Part 3) Country Western FUN in Vegas — Friday mor

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Part 3) Country Western FUN in Vegas — Friday mor
Billy, me & his manager Roy carried Angel into a shower & held her up while we showered her off & she came to. Then we allowed her to use the toilet before we gave her a good douche & enema for today to clean her out better.

During this time Billy had also called down & ordered fried eggs, bacon & pancakes for our breakfast. Angel was just walking out to the main room when room service knocked on the door. Billy told her to answer it & let the waiter in. Even though she was stark naked she opened the door wide & held it open as he rolled his cart in. Angel herself asked him Which would you prefer as your tip, fucking my cunt or asshole or a blowjob as well as some $$$ for your tip? He answered Bend over & I ll give your ass a quick fuck while you eat breakfast so I can take the cart back when we re finished. It seemed that he had done that before. Then while we all had breakfast the waiter continued fucking Angels asshole while she ate her breakfast. He finished just a few minutes before we finished breakfast, tidied up our table, leaving our coffee & Angels juice & rolled his cart towards the door. Angel then rushed around him & again opened the door & held it as he left while his cum dripped down her legs from her asshole.

Soon after breakfast we needed to go downstairs to the showroom. This also involved using the employees elevator to the showroom. Since the public would not have an opportunity to see Angel she stayed naked to go downstairs. However she was only expecting Billys band & crew to be there. She did not expect to see another 25 to 30 stagehands & behind the scene workers there.

Just as we got downstairs backstage Billy introduced Angel to all there & said She is here to give pleasure to anyone & everyone that wishes to enjoy her when & where they wish to use her at. As long as no spectators are present she can be fucked out on the stage or even in the showroom seating areas by ANY hotel employee, including all waiters & busboys when they are present as well. Would some of you please inform them of this because they likely will see her naked & maybe even being fucked so they will NOT be surprised when they do. As many of you know from my past shows this is NOT an uncommon event & for this show Angel is the slut to use. NOW while we are practicing we are also likely to be fucking her & any of you are welcome to join in when you re not busy backstage. All during Billy s speech Angel just stood there facing them with her feet wide apart & a BIG smile on her face letting them know silently she was there voluntarily. She herself then said I really do wish to make all of you happy anyway I can & also look forward to taking all your cum or whatever in myself. By the way ladies, I do eat pussy as well if you want to feed me some.

That was all it took too. 1 of Billys guitar players took Angel by the hand & led her out on the stage. Then he bent her over, placed his guitar on her ass & began fucking her while he warmed up on his guitar. Soon after that the rest of the band (10 musicians & 3 female backup singers began practicing for tonights show All of them except the drummer kept passing Angel around fucking her as they played, even the keyboard & 2 fiddle players fucked her. It was cute with the keyboard player too. He had her bent over under his keyboard as he stood behind her fucking her. Then she was turned around to suck his cock clean as well. This was when the band finally found out they could have her clean them off afterwards too. The drummer took his turn when they took a break fucking her over his bass drum. It banged out a few times too while he fucked her. Once all 10 guys had fucked her they passed her to the stage hands for awhile.

To me this was the coolest part because a stage worker took her off stage to the showroom floor, laid her back over a table center stage & began fucking her as another guy had her suck his cock from the other side of the table so that everyone onstage could watch her being used. Angel then spent about 2 1/2 hours out there being used by 2 guys at a time filling both her mouth & her cunt with cum. Angel was loving the hell out of this too. She was climaxing wildly after the 2nd guy began fucking her. Before they finished fucking her there all of the stagehands had either fucked her or had let her suck them off. Also a few of the stage hands pulled out of her & shot their cum ON her instead of in her. This didn t end until practice was finally over either. Finally Billy yelled down that practice was over & that this fuck session needed to end quick too. The guy then in her mouth picked up speed & cummed in her mouth. The guy in her cunt pulled out & shot his cum over her tits & belly with a small amount hitting her face too. Then we headed for the elevator with her both covered & oozing cum.

Now we headed back upstairs with some of the band. Billy s manager then fucked her on the ride up finally. Again Angel was being carried down the hotel hallway by 3 guys as another guy fucked her again. When we got to Billy s room his manager finished fucking Angel in the hallway. Then Billy again handed her the 2 ice buckets & told her to go get more ice. This time though Angel was almost completely covered in cum with a lot of it also oozing from her cunt.

Nicely for her this time she had 8 more loads of cum in her before she got back to Billy s room with the ice. Both the guard & concierge fucked her as did another 6 guys coming out of the elevator to their rooms. 3 of them being the trio from last night & 3 more newbies. I was wondering just what was keeping her so I stepped out to see Angel bent over in the center of the hallway being fucked with 2 other guys waiting for a turn in her. I stood there to watch her be fucked 2 more times & then told her to get back with our buckets of ice.

