Patricia’s Plastic Paradise

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Patricia’s Plastic Paradise
Chapter 1

There I stood on a small train station in the Midlands, looking to find the exit. Standing on the platform was an old fashioned uniformed butler/chauffeur. He was in the hall bearing a sign with my name on it. I hadn’t expected this and let him know I was the Patrick he was waiting for, and shook his hand. I was wondering what was looking strange about him but could not really get behind it at that time, Except for the fact that chauffeurs where rarely seen anymore these days. Looking closer I noticed the uniform and hat where made of some odd kind of fabric it looked a bit like rubber. Not the normal shiny rubber but matte finished, you had to look really carefully to see it. I didn’t take much notice of it then because I was quite overwhelmed with his presence, let alone the huge Bentley he led me too.

I actually had a reasonably quiet c***dhood, until I had turned 18 that spring, everything went pretty normal. My parents where divorced, my dad was living with another woman in UK. I was living a quiet life with my rather dull mother in Germany. I had not seen my dad for almost 10 yrs, don’t know why my mum kept me from him, she only told me he was living an eccentric life on a mansion in the Midlands. She said he had no use for a little boy, so the only thing he did was give us a monthly allowance. I asked my mum on several occasions why he did not want to see me, and she told me she didn’t know but expected it was the women he was living with. She seemed quite an evil woman with a bad influence over my dad. I had seen pictures of her and could not believe that, as she appeared to be a very elegant and friendly lady, I quite fancied her. I don’t remember quite when we heard the bad news about my father. Probably when we watched the six o clock news about a plane crash that had happened in the UK Midlands. The phone rang and my mum got the news from a UK police officer. She was quite shocked although they were separated for over 12 years, he still was the man she had once loved. She sat down and told me the news with trembling voice.

I didn’t make much of it as I was not too keen on my dad, I felt neglected by him, left alone with a generous allowance to clear his conscience. However I did have some worries about the allowance, being used to living in the nice house we had, which was only possible with this allowance. If the allowance would stop, what would we do, how could we survive, but then again, I calmed down, thinking that my father was quite a wealthy man, the inheritance would probably make up for that. Within the next few days a letter from the solicitors arrived, my mother gave it to me as she does not read English. It was then and there that I read about my father’s will. He stated that he wanted me to live with my stepmother at the mansion, as a matter of fact I would not inherit anything nor would my mother if I didn’t come to live at the mansion. My mum was supposed to stay in Germany, still receiving a generous allowance, and I was to go live in UK at my father’s Mansion together with my stepmother, Mildred. I was in a bit of shock reading all this and needed a while for the idea to sink in, but thought well, must not be so bad being a Master of a mansion, I could always get a nurse to take care of the old broad if she became too much too handle. The trust fund I would get hold of was quite substantial and I could see myself living a rich mans life with all the advantages. My mother was crying of course, begging me to stay home in Germany, but as we would be without means and would struggle to keep ourselves alive, so I persuaded her there was no other option for me then to go, so few days later I packed a suitcase and went.

Chapter 2

When we drove down the country lanes I was imagining myself driving around in the Porsche I was thinking I was about to order, and was smiling, life was treating me well, my smile growing even wider when the chauffeur was turning into the driveway, giving me a nice view on the mansion. When the car stopped a maid came out to welcome us. She was very well dressed in what on first view looked a very traditional maids uniform, but when she came nearer I could see it was different as it had a soft shine over it and I could hear it rustle, strangely. It was obviously made of a similar rubbery fabric as the butler’s uniform but in a soft grey color and had a fitted bodice that made her perky breasts stand out really nice, it had a white Peter Pan collar, wide puffy sleeves on the upper arm part, yet tight fitting from the elbow down, with turned back French cuffs that looked like they were starched, it was buttoned through on the back with large fabric covered white buttons. The skirt part was not too wide and ended a little over her knees. The white bib apron worn over it had frilled shoulder straps and was short standing out nicely, almost looked like sort of a peplum. I didn’t think much of it at that time, and was introduced to Marie. She was not a young maid, she must have been around 50, very good looking for her age though, probably due to the fact she had a great figure, as well as a nicely made up face. Perfect bouffant hairdo, although from closer range you could see her makeup was applied quite generously. She had a nice warm smile though and she made me feel really welcome.

Marie asked me to follow her to my room, which I did, following her to the first floor. The room was quite large, modern decoration, large sized bed, huge window with great view over the gardens, two adjourning doors, one to a well-equipped bathroom, the other one to a closet, where Marie stored my suitcase. I was so overwhelmed by beauty and grace of the very large room, it didn’t even came into my mind at that time, that it looked a very feminine room and I didn’t had a look into the closet either, Marie returned to the room and had closed the door as I turned around after exploring the extensive view.

“Come along dear we must not let your Mother wait”, Marie said, “follow me to her quarters.” and I followed her again, feeling a bit nervous though, as I had only seen this woman once and that was more than 12 years ago. She was sitting on a couch in a large reception area and rose immediately when she saw me coming in. I noticed she was quite tall actually, she must have been at least 4 inches taller than me. Then I started my fast observation, from top to bottom and saw she was wearing elegant very high heeled shoes, which reminded me on the shoes I had seen Marie wear, although hers where not that high heeled. Then the legs her legs where really nice, slim ankles, she wore a tight pencil skirt that brought out her full hips and very slim waist really nice. She wore a wide belt and a shiny blouse with extremely wide billowing sleeves with an elegant pussy bow tie neck. Her face was very well structured, not quite what was seen as pretty, but the narrow features made her look very attractive and her hairdo looked like a huge auburn aura surrounding it. I came nearer to shake her hand and noticed she had nice slim hands with perfectly manicured long red fingernails. Her makeup reminded me a bit of Marie’s a little but hers was immaculate, her lips sharply outlined, strawberry red, rouged cheeks, nice large eyelashes showing under her large framed glasses.

“So you are Patrick” she said, “How nice to meet again, pity it has to be under these sad circumstances, your father and I led a very happy life together”. “Err…., hello Miss” I could only bring myself to say, her powerful image and her undoubted authority made it hard for me to get any other English words out of my mouth. “You can call me Mother, that will be fine dear”. As she stood up and went to the cupboard to pore us a drink. When she turned to the side I could see her well formed behind with a row of large fabric covered buttons running over the rear of her skirt, even drawing more attention to it. I also noticed she was wearing seamed stockings. I always noticed these kind of details, as I do have an attraction towards female clothes from my early teens. I even dressed in my own mothers’ girdles and stockings few on a few occasions.

She took a glass of sherry and handed me a glass as well, without even asking if I wanted a drink as well. I took a small sip, and it was a plain soda. “OK dear, let’s sit down and talk a few things through”. “You have had a letter from the solicitor’s about your father’s will, however the full will contains a bit more, let me try to explain things to you, starting from the beginning”. “You know why your mum and dad where separated, don’t you”? “Well, actually not” I explained, “my mother has hardly ever talked about my father , let alone about his relationship”. “OK this might be a bit shocking for you then, your father was, what is called a transvestite, meaning he loved to dress in woman’s clothes for pleasure and your mum could not cope with that, this was basically the reason for their separation”. “After you father had come to the UK, he started his own firm called Plastica® Inc. and started making all kinds of fetish related clothing, I will show you what that is all about later. Having been successful in real estate in Europe already he didn’t actually needed to work, but catering for the fetish scene is really something he liked doing very much. He has hired me as his personal assistant and over the years we have started to grow very close. Your father and I really hit it off and fell in love. With him dressing in female clothes, which I liked from the beginning and me being of bisexual nature, I preferred him living a female life 24/7. That is the reason you never met him again, as you mother had forbidden him to show himself to you when he was dressed in his female attire. He began taking female hormones and had some minor surgery to enhance some female features in his face as well as electrolyses to get rid of unwanted hair growth. I found her very attractive. She then showed me a photo album with a really pretty looking well dressed mature lady, this is her” and I could only agree she was attractive. My mind started to race a bit I felt a very confused, I always considered my father some male macho pig, as that’s how my mother must have painted him to me, the thought him dressing just the way I liked too, really made my head spin.

Now back to your father’s will. As the company has grown to be a really wealthy company with worldwide sales and nice profits he has left you quite a substantial trust fund, to be executed under my supervision however. This means you will have the live as he lived, you will be put under my supervision to follow the rules that he stated for as long as I live. You can read the complete will later on, it just means you will have to live the same female life as he did. My mouth started getting dry, one side of my mind wanted to jump up and down for joy because now I wouldn’t need to dress in secret anymore, where as the other half realized I had to give up all those rich boy dreams I have had the past few days. I knew. I also didn’t realize quite how far these rules were going to go. The joy part took over rapidly though, but I didn’t want to react too eagerly, which made me say, “Well mother, it seems I don’t really have much of a choice then, you got yourself a daughter”.
Chapter 3

“Oh how wonderful, welcome home, Patricia” she said and kissed me on my mouth. Let’s get some rest and then have you prepared more tomorrow. Go to your room and have a good nights sleep. Marie will wake you up early tomorrow morning for the first day of your new life. I walked down the hall, up the stairs and was able to find my room again, the d****s where closed, dim lights where switched on and the bed covers were opened on one side, a garment was laid out on the bed. The travel, as well as all the new experiences had really tired me out, I sat down on the bed to get my shoes off. It was when I sat on the bed I felt the bed sheets, they looked like silky satin, but felt somewhat different, they felt soft as rubber, yet with a bit more body in it, really smooth yet a bit rustly, very nice to feel though. That will feel nice when sleeping I thought. Then I threw my clothes over the chair and noticed a pair of female panties hanging over it. They were made of similar fabric, high waisted and with nice ruffles on the edges. Out of habit I looked around if there was no one able to watch me touch them, but then I realized they were meant for me. I held them to my cheek and thought wow I can get used to this life easily, and pulled them slowly over my legs. They fitted me snugly, because my little manhood was responding instantly with growing rock hard. They felt really delicious and only then I remembered the gown lay on the bed as well. It was a negligee and a nightgown made of the same pale blue fabric of the panties. I pulled the nightgown over my head and shuddered when I felt it slide over my body. It was a very wide cut gown, no sleeves, yet on the shoulders it was tied together with a small bow. When I pulled the peignoir over it I felt like I was in heaven. This was even wider creating a huge d**** and had very wide puffy three-quarter sleeves and closed with three pearly buttons and loopholes at the neck. I d****d myself on the bed and pulled the sheets over me, still wondering how wonderful all this lovely fabric felt, and fell asleep almost instantly.

Next morning at 6 o’clock, Marie opened the d****s and said; “wake up, sleepyhead” Time for your bath. I opened my eyes I was confused for a few seconds, but then I realized again what was happening to me and I was wide awake, right away. Marie already had a bath running and I said; “good morning Marie” whilst she answered; ”good morning Madame Patricia” my how I loved the sound of it. She helped me out of the negligee and nightgown, when I noticed her uniform, although quite ordinary looking from a distance, looked very classy from close up and it looked like a similar fabric. I asked her about the fabric and she explained me that this fabric has made my fathers’ company world famous, it is called Plastica®. I was a bit anxious about getting out of the panties, but Marie insisted she had to help, telling me she had seen some before and I decide to give myself over fully to her. She then sat me down on a stool and got out an electric razor. She then started shaving my head with it, before I could say anything a complete row was almost bald already. “Heh, what’s this for?” I asked. You will be wearing all sorts of wigs Patricia, we glue them on for a better hold that will only go on a bald head otherwise it would hurt you too much taking them off again. After she shaved me bald, she started smearing some sort of cream over it, then also over my eyebrows, and chin, after that all over the rest of my body. I felt it sting a little bit, but nothing serious. This is the best depilatory cream available, Marie told me, not only will it feel completely smooth in a few minutes, but also will it remain so for at least two weeks, later you will be treated with electrolyses in most places. About your eyebrows, for different outfits different shapes of eyebrows can be needed, this way we can just draw in what you like. My daughter Rebecca is beautician, she has been working here for over ten years and has done all your father and stepmothers make up as well, she will be here in a few minutes. Don’t worry dear she has seen it all before. OK now off into the shower and rinse all the cream off. I saw all my body hair rinse away and loved the smooth feeling on my arms and legs. When I switched the water off, Marie was waiting for me with a large fluffy towel. She dried me off a bit and told me to turn around, and put my hands on the stool. I felt a cold sensation in the left cheek of my bottom and a stinging. “Already done dear nothing wrong”. “What is that?” I asked. These are fast working hormones dear, they help you develop breasts as well as forming your body into a nice feminine shape. You will feel your nipples starting to feel a bit funny soon, but nothing to worry about. Now two more injections in your breasts with a special liquid will make them grow immediate. The liquid will stabilize and then form a tissue feeling just like natural tissue, much better feel then old fashioned silicones.

Marie took a piece of cotton and wiped it just under my nipples, it felt a bit cold and made them feel numb. You will not feel much of it dear, this is an anesthetic. I then saw a large syringe go in and indeed hardly felt anything. I saw my breast enlarge quite rapidly, and before I knew it had a pair perfect formed B cup breasts. This will do Marie said, don’t want to overdo it, within the next two weeks when the hormones kick in, they will grow into perky C cups, may be even D. OK now of in the bathtub Marie said and helped me in the lovely smelling bath she had prepared. It felt really soothing and relaxing. Looking down at my breast was still a bit odd, but I loved the sight, I touched my nipples and felt a buzz going through my body, the feeling was so intense, it sort of shot directly into my loins and made my manhood stand out in the bubbles of the bath. Ah I see you have discovered your nipples, Marie said laughing…. Ok get out of the tub dear, Rebecca will be here soon, she will need some time on you. I got out of the tub and Marie dried me of again, she then took a spray can and sprayed some liquid over my intimate area and I immediately felt my penis go limb, Marie saw my scared look and explained to me that is was called liquid chastity, it would make me limp for 24 hrs, or when one uses another can the neutralize the liquid. Works very well, and is much easier to wear the other chastity devices. Now put your hands on the stool again dear and bend over. I feel some cold liquid again on my behind and feel Marie lubricate my entrance, and then a plug is being pushed in, just when I wanted to say it hurts, it went in completely and the pain was gone. This is a small training plug, Marie explained, it will make you walk more femininely.

She then got me into the bedroom again, and I saw she had laid out some clothing on the now made up bed. First came a corset, it was a pinkish item made of heavy satin, it looked quite rigid and scared me a bit, on the bottom I saw a row of about a dozen garters dangling down. She told me to grab a bar that hung down from the ceiling and wrapped the corset around my torso and closed the front hooks. It felt tight right away, and felt like a vice gripping me from my protruding breasts down to below my hips, in the lower part there was sort of a sleeve where my now limp penis got put into and I was turned around for Marie to work on the laces. I felt the laces being closed and it felt like a harness was closing around me. It felt sort of comfortable in the beginning but soon began to hurt. Marie kept working on the laces and I told her “STOP, I can’t breathe anymore”. Take short shallow breaths, dear, I will let you recover for a moment. After a few minutes I indeed felt a little better and felt Marie tighten the laces once more before tying them in a knot. OK sit down, dear, so I can get these nylons on your pretty legs. I felt the smooth nylon stockings slide over my legs and this was another beautiful sensation, I had worn nylons before but these felt different, being fully fashioned, and over my now ultra smooth legs. She attached the six garters on each stocking and had me stand up to straighten the seams. Then I was to step into a pair of smooth plastic panties, again high waisted but with 6 rows of ruffles horizontally over the rear. Then I was allowed to sit down again, and Marie took a pair of black patent high heeled shoes with a wide ankle strap. I felt my feet in them they felt quite tight but not uncomfortable, although they arched my feet quite severely. The strap was fastened around my ankle with a click. When the other shoe was done as well she helped me stand up slowly. At first it felt impossible to stretch my legs fully, my knees remained bent, Marie held me otherwise I would have fallen over. After a few minutes though I could stretch my legs, and walk a few small steps. “How high are these heels, Marie?” I asked. “6 inch” Wow I thought the old shoes of my mum I had worn were only 3 inches. I looked in the mirror and was quite taken with what I saw. I saw a perfect feminine body with my head, now bald. The curves where in the right places and indeed the heels did shape my legs into a really sexy shape.

I heard a knock on the door and saw a very pretty head peek around the door. “Oh hello Rebecca, you are there already, one minute and we will be in the salon”; Marie said. She took a dress from a coat hanger and said: “put your arms out dear”. I felt the smock slide over my arms and was turned around, so Marie could button it up at the back. It was a simple soft pink straight smock dress, with short puffy sleeves. Marie did the large pearly plastic buttons up on the back and tied the 4 inch wide belt around it. It was also made of really smooth Plastica® fabric. The wide belt made my hips stand out nicely and the skirt partly tapered nicely towards my knees, to finish just over knee. The belt was matching black to my shoes. Ok dear come along, we will have to walk down the hallway to Rebecca’s Salon.

Chapter 4

The salon was two doors down from my room and looked like a fully equipped professional salon, and Rebecca was like her mother. She wore a smock similar to mine, only in pale blue, with a pale blue belt and white shoes. Her makeup and nails looked as immaculate as all the ladies I had met here before, only difference was that was at least 4 inch taller then her mother. Her hairdo was a special colour it was nearly black yet had a dark red shine to it. Her dark brown eyes matched it perfectly. Hi Patricia, I’m Rebecca, I will take care of your beauty and hairdo’s most days. I will teach you within the next few days how to do your own when needed. Now sit in this large chair and we will get you respectable my dear.

