lightly, my fingers a blur inside of her. Oh my god! Shit fuck oh god Mike! Oh my GOD! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OHMYGOD! I M CUMMING! OH SHITFUCKDAMN OH GOD YESSSSS FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! It took all I had to maintain contact with her as her hips bounced wildly and her entire body shook as her incredible orgasm smashed through her. Suddenly her hips rose nearly two feet off the chair seat as she screamed in release, her orgasm peaking violently and then she crashed down onto the seat once more gasping for her breath.
After a couple minutes she opened her eyes and looked down at me sitting between her wide spread legs. Shit b*o, how the hell can YOU be single? I d kill to have a guy like you taking care of me all the time. Oh that was soooooooooo good, simply incredible! Thank you Mike, I haven t came that hard in…shit…maybe my entire lifetime! Come up here so I can kiss you.
So I slid up her lovely body and went to give her a quick kiss. Nessa would have none of that as she wrapped her arms around my neck and plowed her tongue deep into my mouth searching out my own. It was one of the most intense kisses I had ever had! Figuring there was no point in fighting it, I returned the kiss trying to match her ardor. After nearly two minutes she finally eased up and then broke off the kiss, gasping as she said, Wow, you even kiss like a pro! Holy shit I can t believe none of your girlfriends tied the knot with you!
I ll take that as a compliment, and I m glad I was able to make you feel good!
Oh god, you did so much better than just make me feel good! I am going to sleep good tonight! She kissed me once more with nearly the same passion as before and it was I who broke it off this time. As our lips parted her body shook again and she just groaned as a minor climax slipped through her. Holy shit that has NEVER happened to me. Must be some stupid girls out there too! That is the only explanation for you still being single!
As I stood up I saw her eyes settle on my crotch as I walked away from her. Somehow I was spared the embarrassment of a hard on from getting her off. The ONLY thing that could possibly make a girl give you the boot is if you have a micro dick! Drop your drawers and let me see it! Don t you dare be shy on me after I ve been bare ass naked around you for nearly two weeks now! Come on, drop those shorts! I blushed as I looked at her, her eyes saying DO IT! Slowly I undid my belt and waist snap before letting my shorts fall to my ankles. Boxers too! I slowly pushed them down, pausing just before my cock came into view as she said, God I never knew you were such a tease!
One last push and my cock came into view as my boxers joined my shorts at my ankles. Even in its flaccid state my cock must have impressed Nessa as she shrieked HOLY FUCK! I mean, oh my god, Mike, it s huge and you aren t even hard! Really some stupid girls out there! Come back here with that thing so I can REALLY thank you!
Come on s*s, that isn t necessary, I can take care of myself just fine!
You can t do what I can do! Not unless you are pretzel man!
Well I m not, but still, you don t need to do that. After all, I m the one taking care of you, or did you forget? She pouted again as I pulled my boxers and shorts back up and refastened everything. Nothing more was said about it, but I did catch her staring at my crotch several times the rest of the day. She opted for an early bedtime and said she wanted to try not taking a pain pill. So I helped her with her bathroom chores and then tucked her in bed. I guess tucked is the wrong word as she slept on top of the sheets but it s the closest I can come up with. Good night s*s, sleep well. Don t worry about waking me if you need a pill later on. I told her as I leaned in for a hug goodnight.
Mike thanks for everything, and I do mean that! I love you more than I ever thought I did! You are the best brother a girl could ever ask for! she told me as her arms wrapped around me holding me to her after my hug. Her lips found mine and she gave me another fantastic kiss before releasing me and saying, Goodnight dear brother, I ll see you in the morning. I love you!
When I checked on her two hours later she was sleeping peacefully looking like an angel. I backed out of her room and took a shower, brushed my teeth and then hit the sack, suddenly realizing how tired I was. Around 2:00 AM I awoke to the feeling of something in bed with me. I opened my eyes and found Nessa behind me, spooning against me with her left arm d****d over my chest. I kissed her elbow and went back to sleep with the sensation of her tits pressing into my back.
I awoke again before 6:00 AM to an incredible warm sensation around my cock. Then I noticed that the warmth was moving on and off of my shaft and I jerked my head up only to see my cock swallowed to the base by Nessa s mouth and throat! Oh god, Nessa, NO! I shouted as I tried to lift her head off of me. She shook her head as she tried to speak around my cock, definitely not an easy thing to do because of its immense size. Each time she spoke and I tried to lift her from me her head slammed back onto me fully as she sucked frantically and worked her throat muscles expertly on my shaft.
It felt GOOD I realized and I stopped trying to get her to stop. Obviously she WANTED to do this and there would be no stopping her this time. From now on I would just have to lock my door. When I laced my fingers together behind my head and just lay there watching her blow my cock, she pulled off of me nearly all the way and worked her tongue on my head better than any girl ever had before. Oh shit, s*s! Oh god that feels so good! I groaned to her as she continued loving my cock.
