Part 8 of 14) Country Western FUN in Vegas — Wedn

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Part 8 of 14) Country Western FUN in Vegas — Wedn
We awoke Wednesday about 1:00pm (since we had been up so late ass fucking Angel). Angel & Tom were still sleeping in the 2nd bedroom with Toms cock buried in her asshole.

Billy & me walked in to take a look & see how things were going. They were laying there uncovered & Tom was still immersed in Angels asshole. Billy called out to them & Tom awoke & just began pumping Angels ass again for maybe 10 more minutes before he cummed in her. As he got out of her Billy took over to assfuck her too to start the morning. Tom then got his cock sucked clean as I waited for my turn in Angels ass. Once Billy climaxed in her I took over ass fucking her while Billy got licked clean too. Just before Billy climbed out of Angels ass she began climaxing as well. This climax continued almost the entire time I assfucked her. She stopped climaxing just as I shot my cum in her ass. Then I too let her lick me clean.

Billy then told Angel to just put on her sheer black western style sheer blouse & her black western zip down skirt & only zip it down to just above her clit & put on her red cowgirl boots. Us guys also got dressed then too. Once she was dressed as told we all left the room to go downstairs to have breakfast/lunch. Angel still had our cum dripping from her asshole too.

As we approached the concierge & security officer the security guy saw her & said Damn girl, you look great today. Is that cum I see oozing down your leg? Angel replied Yes. I had 3 loads of it shot in my asshole before we headed here & it is still leaking out of me. The officer then said Well then, why don t I put some more in there for you too. He didn t wait for her to answer, he just laid her face down over the concierges desk, raised her skirt to her waist while also getting his cock out & then buried it in her asshole & began fucking her ass again. He wasn t out of her ass for 30 seconds after shooting another load of cum in her before the concierge took his place in Angels asshole while the guard had her lick & suck his cock clean.

Angel was still being assfucked by the concierge when another of Billy s band members came up, saw the fun going on & said Damn, didn t you get your ass filled enough last night? Angel answered Actually, it has only had a cock out of it for a few minutes since then. Now I assume I will get assfucked a 6th time too. He just said Yea, I guess so.

This guy began fucking her ass again right after the concierge got out & went to her front so she could clean him off as well. Now the guy fucking Angels ass was asked by Billy to carry her into the elevator to finish so he did. Once he finished fucking her ass he too went around for her to lick him clean as well. Angel then said As soon as we get downstairs can I go to the bathroom to clean up some? I answered NO. We ll just go back up so you can do it in the room so take your skirt off instead of closing it.

It didn t occur to Angel that we had not yet stopped going down when she removed her skirt & gave it to Billy to hold for her so when the elevator stopped at the lobby & we waited for the 1 band member to get out Angel was just standing there bottomless for people to see. The security officer there did try to block the view somewhat while he stood in the doorway looking at her but 2 guys passing by did see her & whistled as the door closed again.

Part of the reason I wanted to go back to our room for this was because I knew that after 22+ hours of her being ass fucked only & prior to that about another 20 hours with the hook in it that her that ass had to have a nice gape to it & I worried she may have an accident downstairs so I was going to remedy that problem with a plug.

As soon as Angel walked out of the bathroom I had her bend over a couch arm to see her asshole. I was right too. It still had a good 3in. gape to it. I then took the 10in plug with the tail on it & shoved it in Angels ass & told her to put her skirt back on like before. 1 cute thing about this skirt was that it allowed about 8 inches of tail to show under its hem & with it zipped like it was you could also see it between her legs from the front as well.

Now we finally headed down to have a late breakfast/early dinner about 3:00pm. Angel did get quite a few looks as we headed for the restaurant too. She didn t even seem to mind us stopping a few times while Billy signed autographs for a few people as others took a good look at her too in her black SHEER blouse with her skirt zipped just to her clit showing nicely the tail hanging under it/her. Once she sat down in the restaurant her entire cunt was view-able since her skirt hiked up some AND she left her legs open as well. Again we got fantastic service as we ordered our meals & during them as well. Angels ice tea glass never emptied as neither did our coffees. Bus-boys & waiters were constantly stopping at our table to keep them full as they stared at Angel. She also had a few guys sitting near us taking nice looks at her, especially when they walked by our table to leave. But what was really cute was the dozen or so guys & a few ladies that came up to the table between Billy & Angel to ask him for an autograph & stood there staring at Angels bare cunt while he signed it for them. A couple of guys even had trouble asking Billy for his autograph because they got tongue tied while staring at Angels cunt. Angel got a kick out of this too because when it happened she turned herself slightly towards Billy & opened her legs a a bit wider so they could get a better look. It also got me just how polite everyone was too. Not 1 person said anything more to Angel then You look nice today, or something like that etc. . Angel just replied Thank You.