I sat down and was covered with a huge shampoo cape in similar pink as my smock and the Plastica® fabric d****d exquisitely over me. A smaller sized milky white transparent cape was d****d over it this one had a very tight neck part. OK mum leave me to it, I will call you when I am finished with her, she said when Marie left the room. She had sort of a pencil and drew a few lines on my cheeks. I could not see anything, due to the seat being almost completely reclined. After that I felt the coldness of the anesthetic cotton again and another now smaller syringe appeared. This is to make your cheekbones stand out a little more. This will also fill in your lips a tad, to smoothen out your features. We will get back to your nose later to make it a little smaller. Now I want you to bite in this wax piece first dear, we will get it off to Dr. Lieberman right away to have him prepare your dentures. “Dentures I asked, will that be necessary? Oh yes absolutely love, they will make your cheeks decrease a bit more and give you the perfect white smile.

So this was the last injection for now love, this will do so far. Let me clean your face first then put on the first layer of cream foundation. You might have noticed by now that all the ladies wear quite a thick layer of makeup. This was your father’s idea of beauty and he has made us all love to look the part, so we all feel naked now without at least one generous layer of cake foundation. So now I will blend it in with powder, and let it set for a while, whist preparing your nails. First we will have to clean them and get the ridges back nicely. Then I will glue on the acrylic ones with an UV hardening glue. So this will do for now, while they harden, let’s get back to your face. Yes this is ready for the second layer now, specially round the eyes. OK perfect, again blend in with powder and it looks great. Now to your eyes, I will start out with drawing in a nice pair of arched eyebrows, because your facial structure is quite fine, we can do with nice thin ones, in a nice attractive arch. Now the eye shadow, a mid blue for the inner sides, lighter blue towards the outsides, I will teach you soon how to do this yourself. These eyelashes are glued on semi permanent the will stay on for two weeks. They are curled to perfection and thick black by itself, so you need not to worry about mascara. A small stripe of eyeliner finishes the eyes of dear. This is a very soft red blusher, always make sure to use plenty for the right look, also here working in layers is best. I usually do the first layer before the lips and a second after.

OK now the lips first let me draw the exact outline then we will fill it in with this strawberry red lipstick. First layer, then back to the blusher. OK that’s perfect now, second layer on the lips, and then set off with lip-gloss for a nice shine. This gloss has sparkles in it to make your lips shine divinely.
Now this looks lovely dear, let me get you sitting up a little more. Now I will pierce both your earlobes dear, hurts a tiny bit for a second but clip-on’s hurt all day. So normally the rings will have to stay in for two weeks, but these pearl knobs are set in medical stainless steel, so no worries there.

OK, that’s the face finished love, now your hair, let me find you a nice wig. A huge cupboard door slides open and dozens of beautifully coiffed wigs are lined up in rows. Rebecca chooses a dark red bouffant with a nice flip on the rear. She brushed some fluid on my head and put the wig on top of it. She adjusted it a little bit and left it on. Now sit still dear, while I shape and color your nails. After that I can put final adjustments on the hairdo and we are ready. I felt quite comfortable now, the corset was not too bad anymore, actually it was quite a nice feeling to be able to hang into it, gave me a nice secure feeling. Rebecca shaped my nails into perfect long rounded tip fingernails, a shape that made my hands look really slim. She coloured them in a matching strawberry red to the lipstick. Now let me get this comb and get your hair its definitive shape. She picked into the wig with the back of the pointed comb and then got a can of hairspray. “Now close your eyes, beauty, this stings when sprayed into your eyes”. And I heard and felt the hairspray all around me. It was a lovely smell and she must have used the entire can according the time she kept on spraying.

OK dear time to get the capes off and get you out of the chair, I bet your Mother is dying to see the result. Marie came in again and immediately burst into a loud OOOOOH, my goodness what a lovely lady you are Patricia. I felt my cheeks reddening but looking into the any mirrors made no difference, due to the layers of makeup. I find it a bit strange to look at this so perfect coiffured lady with her pale beautiful face, yet being able to make it move as it was my own face, it took me several minutes to sink in that it was really me. I had loved the plastic panties from the beginning, but loved them even more now. Due to my chastity, my sissy clitty remained limp, but the constant excitement really got my juices flowing, I felt a constant stream of precum oozing out and was glad it did not drip on the floor. Come on dear, let’s get you ready for your mother, Marie said leading me back to my room.

There she unbuttoned my smock dress and took it off me. She held out a small blouse, it was very short, elasticized at the bottom to fit just below my perky breasts. It had a stand up collar with a huge frill bib at the front. The sleeves were very wide and closed with a three button cuff with small pearl buttons and loops. I felt Marie fasten similar buttons down the back. The fabric of the blouse was a very shiny pearlised Plastica® which seemed even smoother than previous fabrics. Then Marie held out a dark grey fitted pinafore dress, again closed on the back with a row of large fabric covered buttons. The same 4 inch black patent belt was put on again and I saw a nice stylish P above the left breast. This is your corporate uniform Patricia, all Plastica® staff wear this uniform or similar ones regarding their function and rank.

OK dear, let’s get you down for a little breakfast your mother is waiting for you. Coming in the kitchen I saw my stepmother sitting at the table with a bowl of fruit. She looked up when she heard us coming and her face froze for at least ten seconds. “PPPatricia….” She asked, is that you. I smiled at her and said: “Yes, stepmama it is me Patricia”. “Oh my, dearest, you look much better than I could ever dreamt of” and tears started forming in her eyes. “if you only your father could have seen you like this, just once, she would have been so very proud of you, dear daughter”. “On the other hand, I am really proud to have such a pretty stepdaughter dear. I feel we will get along just fine, I had half expected you to fit in nicely as you have part of your lovely father’s gene’s, yet never expected you to blend in so agreeably”. When she hugged me and kissed my pretty mouth, I had a tear or two as well. I would have loved to have lived with my father before, I wouldn’t have had to dress secretly then, and would have been able to see how beautiful she really looked. “Have a bite to eat dear, take this bowl of fruit” Mother told me, after breakfast I will give you a tour around the house and we will have a look at Plastica® Inc. after that.

Mother told me all there was to know about the mansion, its history and roots, everything, and after our light breakfast she showed her around the premises babbling along like we have been close friends all of our lives, it was quite amazing how well we got along, on the other hand, Patricia was pretty much like her father, who Mildred has been very much in love with. I told her all about my mother, picturing my father as a bad father who left his only son for some cheap woman, telling me I was like him, on every occasion I did something she did not approve of. No I know what she must have felt like, I feel really sorry never to have met her. I also told her how mad she went when she had once found me wearing her girdle and stockings, she was mad at me for over a week. Not that it stopped me from dressing in her clothes, oh no, the only result was I became more careful. My stepmother only laughs, understanding realizing now why I adapted to my new role with such ease, and knew now why my father had known this upfront.

“Let’s grab us a quick coffee and have Jenkins drive us to the company, it is not far from here. When we were back in the kitchen, Marie was pouring the coffee, yet she complimented me again, and let us know we actually looked very much alike, we could have been natural born mother and daughter quite easily. “Thank you Marie”, mother said; “Can you ask Jenkins to drive the Bentley out for us?” We finished our coffees and headed out to the hallway. Looking out we could see it had started to drizzle and my stepmother took me aside in the wardrobe where I saw a long row of raincoats hanging in all colors of smooth shiny Plastica® fabric. She selected a shiny white flowing rain cape for me to wear and attached a matching fabric head scarf over my hairdo. She then selected a similar styled pearlised pink matching set for herself. We then stepped out the front door to head for the waiting Bentley. Sitting down in the reclined seats felt a bit uncomfortable with the tight corset and plug, but nothing too serious, step mamma told me it was only a ten minute drive anyway.

Chapter 5

Arriving at the company we stopped at a lovely large entrance area, in front of a perfect looking large building. It looked nice and clean with a large Plastica® Inc, on it. When we entered the main hall, the receptionist at the desk also wore a similar dress as mine, the other side was sort of a display area where I could see several mannequins standing, wearing all sorts of interesting clothes. In the short period I had learned to know the Plastica® fabric I had really fallen for it, and began to feel really special when watching it, as well as wearing, feeling, smelling or hearing it. A nice girl came right to us and started to unbutton our capes right away, and took them from us. My stepmother had a short conversation with what looked like some executives, when she called for me and introduced me to them. I immediately recognized all the ladies wearing very pretty Plastica® dresses, but also the men wore suits made of Plastica® even saw one or two with pinstripes. They looked really attractive in them. Mother took me towards the elevator and we went up to the first floor. We went straight to the right out of the elevator and right again was the door to her office. There she told me all about the company, how my father had made all the designs for fetish clothing of all kinds, not only catering for the transgender community but also for the club scene, gay community, hardcore fetish, S&M, as well as regular fashion. When we started selling our line of products we where kind of lucky that the internet had gone into action, we started with sponsoring a few high class video production companies who used our products in their video’s. That’s how the fetish world came to know about Plastica®. Later on we sold only to trade, and remained producer only. We now produce a vast range of fetish clothing as well as all sorts of related products. All production facilities are in Thailand, all fabric is produced there as well, as garment production is by 150 seamstresses, all trained in our own training center. We only sell the highest quality items therefore we take great notice of our production facilities and only produce fabric for our own needs. We do not sell any sheet fabric to other production facilities, to make sure we keep our quality standards. New products are all made here and are all tested and approved by a highly skilled staff. I will introduce you to several of our special products real soon, besides the standard fashion clothes which we all wear, which is of course is all made of the same fabric.

OK dear, enough for today, we will go down and you can meet with our head seamstress Gloria, she will take all your measurements today as well as over the next two weeks. She needs them for some prototypes she makes for us to test, all new models are tested by ourselves, your father and I did it in past, I think she would have loved it if we continue that tradition. We took the elevator down again and headed left into a corridor into a modern style office in the front, but looking through the other door I could make out a real fifties style fashion studio. It had patterns hanging everywhere, dressing dummies with clothes in different stages, roles of fabric stashed in a cupboard, as well as several seamstresses working on items or running around like it was day before seasons major fashion show. Gloria came walking towards us and I could make out right away it was her. A big fluffy extremely large hairdo, darkish grey with a pink tint over it, very heavy makeup, I had never seen anything like it, making her looks really good for the her 66 yrs of age. She had a pair of specs hanging round her neck on a cord, as well as a tape measure, she wore what looked like sort of a lab coat in soft pink, hanging open on the front, over a shiny black tight fitted dress, which gave a glimpse of her very tight waist. “She must be wearing some extreme piece of corsetry”, I thought. Gloria was a seamstress my father had met in Paris in the 50’s, who she hired from the day she started in the fashion industry, Gloria has been loyal to the company ever since joining it.

“Hello Gloria”, my mother said, “this is my stepdaughter Patricia”. “Oh, madame” Gloria said with a heavy French accent, “she is beautiful”. Mother explained to Gloria about the measurements and at a finger click one of the girls took me by my arm to another room. This room was an oasis of rest, and looked more like a hospital room it was so clean and quiet. The girl started unbuttoning my dress on the back and explained about the measuring. Madame Gloria had always measured the models herself, but with nowadays computer technology a full body scan can be made in an instant. The measurements would be sent out to all places they where need, design as well as prototype and production area’s. The company could even offer an almost similar service to its customers, using the clients’ webcam for data acquisition. I was dressed in my corset and heels and had to go and stand in front of the blue screen, on a sort of a turntable. I had to stand still for a minute, the table made a complete turn. That’s all the girl said holding out my blouse and dress again.

Brought back in the main hall I saw my stepmother standing talking with madame Gloria and went to them as they were obviously just saying goodbye. I said goodbye to Gloria, as well as the same girl that took them from us, brought us our capes again. The drizzle had stopped so we only wore them over our arms and went to the car, where I could see Jenkins was just loading some large bags in the rear. We went back to the mansion. In the car my stepmother gave me a kiss on my mouth, saying: “I am so glad to have won such a lovely stepdaughter, love, you make my loss more bearable, I will introduce you deeper into our world after a quick bite to eat when we return”. The look in her eyes scared me a bit but also excited me, it was obvious the liquid chastity was losing its force as I felt a strong buzz in my loins, and my clitty started to throb.
Marie was serving us a light meal in the kitchen she told my mother that Rebecca had been able to arrange an appointment with Dr. Lieberman first thing tomorrow morning. “Oh that is great news”, she said. He will also take care of the vocal cords as well, so it can all heal in one go. I got scared a bit again for the pain from extracting my teeth, but mother assured me it would be not so bad at all. Dr. Lieberman will use full anesthetics and you will sleep for three whole days. After the extraction the dentures are put in right away so in these three days the gums will heal exactly in the shape of the dentures, when you wake up not only will the fit perfectly, but also will the gums be healed. The vocal cords will be injected with Botox injections these will thin them just a little bit and make your voice a little higher pitched. In these three days, Gloria’s staff will have your wardrobe extended with some proper fitting corsetry, as in these three days the hormones will do their job forming you in double speed

Chapter 6

After our little meal Marie took me up to my room, where I was unbuttoned out of my pinafore dress and blouse. Stepmother came into the room as well with one of the bags I had seen Jenkins carry into the car. “Now relax dear, trust your stepmother, this will be of great interest to both of us”. Marie undressed me completely and I must admit, the shoes did begin to hurt a bit, as well as the corset. When I was naked, they brought me to the bathroom. Where I was let into a steamy warm relaxing bath, and stepmother and Marie left me in the bathroom. I must have dozed off in the relaxing bath as the next minute they came back in and both had changed outfits, so it must have been several minutes later. My stepmother now wore a soft pink hairdo it was a giant bubble shape. She and Marie now wore what looked like a white Plastica® uniform, with a high stand up collar. It fitted their bodies very tightly and had a row of large pearly buttons running down over both breasts. When Marie took a towel I saw that hers also had a similar row of buttons down the back. The dresses’ where over knee length and the lower part was tight fitting. They had long sleeves, bit puffy on the shoulders, tapering into a tight fit at the cuffs with a row of 5 buttons on each sleeve. They wore white gloves as well and white stockings with extreme high white oxford shoes, their heels must have been 7 inches high. They almost looked like nurses. After I got out of the tub, Marie toweled me dry and I was told to take place on the bench in the corner on my hands and knees. “What are you going to do with me?” I asked, feeling a bit fearful the way they looked. Nothing to worry about dear, we have to clean you out so we will give you a soothing enema. I didn’t have a clue what to expect, but knelt down on the bench, and felt some lubricant spread in my pussy hole. After that I felt the nozzle enter me and Marie pumped on a little ball which expanded something I felt inside of me. She pumped another ball which I felt expand on the outside. Looking to the side I noticed I could see what the where doing in the mirror, and saw a few tubes protruding from me, two with rubber bulbs hanging down, the third going up to some sort of container. Stepmother opened a tap and I felt my bowels being filled with a warm liquid. First it didn’t feel too bad, but shortly after it felt like my belly was about to explode. “Keep Breathing slowly dear”, my stepmother told me. And after a few minutes she closed the tap and I felt the pain slowly becoming more bearable. They took one of the tubes of and told me to go over to the toilet, before sitting down, Marie let the air escape from one bulb and took the nozzle out. As soon as I sat down, I could feel the flow coming out, giving me great relieve. After a few minutes I felt I emptied my bowels complete and was put up to the bench one more time, for a another turn.

After the third enema they told me they where happy and properly cleaned out, they got me up, to powder my complete body. I was told to bend over again and felt another plug being entered again. Although it went in a bit harder it did feel nice when in. I stood up and felt an immediate twitch in my half hard clitty. Marie took my clitty and I felt a cool steel device being put around it as well as over my balls. It was sort of a specially shaped ring, with a piece protruding downward touching my perineum right on the sensitive spot. My clitty now protruded forward nicely and I felt a nice feeling from the plug in my loins as well. My stepmother explained it was due to the shape of the plug, sphincter contractions would make it massage my prostate. The result was a clear drop of precum, hanging from it, what Marie whipped it off with her finger and licked it off. “mmm” she said, this tastes so sweet.

Chapter 7

I was brought over to the lacing bar again and Marie got this horrible looking corset out. It was even longer than the one I had worn before, the cups were only half cups, the corset itself had twice as much boning as the other one. It was shiny white and there where at least 8 one inch wide garters dangling from each side. Marie put it around me and closed the front bust. The cups lifted my small breasts really nice and made them look very perky, and it seemed the hips where made of thicker material, there were some sort of silicon hip pads sewn in. Mother lifted my boobs into the cups and touched my nipple doing so. This small touch shot a wave of pleasure through my body as a matter of fact I must have given a light shudder then and there. I closed my eyes and let a small moan out. For my clitty, there was some sort of sleeve attached to the inside of the corset, forcing it to point downwards, with its shiny head just peeking out from under the over hip corset. When the bust was fully closed the corset felt quite comfortable, until mother started working on the laces. She had to wait a few minutes to have me catch my breath, but the final result was so great, I could see such a voluptuous woman in the mirror.