By the time Angel made it back to the room Billy had ordered dinner to be delivered & we were waiting for it. Billy told Angel to just stand in the hallway holding the door open & wait for the waiter to arrive. This guy chose to fuck her cunt for his tip. Once dinner was over I called down to get our table cleaned off too. This waiter chose Angels ass to fuck. He filled her with a good load of cum & then Angel licked his cock clean so he could get back to work.

While he was fucking her & then clearing the table Billy was dressing for the show & I even put on a western themed shirt. boots & cowboy hat. Angel remained naked oozing cum. Billy then told her that she could go to the bathroom & take a quick shower but not to clean herself out or even dry off because it was almost time to go down for the dinner show.

Angel walked out of the shower still wet & we headed for the elevator to go downstairs.

Once we got downstairs Billy & the band began getting prepared for their show & the band went out to perform for the audience for a couple of numbers while Billy & the backup singers just rested for a few minutes.

Angel was not so lucky though. 3 stagehands that were not then busy took her to a cot they had backstage. Then 1 guy laid on the cot & they had Angel suck him hard 1st. Next 2 guys lifted her up with her back to him & her legs out & lowered her ass down on his cock. Then for the next 2 hrs. they repeatedly fucked her cunt over & over. About 15 of the back stage guys & some bus boys all fucked her almost continuously while Billy & his guys performed for the audience. Finally the show ended & the crew came off stage after a couple of Encores.

Billy then grabbed Angel & took her to his dressing room & about 2/3 of the band followed them, me included. The lead guitar player had about an 11 inch cock & he laid on a couch there & had Angel mount him with her cum filled cunt. Then her ass fucking began with Billy going 1st. After he finished ass fucking her another band member took his place & Billy had Angel suck his cock clean. 6 more guys, me last, fucked Angels ass too & had her lick or suck us all clean. Then she kneeled by the couch & cleaned off the lead guitar players cock & balls. Then he got up, took a quick shower & redressed in a clean outfit for the cocktail show. By then Billy & the rest of the band had also showered & got redressed too & were waiting to go back onstage. So did I quickly as well, but not to go onstage.

Angel then was led back out to the backstage area for the crew to use her again. This time though the backstage crew also used her like we had done in Billy s dressing room.

The cot had been cleaned off in her absence & then I picked a big dicked guy to lay down to fuck her cunt this time. Once she was again in position the guys all began fucking her ass some more while they also had her suck their cocks clean too. Since the band did not need to quit for a 2nd show now this performance lasted for about 2 hours with 3 encores. During this time the guy in Angels cunt had been replaced once & then they continued fucking her ass. Then as the audience was leaving the showroom some of the waiters & busboys came back to have a turn in her as well. After Angel had been assfucked 4 more times then the guy then in her cunt wanted to be relieved so we found another guy with a fairly large cock to get in her cunt & then the guys went right back to ass fucking her again. After about another hour of this Billy said it was time to go back to his room for tonight & the crew could have her again tomorrow night. By then Angel had been ass fucked at least 4 dozen times including when the band ass fucked her & her ass showed it too. It was wide open with cum just gushing from it. also, prior to the ass fucking her cunt had been repeatedly fucked at least 2 dozen times as well. That means that during those 2 shows Angel had been fucked by about 40 to 50 guys at least 85 to 90 times total. Believe it or not she seemed like she was still wanting more too..

It was kind of boring during the ride back up the elevator to the rooms but right after we got there it got exciting again. Billy unlocked his door & 1 of the guys went inside & got 1 of the padded chair by the table & an ice bucket. They placed the chair sideways in the hallway & then bent Angel over it with her arms on the seat. Then they spread her legs open & placed the ice bucket beneath her. Billy then said OK guys, lets fuck Angels asshole for awhile & let her suck us clean afterwards too. BTW/ the reason we are here in the hallway is so that anyone else out here can see her being assfucked & also join in if they please. This time I m 1st & John is 2nd, then you guys can have fun as you wish while we watch.

Billy then shoved his cock in Angels asshole & began fucking her. When he finished I took over while Angel sucked his cock clean too. I was still fucking Angels ass when another guy let her suck him hard until I was done & then we traded places so she could suck me clean too & then another guy got in her mouth to get hard too. Before the entire band could finish assfucking her another 4 guys were watching her be assfucked & were waiting for their turns in her too.

After about 2 hours Angel had been assfucked continuously by 20 guys including the concierge & 7 guys were waiting for 2nds as well. Before those 7 guys had taken their second time in her an off duty security guard & 2 off duty room service waiters were waiting for a turn too (word had spread that she was taking all cummers then ).

By 5:00am 3 more hotel employees had joined in on ass fucking Angel before we called a stop for tonight so that she could get some sleep too. However she then had about 1/2 of an ice bucket full of cum to drink down 1st. She drank the entire bucket of cum in 1 try & even licked it fairly clean as well. Angel had been ass fucked over 30 times & had also climaxed at least 20 to 25 times from it as well.

Once we got inside Billy s suite again we let Angel go to the bathroom & then take a shower before we went to bed together again with her laying between me & Billy as he cupped a tit & buried his cock between her legs too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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