Once we finished dinner we only had maybe 45 minutes before Billy needed to head for the showroom for tonights show so he decided to get slightly kinky & told Angel to unzip her skirt another 2 inches so that her cunt would be in view as we walked around in the casino watching others gamble while guys looked at Angels bare shaved cunt with a tail hanging out of her ass.

From the casino area they had a private walkway to the backstage area. The instant we went through the doorway Billy told Angel to remove her skirt & get bottomless & then to unbutton her blouse to let her tits out as well. Angel took her skirt off & then said Oh hell, I might as well just get naked. & removed her blouse as well. The thing about this walkway is that it was ONLY closed to the public. Employees used it too as well to get around the hotel, etc. At least 20+ male & female employees had a nice view of Angel during this walk. A few of them asked WHY she was naked? Billy just said So she can be ready for anyone to fuck or whatever after we get backstage of the showroom & any of you or your friends are welcome to join us there if you wish to when you have time. She ll be there until around 1AM being used so just come on back & have fun. I don t know just how many NEW people this caused to join in using her but from about 6:30pm on Angel was fucked almost constantly.

Within a couple of minutes from us getting backstage 1 of the band members had Angel on her knees sucking his cock. Soon she had 5 guys to suck on 1 after the other getting them hard. About 10 minutes later Angel was laying face down over a padded folding chair with her tail over her back while 1 guy began fucking her while she was sucking another guy.

The band members only had a little over an hour before they had to be onstage warming up for the show so as each member fucked Angel he was pounding her fast & hard until he cummed in her & another guy took over almost immediately fucking her again. Since Billy had to get dressed yet he took 3rds in Angel fucking her & then having her suck him clean too. It took less then an hour for the entire band to take their turn in both ends of Angel filling her with their cum & letting her lick them clean too. However she was far from done being pounded it seemed. For about the next 1.5 hours, while Billy performed, Angel was fucked repeatedly by at least another 40 guys before the band finished.

Generally when the band took their break between shows Billy had Angel join him in his dressing room while he relaxed & changed for the 2nd show. This time however as soon as he stepped backstage he dropped his pants & took another turn in Angel as soon as the guy then fucking her finished. He didn t even care that his pants would be in the cum beneath her because he was going to change them anyway. Tom followed him in Angel next to fuck her so he also could change. However the rest of the band members removed their pants before they took 2nds in Angel too.

Once all the band members took 2nds in Angel the other guys waiting to fuck her took back over & just continued fucking the hell out of her. Angel herself was in pure ecstasy from all this fucking too. She was repeatedly climaxing over & over from all of us guys fucking her. The only thing that changed while the band members fucked her again was that 1 of them made her roll over onto her back on the chair so that her tail was now dangling under her & her head was hanging down over the other side of the chair so guys could fuck her throat easier too.

This also finally made it easy for some of the women watching her be fucked to soon join in as 1 gal straddled her face with her bare cunt & had Angel lick her cunt & clit. Angel actually reached around, grabbed this gals ass & pulled her down onto her face even harder while she licked & chewed this gal to a climax. Angel then wound up licking another 8 or 9 women to climaxes as other guys continued pounding her cunt to their climaxes too. 2 of those women climaxed so hard from Angel eating them that they also covered Angels face & head with their cunt juices as they squirted on her. Angel again tried to drink as much of their juices as possible too.

As soon as the 2nd show ended Billy & the band took their 3rd turns with Angel again Then while they all were in their dressing rooms changing to regular clothes the employees continued fucking Angel.

I think over about 7 hours Angel had been fucked by nearly every waiter, bus boy, back stage crew member & at least 25+ casino employees that heard she was there to be fucked. I m not sure just how many guys fucked her but I m sure the # was at least 75 to 80 guys, 11 or 12 women AND that Angel had been fucked a good 150+ times. She was in blissful heaven from all of this too & cum was just oozing from her cunt too. She had totally loved it too, having her cunt repeatedly fucked since prior to this only her asshole had been used for over 24 hours. However she did still have a 10×4 tail plug in her asshole as well.

Billy & me decided that Angel had been fucked enough this session BUT she did have to keep the plug in her asshole until sometime after we got up later the next morning.

After we got back to our room we allowed Angel to go to the bathroom to clean out & take a shower but she did have to leave the tail in her ass then so that she could also wash the cum off of it too. Then we took her to bed & had her lay between us, facing Billy with her leg over him so that he could sleep with his cock between her legs for the night while I cuddled up to her backside to help hold her in place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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