Next on where the white full fashioned nylon stockings, Mother and Marie all took great care that the seams were perfectly straight as well as the garters evenly spaced. Then mother brought in some boots. I had never seen boots like that, they where thigh high, made of soft shiny white patent leather, fully laced and had at least 7 inch heels. I had to sit down to give them the opportunity to fasten them. They slide quite easily over my feet, and it took a while to fully close the laces, the laces were pulled is if it was a corset, they felt really tight. When they were both done they helped me stand up and I was surprised how comfortable they felt, due to the tight lacing it was not even hard to stand up in them. Balancing took me a few minutes, but nothing too bad. Now mother brought in a shiny white neck corset. As a matter of fact it was a half face mask covering the lower part of the face below the nose. It had a pair of extremely pouted lips painted on. “Open your mouth precious” mother said, and I felt a larger rubber mouthpiece enter my mouth, the corset was closed on the back and the half face mask went over my face. It looked like the corset was coming over my chin, with only a pair of extreme pouting lips coming out. The corset fixed my neck, it stretched it a little, I could not move my head forward, backward, or left to right.

Ok honey, lift your arms up again, and I felt a huge bouffant transparent Plastica® petticoat, made of 5 layers, this was being put over my head. I felt the elastic snap over my waist, and the rustling petticoat stood out almost horizontal. Then the shiny white dress was brought in, it went over my head, and I had to put my arms in one by one into the sleeves. The sleeves where very puffy and extremely wide on top part, from the elbow to wrist they were really tight, with a large ruffle at the hands. It was a little difficult to get the sleeves on though, it was only when I got them both on and Marie was closing all the buttons on the back, that I realized the sleeves were attached to the bodice of the dress so that my arms where fixed, unable to move them in any direction. Mother smoothed the skirt over the petticoat, and I saw that the hem of the skirt had a huge ruffle all around its circular hem. The cleavage was very low cut, and had a similar ruffle. It exposed my cleavage nicely from under the neck corset.

The image I saw in the mirror really excited me tremendously, and caused my clitty to drip precum on the floor. I felt a bit helpless, yet also comforted, I could really surrender myself to the corset now and with the lace boots, it was not bad at all. Mother and Marie then took me to another room, I had not seen this room yet, I later found out it was mother’s room. It had a huge Plastica® covered bed and mirrors on two walls. In front of one of the mirrors some sort of stainless steel pole about one inch in diameter protruded upward from the floor, about one foot high. They took me to the pole and turn me around, facing the bed. I had to lift my right foot and a large ring hanging from the inside of my ankle on the boot was slid over the pole. Mother helped to keep my balance and Marie helped me to do the same with my left foot. I now could not move my feet from the pole anymore. Then Marie took the pole and pulled it upward, it could slide up and I heard it being attached with the plug I was wearing with a click. I could feel the plug being attached to the pole firmly now and realized I was fully immobilized. If I moved I could feel it in my pussy and feel the plug touch my prostate, which made my pussy drip. I rubber cap was placed over my clitty head and clipped to the pole, it has a small hose coming out that Marie brought out to the back and it was attached on my neck corset. OK dearest this will teach you several things today, first as you will notice, the cap on your clitty is directly connected to the mouth piece of your mask. It will learn you to love the taste of your cum. Your plug is connected with the pole, it has a high tech electronically controlled movement as well as vibrating functions in it, which have several possibilities, we can adjust it from keeping you on the brink for hours, to keep you cumming in gallons, time after time. I have set it to the last option to drain you really well, whilst watching your stepmother enjoy herself with her favorite maid.

Al I could do was stand there, the pole and the dress kept me fixed to my place completely, and the mouthpiece prevented me from screaming. I felt really helpless, but what worried me more is that this feeling excited me so much. My heart beated like mad, and now the pole started to take off into the movements, I felt precum ooze out in a small stream every time the plug touched my prostate. It didn’t take long before I tasted the precum flow into my mouth which aroused me even more. Due to the sleeve in the corset, my clitty remained forced down, which felt a bit strange yet It could not raise into normal erect position, yet felt very nice.

Mother and Marie then sat down on the bed looking at me, “isn’t she looking beautiful”, Marie said and Mother kissed her for that. It was quite a lovely sight, seeing two such beautiful ladies putting their pretty lips together. The kiss held on and I could their mouths open tongues’ getting together for the luscious dance of love. I was such an erotic sight for me and I guess all the experiences of the day, as well as the plug moving massaging my prostate, I came there in a shuddering explosion. The feeling was very intense yet caught me by surprise. Before I realized it I stood there shuddering and trembling, with a real high breath frequency. I had to swallow really quickly as there was no way my cum could go anywhere else than down my throat. It was the most intense experience of my life and it looked like it went on for minutes. Mother and Marie had stopped their kissing and were smiling with lust filled eyes, before unbuttoning each other’s dresses, taking turns on turning their backs towards each other.

After my sudden orgasm it took me quite a few minutes in which time I had been watching my stepmother and Marie stripping each other down to corsets and stockings. They had sat down again and I saw Marie sitting there in her pretty pink Plastica® corset with matching pink pair of directoire knickers with beige stockings, where as mother wore a lovely shiny black Plastica® corset, with nearly black stockings and a matching black high waist ruffled panties. When I got my sense back I saw their hands stroke each other bodies all over and I could see they where really getting excited. I almost fainted when Mother stood up and Marie pulled the pretty black panties down. A huge long thin penis stood out nicely erect from between her legs. I must have been at least 8 inches long and was the prettiest one I had ever laid eyes on ( not that I had much reference, apart from a few schoolboys I had seen erect). It was all such a natural sight to me that it started to make sense after that my stepmother was the prettiest transvestite in the world. I knew why my father had fallen for her. Marie helped mother out of her panties and grabbed her lovely clitty in her both hands. She started licking and kissing it all over and really gave me a great view of it.

Watching this made me going again as well and the movements of the plug started to increase again, as I felt I was about to cum again, the moving faded away again. Marie kissed and licked the shiny head, encircling it with the tip of her tongue. Then she let the head slide into her mouth completely, and the form of her cheeks made it obvious she was sucking it deeply. Then she opened her mouth a bit more and let most of the length slide into her mouth real nice and slow. It was such an erotic sight to watch, and although the movements of the plug had subsided I felt a second wave of cum entering my mouth. Not the splattering orgasm like the first, but my wiggle obviously pushed my prostate on the plug, letting a large flow of precum out without letting out a real orgasm, although I could even feel the shudder in my nipples, probably very similar to a female orgasm.

When I returned to my senses I saw Marie on her hands and knees on the bed, and mother standing behind her, sliding her directoire knickers over her bottom, lubricating her pussy whole. She then pushed her large clit to her behind and I saw it slid in really slowly. I saw Marie shudder when its clitty head was pushed in and then saw the full length slide in slowly. It was only now that I could see Marie having a clitty as well. Not as large as mother’s yet very nice and rigid, I was really confused now, how it was ever possible for such pretty ladies to actually have been men before in their lives. I saw the complete length of Mother’s clit slide in and out of Marie’s pussy hole. It was such an erotic sight not like any fucking scene I had seen on any porn video, this was totally different. Mother moved her hips forward and back really slow and by the look on Marie’s face she enjoyed it very much, her eyes rolled a bit and she threw her head into her neck from time to time, yet whatever got me most was the noises they both made, first Mother who let out soft moans, in similar pace as her hip thrusts, where as Marie sort of growled, sort of purring but then louder. Towards Mother’s climax, the pace only slightly increased, Marie made small receptive movements as well, almost as if she was milking mother with her pussy muscles. The movements the plug in my own pussy made where following the exact pace and I felt another climax build up in me. Mother speeded up a little more and by her movements and rolling eyes I could make out she was about to climax and felt I was on the brink as well. I wanted to prolong my climax, to see stepmother explode, yet could not hold any longer, and began to taste another wave of precum when mother let out a loud moan and started to fill Marie’s pussy with her love juice. Moan after moan came out, whilst I was struggling to keep clear view of the wonderful spectacle, trying to swallow my loads as they came, without choking. Next thing I knew, I might even have passed out for a while, was that I saw Marie laying on her back on the bed spread-eagled, and mother was playing with her tiny balls. Her smallish clitty stood out very erect and I could see mother’s cum drip from her pussy. Mothers long fingernails where kneading the balls and she bend over to kiss them. The pretty jewels completely disappeared in mother’s pretty lipsticked mouth, each at a time. She then slowly licked and kissed its whole length and worked her way up to the shiny tip. Marie moaned softly when mother’s tongue tapped the bottom part of her clitty head. My own plug now not only started to wiggle to massage my prostate, yet also started to vibrate very softly. Together with the highly erotic view in front of me, mouth got a constant stream of tasty precum to swallow and I knew that another climax was not far away. Mother then got the whole length of the clitty in her mouth and I could see her head going down, her lips completely encasing it. She then started to slowly move her head. This must have felt really great for Marie as her moans started to become small screams of lust, and the sound of it made me feel so lustful. I knew then and there that this is what I was made for, I wanted to feel a tasty clit in my mouth, wanted to taste it, feel it pulse and move in my mouth, feel it deep in my throat, feel it with the tip of my tongue, my mind was screaming SUCKING, when I felt the plus stop its movements and vibrations completely. Mother let the pulsating clitty slide out of her mouth, and it stood out like a little rock, pointing upward. Mother said, “not yet Marie” and moved her head over to Marie to kiss her lips. Her hands started to fondle with Marie’s nipples and I could see her clitty twitch for lust. After a few minutes my plug came to life again, when I saw mother return her advances to Marie’s throbbing clitty. She let the whole length of it slide in and out of her mouth now, letting it out completely at every stroke. She was holding it with her hands, as they kept twitching the nipples. Marie’s moans got louder and louder again, and my plug started to mode more violent and buzzing even harder. The moment I saw mother lift her head again, I saw an explosion of hot tasty cum all around Marie’s clit and mother’s mouth, it kept flowing and flowing and I saw mother catching as much as she could when I could feel my own clitty explode again and loved the taste as I could see mother enjoy Marie’s in a similar way. My knees started to wobble again but lucky for I me the pole was rigid enough to keep me balanced.

Chapter 8

I must have passed out though, because when I open my eyes, I was laying in bed. I felt spend and noticed my clothes where taken off and I was wearing only a shorter style corset with a nightgown. Next thing I knew, I was drifting away in a very deep sleep. Next morning Marie opened the curtains calling: “Wake up, deary, time for your next step”. I was so far away, it took me a few moments to come to my senses and realize were I was. My thoughts went back to the evening and seeing Marie, looking het best as if nothing had ever happened. Marie took the Plastica® cover of me and helped me out of bed. I had no idea how I had gotten into bed, but realized they must have taken my clothes off, as I was wearing only shorter style pink Plastica® corset and matching panties. The corset had no garters and my legs where bare. Over this came a very wide flowing floor length sleeveless nightgown in the same soft pearlized pink Plastica® fabric, and Marie helped me into the awaiting pink fluffy mules. She helped me up and I went to the bathroom, the nightgown flowing around me as a cloud of swishing Plastica®. I sat down on the toilet and Marie was filling the bathtub, when I told her; “Marie that was the best that ever happened to me, last night, I still can’t believe such lovely ladies like yourselves where once like me, I feel so happy here”. Marie was clearly touched and kissed my forehead. “You will feel really happy here, deary, I am so glad this all turns out so well”.

Marie then helped me out of my nightgown and corset, and helped me into the bathtub. My wig was removed with some solving agent, and I was allowed to soak a bit in the tub. When the water cooled down, Marie told me to get out and stood out awaiting me with a large towel. She pampered me dry and covered my body in nice smelling soft powder. She then put me in a similar white corset, and put a white Plastica® bloomers, no stockings today. Then a white smock dress came on, and Marie closed the row of buttons on the back and put the belt on. She then put some light makeup on my face and lipstick as well as a nice bouffant wig. Marie slid on a pair of more decent oxford shoes in white patent, with 4 inch bit chunky heels. Then a white Plastica® rain cape was but around my shoulders, and buttoned shut. “Come along dear, let’s get you straight to the car, as you are not allowed to have breakfast due to the operations.” I got a bit scared thinking about it, but tried not to think of it and followed Marie down to the car. Marie had gotten a similar cape on and I was glad to find out that she was coming along, her being there with me, was really comforting to me.

We didn’t had to drive far to the clinic, what looked like a large mansion to me. When the car stopped, a nicely dressed nurse came out and helped us out. She was dressed in a pale blue uniform in a fabric that I immediately recognized as Plastica®. It was a nice fitted bodice uniform dress, short puffed sleeves with white cuffs, white peter pan collar, large white buttons down the back and a white bib apron was worn over it. The circle skirt was about knee length and stood out like a petticoat was worn underneath. The nurse wore white nylon stockings and similar oxford shoes as I wore. On her head was a prim white nurse cap pinned. She was quite heavily made-up for a nurse, I thought. She took us into the building and let us into a large room with a huge chair in the middle of the room, where I was seated. As soon as I sat down, I felt some sort of rubber mask held over my face, and fell in a deep sleep.

“Patrica, Patrica…”I heard calling very far away. I tried to open my eyes, and had to wait a while before I could make out anything, then I recognized Marie, who was helping me get a zip of water. I must have dozed off again, but then my mind started to work somewhat the way it should again. I felt a bit strange and could not move, I tried to ask Marie what was going on, but I could not move my jaws. Marie saw in my eyes, that I was somewhat awake and told me to keep myself down. My head was in bandages and I was not supposed to talk yet. Then I remembered I was taken to the clinic for surgery. Marie explained to me that I was meant to be put to sleep for three days, but it came out to be 6, due to the fact that things went so good with the operations that Dr. Liebermann had done even more modifications. The bandages would be removed later that day and due to me being asleep for 6 days, most of the healing had taken place already, with the help of some fast working growth hormones. “You will be so proud of your new dentures,” Marie told me. “All of your teeth are extracted and you now have a lovely perfect white smile, and your cheekbones have been changed to make your cheeks fall in a bit more. You nose is changed into a pretty small girls nose, as well as your vocal cords are shorten to give your voice a higher pitch. Liposuction in your waist area has given you a 4 inch smaller waist. A new technique was used to bring the fat tissue onto your hips and bum to give them a great feminine rounding. You ankles are slimmed as well as the tendons shortened to give your feet a natural arch that makes it possible for you to walk on higher heels. You will have to walk on heels only now, as it will hurt you to put your feet flat on the floor. Normally your dentures would have to wait for your gums to heal but they are all in now and ready for use, I will call in the nurse now to remove the bandages.”

I had to admit that I didn’t feel any pain, just a little uncomforting. Two nurses came in and started removing the bandages. One of them asked me my name and I tried to say; “Patrica” Yet I could only hear some woman with a soft voice calling my name. I tried again and heard her again, it was only then that I realized it was my own voice. I felt with my tongue around in my mouth which felt a bit strange. Then Marie helped me up and had me sit on the bed. I still wore the smock dress and she had me put me feet over the edge and put my shoes on again. I felt a bit strange when walking to the car again, yet nothing serious and I was glad to head home again.

At home I was lead into my room straight away and Marie filled the bath tub for me and started undressing me. When she took the corset off I could see a bit what had been done to me, my waist had been slimmed significantly and my hips and bum seemed like exploded, they look like a real mature ladies behind. When I looked in the mirror I could see I was not wearing any make up, yet looked very feminine, my features had become extremely realistic, no one would ever see a man in me again, that was sure. Stepping into the bathtub was so comforting and is smelled so lovely. Marie scrubbed my back for me, and left me a bit to relax. I must have dozed off a bit as she had to wake me to come out, awaiting me with the large pink fluffy towel. Then she powdered and creamed my complete body and took me to the bedroom. Passing the mirror I looked at my new face and was really thrilled, it looked really femme, even with my still bald head.

Marie first took a new corset out and hooked it around me. I was a heavily boned white Plastica® full body corset, with circle stitched cups, extremely narrow waist, going all the way over the hips, with 5 wide garters dangling down on each side. When the front busk was closed it look like it was fitting me like a glove already. When Marie pulled the laces, it hurt a bit due to some scar tissue, yet the effect it had on my body made it very clear what the surgery had been all about. My waist looked extremely small, yet my hips very, very wide and my breasts looked way more voluptuous than ever before. Once Marie was done with the lacing and I got my breath back, it didn’t even felt really uncomfortable, the shifting of the internal tissues obviously helped me adept to the corsets shaping.
Shiny grey full fashioned nylon stocking where attached to the garters and I had to step into a pair of 7 inch stiletto heeled black patent pumps. Then Marie slid a milky white transparent blouse over my arms, to be closed with buttons and loops on the back. It was high necked with ruffles at the neck and at the cuffs. The cuffs were about 6 inches long with a row off buttons and the sleeves above it where extremely wide and puffed. The bodice was tight fitted and my nice pointy breasts stood out wonderfully , the circle stitched cups poking through the slightly transparent fabric. Over this a light grey pinafore dress was slid over my arms and buttoned shut with large buttons, I recognized this as the Plastica® uniform I had word before, only this one was of a lighter color and fitted me really tight. The very tight skirt ended just below the knees. It also had the large Plastica® P on the left breast. Mary took me to the beautician’s room where Rebecca was already awaiting me, she told me how wonderful the surgery had worked out and I said “Thank you” and she said “My your voice is so beautiful too” were I had yet t get used to the sound of myself. She asked me to take place in the large reclining chair and d****d a huge Plastica® cape over me. The chair was tilted backwards and I could not see me in the mirror anymore and could do nothing more than surrender myself to Rebecca. She put some sort of nice smelling soothing cream on my face and told me to hold still to have this face mask do its job. My eyes were covered. While I was laying there she worked on my hands, redid my fingernails and I had a chance to relax. In half an hour the facial mask was removed and I felt her put my foundation on, after that the loose setting powder and she started working on my eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes. After the blusher, lipstick and lip-gloss, she started to put some strong smelling glue on my head. After letting it set for a while, she put a wig on my head, and adjusted it for a few seconds. She held it for a while longer and put that chair upright again to remove the cape. I finally had a chance to look in the mirror now and could not believe my own eyes. My facial structures had become so feminine, such a lovely nose, small cheeks and my goodness this hairdo was so wonderful I never had seen such a nice bouffant flip in a strange color. It was sort of dark red, yet had a pinkish grey glow over it. Looked really lovely with my complexion though, it made me look so wonderful.