Thangsh! she said with a mouth full of cock. I jush knew you d lige ith! Then she resumed bobbing her head fully on and off of me while she looked deeply into my eyes. I had no idea how long she had been blowing me but I knew I was getting ready to explode and my hips started thrusting up at her, driving my cock even further down her exquisite throat. She pulled nearly off of me again and begged, Cum for me Mike! I want it all! It s your turn to cum for ME. Pump my mouth and throat full of your spunk! Oh god give it to me!
Her face dropped back down and she stared into my eyes as her magnificent tongue took my cock to heaven and back. Oh fuck! I cried out as my seed shot out of my prick and into her throat. Her left eye looked like it had a tear forming in the corner but my eyes blurred and I then squinted as I pumped load after load after load into her throat and mouth! My cock kept on pulsing as if it had more cum to pump out of my balls, but they were empty. Still my sister kept me twitching and spasming just as I had when I came. Finally I yelled out OH god no more! Too sensitive! NO MORE!
Nessa pulled off of me smacking her lips as my cock slipped from them before she said, Oh god Mike your stuff tasted so damned good! I could drink your stuff ten times a day, it s so good! She slid up my body and kissed me, my cum taste still strong on her lips. Then she rested her head on my chest as I struggled to regain my breath.
Finally I said simply, WOW, Nessa, that was awesome, but why? You didn t have to do that for me.
I didn t do it for you; I did it to you. There is a difference you know. Besides, your cock tasted great, especially with my pussy taste on it, Nessa responded.
Yeah whatever, I still don t…what do you mean by with your pussy taste on it ? I asked in shock.
Well, I woke up with you spooning me and felt your cock buried deep inside my pussy!
Oh god, I m sor…
Quiet! It felt so good that I just rocked my hips for awhile letting your magnificent cock fuck me! Then I nearly pushed you onto your back with me on top of your shaft, but I figured my hands wouldn t be much good for support when I came, so I decided to give you a blow job instead. I d say you really liked it.
But jeez s*s, it s…
No different than what you did for me! she interrupted. And don t you dare think I m going to be here for two more weeks without me sucking you again and again! Your stuff is so tasty, god I love it! Nessa then kissed me passionately as I responded in kind, not certain just what I should say. I felt her shifting her body above me and I thought she was getting more comfortable when suddenly she shoved her body back down towards our feet and I felt my cock slide into her pussy, not stopping until my tip pressed against her cervix opening. Oh fuck yeahhhhh, she groaned.
I yelled Nessa NO! as I slowly realized it was already too late for that. Oh god, Nessa, you shouldn t have! This is a line we shouldn t have crossed, I said shakily.
Maybe, but once crossed it is forever crossed my dear brother! she said as she fucked on and off of my cock several times. She tried to sit up and finally said, Well damn it, help me for god s sake!
God isn t happy with us right now, I said as I helped her get into position sitting over my deeply buried cock.
God populated this world by brothers and sisters fucking, by mothers and sons fucking, by fathers and daughters fucking! she replied as she groaned with each entry of my cock into her super tight pussy. Our stupid country s laws might not like us very much right now, but I m sure god is smiling right now watching us. While I enjoyed the pleasure her pussy was giving me as she worked it around my shaft I decided she was most likely right!
My hands found her tits and began tweaking her nipples harshly making her coo with excitement as I started thrusting my hips up into her pussy. Oh god yes, b*o, fuck me back! Fuck my horny pussy and claim me as yours! Fuck me and make me cum on your wonderful cock! Fill me with your seed when we both cum together!
She put her hands onto my chest and leaned forwards lifting her hips off of me before crying out, Ouch! Oh fuck that hurt! I leaned up and hugged her to me as I rolled us over putting her onto her back as my hips went into overdrive pounding her pussy as I strove to drive the pain from her hands. Oh god yes, Mike! That s what I want you to do! Pound my pussy with your cock, drive your hips right through me with your hunger for me!
I had never known my sister had this side to her before but she just urged me on even more. Her legs rose up and she gently wrapped both of them around my hips before she started using them to pull me into her even harder. Oh god Mike, fuck me HARD! Oh it feels so good! Fuck me, pound my pussy with your beautiful cock! Oh god I m almost there!
I was rapidly catching up with her as my hips continued drilling her pussy unmercifully, my cock driving into her so hard she was being moved up the bed! My cock head was growing inside of her as she cried out Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh god I m cumming on my brother s cock! That was all it took and my balls exploded, my white sauce shooting powerfully from my cockhead and splatting dents into her deepest walls of her pussy.
Oh god yes! I can feel you shooting inside of me! Oh my god Mike, I m cumming so hard, DON T STOP! I didn t! Never before in my life had I fucked a woman as hard or as long as I fucked my sister! My hips just kept pumping into her depths long after both of our orgasms had subsided. Nessa wrapped her arms around my shoulders and held tight to me as she moved her hips up to meet my continuing movements.
