One Night Stand

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One Night Stand
It was Saturday night and my friend and his wife had
invited me out to a popular gay nightclub. I d never
been to a club like this, and thought it would be
interesting to experience something new and different.

I am a 41-year old bisexual woman, who lives a
different lifestyle than most people I know. I
discovered my sexuality over the past year through
encouragement from a friend who taught me confidence
and encouraged me to act out my desires and fantasies,
through this I learned about myself and how I love to
be slutty and somewhat of an exhibitionist.

I love to dress provocatively and on this particular
evening I was wearing a very short skirt, five-inch
stilettos and a revealing velvet top. When we first
walked into the club I jokingly made the remark of I
hope there s at least one straight male in here that
will dance with me.

My friends laughed and told me basically the odds were
against me. The club was dimly lit, and the music was
playing loud. As I walked through following my friends
I glanced around the room to the male strippers and
wondered to myself if these gorgeous men could possibly
be interested.

We went out to the dance floor and not wanting to be in
the way, I excused myself and started to walk around
the room, moving to the music of Madonna and playfully
glancing at the dancers.

The first dancer motioned me over and was flirting with
me, he kissed me gently on my lips and my neck and told
me he didn t want to lose sight of me and he would find
me when his shift was through. This beautiful man with
his Latin accent continued to lavish me with attention
until he was told to move on to the other areas of the

As he walked away I watched him as his muscular body
moved to the rhythm of the music, and focused on the
patrons of the club. I wondered if I d see him again
and hoped I would but I moved on across the room. As I
walked by another platform another dancer motioned for
me to come over to him. He danced for me and asked me
to wipe the sweat from his perfect body, which I
proceeded to do. He was also very attentive but I
couldn t help noticing someone else in the background
who was staring at our way.

At first I paid him no attention as I was unsure if it
was me he was looking at or the gorgeous young dancer
who was fondling me. Either way, I thought I would give
him a little something to watch. I love to watch and I
love to be watched, my pleasure is to make everyone
around me hot and horny through my actions and

I started to caress this beautiful young man and wipe
his body slowly up and down with a towel all the time
looking into the eyes of our onlooker. I ran my tongue
up his cheek and whispered in his ear that we were
being watched, he took great interest in this and
slowly kissed my lips and touched my face and my body.
I could feel myself getting damp between my legs and I
was wearing no panties under this short tight skirt. I
told the dancer to find me later but right now I had a
friend that was waiting for me.

As I started making my way to the bar, I noticed that
my handsome onlooker shifted his eyes towards me. As I
approached the bar, he smiled at me and thanked me for
the little show I put on for him. I smiled and he
proceeded to tell me he was a heterosexual and this was
his first time here with friends. He said he d been
waiting for me all night as he noticed me when I first
came to the dance floor.

We talked a while and I asked him to dance not knowing
what was in store for me. We danced close to each
other, constantly pressing our hips together and
lightly made contact with our cheeks and our lips. As
time progressed he slipped his tongue in my mouth and
kissed me deeply. I was very turned on by his take-
charge attitude and the depth and magnitude of his

He kissed me so passionately, taking my face between
his hands and touching my hair. He ran his tongue down
my neck and began to whisper to me how much I excited
him and how beautiful he thought I was. I could feel
myself get wetter between my legs and my thighs were
aching with his every movement. As I looked over his
shoulder I could see my friends watching me and this
heightened my pleasure. I decided to try and turn them
both on and show them what a slut I was.

We continued to touch, I ran my hands up and down his
body while looking into his green eyes. When I just
couldn t stand it any longer I slid his fingers between
my thighs and whispered for him to finger me there on
the dance floor. As he slid his fingers up my thighs
and between my wet lips I could feel the heat from my
body grow intensely. I was glancing to make sure my
friends were still watching us and I proceeded to
fondle his crotch, feeling his hardness pressed up
against me.

I pressed my hips closer and began to dance erotically
for him. I could feel his crotch growing harder, and
harder and he finally grabbed my hand and pulled me off
the dance floor and to the exit. He escorted me across
the parking lot without saying a word until we reached
his car. He opened the door and bent me over the seat
telling me to spread my legs apart, which I did
willingly. He guided his fingers over my clit and into
my vagina fingering me forcefully. I could feel my body
melting as I begged him to finger me harder.

Just when I thought he would be rough with me the way I
wanted him to be he pulled his fingers out and told me
to get in and sit down. He got into the car and
immediately came to me kissing me deeply, his hot
tongue filling my mouth, reaching over me he put the
car seat back and once again began exploring between my
legs with his fingers.

I can t remember a time when a man has been so
attentive to my needs, let alone an absolute stranger.
He continued to run his fingers in and out of my
wetness and whispered to me how attracted he was to me,
and how he loved watching me walk around the room that
night. He told me he couldn t take his eyes off my
legs, and my ass, but he never imagined he would be
with me at this moment.

The more he talked, the wetter I became and I just
instinctively spread my legs wider to take in every
touch and movement of his fingers. He surprised me by
grabbing my legs and wrapping them around his neck as
he moved me sideways into the seat. I closed my eyes
anticipating what he might do next as I breathed loud
and rapidly.

Before I knew it, his tongue was in me, circling every
inch of my crotch until I felt I couldn t breath. He
shoved his fingers in me while biting my clit gently
with his teeth and my hips instinctively rocked to his
every move. I had never felt such pleasure as I did
that moment, I wanted him to take me, grab me by the
hair and spank my ass.

I wanted him to touch every inch of my body until I was
at the point where I couldn t stand it one second
longer, but he kept touching me gently, not my usual
experiences with a man as I love total domination and
rough sex. I found my body responding in a way so
different than I normally experience, I was on fire
with every touch of his hand and tongue.

My orgasm came quickly and violently, I felt the
muscles of my vagina suck his finger deep into me as I
contracted so hard. I was moaning so loudly and telling
him to stop as the muscles in my stomach were cramping
from cumming so violently, but he begged me to let him
continue telling me he could pleasure me in ways I
haven t experienced before.

This sweet beautiful man wanted nothing for himself
other than pleasuring my body. This is one experience I
will always be grateful for, as I discovered the
pleasure of a man bringing me to orgasm for the first
time in years.

As we parted ways I kissed him and thanked him for such
an eventful night. If I ever hear from him again
remains to be seen but this was my first one-night
stand and an experience I will keep with me always.

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