Chapter 9

Mary came in again and told me to follow her to the kitchen for breakfast. There my stepmother was waiting for me and let out a large sigh and her mouth fell open. “My goodness, c***d, how lovely you look, so perfect…” I thanked her for what she had done to me, and told her that I was stunned it made me feel so good. I didn’t feel any physical harm at all and felt like I had been to spa to relax instead of having surgery. “Welcome to your new world Patricia,” she said, “we will be going to the firm little later and have a special welcoming party organized for you this evening.”
Jenkins came in telling mother the Bentley was ready for her and we went to the wardrobe to get our capes out. Mother choose a dark blue cape for me with small white polka dots and too a candy apple red one for herself. The red had sort of a pearly shine over it making it flow really pretty I noticed when mother walked in front of me. I was still stunned by the elegance of this type of rain garment and felt totally happy wearing one myself, knowing how it makes me look.

When we entered the main entrance, mother told me that she had to be to business meeting and that I would be going to a photo shoot with Helen, my future personal assistant. She would also show me where my office would be and discuss my work schedule. I needed to watch careful at the photo shoot as I would be doing one the other day and my future task would be to produce them. Helen was already waiting for us in mother’s office and greeted me with a warm smile and we exchanged air kisses. She was about the same height as myself, wearing a similar uniform off course, had a great nearly black beehive hairdo that made her look a little bit taller than me. Her warm smile made me feel at ease with her right away when she asked me to follow her to my office. “I have really done my best to choose the right colours with the interior decorators, to make it a nice workspace” Helen told me on the way over, as soon as we went over the threshold I immediately know what she meant and was really stunned by the beauty of the office, I had never seen anything like it. It looked very modern and industrial, yet had such a warm atmosphere over it, made you feel at home right away. The colour scheme matched the Plastica® corporate colours, but where very subtly matched with different shades making it into a wonderful room. I was searching for words to express my admiration for my new office and could only think of giving Helen a big hug and say thank you.

Helen thanked me with a huge smile, but said we had to hurry as the photo shoot was about to start and we can’t be late. We walked to the corridors with Helen explaining me what was expected of me this day. She would introduce me to the staff after we would just sit and watch what was going on with Helen giving me all sorts of background information on doing a photo shoot, photographers, producers, make up girls, lighting etc. We spend most of the morning in the studio where we saw some of the loveliest looking models showing the latest in rain fashion. Most of it was done in a new type of Plastica® fabric that had sort of a satin like finish over it, very swishy and wonderful for wide flowing macks and capes. I could see the studio was very well equipped as they could even do rain simulation to make I tlook like the photo was taken in rainy weather but with proper lighting. I noticed lots of photos where shot in front of a green back ground and asked Helen is that would look good in magazines. Helen then explained me that the green was later exchanged with another photo, making it look that the actual photo was taken there. She told me all there was to know about Photoshop etc. and before we knew it was lunchtime and Helen took me to the companies restaurant for a light lunch. All the people in the corridors greeted us respectful, some of their names and functions where given to me by Helen, others just smiled nicely. We both had a light salad for lunch, with a fruit juice. After lunch we went to my new office where Helen explained me more about producing photo shoots as well as how to model. I then heard that I would do the modelling of a new line of blouses in the new type of fabric called Plastica® satin, and we spend the rest of the afternoon visiting the photo processing department, where we looked at hundreds of previous photo shoots and Helen introduced me to the staff.

We then got a call from mother that we were to leave for home so I said hello to Helen and went down to the main entrance to meet with mother. Our capes where put unto us by the girl and we went out to the waiting Bentley. On our way home mother asked me how my day was and I told her about all I did and see and about the photo shoot and how nervous I felt about it. She told me not to worry, our staff is highly skilled and I will be the perfect model for them to work with. That comforted me a bit, and I told mother how wonderful the new fabric looks, which made her happy that I noticed. Mother then explained to me that she had organised a small welcome party for me to enjoy my entrance in a new world. My late father and her often went to parties and organized a lot as well, it was not the normal cocktail party with people small talking and drinking but a tad different, Marie will have my outfit for the evening prepared and help me get ready, no need to be nervous at all, “just go with the flow and enjoy as much as you can”, mother told me. When we got home, Marie waited for us at the door, taking our capes from us and let us through to the kitchen where she laid the table for a simple meal for the both of us. Mother did not tell me a lot about the party, and I was too busy in my head with all the new impressions that I didn’t bother ask her about it. After we had a light meal, Marie took me upstairs and had a bath filled. She helped me undress and get out of my corsets. I must admit that I was really getting used to the corset and felt a bit of relieve to take it off but also lacked the comforting, hugging feel it gives me. Some special solvent was used to remove my wig and I went in the tub and enjoyed the relaxing feel of the bubbles that Marie has switched on. It made me feel very relaxed and I think I may even have dozed off for a bit, I let my hands flow over my body and felt really happy with my new shapes, specially the boobs and enjoyed the electrifying feel when touching my nipples again.

Marie was ready with a large fluffy towel and summoned me to get out of the tub. After rubbing me carefully dry, she powdered my whole body with lovely smelling powder. She then took me into the room where as saw some clothes laid out on the bed already. She held out a new corset for me. It was made of the new Plastica® satin in a lovely peach colour with white lace edging. It seem to be longer than the one I wore before and had half cups supporting my boobs. Marie closed the front busk and indeed it came all the way over my hips. The garters attached where very short, but is must have been at least six on each side. When Marie started to pull the ropes I was having trouble breathing a bit again as it seemed even tighter than the previous one. When she tied the laces, I was struggling with shallow breaths to keep to myself, but after a few minutes all went better and the comforting feel made place of the distress.

She told me to sit down and pulled my very sheer nylons on, barely black with seams. After that, panties to match the corset and gave me a negligee to put on and sat me down at the vanity to do my make-up. She took great care and it looked to be even heavier than before, my eyes stood out wonderfully, also because of the large eyelashes she glued on probably. A dark coloured wig came out very nicely styled in a bouffant style with a large flip. When the glue was set, she teased the wig out a bot and sprayed some hairspray on it. I was stunned with the result again, also due to the fact I was only a secret dresser till shortly….

Next came the dress, or actually, first the slip, a white very soft thin Plastica® full length slip with lace edgings and a huge petticoat attached from many soft layers of rustling Plastica®. The petticoat rustles wonderful when you are walking in it. “Sit down” Marie said to put my shoes on. They burgundy metallic oxford shoes with an extreme high 7” heel. Marie put them on and tied the laces, they felt quite tight and the arch was almost impossible. When she had them on I had to stand up, which I did carefully. It took me a few moments to find my balance but then they actually felt quite all right, due to the lacing and the perfect fit, they gave me plenty of support and I could walk in them, enjoying the loud rustle of the petticoat.

The dress came next, well it was more like a gown made of similar almost metallic shine satin looking Plastica® fabric with a very wide floor-length skirt, fitted bodice, high neck with a huge cut-out to show my cleavage, very wide leg-o-mouton sleeves ending in long cuffs with a row of buttons. Marie closed the many buttons on the back and I could see in the mirror that the back side had a large cut-out as well. Now it made me clear why the corset was so low cut, otherwise it would be visible. The gown looked very glamorous, and I was afraid I would look way overdressed at the party.

Chapter 10

Marie let me over the corridor to my mother’s room, who was sitting at her vanity, applying the final touch on her make-up and I could see right away she looked way better than I had seen her over the past few days, her make-up was heavy but very beautifully done. She wore a gown a bit similar to mine but in a wonderful shiny emerald green colour. It had a sheer train on the back of the skirt, making it look even more glamorous. After we exchanged compliments we decided to go down and see if the guests where already arriving.

The big lounge was changed into a cosy reception area where some waitresses where lined up and a table with drinks was installed. The waitresses where wearing 50s style uniforms with nice polka dotted pink Plastica® dresses. The ultra-wide skirts were standing out and where quite short, showing their stocking tops and even some garters. It was obvious they wore multi strap garters as the garters where spaced very close to each other. They wore white aprons, white stockings and the same ultra-high heeled oxford shoes as I was wearing, only these in white patent. Only two of our guests had already arrived and mother and I walked straight towards them. “Hello Laura, hi Paul”, mother said, “this is my daughter Patricia, Patricia meet Mrs. Bobel and her son Paul”. I shook both their hands and smiled nicely at Paul, his hand picked up mine to bring it to his mouth and kiss it. It was a very soft kiss on the back of my hand, but hold on a little longer than expected. Paul is a very handsome man, probably in his early 40s with very nice brown piercing eyes that seemed to look straight into my soul. He was wearing a perfect fitting Plastica® tuxedo with a lovely shirt in the new satin fabric and smart patent shoes. His mother Laura was wearing a soft pink gown with a wonderful looking long pleated skirt and fitting bodice with very wide pleated sleeves and tight cuffs. It was low cut at the front showing a really nice cleavage, covered in many rows of very light pink pearl necklaces. Her hairdo was a huge bouffant in a soft greyish white with a very subtle pink rinse in it. It did not surprise me she was immaculately made up, making her look nowhere near the 60ish years of age she must be by my fast calculations.

“Mrs Bobel is one of our very first customers”, mother explained, and she pointed me to the pleated skirt on her dress, only recent a way to permanently press the pleats in the Plastica® fabric where discovered. I told them it looked stunningly beautiful, and mother told me I would soon see more of it. Mother excused ourselves to welcome other arriving guests, Paul winked to me, whispering, “I will speak to you later, gorgeous” making me blush.

Mother let me on to two new arrived couples, meet the Griffin’s and the Scott’s darling. Two couples walking towards aged between 50 and 60 I guessed, the man wearing similar style tuxedos as Paul was wearing, the women dressed in elegant gown, one of them wearing a sleek long black dress with tiny shoulder straps and a silvery coloured Plastica® voile. The other lady wore a tight fitting light blue polka dotted satin Plastica® dress with a very wide flowing nearly white open coat over it with ¾ wide sleeves. They both looked extremely elegant and really knew how to walk gracefully on the at least 6 inch heels they both wore.

People wear entering the room more and more now, and mother introduced me to each of them, my head was spinning by all the names I had to learn, but the nice thing of it was to hear them all complimenting me on my looks and a lot of them congratulated my mom with her newly found daughter. It came to me that the amount of women at the part was way more than the men, some couples where man/women, but also a lot where ladies couples, even a few single ladies. I had the idea not all the women were born as women though, a few of them where rather tall for a women, and some had obvious masculine features. Most people where older than me though, although a few younger women had arrived as well.

The waitresses got round with trays filled with champagne glasses, and snacks. And most people seem to know each other as I saw a lot of them exchanging more than only air kisses. I even saw a few hands on places you would not expect them. A lot of people asked me about my new life and how I did in my new role in the company. All were really friendly to me, and I lost track of mother, when I noticed Paul coming in view. “Hello gorgeous, how are you doing”? I noticed his eyes again, and said “it is so very hard, all these names, it will take me ages to memorize them all”. Paul comforted me not to worry, it will go by itself in due time. We sat down on one of the couches and had a nice conversation. I told Paul how wonderful his mother was looking, when he told me his natural mother had passed away 20 years ago. Laura used to be Mark, his natural father, she was very close to my father actually. She also informed me on the backgrounds of some of the other guests, I was not really surprised to hear that there were many TV-ladies around and even some real women, living a male life. Paul himself have been trying to dress as well, but he is obviously more an alpha male, as he prefers boy things, loves being with t-women though, has had real girlfriends but is certain that t-ladies make the better women.

The music got a bit loader and people started to go dancing, I saw my mother for a few times and she exchanged approving glimpses, I saw her being involved in a lively conversation with two wonderful looking ladies, their age was hard to determine, but obvious was due to their figures that where really tightly laced. At another moment, the lights dimmed somewhat, apart from an open space in the room, where even more light seem to appear. The music grew louder and a group of people entered the space. It were two men and two women, dressed in elegant black outfits, the men in tuxedo like outfits, bit somehow different, their pants, where tightly fitted as are the jackets, the shirt more like tight fitting collared t-shirts and their large sized penises where standing out rigid in their black sheets. The ladies outfits where transparent, showing their underwear underneath as well as their stockings they moved extremely elegant on their 7 inch thigh high lace up boots. Their tight skirts where about knee length, making the boots disappear under them visible though through the transparent Plastica® fabric. Their tops where tight fitting expect for the huge billowing sleeves ending in long cuffs. Two of the serving maids brought in what seemed to be some sort of a pedestal. It was about 5 feet in diameter with a pole protruding in the middle. The pole sort of had two side branches pointing sideways, slightly upward. The two couples sort of danced around the pedestal doing a very erotic looking dance as the first of the guys was led onto the pedestal in a smooth dancing move, at one moment bending over deeply where it was obvious that his trouser where open at the back, exposing his bum. Within seconds the purpose of this was clear, as well as the branches on the pole, they were obviously a dildo, where the guy was impaled with. In no time the other guy was on there as well, and the where standing back to back, the both of them impaled, and we saw one of the ladies, use some sort of pumping device under the pedestal obviously raising the pole as we could make out on the guys body language, they had to stand on their tiptoes with their stiff cocks standing out beautifully.

The two ladies where still dancing around them, teasing the guys with erotic moves constantly. They started kissing the tips of the cocks, regularly and it became clear that the sheets where actually just sleeves as we could make out their glistening glans sticking out. It was obvious the guys became very aroused, as we could make out drips of precum peeking out. The girls kissing them off in their dance moves, also hopping on the pedestal now and then to rub their bodies against the men. Then the ladies asked for two volunteers to help them with the act. Within seconds I saw Laura joining them and felt a few of the people pushing me forward. I saw mother give me a wink, when she helped me get forward, I felt a bit reluctant as I did not have a clue what to expect, but had gotten really excited by watching the show so far, and felt my own clitty wet from precum. I had no choice anyway as I was now being pushed forward by all the people whilst calling my name. When I neared Laura she gave me a warm smile, and told me: “don’t need to be afraid dear, just go with the flow and enjoy” which what I decide to do. The tow ladies let us both take place on a bench, they lifted the front of our skirts, so we could kneel down on the slightly forward tiled pillow, which gave us a nice comfortable position. Our skirts then went over the stools again, and when you did not know, you would not even notice that we were not on our feet, due to the wide skirts as well. I saw that Laura had been given some large framed eyeglasses to wear, and saw the other lady put a similar pair on my head. They were actually some sort of blindfold as I could not see through them at all, I had not noticed that with the ones Laura was put on. I was then pushed about a bit, the stool obviously being on wheels. I could make out it something in front of my face and before I know it I was entangled in one of the most wonderful French kisses I had ever experienced. They had obviously wheeled me in front of Laura, as I could smell her perfume, and looking down I could see a cloud of soft pink from her gown. Her tongue made its expedition in the whole of my mouth and our tongues sort of entwined, the feeling was quite thrilling. I had become so involved in the kissing that I had not noticed the hem of my skirts being raised until I felt my panties being sled aside and felt some sort of coldness due to some lubricant being applied to my pussy, it was wonderfully done though a finger entering me ever so softly. I kept on answering Laura’s lovely kisses, and our hands where all over our bodies, Laura obviously knew about my sensitive breasts as she, really knew how to touch them to give me electrifying thrusts of lust through my body. The whole experience really reminded me of the one few days before as I was coming in a start of trance out of lust, when I felt loosing Laura’s mouth, whilst being trailered backwards. Still sort of heavy breathing, I suddenly smelled something I could not really make out and felt something slick and smooth against my lips. I was thinking it was another mouth to kiss, and opened my mouth to answer the kiss when suddenly my whole mouth was filled. I know recognized the smell as well and realized I was swallowing one of the guys penises. The smell was quite a thrill, I always had thought it wold taste horrible, but actually tasted really nice, a bit salty but very pleasant. After the lustful foreplay I clearly remembered Laura’s words to go with the flow and enjoy so decided not to let this cock scare me off and suck it off like I was a pro. I started to find out about the guys shapes with the tip of my tongue, I know about the size as I had seen it stand out, though it felt not as large as it appeared when feeling it in my mouth.
I noticed the slit in the head and circled around it downward. When my tongue was teasing the lower part of his glans I felt a shudder and heard a breath of air escape from the guys mouth. I instinctively knew this was something he liked, and explored more. I tried getting my head further over the penis and felt the glad at the back of my mouth entering my throat resulting in a gagging reflex, making me realize just how big he actually was. I decided not to let it go in me that deep again when I felt something pushing against my pussy. This was obviously not a finger but larger, still warm though, no even feeling quite hot. One of the ladies was entering my with her clit, carefully and slowly and before I realized she was in complete. As soon as her glans went passed my sphincter I know this was meant to be, it felt so natural. My tongue kept working on the guys sweet spot when I felt the lady behind my sliding in and out of me, in a very slow pace. The feeling of her sliding in and out of my pussy was quite a thrill, it made me feel so feminine. My sucking motions became rapidly in motion with her fucking my pussy, the moment I felt her all the way in, I feel a shiver of lust rush through my body and at the same time feel the man’s glans hit the back of my mouth, sliding deeper and deeper in my throat at every thrust, where I found moving my head slightly from left to right and up and down making it easier to swallow him without choking and I was feeling more at ease with it now. I did not forgot to keep teasing his glans and sweet spot with the tip of my tongue, the moment the lady almost pulled her lovely feeling clit out of my pussy. I was feeling in heaven, though my clitty was still unable to get erect, it was leaking with precum in panties and started to feel my hips starting to thrust like in pre orgasmic pelvic motion. I heard the guys moans getting louder, although it was hard to make out if they were his or the other gents. The two ladies where quite skilled in what they did, as they seemed perfectly able to maintain a similar pace, otherwise the rocking movement of the pole that was impaling the two gents would have interfered out movements, making it also a very erotic play to view for the rest of the now very silent audience, although one could hear the occasional moan or sigh from there as well….