Not wanting to stop, I did start wondering if she wasn t ready to before she groaned, Oh god, Mike, I m going to cum again real soon! Oh please don t stop! Oh my god here…it…CUMS! OH GOD YES OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! My hips instantly resumed their powerful thrusts deep into her again as her pussy walls clamped tightly around my shaft making it nearly impossible to move.
But move I did and soon I groaned again as my cock swelled once more before blasting shot after shot of cum into her again! Oh fuck s*s, you feel so damned good around me! I cried out before our lips met, our tongues dueling from mouth to mouth.
Her left leg worked overtime as she used it to pull me deeply into her time after time, her guttural cries in sounds I didn t recognize. All too soon our climaxes were finished and I slowly brought my hips to a stop with my cock buried deeply within her. I lifted my face up and smiled before saying, Jesus god that was fucking incredible!
My sister pulled me back down for a brief kiss before she replied, No, THAT was incredible fucking! Oh my god you are so good! No guy has ever made me cum twice at one time, no matter how horny I was, and you helped quench those fires last night! Oh my god I love you b*o! Do we really have to go to the doctor today? I d rather stay right here and get the living shit fucked out of me by my stud of a brother!
Yes we do have to go…I m in charge of getting you healed up so I ll have no backtalk from you! Besides, we can do more of this after we get back!
You mean it? We ll do this again!? Oh god thank you! Oh god let s get going so we can get back home! Home. Hmmm, that had a nice ring to it.
I smiled down at her before saying, We need to clean you up before we leave and I need a shower! Then we can get to the hospital and get you checked out before we come back to our home! I said as I watched for her reaction.
It took only about ten seconds for the light to come on as she beamed up at me and said, You just said OUR home ! Does that mean you won t be kicking me out in two weeks?
Never my sister my love! This is OUR home from now on! To emphasize my words I gave her three good thrusts which turned out to be three too many as she tightened her legs once more around me and started fucking her pussy hard onto my cock. Quickly I was fully hard once more and just joined right in with her, making her scream my name over and over as she came for the third time with my shaft piercing all the way to her heart.
Moments after her climax passed I groaned as I shot more huge ropes into her hungry pussy and she cried out Oh fuck you re making me cum AGAIN! Oh Jesus YES! YESYESYESYESYESOHFUCK! We finished cumming and kissed gently as we looked deeply into each other s eyes. You my dear brother are truly amazing! I was just hoping you wouldn t freak out by the way I tricked you into fucking me. Instead you have given me the absolute best fucking of my life!
Well I tell you what. As an incentive to get up now, when we get back I will make love to you in a way that you won t believe happened to you for at least three days. I intend to rock your entire world s*s! How does that sound to you?
She quickly released her legs from around my hips and gave me a slight push with her bandaged hands as she pleaded, Get off of me! I ve got a brother to make love to later! and we both chuckled as I lifted my weight up and off of her. My cock still remained firmly implanted inside of her and we both looked at where our bodies became one. I moaned loudly as I pulled out while Nessa groaned out, Oh damn, I felt so good and now I feel so empty! I want you back inside of me just as quickly as possible!
I showered first and then gave Nessa a sponge bath like usual. She wanted to keep my cum inside of her for when she had the exam, I didn t know why but then women can befuddle us guys sometimes. We had a light breakfast, I brushed both my teeth and hers and then we were off. The nurse gave me a knowing look shortly after she had Nessa remove her shorts and underwear (had to wear it to keep her pussy filled). The doctor next got between her legs to inspect her leg burn and said, Well, obviously your leg is feeling much better, young lady.
Her leg required no further bandaging, just a different healing salve to rub onto her skin. They showed me how to wrap her hands slightly differently as they too were mending quite nicely. Once more a new salve was prescribed for her hands and naturally it wasn t the same as for her leg! Next follow up exam for one more week away, then probably just real light bandages for another week or so before her hands would be free like her leg.
The new meds were waiting for us at the pharmacy downstairs when we got there, so I paid and we were headed home. Thanks for wearing those jogging shorts for me, Mike, Nessa said. Now how about you pull them down so I can suck that magnificent cock on the way home…to our home! No point in arguing with her so I quickly did as she asked and I enjoyed an incredible blow job that lasted all the way to our street. My balls stopped pumping cum into her mouth just as I turned into my driveway.
The neighbor across the street was mowing his lawn when I drove up and he looked like he was going to ask me something when Nessa s head came into view before she kissed me on the lips. She saw him as he gave me two thumbs up before he slowly went back to mowing his grass. Oops, bad timing I guess, she said as I grinned back at him.
No, I d say it was perfect timing. He ll never forget it, nor will I! Once more I ran around to her side and helped her from my pickup, not putting her down until we were inside the house. That makes it official, since we can t get married. But I want to spend the rest of my life with you s*s!
Oh god! she gasped as tears poured from her eyes! Oh my god yes, I love you Mike and I want to be with you always!
So I picked her up and slung her over my shoulder saying, Good, because I have the love of my life to make incredible love to! and I carried her to our bedroom where I gently placed her onto the bed.
