Panty story found in web

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Panty story found in web

I was house sitting my girlfriends (now ex girlfriend) family house for a night while they went to see family. I had to work so couldn t go with them…

Bit of background first: So my ex gf had a sister that was a couple of years older and very attractive. I d also heard from rumours that she was a slut although she was good as gold with me and nothing flirty or anything ever happened until one time… I ended up seeing her on a night out and both drunk, we went over to each other and started chatting about things we shouldn t (Can t remember what was said exactly)and it got a bit flirty… But we went our separate ways that night and I put it all down to both just being drunk. Then over the next few weeks when I was over at my girlfriends house, me and her sister started talking more than we usually did, she seemed to be taking more of an interest in me and likewise so was I in her but still nothing dirty or over the top…

Then I was asked to house sit for a night which I was fine with. They left during the day while I was at work so in the evening I went straight to their house so I could sleep the night. I get in and go upstairs to my girlfriends room and the first thing I notice are a pair of panties sitting on the floor outside her sisters room… I acknowledge them but Ignore it and get ready to have a shower. as I was walking to the shower though I couldn t resist picking them up.

They were her sisters panties. They were used. Why were they laying on the floor? I m not sure but I got a sudden filthy urge to put them to my face and sniff them (Never done that before). I felt so filthy and turned on i immediately went back to my girlfriends room to play with them…

But then I thought Why were they there? Had she left them on purpose? Or was it an accident? I got nervous that she didn t mean to leave them there and would notice if I d done anything with them so I put them back on the floor and had a shower.

I can t stop thinking about it and her… After my shower I get back into bed and my mind is racing… Do I or Don t I? I went and picked them up again, laid back on the bed, sniffed them and wrapped them around my cock. I had considered everything and convinced myself she had left them there for this exact purpose…

I do my thing, open them up and leave a massive, thick load of spunk in them. There was no going back now. Whatever happens, she is going to know what I ve done whether she wanted it or not.

So I put them back in the same place outside her door.

Next morning I m out for work again and I know they will be back home by the time I get home from work. After work I go straight there and I m so nervous but have to act as normal as possible. I get in and greet everyone as usual including her sister and everything is just normal (even though I m dying inside) and so I do my usual routine of taking my coat and bag upstairs.

She must have noticed the panties… They were gone. Nervous as hell I go back downstairs to socialise.. After a while my mind is at ease as everything is normal, including her sister who is sitting watching TV with us. Her sister then goes upstairs and I m quite relieved as It made things a bit less awkward for me.

After a few hours, it was time for me to go home (I wasn t staying that night as I had to be up really early for work and my gf was on her holidays) and so I go upstairs and get my coat and bag. I say good bye to everyone and leave the house. I get home and hang my bag and coat up when I notice my inside pocket in my coat had something in it and the button was popped (which I never do). I put my hand in and oh my god. The panties are in there. She had put them in there while I was downstairs… She must have meant this whole thing all along and I was relieved and so turned on I went and had another wank into them straight away.

And I ve still got those panties in my draw to this day.

Since me and my ex have broken up I have had sex with her sister but we have NEVER mentioned the panties situation probably because of awkwardness but that makes it even sexier to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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