Within a few minutes I could feel my whole body tensing and sort of shaking, although I knew my clitty was not really shooting cum, I could feel it oozing in a constant eruption. As the pace was very slowly increasing I could somehow feel that the lady behind me was close to orgasming as her clitty really started to throb and her thrust going in deeper, this resulted in the guy filling my throat completely now, also throbbing for lust. As soon as the first wave of cum exploded down my throat, I could feel my whole body spasming in a tremendous orgasm and warm spurts fill me from behind. The feeling kept on for thrust after thrust and I could feel the cum dripping down my chin as I was unable to swallow so much, I did my best to as it just tasted like sweet love nectar, and I know then and there that it was a taste I really wanted to swallow more regularly. My body was still shaking slowly when I felt the clitty being retracted from my pussy, leaving my with sort of an empty feel, though not for long as a tampon was inserted to keep the love juices in my pussy and my panties put back in place. I felt myself wheeled back and led the now flaccid penis slide out of my mouth after trying to swallow the last drops, even licking my tongue around my mouth. When my glasses where taken off, I saw Laura in a similar position and heard the crowd applauding and cheering. The look of lust in Laura’s eyes said it all, she was really glowing, though with a bit smeared lipstick. We were helped off the stools and Laura took my hand to go to refresh ourselves in the bathroom.

We went to the bathroom in silence, both of us still recovering ourselves from the orgasm of our lifetime. In the bathroom touched up our faces when Laura said; “welcome in your new life darling” and kissed me on my mouth. All I could think of saying was “thank you so very much” and kissed her mouth one more time. After that we went back to the other guests, where the party continued as if nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened. None of the guests where giving me any strange looks, though I looked quite different to them still glowing and flowing on cloud nine.

Chapter 11

The next day Marie came to wake up at seven to get me dressed in my corporate uniform again, she helped me get my usual wig back on before I went down for my breakfast with mother. Mother already sat down at the table with a bowl of fruit, I went over to her and kissed her mouth after just saying; “thank you”. “The people you met yesterday are getting together regular dear”, mother said she explained how she learned to know some of them and what they did in life. Some of them where very well taken care off, but not all, most of them, though most of them had a certain intelligence, what was really bonding them was their fetish for Plastica® clothes and dressing for pleasure in them. After that mother told me all about the new developments like the satin and pleated types of Plastica® and the new lines of products we are making with them. A lot of the new clothes where being cut in my size so I could do the modelling. A fresh new face would be nice for the new champagne. The first photo-shoot will take place this week, being every day wear. The new fabrics are used for all sorts of clothes, not necessary being rainwear or fetish wear. We went to the company straight after breakfast, as it was a really bad day weather-wise, we took some capes with attached hoods today, mother took one in silvery grey satin and I took a pale blue one.

Arriving at my office, Helen came in right after me, eager to go over the results from yesterday’s photo-shoot with me. I was really stunned by the photos she showed me, specially the rainy ones, they looked so vibrant, and with different backgrounds added I could really see the effect it has, makes the rain fashion look really fashionable. I was really getting the hang of it and it was fun selecting the best photos with Helen and our art director Sergio. We had someone from household bring some sandwiches in for lunch so busy have we been selecting the photos for the new advertising campaign. It must have been around two when Gloria came in with a rack of clothes asking if I could do the fitting now. “Now that’s perfect” said Helen; “that way Sergio can have a look at some of the new items to make out settings for them as well as backgrounds”. Whilst Helen and Sergio went on, Gloria and I went in the backroom where I stripped to my underwear and stepped into the clothes Gloria hold out for me. I now know why this backroom had this large mirrored wall. I wore several wonderful Plastica® satin dresses and the loveliest blouses with billowing sleeves and elegant bows. Polka dotted shirtwaist dresses with nice accent cuffs and collars. When put in some of the outfits Gloria asked me to show them to Helen and Sergio, who let out all sorts of rewarding remarks, I almost felt myself blushing from all their compliments on my looks.

Mother came up when it was time to go home and looked how I was fitting through the last few items, smiling approving on the outfits, and giving Gloria all credits on the designs, as the clothes not only fitted me wonderful but also suited me ever so well. She said she was really looking forward to the results of my first photo-shoot.

When we were on our way home, sitting in the car, mother told me that Laura and Paul where coming over to visit us this evening. Laura being one of our best customers would like to see some of the new outfits before they are on sale, to pre-order them. Mother had someone put a bag with some of the new item in the car, for me to show to Laura this evening. As soon as we arrived at the mansion, we got a small salad to eat, and I went upstairs with Marie to refresh my make-up and dress in the clothes that Jenkins had brought in from the car. Marie had filled a bath for me, and helped me get my wig off. I really enjoyed spending some time in the soothing bubbles, not only because it felt really good, but also gave me some time to let the happenings over the last few days sink in my awareness. In my previous life where I secretly dressed in some old clothes of my mother, she had thrown them away, I collected them though and carefully had stashed them away, knowing how my mother hated men dressing in woman’s clothes. The way my life had changed over the last time however made me feel really happy, not only because of the sudden wealth that came over me, but the pampering and the dressing in the most wonderful clothes I had ever dreamed off really made me feel very well, the cherry on the cake being surrounded by even more fashionable clothes and being part of the creation process of in my mind the most beautiful fashion on earth.

When I got out of the bath, Marie stood ready with the large fluffy towel, she helped me dry off and powdering my body in a lovely smelling body powder. After that she helped me in a new corset, it was made of soft pink Plastica® satin, came to half of my breasts, going down to over my hips. It had no shoulder straps, making it look like a true 19th century corset. Marie explained to me that I was to show some elegant evening gowns, some with tiny shoulder straps, so the straps would not show with the strapless corset. I had really adapted myself to wearing corsets, I had learned to really surrender myself to them and was now able to really make use of the rigidity as an extra spine making them feel quite comforting to wear. The corset had 12 short and wide graters hanging down, on which Marie attached the very light sheer nylons, making sure the seams where dear straight and helped me in the white patent shoes with a thin strap over the forefoot, I was glad to have mastered the really high heels as these seemed over 6” again, they fitted me perfect though making wearing them not as bad as it looks.

Marie then helped me with make-up and fitted another wig, it was a wonderful bouffant flip, very stylish and bog, in a wonderful pinkish colour, not that fancy dress type of pink but a very subtle colour, looked very stylish and indeed made me think of Laura. Marie work on my face made me look immaculate again and now I could see even more resemblances with Laura. She made me step into a huge petticoat made of several layers of soft and smooth Plastica® very sheer transparent fabric. It made the petticoat stand out very nice when I had it on and it had a very load rustle over it. Then the gown came over it a wonderful cloud of pink and white flowered pleated almost sheer Plastica® fabric. The dress had a fitted sleeveless body, with gathered shoulders, making the pleated fabric d**** wonderfully over the breasts. The wide white patent belt gathers the bodice perfectly and made the skirt part stand out even more, creating the perfect hourglass look. The skirt was calf length, leaving just a hint of the ruffled edge of the petticoat on display. Several rows of white pearl necklaces where added as well as bracelets on both wrists. The Marie gave me some white gloves to put on as well as a white clutch handbag. The gloves looked a bit like leather but where obviously of a leather kind of Plastica® fabric. They were a perfect fit, making my fingers stand out slim and long. At last a matching wrap was being put on my shoulders and I was ready to go down, still feeling a bit odd when looking on the mirror, as obviously the outfit was meant to be worn in summertime, probably for a garden party, and the autumn weather we are having now seemed very much out of place. In my short career in fashion however, I had already learned that the season were turned around, in summer, winter collections were being processed and in winter it was time to finish summer collections.

I went down and parade towards the main lounge where I saw mother already seated with Laura and Paul and I passed them in a way I learned to show outfits, like I had been a model all my life, I twirled and came back to them in a load rustle. Only then I stopped and kissed them goodbye. Laura did not accept my air kisses, and kissed me warmly on my mouth, telling me how stunningly beautiful I was looking. Mother handed me a glass of champagne as well, and told me I could sit down for a bit, before changing into the next outfit. I sat down on the couch next to Paul. I felt his hand on my leg, and watched him telling me nervously how much had enjoyed my show on yesterday’s party. I felt myself blush a bit and told him I had done so too. Mother then brought out a toast on the new collection and told me to go up and get changed in the next outfit.

Marie had the next outfit ready for me again, it included the same petticoat so I could leave that one on. The dress was sort of a light grey Plastica® fabric, short cap sleeves and a wide skirt, it was buttoned through on the front with a long row of small buttons. I looked in the mirror and thought it was a bit on the dull side, when I saw Marie bring on a sheer soft pink with tiny white polka dots Plastica® transparent overcoat. It was very generously cut, with ¾ sleeves and only close at the waist, leaving the row of buttons open on the bodice, as well as on the skirt part. The overcoat suddenly made the outfit look really glamorous, and I love the effect it has. Marie handed me a swatch card to take with me downstairs, showing the other four possible colour combinations it would come in as well.
Parading in front of mother and the guests made me feel more at ease already and I moved passed them and twirled a nice bit to make sure the outfit was shown to its full potential. Laura was overloading me with very flattering compliments on this outfit as well, though it was not meant to wear at a party like the previous one, this was obviously more daywear, she wanted the outfit as well, and ordered one in all the four offered colour schemes.

I did go one showing one beautiful outfit after the other, more daywear outfits made with the beautiful new fabrics nice skirt suits with pleated skirts, and lovely blouses, some for daywear, but also sheer transparent ones, for special occasions. Before I realized it Marie told me this was the last outfit for today. It was an outfit for nightwear even made of the softest and sheerest pink Plastica® fabric. Marie had dressed me down till I only wore my corset stockings panties and heels. She put the two layer nightgown over my head, careful not to mess my hairdo. The sleeveless bodice was gathered under the buss, to flow out in a very generously cut floor-length skirt. The negligee that went over it, closed with a ribbon just under the bust, and was even more generous, the gown made it stand out wonderfully. Marie told me to sit down as she had some lovely pink high heeled slippers to match, they had a lovely pink flower on the toe part and a six inch heel.

I moved in a dream of pink sheer Plastica® rustling wonderfully, feeling very beautiful in it. The oh’s and ah’s of my audience obviously agreeing with me. The pinkish hairdo and the cloud of pink Plastica® really made me look like a fairy-tale Queen, Paul said, mother and Laura, where just stunned. Mother explained Laura about the possibilities we are having with new production techniques, giving us the possibilities to make thinner, more sheer and softer fabrics, that are making traditional chiffon garments look like cheap copies. I sat down on the couch in between Laura and Paul, Laura wanting to feel the new fabric as did Paul. Whilst mother and Laura discussed the garments further, Paul caressed my shoulder over the lovely fabric, my what a wonderful thrilling feeling. We had one more glass, and called it a day, escorting Laura and Paul to the door, Paul asked me if I would like to go out for a meal in a restaurant on Friday. Mother winked smiling at me, and I said; “with great pleasure Paul” he said he would come to pick me up around 6 o clock. Laura then complimented me on my exceptional modelling skills and kissed me warmly, I also kissed Paul goodbye, and waved them off, with mother holding her hand around my waist. When she closed the door, she also gave me a large kiss on my mouth. “My I am so very proud of you darling, Laura has always been a decent customer, but she now decided to order all, thanks to your lovely modelling dear”. I felt really flattered and said blushing; “Well not only that mother, the designs are not only excellent, but also the new Plastica® fabric types are a true dream to wear and to feel. I am not only very proud of being your newly discovered daughter, I feel so very in place here, but for me being a part of the Plastica® corporation makes it extra special, thank you for making me feel so very special mother”. After we finished the champagne, mother told me it was time for our beauty sleep as tomorrow the big day of the photo shoot would be there.

Chapter 12

On the next day Marie wakes me up quite early, she had already filled a bath for me, and helped me to get my wig off. She told me that today she would not use the glue to fix another wig as during the photo-shoot I would be wearing several different wigs for different outfits. She only did my every day make-up as that would be taken care off at the shoot as well, she laced me in a similar corset as I wore yesterday, though a bit less fancy this time without lace edgings and in simple white Plastica® satin. Soft grey full fashioned nylons were attached to the 12 garters and simple black patent pumps with 6 inch heels as I would be wearing others shoes as well. A simple skirt suit with adorable hounds tooth patterned fitted skirt was laid on the bed, white with black, and a contrasting blouse. The fabric for the blouse was very soft smooth Plastica® satin, the skirt a bit heavier quality semi matte finish. The blouse had a wonderful bow and wide puffy sleeves with three button cuffs, the skirt had a nice row of large black buttons down the back, the jacket was fitted, the blouse cuffs peeking out of the sleeves, and from the waist on it was gathered a bit creating an elegant looking peplum.

Coming down for a bite of breakfast, I saw mother already waiting for me down the stairs wearing a very similar skirt suit, in pink and blue hounds tooth, also really very elegant looking off course, her blouse was in solid pink, matching the pink of the suit perfectly. Mother always had a cape for my ready as we would have breakfast at the company. Mother helped me in a very shiny white cape with a large hood attached and with nice large black buttons, she put a similar one in soft pink on herself, matching the colour of her suit perfect. Jenkins held the door open for us and we went along to the company. Mother explained to me that we would have a bite for breakfast whilst I was prepared at make-up, normal day make-up would look way too blunt on photo’s. I felt myself a bit nervous for my first shoot, not unpleasant, more like a bit of stage fright.

We were at the company earlier than usual, meaning a lot of the staff still had to come in to start their days work. We gave out capes off when entering and went straight on to the photo studio. I was let into the dressing room area, where the make-up area was. There was a lady waiting for me, wearing a very prim side buttoned yellow smock, and a great beehive hairdo. Her butterfly specs gave her some sort of a school mistress look, but then a very beautiful one. She must have been in her 60s, but still had a wonderful figure, accentuated by the belted smock, and her towering heels. She asked me if I wanted first to get my suit and blouse off and take place in the chair, she then covered me with a very generously cut cape, very flowing and lovely to touch in a very soft yellow. One of the girls brought me a tray with breakfast, being a bowl of fresh fruit salad, a glass of juice and a piece of toast with a wonderful smelling cup of coffee. Molly, as the name of the beautician was, instantly started on my face, by cleaning off all of it. She then removed my wig as well, telling me how good it was that I had not used the usual glue, as she had to change wigs at least 5 times today. To make sure they would not move on my head she would use much milder glue tabs.

She then started working on my make-up, several layers of foundation were applied, then she did the eyes, using several brushes and colours I could see in the mirror she really done them beautifully. After she had applied lashes and mascara and did my lips I could see what a magician she was, the best had yet to come though, she brought on a wonderful chestnut coloured wig on, done in a stunning updo. It made me look really gorgeous I guess, and I could hardly believe what she had done to me in so little time. “That’s it Missy”, Molly said and send me along to the dressing area to get me fitted with the first outfit of the day, she removed the large cape and helped me into a robe.

There was the stylist and a dresser ready with my first outfit, Suzy and Martha they introduced themselves with a warm smile. We started with special occasion wear and the hold out a large petticoat for me to step in. It was calf length and so was the dress that come over it. The dress actually was a red Plastica® satin simple sleeveless dress, with a sheer overlay of red and white polka dotted Plastica® chiffon, the skirt very generous and the bodice tight fitting with a high collar and closure on the back. The back side closed with small white buttons, till between the shoulder blades, creating a large open V, the long sleeves where really wide and fitted at the wrists with 3 button cuffs. A large white pearl semi strand necklace was put on top and white Plastica® gloves where added to the outfit. White 6 inch patent white pumps with a tiny strap low over the front as well as a white patent clutch bag. Martha and Suzy inspected me closely from all side, adjusting things here and there then told me to get along to meet with Michael, the photographer.

Michael was in the studio adjusting the lights and setting up camera’s on several tripod as well as a small desk with a large computer screen on it. Michael welcomed me and said he felt happy to work with me as my reputation of a class one model has gone ahead of me, leaving me to blush again.. thanking him. He explained what was expected from me, doing some shot in front of a normal background first, then we would do some shots in front of the green background, where he would tell me to imaging being in different settings, depending on what he would want to use as final background. Martha the stylist stood aside and told me she would help out with the different poses. I could watch in the mirror on the opposite side poses she took and just had to take a similar pose. Other staff adjusted the mirror a bit until it seemed like I was standing next to Martha. From then on it was a constant clicking of camera’s, Michael was all over the place, telling me to smile, frown, look up, look right etc etc, where Martha was doing the poses I just had to copy, at first it took some adjusting, but as soon as I knew how to place my feet and hands, and how to turn and bend my knees it was getting better and I soon had the hang of it. Not only Michael was taking photos from all sorts of angles, the other three cameras on the tripod where clicking as well, obviously controlled by the assistant behind the computer screen. After a few minutes the background was changed ant the green one came down. The basics where still the same, but Michael told me to imagine being in a certain place, from a London high street, to Brighton Pier and even a high class Hotel. Now I also had to walk and even short videos were taken. After that a some summer light capes and macks where added, as well as props like bags and umbrella’s. Then suddenly it was changeover time, and I went back to the dressing area, where I was helped out of my outfit, a gown pulled over and back to make-up. Then back to dressing, new outfit put on and all over again as before.