Bathroom first! she cried out as she scooted off the bed and ran to the bathroom. I was right behind her pulling her shorts and panties off so she could get business taken care of. Soon we were back in the bedroom and I helped her onto her back once more as I bathed her face in kisses, my hands exploring her body openly.
I love you s*s, I hope this will show you just how much! I said as I kissed her again before moving my lips to kiss her entire face lightly followed by her neck, behind her ears (shit did she like that) and back to her lips. She was squirming lustily beneath me, upset that I kept pushing her bandaged hands from my cock, telling her each time Not yet, honey! I worked my lips and tongue all the way down her left side to her feet and sucked each toe hungrily sending her into orbit, her body jerking in reaction to my efforts. After moving over I finished her right foot before I kissed my way up her right leg and side back to her neck and shoulders.
Oh fuck, Mike, this feels divine! she moaned as I kissed her collar bone up to her neck. My lips then slid up to her lips briefly before searching out her spot behind her ear and she cried out, Oh my god! as she wrapped her arms around me tightly as her body shook hard. Holy fuck, nobody s EVER made me cum like this! Jesus god that was so good, b*o.
I slowly moved to her other ear to give it equal time before sliding up to her lips to kiss her before saying, Pretty good so far?
She gasped as she said, So far? Oh my god yes!
I took my time kissing and licking my way to her perfect tits whose nipples were hard enough to drive nails through concrete! The moment my tongue touched the left one she started whimpering softly as I gently sucked her nipple into my mouth. After several seconds I switched to her right one and gave it a gentle suck as well. This one slowly grew more and more intense until I was sucking on it harder than I ever had sucked a tit before! She groaned once more as my fingers started pinching and pulling on her left one and soon her groans grew into full fledged screams as I pushed her rapidly to another powerful climax.
Her neck bent back raising her chest to my mouth as she cried out Oh god, oh Jesus fuck yes! Oh god how…OH…OH…FUCK…SHIT… OH…OHMY…GOD…OH… FUCK… HOLY…SHIT…OHOHOHOHFUCK!! OHGOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Her voice trained off as her body bounced beneath me, my hands and lips locked onto her nipples tightly! OOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh myyyyy godddddd! Holy fuck Mike, I never knew I could cum like this! How can you make me cum twice without even touching my pussy yet? Oh shit this is incredible!
I slowly skied my tongue down her abdomen, stopping to love her belly button for a while before I pressed onward towards her pussy. I felt her tense and suck in her breath as I neared her clit, only to gasp when I avoided it and slid down to her left leg. Kisses rained down onto it as I planted them everywhere on her leg s inner thigh before pushing her leg even wider spread and shoving my face behind her knee. Oh shit! was all she could gasp as I found another of her spots before I pushed her higher once more. I slowly retraced my steps up to her pussy and barely grazed it with my lips before slipping my kisses down her right leg and all around her healing scar. After several minutes I gently eased her leg back and kissed behind her right knee as she cried out once more in pleasure. Oh please fuck me, Mike! I need you inside of me! Please! she begged softly as I worked my lips all around her knee joint.
Patience, my love, patience. I m making love to you! I m not fucking you. We did that earlier. I said as I continued my slow pace on her leg. Nessa groaned loudly as my lips slowly trailed upwards once more. As my face neared the juncture of her leg with her body she was already shaking wildly and I slowly kissed along side her pussy slit up to her clit. My fingers gently spread her folds open baring her clit to me fully as she groaned some more. As my tongue barely grazed against her little cock I exhaled my hot breath onto her clit and she screamed in climax, her body shaking hard from head to toe as she cried out my name loudly! Nessa tried to thrust her hips up to meet my lips and tongue but my hands held her tightly to the bed as she struggled in the throes of passion.
She was groaning something so softly that I couldn t hear what it was until she kept saying it in ever increasing volume, Oh love me Mike, oh my god please Mike, please love me, I need it so bad! Oh my god I need you to love me! I dropped my lips a fraction of an inch and sucked her clit deeply into my mouth as my tongue flicked at the tip faster than the wings of a honey bee on speed! Oh SHIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! she wailed as her climax flared right back up and pounded her body relentlessly as I slid my thumb into her pussy and my index finger into her ass.
My fingers fucked both of her holes hard as I sucked her clit way into my mouth, my teeth biting down slightly on its tip and she screamed Oh MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKE! Oh gawwwwwwwwdddddddd yesssssssssssssss! she cried out until her breath ran out. It was nearly impossible to maintain contact with her pussy the way she was jerking, shaking and convulsing before me as her orgasm rolled on and on and on!
That s what I needed to hear! I said as I pulled my fingers from her holes and gave her clit a quick kiss before moving above her and easily guiding my cock into her soaking wet pussy. She tightened around me like a velvet lined glove and I slowly picked up the pace as I pumped my shaft into her over and over. Nessa s head was rolling side to side as she groaned and cried out softly as she rode out countless mini climaxes as I continued my steady course.