I was happy when lunch break was called on and loved to sit down for a few minutes, moving about and making all kinds of poses I was not used, proved to be really took demanding. Lunch was very relaxing though, with all the staff were gathered in the next room on a long table having a light lunch with tea or coffee. It was nice to hear how thrilled people where on how the shoot was going, all complimenting me on how professional I was working and what a natural talent I was for modelling. Also a lot was said about how wonderful the new line of fabrics had come out, the subtlety of it is quite catching.

Chapter 13

After lunch my make-up was touched up again and another wig was adjusted, a dark blonde one with a well pronounced flip on the rear. Molly did her work very thorough and rapid and in no time I was ready for yet another outfit. A lightweight cream semi sheer blouse, with a nice bow, incredible how fast Martha could tie these perfect looking bows as I still found them hard to do well. The a tight fitted pencil skirt in a large size dark blue cream hounds tooth Plastica®. After putting on some cream/blue spectator pumps with a bit plumper, bit still 6 inch high heel and rounded toes, the belted jacket of the suit followed where Martha buttoned a cape over the shoulders. The cape was attached under the collar of the jacket and came down till the same length of the skirt. The cape was lined in a dark blue Plastica® satin, making it really flow wonderfully. Martha explained to me that also a shoulder cape could be added instead of the long cape, and the outfit could be worn without cape as well, I was to change during the shoot, whenever Michael would ask for it. There was also a separate full cut rain cape in matching cream white, with hounds tooth accents and hounds tooth lining. It took me most of the afternoon to get all the planned outfits modelled, yet to get all of the summer collection ready we would at least need another day, so I was expected back at 8 o clock sharp the next day at make-up.

I left my stage make up on, got dressed in my own outfit and went to the lobby to see if mother was prepared to come home as well. She was still in a meeting however, just came out for a quick word. I told her in quick words how things went, but she hushed me saying that she had heard how wonderful I had done, the news went all over the building, that the spoiled daughter of the boss, was in fact a very capable natural talented model. “Have Jenkins to take you home and get some food and a bath dear, I have some business to take care off still, speak to you later, mwah mwah”, she said.

Coming home, Marie almost ran towards me congratulating me, word had spread event onto the mansion about my success as a model. By know I must admit it really began to sink in with me, that my first photo-shoot went quite well, but I really was exhausted by now, and asked Marie is she would run me a nice hot bath. I stayed in the tub for quite a while and when I finally got out, Marie towelled me dry in started to rub my whole body with sweet smelling powder. Her hands really did magic for me, especially when she massaged my back muscles. She then helped my into a simple corset, and a lovely double layered nightgown with short puffy sleeves in a lovely soft primrose yellow. Over this went a very wide double layer negligee with huge billowing sleeves and tight cuffs with ruffles. It had a standing collar with lovely ruffles and a few pearly buttons and loops. Similar coloured mules where slipped on my feet, and I was ready for a tough up on my make up before going down for dinner. Mother was not home yet, and I had a small bite together with Marie, telling her all about the day. We had a nice Italian pasta with a salad and a lovely glass of Chianti whine.
After dinner I went up and d****d myself into the bed, for a nice night of deep sleep.

The next day our morning routine was quite similar as the day before. I realised that today is Friday, the day of my date with Paul which I was really looking forward to, his company had a thrilling effect on me. Anticipating the date had a nice effect on my loins as well, due to still being in chemical chastity, the short excitement gives sort of a light buzz feeling not at all unpleasant and gives a tension to my nipples at the same time, making me shiver. The actual photo-shoot was pretty much the same, only today the emphasis was more on special occasion wear. Cocktail dresses with nice sheer flowered overcoats, long flowing gowns, lots of them also with sheer skirts, pretty sheer wide sleeves and lots of pastel coloured sheer fabric. After lunch the icing on the cake was brought on, being the bridal gown of the year. It started with a shoot of only the bridal foundation wear, which consisted of rather unusual items. The corset being an extremely ridged type, covering most of the breasts, circle stitched to create a real bullet bra effect leading to elegant pointed breasts. The bodice of the corset has lots of stays, much more than usual, making it impossible to bend once body when wearing it. The bottom part ending almost over the hips, with 12 very short garters attached. When the lacing was closed I really felt like being caught in a cocoon, it had a wonderful effect on my figure though and did not feel very unpleasant at all. Then the stocking where added, full fashioned white nylons. After that I had expected some elegant shoes, but to my surprise Martha came along with shiny white patent lace up boots, thigh highs! Once they were lace up by legs, the feeling was enthralling, the tightness really made it quite easy to stand on the 6 ½ inch heels, and the boots were really elegantly shaped. Some very pretty panties where added as well as wonderful gloves and the first part of the shoot took place. I took some of the poses we did yesterday, but few others as well, more revealing ones, more like on the cheesecake photos you see, I was very eager to see these photos later. Then the actual bridal gown was to be put on. First they made me step into a laid out petticoat which was tied around my waist. The petticoat was made of very sheer and soft Plastica® looking a bit like chiffon, but with a lovely loud rustle and subtle feel over it. The actual gown was being lifted carefully over my head, I had to stick my arms in the long sleeves and then felt the bodice fully close. The neck actually came up quite high, with a nice ruffled high collar. It was really tight and closed with a row of buttons on the back, as soon as I felt the buttons close from the top down, I realized the top part of the dress had sort of a neck corset build in, forming my posture forcing me to keep my chin quite upright. Under the collar the dress was really sheer, almost like it was a cut-out, getting a bit less transparent as soon as it reached my pointy breasts, making them stand out even more. The sleeves where extremely puffy and very wide put on, forming into close fitting under the elbow in a row of buttons on the cuff, extending to the elbow, real leg o mouton sleeves, they looked realy elegant and the top part had a lovely sheer lace overlay. The skirt part coming down in a cloud of sheer lace Plastica® fabric, extending even in a train on the rear. The underskirt was being left open a bit on the front, giving a really subtle view through the sheer lace onto the shiny lace up boots. I have never seen a wedding gown just like this, the elegance, the cloud of lace, the wonderful rustle and subtle shine, was really extra ordinary and made me feel very aroused when looking in the mirror.

The shoot was done at 3 o clock, due to our hard work we were all able to cut down studio time by almost half a day, making the shoot a real success. I could hardly wait to see the final results early next week. It did me good that all went well at that we finished early today, as I was to go out on a date with Paul today. I thanked Michael with a nice kiss, and he said he was to thank me, “without such excellent modelling he would never been able to finish that fast and get these great results” We made an appointment to go over the results on Monday morning. I then thanked Martha and Suzy as well as Gloria, they all said it was a much greater pleasure to work with me then they could ever expect, and would be happy to work with me again. Gloria then winked smiling at me and wished me success on my date, which made me blush all over.

Coming down in the lobby, to my surprise mother was already waiting for me, in her rain cape, holding mine out ready for me. “I heard about the shoot going so well and ending early, so decided to call it a day myself”, she said. I kissed her and said; “hello, wonderful to hear so mother”. When we got home I saw Jenkins bring in a clothes bag after us, made nothing of it then. Mother and I went for a cup of tea first and she asked me all about the shoot. I told her about all that happened obviously telling her very lively about the wedding dress and how exciting it was to wear. I found out it was actually mother’s design and told her how happy I felt wearing it for the shoot. Then mother told me she had brought along a new dress for me to wear for this evening, being my first date it would be important for me to make a good impression. As mother obviously knew Paul for many years she also understood he would probably make a move on me and accepted to release me from the chemical chastity I was still wearing. That way I was able to get erect again and spurt out a hot load. I immediately felt a tickle in my loins when she told me so, and I thanked her with a big kiss. Now get ready darling, Marie will have your bath ready for you by now.

Marie had my bath filled indeed, but first she helped me remove my make-up and hair. The soothing bubbles felt very relaxing again, so I closed my eyes and even dozed off for a bit. Coming out, Marie held out the lovely fluffy towel again, and powdered my whole body as usual, using her skilled hands to massage me. She then got a spray can and sprayed some cold feeling lotion on my genital area. She said it would start to get my clitty going as never before in 30 minutes. She then got a black Plastica® satin corset, with lovely black lace accents. It was very pretty, covering just over half of my breasts and coming down to just on the hips, leaving 6 wide garters to dangle on both sides. She slid the nearly black full fashioned stockings with a very pretty Manhattan heel over my legs and attached them both to the garters. The black high waist panties where a bit firmer than usual, Marie explained me that the purpose for them was to withheld my excitement for ruin my skirt line. A full slip with attached petticoat was the lifted over my head, and then Marie asked me to take place at the vanity first so she could do my face and hair first and covered me with a cape. She took great care to do my face, glue on very large fluttering eyelashes and wonderful sparkling gold eye shadow. A huge bouffant dark golden blond wig was glued on again and gorgeous gold with large pearls earring where added as well.
She took the dress from the wardrobe, it was a tight fitted sleeveless black Plastica® satin bodice that looked like it was covered in golden lace, almost like gold brocade. It looked very pretty, especially with the very wide Plastica® chiffon skirts. I looked like it where at least three layers of chiffon in the skirt which over the petticoat stood out very wide. Over the dress came a bolero jacket made of black with gold edging Plastica® satin, the pattern matching to the bodice. On the bodice now Marie placed a necklace with 4 rows of golden pearls. The shoes where black patent with very subtle golden edging. A matching handbag was being put down, where Marie explained me a little on the extra items she had put in, like lubrication, lipstick and perfume.

Chapter 14

Going down the stairs, I hear an applause and saw mother stand in the hall with Paul in his immaculate black Plastica® tuxedo with white Plastica® satin shirt and next to him Laura in a very elegant pink skirt suit with black blouse. I was a bit surprised to see Laura here as well, as I though Paul would take me out, but mother hastily explained that Laura would stay at home to keep per company. She told me not to worry about coming home on time as Laura would be staying with her overnight and she was perfectly fine is I was to spend the night with Paul. She then hold out a wonderful shiny golden Plastica® cape for me, that was lined with black satin. I felt a bit like a small c***d when she insisted to button me in it, but she waves all away and made sure to close all buttons. I put the black gloves on and held on to Pauls arm to escort me out of the house. Outside Paul opened the passenger side door of his wonderful black Italian sports car and helped me in the seat as it was quite low.

He drove us to a restaurant not too far away, a very sophisticated look place with a long drive and a marquis to park under. He stopped and a clerk was opening the car door for me, and helped me out of the car. Paul gave the guy the car keys and escorted me indoors where a maid asked us if she could take our coats. I took me a while to open all the 8 buttons, but then handed her the cape and we went in. It was a very nice restaurant with many cosy tables in secluded corners. We were shown a great table, where a cooler with champagne was already waiting for us. We sat down, the waiter opened the bottle and poured us a glass. “Cheers, on lovely evening with a very successful model” he toasted, obviously mother had been talking about my success. The champagne tasted delicious and being with Paul was really nice, we had a lovely conversation and it felt nice being treated like a real lady. Paul had done all the ordering, without even consulting me, all tasted just wonderful though, it just was way too much for me to eat it all. Paul proved to be perfectly capable to entertain a lady, he was very nice company showing a great sense of humour and I loved how he kept overloading me with compliments, I really felt excited by them knowing to have a gentleman’s attraction was a really nice feeling that I had not experienced like this before.

Occasionally I felt his leg or feet, and stroked his leg a bit with mine, like out legs were getting to know each other as well, stroking softly. After dinner Paul asked me if I would like to go to a nightclub or have a night cap back at his apartment. I could really feel that the past few days had asked quite a bit from me, so I opted for the apartment, also curious what it would look like. We got up and got out to the hall, where the maid was already standing with my cape, saying I know just who this beautiful cape belongs too, holding it out for me. It took me a while to close all buttons, but Paul waited patiently for me. He then took me out where his car was already waiting for us, Paul helped me in again and got at the wheel. He drove us down town, where he turned into a large sized parking garage where he opened the door by remote control. He drove on and parked at the end, got out and helped me out of the car as well, as we were parked right in front of the elevator door, he just had to push the button to open the door. It was a nice luxurious looking elevator where he pushed a button and we got up. The lift stopped right in the hall of his penthouse apartment. I had not seen many luxury apartments but had the idea this was a very special one, everything looked very tastefully decorated all done very contemporary, but with very great taste and was breathing an atmosphere where one would feel at home right away.

Paul asked me if he help me out of my cape for me, which I was glad to have him do, as with these long nails handling these large buttons was one of the things I still needed to master somehow. I watched Paul skilfully open the buttons and let him slide the cape of my shoulders. He then kissed me on my mouth shortly and said; “come on dear, you make yourself comfortable” and let me to the very generous couch. He clicked on a remote and the fireplace lit as well as a nice soft music was heard playing. He then brought us some gin and tonics and sat himself next to me. I laid my hand on his leg and thanked him for the lovely meal, and smiled at him. Paul then turned to me and kissed me softly on my mouth. His lips felt soft and warm on my mouth and when I felt his tongue finding its way into my mouth, an electrifying shiver of lust came over me, making my clitty twitch as well as my nipple tingle. I opened my mouth to receive him and let our tongues, explore each other and intertwine to a lovely lustful explosion of love. My hand still being on his leg, started to move a bit towards his manhood, which I felt growing rapidly, his hand rubbing my shoulders made me feel so very at ease. We really started to kiss more heavily and our hands where now all over each other, making it obvious the next step was about to take place. Paul took his tongue out of my mouth and whispered, “would you want to join ne to the bedroom?”, he said. “Wait a bit more” I said, “Let me take care of you first” and started opening his pants, whilst sliding myself of the couch. After my experience at the party, the other day, I had thought about this moment a lot, almost becoming obsessed by feeling a throbbing member in my mouth again. I took Paul’s out of his pants, and it swung out in all its glory right away. It was quite large and wonderfully shaped, his shiny glanss standing out very proud, whilst I took my time admiring its beauty. I felt up his jewels with my hand, where Paul let out a soft moan of pleasure his head swinging backwards. I then started licking his hot feeling very soft skinned smooth ball sack, taking his balls in one by one and carefully licking his perineum. I then worked my way all the way up his shaft, kissing and licking it whilst massaging his balls with my hand. Arriving at the glans I stopped a bit, teasing the bottom of the glans a bit with the tip of my tongue, making him moan once more. This was obviously his sweet spot I reckoned and got on exploring his head with my tongue, encircling it slowly. He tried to stroke my head and shoulders, but I told him just to relax and leave me do my thing, just relax and enjoy, I said, before letting the shiny head of his gorgeous cock slide into my mouth. I began softly sucking on his glans whilst keeping encircling it with my tongue. I could taste the first drops of precum now and really felt so wonderful, my nipples started twitching, and I felt my clitty rock-hard and throbbing by now. I opened my mouth a bit more now and let him slide in a bit more even. He was way too bag to take in completely so when only being halfway I felt him touch the back of my mouth. I closed my lips around his shaft now, and moved my head up till I felt the ridge of his glans hit the back of my lips, then went down on him again. Whilst moving my head up and down, I moved my head in circles, or even in figure eights so his head was now exploring the whole inside of my mouth. At every possibility my tongue would tease his little sweet spot again and I really felt his cock growing massive and starting to throb. I realized also by the increasing loudness of his noises that he was about to cum and began to concentrate on the head again. I encircled his whole glans again with my mouth cavity and my tongues really began to tango around it now in the meantime a began to put on more and more of my sucking force onto him. That did it for him, he tried desperately to postpone his orgasm but fought a lost battle against my sucking force. His breathing got heavier and I felt his cock and balls began to twitch and I felt two large spurts of sweet tasting hot cum splatter down my throat, I was surprised by the huge amount and had to back off a bit, catching spurt number three, four and five all
over my face. I felt the hot spurts land on my cheeks and hear myself groaning for lust, whereas Paul had fallen into loud screaming from spurt one onwards. Once I had found myself back I rapidly got his lovely cock back in my mouth where I was treated once more on a nice long flow of his heavenly love-nectar. I kept on swallowing to make sure to get it all in, and due to the fact that all of my taste sensors where now covered with his love-juices, I sensed how wonderful it was tasting, so sweet and luscious. I let him out of my mouth to check if more drops where still coming, and was lucky, time after time I thought I had it all but every time he pleased me again, with yet another drop of his delicious cum. I then stroke his head over my face to catch the streaks that where shot over me, licking them from his cock again. After sometime I felt Paul relax and find his speech again. “My goodness Patricia, this was the very best that ever happened to me, in my life”. I only looked up at him and smiled; “thank you my darling, thank you for such a wonderful load of your wonderfully tasting love juice”. “The dinner was lovely darling, but nothing beats your sweet desert”.

“Now let us finish our drinks and get into the bedroom where I would really like to make love to you Patricia”. “With greatest pleasure Paul” He then took me to his bedroom, where a huge bed was towering in the middle, he showed me the bathroom and I excused myself for a bit. I cleaned myself a bit, redid my make-up and cleaned my pussy a bit and lubed it thoroughly. I then came into the bedroom again and asked Paul to help me with my zipper. He then opened my dress and I stepped out of it, also getting out of the petticoat. I left my corsets and stockings on as well as the heels. I then turned myself to Paul and helped him out of his Tux, unbuttoned his skirt and pants, then stroked over his soft underpants, to feel him grow already again. I then took my panties off, and sat down on the bed. Pulled Paul’s underpants off as well, and stroke his member again. Paul then put me on my back, he got two pillows to lay under me so my pussy was nicely pointing upwards for him to receive. I laid back and lifted my knees, he got hold of my legs and kneeled on the bed on front of me. I then felt his cock against my pussy, where he slowly increased the pressure. I then felt him enter my pussy, by slowly increasing the pressure. It did hurt a little bit, till the moment his glans passed my sphincter, he pushed his cock slowly all the way in and hold there for a while for me to adept to the feeling. My own clitty had shrunk a tiny bit from the pain, but started to twitch already again. That was a sign for Paul to start moving again, he slowly slid his cock out leaving the glans in then pushed back in. He now really pushed deep in me on the way in, and that really made me moan, he hit my prostate, sending a shiver of lust down my spine. He now got onto a slow pace of lust, sliding all the way in and all the way out, at every thrust sending another wave of lust through me, making my clitty drip of precum. The pace of his thrusts slowly increased, both our moans and groans getting loader as well. It did not took Paul too long to shout it out again and shoot another load in my pussy, I nearly felt like orgasming as well when his hot juices filled me up, though no spurts flew out, a small flow of cum oozed out. I felt Paul’s cock shrinking inside me, before he took it out, to drop on his knees. He licked my tensed balls, and my twitching started again. When he started liking the precum of my clitty made me shiver all over, as soon as he took me in his mouth, my whole body started to shake and shiver, I felt a very intense orgasm rising, my breathing getting very load and rapid and a flow of cum started oozing out again. The Paul started to pull his sucking force in me, leaving me helpless for lust. I nearly fainted exploding in a tremendous fountain of cum. My clitty was not nearly the size of Paul’s but the immense amount of cum spurting out even surprised him. When I came to my senses again I saw him look up to me with my cum dripping from his chin, what was such an adorable view. “Thank you darling” I said. He came over me and we kissed passionately, sharing the wonderful taste of my cum. I got up and freshened up myself and got my shoes off. Paul was lying in bed already, dosing of, I laid myself in his arms and dozed off in a wonderful sleep of love.

Chapter 15

The next morning I woke up in Paul’s arms, feeling so very happy. I slid out of the bed, looked in the wardrobe to see if there was anything I could wear and found a nice dark red Plastica® satin robe, that I put on and tied the belt. I then walked in the hall to find the kitchen. There I found everything I need to prepare us a somewhat decent breakfast. I had prepared a lovely looking tray, with two bowls of fresh fruit, some yoghurt, coffee and a rose in a vase. Just as I carried the tray into the bedroom a bell rang. Before I realized what happened, Paul got to a remote on the night table and pressed on it. Oh hello I heard him say and a buzz. “Your mother has send Marie down here with some clothes and to take care of you”, he said. “Oh my how nice of her, just when I got your breakfast”, I said laughing. Paul said, better bring the tray back into the kitchen, and got a robe on as well, to follow me into the kitchen. Marie came a few minutes later, carrying a bag, noticing that we already were taken care for, breakfast wise. I offered her a coffee as well and all three of us sad down at the table. Marie told us what a lovely looking couple we made, it seemed to her that we almost looked like a long time married couple in out robes, she said, laughing.

After that Marie and I went to the bathroom, where Marie did my face and brought my hair back in shape. She had brought an elegant skirt suit and blouse for me to wear as well as fresh underwear. Again some firmer panties, as I was still without chastity. A simple white corset, with 6 garters each side again, for which I was glad to have Marie around to do them all up, as it was really hard to bend my upper body enough to do the rear ones myself I had found out. The blouse was made of very soft white Plastica® satin with very few tiny white pinstripe on it, it felt very smooth and subtle, and the strings was easy to tie in a wonderful fluffy bow. The skirt of the suit was made of black Plastica® but of a more firm type of fabric, bit thicker probably as well, but nicely lined. It was black and had contrasting tiny white pinstripe on it, and wonderful large white buttons down the back side. The jacket of the suit was similar to the skirt and was nicely tailored, with also a few buttons on the sleeve ends. The blouse cuffs just peaked out from under the sleeves, all contrasting beautifully making the appearance very classy. The black and white spectator heels complemented the outfit perfectly. Marie showed me the matching rain cape, same black with white pinstripe fabric with a wonderful collar and attached hood, the large white buttons contrasting beautifully. She then got the things I wore yesterday in the bag, changed the contents from my yesterday’s handbag into the black and white spectator one she had brought and excused herself, as she was to get to Mrs. Bobel’s house as well to collect some things of hers as well.

I went back to the kitchen area where Paul was already waiting for me with a fresh cup of coffee, dressed nicely and elegant. He complimented me on my look, which I passed on to Marie, as she had done wonders on me, doing my face so rapidly. After the coffee, Paul suggested to go and collect our mothers and take them out for an afternoon high tea at the lakeside winter garden of a nearby luxury hotel. I could not agree more and gave Paul a big kiss on his mouth, which he happily answered and before we know it our tongues were intertwining again. I pulled back, otherwise we would end up in bed again, before we could go anywhere. Paul agreed, I got my cape where and gave it to him to hold out for me, he also insisted to close all the buttons for me, which I found such a loving gesture. We got into the elevator and down to his car. He helped me in the car again as a perfect gentleman should, I felt I could easily fell in love for this person.

When we got home, Marie was already there again, telling us That mother and Laura where having a brunch in the kitchen diner. We walked into the kitchen and saw mother and Laura sitting at the table, still in their lovely negligee’s. Mother’s was a very light blue one, with contrasting marine lace edges and Laura was wearing a pink one, with lovely ruffled details, it was quite obvious that pink was one of Laura’s favourite colours. Off course their hair and make-up looked immaculate as ever, so they really looked like Hollywood glamour. Paul and I both greeted our mothers, and then kissed the other lady on her mouth. Laura had put on a cheeky face, when asking how our date had went, Paul calling out; “Mother…” whilst mother started to laugh out loud. “Don’t be such a prude Paul, that’s not how I have raised you”. “Life is for living and we are to enjoy it while we can, darling, at least we have done so”, she said with a wink, smiling lustfully to my mother. Paul and I felt a bit unsecure, luckily Paul changed the subject soon, telling we wanted to take them both out for high tea in the nearby Hotel. Mother said, well since we are just having our brunch already, why don’t the two of you just sit in with us and have a bite too, we could all have a pleasant afternoon here at the mansion after that then. I have showed Laura my new playroom last night and it would be our pleasure to show it to you two as well. By the tone of her voice mother knew perfectly how to make clear that there was no discussion possible, so the only thing we could do was agree on her, I actually felt quite intrigued by the word playroom as well, was really curious to find out more about it, and somehow could feel Paul was thinking the same.

Chapter 16

It was almost two when we finished our brunch, and Mother had already taken care that Marie know exactly what she had to prepare for the afternoon. Patricia, you can go to your room where Marie will help you get ready for the afternoon, and Paul, you and Laura come with me, I have to maids waiting to prepare you two as well. I will come to collect you in an hour or so. I was eager to go upstairs as I felt really curious what Marie would have laid out for me to wear, and how the others would get dressed. Coming up Marie got me out of my clothes, removed my make-up and got me in the tub. There were no clothes visible on the bed, so she would still have them hanging in the closet, I thought. When I got out, the usual powdering took place, which I had come to appreciate very much, it really worked very relaxing and made my skin very soft and smelling great, I also felt her lubricating my pussy, her fingers entering my to make sure it was well lubed on the inside. A similar corset as the one I wore the other day under the bridal gown was put on me, only this one was a very bright red and strapless. It felt practically the same but looking in the mirror it looked quite different, way more erotic, probably due to the hot colour. The stockings where red as well, but oh so sheer that they were hardly noticeable. Marie took great care that all the garters were straight and tight and let me step into s pair of red panties as well. They were made of a more rubbery type of Plastica® fabric, and had a sheet at the front where my clitty was supposed to go in. Marie fumbled a bit with my clitty and the panties and before I know it she pulled them up. My clitty had become semi erect by the touches, now standing out proudly in its red rubbery sheet, with only the head sticking out, as well as my jewels on the bottom side. I turned a bit to watch myself in the mirror and noticed the rear was open, to fully display my bottom cheeks and pussy. I must admit it looked very erotic with the red corset and hose.

Next she got the boots out. They looked really hot in red, and it seemed to be the heel was even higher. Marie said the heels where 7 ½, the highest I ever worn, also the highest possible to make without a platform. When she had lace them all up she asked me of I could stand in them. After a few minutes of getting used to I even mastered a few steps, they were not as bad as I had thought, also due to the very ridged shaft of the boot, making them like a corset around my ankles.

Next came a neck corset in matching style to the other corset, it came down on the front on the two sides to get attached to my other corset, leaving quite a bit of cleavage in great view though. The lacing was on the back and I could feel it being attached to the lower corset on the rear as well. As soon as Marie had laced me up it was hard to move, I could not look down anymore, nor right or left without turning my complete body. Then the dress followed. It was also red, unsurprisingly and made of the same more stretchy type of fabric. Marie lowered it over my head and made me put my hands in the sleeve openings. Somehow this was not as easy as it seems, as the sleeves where hold down somehow, but Marie managed to get my arms completely in. As soon as she had put it over my shoulders and was closing the row of buttons on the back I found out why it was so hard, to put on, the cuffs of the sleeves were attached to the dress, making it impossible for me to move my arms. The sleeves themselves where very wide, I could barely touch the fingers of my other hand, may hands nicely in front of my belly. The skirt part was much shorter than usual, and standing out really stiff, almost horizontal, obviously due to the black lining, the front of the bodice around the bust are was open, showing an edge of the corset with my nipples just peeking out. When looking in the mirror, it did not even looked strange, someone who did not know my sleeves where connected would not even notice. It felt extremely exciting to wear this outfit, which my clitty was showing proudly, it stood there like holding out the skirt. “Open wide”, Marie told me, and I saw a mouthpiece coming and felt it enter my mouth, at attached to the neck corset and had some eyepieces as well, as suddenly all went black on me. It felt a bit uncomfortable, and uneasy because it was hard to keep my balance on the monster heels, without being able to see. I was happy to feel Marie put her arm around me, and was glad to feel some sort of support. Then I hear mothers voice, “Do you have her ready, Marie”? “Yes, Madame, she I escort her down”? “OK dear, see you there in a minute”.

I went down the corridor with Marie and she let me into a room, to hold on for a while. I could feel we were in a lift, did not even knew there actually was a lift in the mansion, I realized I did not even know a lot about the mansion, obviously. Marie turned me around then the lift stopped and we got out, then went left and after only a few passes, to the right.
“Here she is Madame”, I heard Marie say. “Thank you my dear, you can help her down to that side and I will take over from you there”. I felt mother move me about, turn me a bit and, felt I was in front of something. I heard a noise I could not make out what it was, and suddenly felt something against my pussy. “Relax, darling”, mother whispered in my ear. The sounds went on again and I felt some sort of dildo protrude my bottom. It was obviously some sort of pumping device as I felt the dildo going in at the same pace as the noise. I tried to relax, bit still felt some pain, this was no small dildo, I was thinking. It got in deeper and deeper, almost lifting me off my feet, then I felt it stop and there seem to be some sort of larger end, now pushing against my bottom, almost feeling like I was sitting on it. Once I got adjusted a bit to the huge thing in my pussy, I relaxed a bit more, and felt the tip of it just touch my sweet spot when I relaxed, letting it entering me complete obviously just made it touch my prostate to send a shiver of lust through my body. “That’s not too bad heh?” mother whispered in my ear, whilst playing with my nipples with her long fingernails. That really did it for me and I really twitched my totally immobilized body, mumbling only mmmpphhh, instead of yesss. I then felt her tongue lick the drop of precum from my clitty, mmmm, this really felt so delicious.

I was left to myself then for a while, only hearing some stumbling noises and soft moans, meaning there was obviously something going on in the room. Then my eye pads were being removed, it took me while to make out something due to the dim lighting. As soon as I could see something I could make out a person, dressed in a fitted black outfit with a tight corset over it, that I guessed posture wise must be Paul. He laid on his belly on a low bench, kneels bend, feet being attached to his hands, also totally immobilised. I could make out a large dildo being inserted in his bottom as well and saw his head disappear in some sort of a bag. Well not a real bag as it was attached to the panties Laura wore whilst sitting in front of him with her knees up, tilted backward slightly. Laura was strapped to this chair, wearing a very similar outfit as I was, but in pink, off course. Her eyes were still closed though, her moans really loud though. I saw mother drip some liquid from a bottle on a cotton wool pad, and put the pad into the panties Laura as well as Paul’s head wore. After a minute or so, I could see Paul started to wiggle and see his head move into the panties rapidly, Laura was getting louder and louder, obviously ready to cum. I could sense the explosion, by the sounds they both made as well as the shudder waving through their bodies. I could then see mother and Marie untying Paul, I was astounded to see the both of them wear very prim French maids dresses, made of pearlized transparent very shiny Plastica® fabric, really stiff, letting the huge billowing sleeves stand out wide as well as their short skirts, both of them wearing white aprons and white lace up boots as well. The rustle the two of them moving around was really very loud. Paul was wearing a sheer Plastica® outfit, pearl white slacks, with a sleeve where his very well endowed, very stiff member was put in, its shiny head sticking in the air, the rear of the pants seem to be missing, leaving his but stick out in the open. Very tight fitting sort of t-shirt, obviously with some devices integrated on his nipples, his upper body showing through wonderfully, his eyes where kept blindfolded with a matching non clear white blindfold.

The two maids, mother and Marie, then let him to a bench to kneel down on, his ankles cuffed on it, his torso bending over it, hands down towards the floor again, attached to cuffs on the front legs of the bench, leaving him totally helpless. I then saw mother and Marie taking turns on his buttocks, first mother stroke him few times with some sort of a whip, not very hard, it seemed, but they seemed to come true loud enough for him to send a shiver through his body. Then Marie, caressed his bottom and back side, making him feel well again, as was made obvious by his moans. Then mother came with her whip back on him and Marie afterwards. Marie even got further and further, started kissing his behind, and she even seemed to lick him out. This may have gone on for quite a time, when I saw mother get another device about, placing it behind him, it took me a while to realize it was some sort of a fucking machine, with a huge dildo put on. Mother lubed him carefully, and set the machine against his bottom, I could see his facial expressions that it was hard for him to handle when the dido was entered completely. When the machine was switched on I could see, he soon seemed to forget about the distraction and really enjoy it. By the way he was shivering when the dildo went all the way in, it was obvious to hit his prostate when going all the way in. Marie was still stroking his back, and handled his throbbing member now and then, there was clearly an opening in the bench where his member was protruding though. After a while I saw Marie walk to his front side, bending over lift her skirt and obviously offering her pussy for Paul to lick, which he eagerly did. I felt very aroused by the views, for all because my movements were hitting my prostate as well and mother had found her way to my nipples, her skill full long fingernails, knew just their way how to send shivers of lust through my spine. I was very close to an enormous climax. Marie then turned around and Paul was now fighting against his upcoming climax, his mouth wide open to catch his breath, Suddenly the dildo somehow was let down, it dropped out of my pussy, leaving my with a very empty feel. I was then led forward, turned around and got seated over Laura standing clit. Obviously Marie had worked on her again. Laura was laying on her back, and I could lean over her, on my backside. We were on some sort of trolley as I felt us move towards Paul. I felt great riding Laura’s wonderful clit, and felt my erect throbbing member touch Paul’s lips. Laura was trusting her hips below me, forcing me deeper in Paul’s mouth, who was still being fucked by the machine. We soon all three adapted the pace of the machine, Marie working on Laura’s nipples, Mother on mine. The machine slowly increased its pace, making it harder for us to keep our breaths, as we were all worked up a lot now. As soon as I felt my orgasm building, I noticed mother went down under Paul’s bench to get his rock-hard throbbing cock in her mouth, just in time, to catch his load, when my first spurts were hitting the back of his mouth and I felt Laura’s body shiver under me and fill my pussy with hot seed. It seemed to go on and on, very load moans of lust being let out in the room, and all of a sudden I saw Marie stand aside of me, lifting her skirt whilst her clitty started to spurt load after load over me as well, I tried to catch as much of her delicious love nectar as I could.

As soon as the moans where getting lesser and lesser, I felt my clitty soften in Pauls mouth, and mother had gotten up again as well. Still being seated on Laura, mother had turned herself towards me, and lift her skirt as well, her clit pointing at me, I eagerly got her in my mouth. Marie had released Paul and had him kneel down behind mother, to lick our her pussy, whilst Marie started working her nipples. Mother’s clitty felt wonderful in my mouth, she was very nicely formed, not too large but longish and nice pointed. I teased her with my tongue, whilst putting soft sucking force on her and felt her twitching and the first spurt started flowing out, after the first flows, suddenly she started to shiver and lead out a large scream and I felt some really forceful spurts splatter down my throat, way more than I could swallow rapidly and I felt her delicious juices drip down my chin. After that it seemed only slowly to get lesser, and the flow eased on oven longer, I had never known, that such a huge amount of cum could be shot at one orgasm.