I rose up taking her legs with me and placed them on my shoulders, my cock still pounding into her from a new and improved angle. The first time my cockhead rubbed over her g-spot she cried out, OH GOD! This was rapidly followed by FUCK…SHIT…OHGOD…OOOOOO…OHMY…OHOHOH…OH FUCK ME! She lifted her head up off the bed and looked into my eyes with all the world s love and said softly, Oh god I love you Mike! Just as she finished saying that I felt my cock swell inside of her and her eyes bugged out.
Our orgasms began at the exact same instant, both of us crying out to the other. My hips were pounding into her relentlessly as she did her best to pump her pussy onto my rampant cock as I filled her pussy to overflowing, my cum bubbling out around my shaft and running down her ass.
As my balls ran dry and her climax started to wane she pulled me to her and kissed me hard enough that I expected our faces to be merged into one when she was finished. Damn was it intense! As gently as possible I eased her legs down from around my shoulders and then rolled us over to put her lighter body on top where she simply collapsed onto me! Her head rested on my chest as her pussy twitched and convulsed around my still hard cock that remained buried to the hilt inside my sister s pussy. Every few seconds I heard her utter a very faint Oh my god! as her pussy clutched at me again, but she was unable to lift her head to me. I kissed her on the top of her head several times over the next few minutes until I noticed her breathing had become quite regular telling me she was sound asleep.
After about ten minutes I started flexing my still hard cock inside of her and on the fifth or sixth time she groaned Oh fucking hell, and lifted her head as I flexed inside of her once more. She slowly looked into my eyes and gave me a weak grin before I flexed again and she said, Are you k**ding? You want more?! u*********sly her hips had begun rolling on me and soon she was quite effectively fucking my cock once more.
She lifted up slowly into a sitting position before saying, I get made love to until I m ready to die and he still wants more! She slowly lifted up nearly nine inches before letting her pussy slip down onto me slowly making her gasp. Oh god you do feel good like that! Oh shit yeah, so good. It took her only about another minute to be rapidly lifting nearly off of me before slamming her super tight pussy back onto me. She was still highly aroused and in no time she was crying out, Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh Mike! Oh Mike fuck me! Love me Mike! Fuck me, love me, fuck me, love me…oh MIIIIIIIIIIIKE! And her eyes rolled into her head as she came when the first blast of hot cum drilled into her pussy again. I grabbed her arms to keep her from falling backwards as she shook so hard she lost her balance. Her body froze as all she could do was shake frenziedly, her body pressed down hard onto my cock as it continued pumping cum into her over and over. Her eyes slowly re-opened and she shook her head before saying Good god! as she fell back onto my chest.
After several huge intakes of her much needed air Vanessa lifted her head up and looked at me as she said, Maybe your girlfriends weren t so stupid after all! I think they were in fear of their lives when they left you!
Actually, I dumped them all because they couldn t keep up with me! I countered.
Nessa looked at me before asking, And me?
You did…do quite well my dear sister. It must run in our genes.
She smiled at me as she continued, I m glad I measured up! I couldn t bear the thought of not being with you now that I have been fucked by the best! And speaking of the family gene pool, I do believe there are quite a few of the little buggers trying to get to me today. I m not on the pill!
Interesting. How many shall we have?
You want me to have your c***dren!? she exclaimed.
Absolutely! I told you I wanted to fill my house! It has four bedrooms and we only need one! I told her displaying my fantastic mathematics skills.
My sister kissed me hard and deep once more, a kiss that seemed to last forever but was probably no more than a few minutes. When she finally pried her lips from me she beamed down at me as she exclaimed, Oh Mike! I was all ready worried that I might have gotten pregnant from this morning! I didn t know how you would react, but you ve proved to be more of a man than I could have ever hoped for!
We ended up sleeping for an hour before Nessa woke me with another awesome blowjob. After she swallowed my load I rolled her onto her back and fucked her hard, long and deep as she came four times from my cock and I pumped two more loads into her.
The rest of the week continued with Nessa now sleeping in our bed (formerly my bed) as we fucked at least twice each day in addition to each of us getting the other off orally. I still shaved her pussy and legs every other day but didn t need to use nearly as much lotion!
When we went in for her checkup she talked the nurse into giving her a pregnancy test, it was positive! After new instructions for her hands and a new prescription for milder pain pills we were off for home. Nessa gave me another terrific blowjob during the trip home and swallowed my load once more just before we reached the house. As usual I carried her into the house, kissing her before letting her slide to her feet.
I m starting to like being carried into the house all the time!
Well, I ve only gotten two of them but I LOVE getting your terrific blowjobs while driving! I responded. I hugged her to me and looked down into her eyes before continuing, I ll keep doing my thing if you keep doing yours!
Hmmm, I think you might just be getting the better part of that deal! However, since I love sucking you off, it s a deal at least as long as I can bend down there to get you in my mouth. The phone rang so I kissed her nose before walking to the phone and answering it.
Our mom was calling frantic that she couldn t get through to Nessa s apartment. What s going on? Where is Vanessa? Is she all right? Why are you at your house?
I had been trying to get her to stop talking but it took quite a while. Mom! Mom! Mom, stop! Finally I can talk. I moved her into my house when she got evicted for late rent. No it s for the better, really it is. She s doing fine; the doctor says I m a damned fine nurse!
I listened for several moments before saying, Mom, hold on and I ll hold the phone up to her ear.
Nessa smiled at me and then with my help talked with our mother. Yes mother, Mike has been a great help! He s the most wonderful brother a girl could ever ask for! No, that is NOT the medicine talking, I mean it! Yes I was stupid to avoid him for so long, but it will never happen again! No I mean that too, I love him to death! Oh mother don t be so melodramatic! Look, we can talk more when you guys get home so have a fun week. What? Are you serious…another month…maybe two! Holy shit mom! No we don t mind, just surprised is all! Send us a post card or two!
After hanging up Nessa filled in the blanks for me. Our parents were having way too much fun and had worked out a deal with their travel agent to delay their return so they could add several stops to their trip. Their return would be delayed by a month or two.
Several times a day Nessa would tell me how anxious she was to get rid of her bandages. She said the only good thing about them was the tenderness and care I showed her when I would remove them before cleaning her wounds and reapplying her salve before redressing them with new bandages. I thought they were much improved and was certain the doctor would agree with me enough to discontinue the wrappings.
I was right! The only thing we had to do was continue rubbing in her healing salves to keep her scars soft and promote complete healing. Her first day without bandages was tough as she needed to get used to things touching her palms, but after that she was fine. On the first (that would be the next day) real afternoon of freedom , as she called it, she said, Mike, I want to apply the lotion to my hands this time. I had no problem with that but was surprised when she walked up to me and undid my shorts before pushing them and my boxers to my ankles.
As she pushed me down onto a chair I said, Just what does this have to do with your applying the salve to your hands?
After sucking my cock into her mouth and bringing me to full hardness she lifted off of me and said, You just watch, I ve been dying to do this for you after all the wonderful lotion applications you gave me! She grabbed the bottle and poured a large amount into the palm of one hand, rubbed them together to coat them both before taking my cock in her hands and then began stroking my full length with both hands.
Either she had given quite a few hand jobs before or she was a natural at it as she worked me to a hip thrusting, groaning climax where I painted her lovely face with about nine blasts of cum. She took two of them into her mouth, greedily swallowing them down just as she had at the end of her blow job on our trip home from the doctor. After my cock stopped shooting cum into and over her face she managed to coax out three dribbles that merely oozed out and then ran down my shaft and her hands.
My cock was slightly softening in her grip when she said, God that was so HOT! I really love getting you off! Now let s go take a shower together to clean this beauty off before I suck and fuck it some more! Not surprisingly, that is exactly what we did as it was her first shower in a month! True to her word after we were both clean she went to her knees and sucked me for about five minutes before standing back up. I want you to fuck me Mike! Right here and right now!
I lifted her up and then let her body slide down mine until my cock slid right into her pussy making us both groan. My hands were cupping her ass cheeks so I could lift her up about eight inches before letting her drop fully onto me again. Nessa s hands roamed all over my shoulders and head as she made use of her first chance to really touch me with them.
Soon her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and her hips were pounding her pussy onto my shaft without my help, her head dropping backwards as she screamed, Oh Mike, I m cumming! Oh FUCK I m cumming so hard! Give it to me! Cum for me! Oh god it s so good! Suddenly she snapped her head up and looked right into my eyes as she begged NO DON T! DON T CUM! Try to hold on so I can take you in my mouth! OH fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk and her pussy convulsed around me her orgasm slammed powerfully through her.
The moment her climax finished she forced herself off of me and dropped before me once more, my cock instantly disappearing down her incredible throat. Her face bobbed about three inches on me as she kept my cock all the way down her throat. It probably took only a minute before my cock swelled and rope after rope of cum shot out of my tip and down her throat. She pulled back until just my tip was in her mouth and her tongue went wild on my cock head as I fed the last four blasts into her mouth. She never lost a drop as Nessa hungrily swallowed everything I had to give her.
Holy fuck Nessa, that was incredible! You really know how to suck my cock! I gasped.
Oh god I love doing that for you! she said before sucking me fully down her throat once more then slowly pulling off of me and standing back up. Just wait till we have to stop making love before the baby is born! I know I m going to be so fucking horny and blowing you will help quench my fires! I ll want to suck you practically all day long!
Sounds pretty good to me, but how will I get to work if I have my pregnant sister between my legs sucking away all day long!
You ll be the envy of the department and you know it! We rinsed off and got out to dry off before ending up in bed fucking like rabbits all afternoon. She was insatiable and I had no idea how she had managed for so long without a boyfriend. Trust me, I am not complaining!
Time moves on and I went back to work. Finally Nessa was cleared to return to work as a secretary only to find her employer just couldn t wait for her and had laid her off . She was panicking until I made a couple of calls and got her hired on where I work. This changed her mood immensely as the hours were better, the pay was MUCH better and the benefits started on day one! After her excitement waned a little she looked at me and said with a sneaky expression, You do realize that this will allow me to suck your cock ALL the way home…and it s quite a long drive!
True to her word, every day after work Nessa dropped her face to my lap and gave me head all the way home. The first few days she told me to warn her when we neared our house, but then she got so she could tell where we were and ALWAYS took my load just before I pulled into the driveway!
Nessa had been working with me for just over a month and each day she sucked my cock all the way home. This particular day the moment we got inside the house she said, Fuck me Mike! Sit down right on this chair and let me ride your fuck stick till I cum! Please dear brother, please! How could I refuse her? So I dropped my slacks and boxers, pulled my shirt over my head and sat down where she wanted me. Nessa was working on removing her clothes and we both were naked at the same time.
My sister straddled me and sank down onto my cock as a huge sigh of relief escaped her lips. She just sat there for several moments before she began moving her hips in circles on my lap, fucking my cock into her without lifting up at all. Oh fuck you feel so good inside of me Mike. Promise me that you will always fuck me! Promise me you will always love me like this!
Oh Nessa, you are the one I was looking for! I ll love you forever and, with god s help, will fuck you till the day I die! She kissed me fervently as her hips started lifting up and off of my shaft before slamming back down onto me, her breath gushing out of her lungs with each thrust.
She rode me hard for nearly fifteen minutes, my balls well drained by her terrific blowjob in my truck. I know she came at least three times before my cock started to swell under her pussy s grasp. Oh god, Mike, give it to me! Give me your cum! Do it…oh fuck I m cumming Mike, give me your cum! I need it so bad…oh fuck yeah there it is! OH god…oh fuck…oh god yes!
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE! dad s voice boomed out.
Nessa s head snapped around to see our parents looking at us as they stood ten feet away. She softly groaned out Hi mom, hi dad…oh fuck Mike I m going to cum again. OH FUCK YES! and she resumed pounding her pussy hard onto me.
Our parents looked at me and I said, Hi grandma, hi grandpa! and my mother slumped to the floor as she fainted. Dad didn t know whether to pull my sister off of me or to help our mother. He did neither as he just watched as his daughter screamed in lust as her orgasm pounded her over and over as she fucked his son s cock.
Nessa finally stopped cumming and slumped against me breathing hard as she groaned out Oh my god, Mike, that was the best I ve ever cum! Oh my god I love you so much! and she rolled her hips some more on me as she groaned in pleasure.
For Christ s sake, Nessa, would you STOP! dad shouted out.
Slowly turning her head to him as she rolled her hips some more she softly said, No dad, I ll never stop this! I love Mike and he loves me and we re going to have lots of babies together! Our mother had been slowly sitting up but we heard her groan once more and she fainted again.
Dad tended to mom as Nessa kissed me and softly said, I ll love you forever! I ll never leave you, no matter what!
Mom finally stood up and glared at me then at Nessa before saying, I cannot believe you two can still be sitting there like that! We need to talk! RIGHT NOW! Vanessa get off of your brother s, um, co…get off of your brother right this instant!
Nessa smiled at me before saying, Okay mom, but I don t think you can handle it! and she quickly dismounted my still rock hard cock.
Mom s eyes went right to my cock as it bounced pointing at the ceiling; it s full nine plus inches coated with our combined juices. OH…MY…GODDDDD! mom gasped before dad grabbed her to keep her from falling once more. Dad s eyes went from my cock to my sister s pussy and back several times before he realized just who and what he was gaping at.
With dad s help mom stood back up and openly stared at my still throbbing cock for several seconds. I wanted to say SOMETHING to break the tension but had no idea what the hell to say. Mom did it for me and surprised the shit out of both me and my sister when she said, Oh gosh, Mike, your cock is beautiful, isn t that right dear?
Nessa and I gave each other a shocked look as our dad replied, It is definitely the finest I ve ever seen, and we ve seen plenty the past three months! His eyes went to Nessa s naked body and eyed her up and down before continuing, Our daughter has a fantastic body, wouldn t you say Baby?
Oh yes, both of our c***dren are simply beautiful! She was again staring openly at my manhood as she turned to my dad and said, John I hope you don t mind but I simply must do this! Without waiting for an answer she dropped to her knees before me and had my cock balls deep in her throat before I could blink.
MOM!!! Nessa and I cried out together. Then I continued as my mom s head pulled back before sinking fully onto me once more, Oh my god mom that feels fucking incredible! My mom acted like a woman possessed as she literally devoured my cock, her throat and tongue pushing me to heights of pleasure no woman besides Nessa had ever approached. After several minutes of her exquisite blowjob I cried out, Oh god dad, I m sorry! Oh fuck mom I m going to cum! Oh shit, oh fuck, oh my god MOM! My cock plastered my mother s mouth and throat with nine huge ropes of my seed!
Holy fuck, mom Nessa gasped as she watched our mother eat my cum. A huge glob of cream oozed out of the corner of her mouth but mom quickly slurped it all back into her mouth and swallowed it down as she smiled up at me.
When I looked over at Nessa again I nearly croaked when I saw my dad squeezing her tits as his tongue tried to lick her ass hole from the inside as he kissed her. Mom, Dad, just where did you go on your vacation?
Dad was busy so mom answered, Seattle, at least for almost a month, where there was a huge swingers convention going on.
Swingers! I yelled as dad now had his right hand deep inside Nessa s white washed pussy.
Somehow my mom had removed all of her clothes displaying her well preserved middle aged body as she replied, Yes, swingers. We ve been doing that for nearly twenty years now and we love it, although we were worried that you two wouldn t approve. Oh Mike I love your cum, it tastes so heavenly. I can t tell you how many salty and bitter loads I ve swallowed these past weeks, but none were as good as yours! She slowly lay back onto the floor and said simply, as if it was as normal as wanting a glass of water, Mike honey, fuck me! Come down here and fuck your mother!
I glanced at the two silent people in the room and found them on the floor in a heated sixty-nine position, Nessa going nuts sucking on our dad s 7 inch shaft while he had his tongue deep inside her pussy. Not saying a word I slowly moved between my mother s legs and easily slipped my cock into her hot and wet pussy, not stopping until I pounded against her cervix making her cry out happily. Mom pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply as I heard Nessa groan, Oh god dad, fuck me! Fuck me with your daddy cock and make me cum! This was quickly followed by each of them groaning as he slammed his cock hard and deep into her.
My dad and sister were groaning and crying out in pleasure beside us, totally out of the discussion which I was trying to finish with my mother as we fucked. So after Seattle where were you guys?
Mom tightened her pussy hard around my cock making me groan as she smiled at me before replying, Oh, let s see, Denver, St. Paul, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Tulsa, Pittsburg, and Cleveland. I don t think I missed anyplace.
So…oh fuck mom…what happened to you going around the world?
Oh baby, I went around the world with so many great lovers I can t even begin to count them all! And I want you to be the next one to take me there! Without stopping I pulled all the way out and in mid-stroke changed my angle of thrust and slammed my cock right up her ass! Oh god yes Mike! I love it when there s no warning! Fuck my ass and make me cum!
My hips were pounding hard into her as she shuddered as her first climax rushed through her sexy 45 year old body. I dipped my head down and began devouring her tits, each of which was capped by nipples that stood out as at least ¾ inch bullets. Off to the side I heard my dad grunting as he came while Nessa urged him on saying, Oh dad, fuck me harder, I want your cum! Give it to me… give it ALL to me! Oh god I m going to cum, daddy! I m going to cum on my daddy s cock! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh god yes I m cummmmmmmminggggg!
I M GONNA CUM ON YOUR FUCKING COCK! mom cried out as her body began to shake harder than a paint-shaker at the hardware store. Just as Nessa s had our mother s cries rose in volume until her screams pierced our eardrums and she came hard under the assault of my rock hard cock as I pounded into her ass wanting her to always remember my first time fucking her.
Mom s orgasm had peaked when I started shooting cum deep into her ass. Her eyes grew to at least twice their size and she grabbed my hips as she cried out, Oh baby, cum in my ass! Oh god I love your cock…I love my son s cock! Fuck me, fuck my ass…oh shit Mike I m cumming againnnnnn!
Eventually the four of us were sated, each basking in the after glow of our incredible orgasms. Nessa kissed our dad gently before saying, Wow dad, you are without a doubt the second best fuck I ve ever had! The only guy to beat you is over there with his cock up mom s ass!
That s right dear, mom said, we traveled from one end of the country to the other and the best fuck ever is right here on top of me!
Well my love, it seems the only woman to compare with you is lying under me with her legs still wrapped around me, dad said with a huge grin. Oh shit baby, her pussy just squeezed my cock really hard! I think she wants more of me!
You bet I do dad, only this time I want the top! I m going to fuck you harder than you ve ever been rode before! Dad grabbed her and rolled them over into the position she wanted and Nessa began fucking her body onto him immediately.
Well mom, do you want the top as well? I asked, rolling us over before she could answer me.
Mom pulled her well fucked ass from my cock saying, Oh god yes I want your cock to fuck my pussy so good, but first I need to clean you off, and her head dropped down taking my shaft fully down her throat as she worked hard at cleaning me of all her ass juices. Satisfied that I was properly cleaned, mom climbed onto my pole and slowly started fucking her pussy with my cock. She gave my dad a dreamy smile before saying, I think we will be seeing our c***dren a lot more from now on!
Three other people grunted in agreement as our fucking family coupled intensely. I looked over at Nessa as she rode dad s hard cock and gave her a grin. What s that look for? she asked.
I was just thinking how this all started because of your rope burns, and what you said about god s feelings about us. I m sure you re right, but if you aren t then I ll gladly go to hell and burn baby, burn! God I love my family!

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