Chapter 17

As we were all sort of exhausted now, slowly we came to ourselves again, and mother suggested that we all got together to the adjourning room to recover in the hot tub. There was a large Jacuzzi, Marie helped us all out of our clothes, as we were not able to take them all off, and we then went in the soothing hot bubbles. Marie got us champagne glasses, and left us to relax. Both Paul and I were very surprised by the playroom, leaving mother and Laura to laugh out loud. We don’t know half about life yet, but will learn soon enough how to enjoy it to all pleasures, just as my father had always done, and she brought out a toast in name of my father. She was pretty confident he would be smiling approvingly up in heaven after our lovely afternoon. After soaking in the tub for a while each of us was going out and was being awaited by Marie’s skilled staff with a huge fluffy towel. All of us being taken to our own quarters to get us ready and dress for a nice candle light dinner.

Paul was wearing a very smart looking dinner jacket with matching shirt, shiny tie bow and matching pants and shiny patent shoes. Laura wore a wonderful looking pink evening gown. The fitted bodice was wonderfully sequined, over the shoulder parts made of a nice Plastica® chiffon in very soft pink, matching the very wide flowing, floor-length skirt and huge bow on the lower back. A matching wrap and over elbow gloves completed her wonderful look. Mother was wearing the same dress, in a wonderful shiny blue colour and mind was in dark gold. It was great to see the three of us, for all because our hairdo’s were all made in matching colours as well as our make-up. By the way mother and Laura were making similar squeaking noised when walking as I did, I understood they were both wearing similar thigh high boots und the skirts as I was wearing. It may seem strange to people who never had the experience to wear thigh high boots under floor length skirts, as they were clearly invisible, but they do give the wearer such a special feel, that to me it had become totally logical over the past few weeks, my mind had obviously completely adapted to the fetish lifestyles.

We had a wonderful dinner, Laura as well as Paul turned out really wonderful company, putting out a really nice conversation, plenty of humour, nice everyday life stories and great information for me on the fashion theme as well as fetish lifestyle. After dinner we had coffee’s and cognac in the library, at the lovely fireplace. Now that Laura and mother were seated on the opposite sofa, I could indeed spot that they were indeed wearing similar boots to mine, and I really liked to view, it looked so lovely fetish. We then had to show Laura and Paul to the hall as they were to travel the next day to Paris where they had even more fashion appointments the coming week. Mother helped Laura in her lovely pink Plastica® satin floor-length rain cape, and let me have the pleasure of buttoning her in. It took me quite a while, as there where quite a few nice large golden buttons down the front. Paul wore a black Plastica® satin trench coat with very elegant attached shoulder cape, I took great pleasure out of buttoning him into the mack as well.

When we had waved them off, mother and I took one more drink of water before turning in as well. “You better get a good night of sleep darling, I feel very proud on your developments over the last few weeks darling, but there is still plenty to learn for you”, she said. “Tomorrow we will let you have some Sunday afternoon sucking lessons, not that you did anything wrong so far, but it is what we ladies have to do best, it is our best way to show love and gratitude to a man and to share intense sexual feeling with other TV-ladies, therefor we will learn you how to make performing oral into a real art form. I told mother I understood, and felt somehow excited and really eager to learn all there is to learn as I found out it gives me tremendous pleasure to suck and receive the highest reward.

Chapter 18

The next day I slept in late, all of yesterdays and last week’s wonderful experiences had started to sink in and sort of exhausted me. I was wearing my night corsets and an very light gold coloured two layer Plastica® chiffon nightgown. I got out of the bed, put the fluffy mules on my feet and put the gown hanging from the wardrobe on. It was high collared, with ruffled neck, really wide sleeves and tight ruffled cuffs, buttoned only on the highest part of the bodice, flowing out in a cloud of golden Plastica® chiffon. I had really become to learn to appreciate the feel and smell of this lovely fabric, and the loud rustle it makes when I walk, almost acts like a relaxing tantrum. I fluffed out my hairdo a bit and went down to see if mother was down already or Marie. Both of them already were awake, mother looking stunning as ever in her baby blue negligee, Marie wearing a prim uniform in a bit darker blue, and white a great white apron. “Good morning, precious”, mother said touting her lips to receive a nice kiss from me. “Good morning, mother, morning, Marie” I said, giving Marie a small kiss on her mouth as well. I sat down and Marie served me my juice. “You really had a long night, darling, very good” mother said. Mother then explained me a bit what to expect from this afternoon’s sucking lessons she had planned for me. Marie would prepare me after breakfast. Mother would then take me down to the playroom, where she will have a nice line up prepared of several gentlemen. All of them are well known to mother and have passed very strict selection criteria. They all have to love up to very strict rules, meaning no unsave sex with other partners, have regular health checks and follow a very strict schedule of milkings and masturbation. They have to have at least three orgasms a day, every day, to make sure they have a very generous cum production. The last week prior to any event they are selected for, they will be put in chastity so they cannot cum at all that week. Their chastity’s are being released at this very moment and they are skilfully wanked by one of our staff members to s very rapid climax, only to shoot a small load but to relieve the tension, she has special techniques for that. This way we are assured they do have sufficient stamina for us to teach you some techniques and we are certain he shoots a good load for you to reward your attempts accordingly. Smoking is prohibited at all times for them and they all are on a very strict diet, to make sure, the taste of their cum is amongst the best possible.

I was really becoming excited now and very eager to start my lessons, so asked Marie if we could go upstairs and get me prepared. Marie then poured me one more cup of coffee, and went upstairs. Mother assured me the lessons where to improve my skills, just to make them perfect, as I really seemed to be a natural talent already. Besides the lessons itself would be such fun to do for the both of us. I then went upstairs to get ready. Marie already had my bath filled and helped me out of my robe and night gown, as did she remove my wig. She told me not to be nervous for my first lesson, she said I was such a natural that I would do really very good. I thanked her for the compliment and went in the tub, relaxing by the bubbles. Off course I could not stay in the tub very long, feeling the excitement for the afternoon, so went out and ready for Marie with her fluffy towel. She then first powdered my body, rubbing it all over to relax me. Then she got out a familiar looking corset, this one in pretty soft pink, coming down to half hip, the upper part covering full breasts in a nice circular stitch to make nice perky breasts. Then soft pink nylons where put on, not the usual very thin ones, but these looked a bit less sheer, almost like support hose, still full fashioned though and making my legs standout wonderful. Now I was to step into the matching panties, high waisted with elasticated legs and double layer crotch, in a more sturdy type of plastic to make them leak proof. Then simple black patent pumps followed, closed with a double ankle strap. Then the make-up cape was put on and I was sat down first. Marie used different type of foundation than usual, it was brought on in two layers, then blended in with plenty of powder, over that she sprayed some sort of finishing spray over it, to set it. Then she did my eyes, with large false lashes, nice light blue eye shadow, put a nice amount of blusher on my cheeks and started to work on my lips. First the outlines where carefully formed, then coloured in with a dark pinkish red colour, almost like strawberry. She put on 2 more layers, then came on with some sort of setting gloss, of which she put on even more layers, 4 or 5 even, giving enough time for it to dry in between. The two or more layers of setting lotion were sprayed over my face again, Marie telling me to close my eyes each time. Marie took almost double the time she usually did on my make up, but the result was extra ordinary, so immaculate looking and from what she told me, would last this way under all circumstances. Nice large dangling pearl earrings where put in my ears and a really large bouffant chestnut coloured wig. It looked like really wonderfully coiffed and obviously had many layers of hairspray to keep it in shape creating a perfect almost invisible hairnet, nearly like a shell around it. To finish the look, Marie took a pair of nice shaped elegant large framed eyeglasses out, she put them on my nose and I actually quite liked the look of it. They were obviously clear lenses as I could see greatly through them. “Lots of ladies like wearing these larger frames, dear”, Marie explained, “they are also known as spunk goggles, for obvious reasons”. “You will find out how comfortable they can be soon enough dear”.

Then Marie took the cape of me and got my dress out. It was in a soft pearlized white transparent Plastica® fabric, clearly a bit firmer, heavier than the chiffon type. It had a high collared front, fitted bodice and wide billowing sleeves with a 2 button cuff. The skirt was flowing, but not really wide. It was buttoned fully on the back with nice clear plastic buttons, and a white patent belt was fitted, also with its closure on the rear. The skirt came down to about 4 inches under the knee. The front really stood out wonderful with the pointed breasts peeking out, and it was obvious visible I wore stocking underneath as well as the 12 garters. Looking at myself really made me feel excited, this dress was screaming out “sexy” very loud. I felt myself ready for my first lesson.

Mother was waiting for me in the kitchen, wearing the same dress as I did, only with a dark brown wig, styled in an elegant beehive, also looking to be covered in many layers of hairspray. Her make up looks immaculate as ever, though it is clear that it is done with similar precision to detail as mine and obviously set to hold as well. Looking at her, realizing I looked the same, really got my juices flowing. “Are you ready dear?” mother asked me. “Very much so mother”, I answered. “Good let’s go down then, follow me dear”.

Down we went past the playroom from which I still have these wonderful memories of yesterday going through my mind. The next door we went in, it was a bright lit room, nicely decorated, with two odd looking stools in the middle, in front of some sort of a bar, like the one you see in a ballet room. I could see three tripods with camera’s on it, pointed to the two stools from different angles. Come on dear, kneel down on this stool. Then I saw how it worked, the seat part of the stool was to support the lower legs when kneeling down on it, it was shaped in a way, that one could also sit on the rear part. I lifted my skirts a bit so they fell around me, and kneeled down on the stool, to find out it was actually quite comfortable. Mother then sat next to me, explaining me how important it is to sit comfortable to be able to perform well. She then explained to me how to start, giving some signal as the first gentleman came walking in. He was wearing some sort of red Plastica® strait-jacket, his arms crossed in front, of his chest, with an attached hood, leaving only small openings for mouth, eyes and nostrils. It came down to his waist, lower body completely nude and smooth. Mother explained the outfit, she does not want the guys to get tempted to grab our heads, or start stroking us only distracting us from our job, so I prefer his hands immobilized, I have all sorts of fetish colours for them to choose from. The guy then walked in front of mother and could lean back against the bar. His member stood out nicely ridged, nice shaped uncut. Mother started to explain to me how to start a real arty blow job, “it all starts with showing your adoration for the member” she explained. “Let me show you”, she said, when she started to stroke the shaft slowly, knead the ball sack and licking the balls. The guy started to let out small moans already showing his appreciation. Mother told me to listen carefully to them, they are a tell-tale for us to find out what a guy likes. Mother then gave out some sort of a hint and yet another guy came in sight, walking in front of me, this one wearing a similar soft blue strait-jacket. “Now show me how to do, dear”, mother told me, and I did just as I had seen her do. As soon as the guy lets out his firs appreciating moans, mother told me to stop, “excellent dear, well done”. Now for the next step dear. She held the guys shaft in her hand again and started licking its length. Whilst holding his sack in her hand, kneading his balls a bit she licked the shaft from the balls all the way up to his glans, to stop just there. She told me that there most guys have sort of a sweet spot, the point where the foreskin is attached to the bottom of the glans, it is an area to pay lot of attention in all sorts of stimulation. I tried to do the same on the blue guy, licking his shaft and very obviously exactly hit his sweet spot, by the sounds he lets out.

Mother then licked his first drop of precum off the guys now quite erect shaft, when she was watching my progress she continued working his jewels with her long fingernails, I had noticed that, eager to learn as much as I could and did the same with my guy, leaving him warmed up when watching mother. She then started kissing his head, she kissed and licked it all around, to finally take it fully in her mouth. “Now you” she said, and I followed her exact directions. I had tasted a few cocks by now, but was surprised how different each of them were tasting, this guy’s precum tasted really nice, it was nice and sticky by texture, very sweet tasting, with sort of a salty aftertaste, very pleasant. I felt a nice twitch when licking his glad from all sides, and whilst kneading him with one hand my other was holding his now throbbing shaft.

Mother now had let go of the guys sack, to make sure to prolong his eruption. “Ok dear, now basic techniques. Place his stiff cock inside your mouth but do not tighten your lips around the shaft. With your head begin a circle motion. The cock will slide to different places in your mouth as you continue the circle motion. Watch your teeth on this one. The circle should be executed in both clockwise and counter clockwise motions in a slow purposeful manner. Mother showed for only a short period of time, telling me to take over. Her guy let out a loud sigh, obviously disappointed to feel her let go. I then did my best to show exactly how she told me to do, my blue guy obviously got quite excited by now, as his throbbing seemed to get heftier as did his moans. Wonderfully done dear, my your such a talent, never seen anyone learn so fast.

Next along was the lollipop technique as mother called it, now lift his hard cock to reveal his balls. With your tongue find the underside of his balls. Now, while resting his balls on your wet tongue, lick in an upward motion to the very tip of his cock. It is permissible to use your hands in this technique. It is better to do this technique several times in succession-like licking a lollipop or ice cream cone. Mother only showed this technique for a very short period, as her red guy was very obviously getting close to the edge.

I then started to lick my blue guy, but after the second stroke he lost it, he let a loud scream out and I felt him explode, glob after glob of his jizz landing all over me. To feel the hot spurts on my face and breasts was a true delight, the warmth was immediately radiated through the soft Plastica® fabric of my dress and onto my chest, magnificent feeling. Mother had taken up the lollipop technique by her red guy as well again as he was showing signs detonation as well. Within two strokes he shot a similar load over mother, it was such a great experience to be able to watch it from such close distance whilst licking the cum of my own cheeks. We both licked the very last drops from our guys limping shafts and other ushered them away. She turned to me and started to kiss and lick the cum of my face, a favour that I very happily returned after that. The streaks of hot cum on her well made up face looked so beautiful, I could see why Marie had taken so much time in my make-up, no signs of any smearing not even on our lipstick. We then got up from out seats and had a glass of wine. Now that was lesson one, she said, goodness, you are a natural darling, your guy did not had a chance to withstand you. We will have another pair of guys in a minute to do some more techniques, and then we can go on with the advanced part right away.

Once we sat down again, two more guys came in, one wearing a black outfit and mine was a coloured guy, wearing a white outfit, looking very handsome on him. Both of these guys where obviously in a different league as there cocks where larger already, semi hard.

We both started off with a short repetition of the first part of the lesson, the adoration, licking the circling of the glans and the lollipop. Both our guys where now fully erect and throbbing, make them stand out wonderfully in front of our faces. Right now let’s discuss a technique that is probably the most common cock sucking technique in the world. Take his cock in your mouth but not deeply. We will get to deep throating later on. Take his cock in your mouth by sliding your moistened tongue lovingly over the head until your lips close around the shaft at the point just behind the sweet spot. Don t just open your mouth and close it around his cock. Slide it in. He will enjoy it much more. Encase the shaft of his penis with your hand. Remember the shaft is relatively insensitive to any kind of stimulation. By enclosing his penis with your hand you give him the sensation of having his penis encased. Now you have several options. Try twisting your head from side to side making sure your moist lips stay in contact with the sweet spot. While doing this gently move your hand up and down the shaft. When he climaxes he may want to push your head further down the shaft of his penis. He wants to envelop you with his cock. As you are learning his climax you will miss the fine points if you deep throat at this time. Instead gently suck around the sweet spot as he climaxes so that you can intensify his pleasure and increase the force of his orgasm. As you gain more experience you will be able to tell exactly when his climax is approaching and you will be ready for that initial spurt.

Let me show you this step in one go dear, keep your guy warm by kneading. Mother then got this quite large cock in, she had no problem with its size at all, so it seemed. She now had both her hands around his shaft, and bobbed her head slowly up and down. As his moans came out louder she increased the speed a little bit, to slow down again when his breath got speeded up. Suddenly he started to shiver and buck, letting out a loud ooooaahh and I could see drops of cum oozing out of the corners of my mother’s lipsticked mouth. My goodness what a gorgeous sight this was, I had never seen anything this erotic in my whole life. Mother kept on sucking till his cock started to shrink, she let him go, watched at me and held out her arms for me to kiss her, we kissed and I felt her tongue entering my mouth with a wave of hot love juice, in where our tongues intertwined. After we both swallowed our fair share, it was my turn. First I used the lollipop technique to get him to full attention again and then started to slide him in as far as I could, I then started to twist and twirl my head in slow steady motions, holding on to his shaft with both my hands. He tried to speed up the pace I noticed but then remembered not to let him get hold and paced him down. I knew he was about to cum and searched for his sweet spot to tease with my tongue. I knew I had found it when I felt the first wave of his hot semen shoot down my throat, they came one after the other rapidly after that, impossible for me to swallow that fast, so I felt a stream go down my cheek, where I felt a hot tongue catching as much as she could. As soon as I felt nothing more cumming out of his cock, I let him go and immediately shared his load with mothers awaiting mouth. Being able to share this pleasure with someone is such a delight.
Chapter 19

We than had another small drink to recover, where I was telling mother how stunning the girl had down our make-up, still even our lips looked immaculate, wonderful. Well mother said, for a first lesson we have done enough basic techniques, it has no use to do anymore of those now as it will not have the time for the information to sink in then. We will go on to the first advanced lesson now; handling more than one guy. It will not be necessary for me to show you how it is done first, I will just sit beside you and then give directions on the go. We will start off with three guys for your first multi suck. I then sat down on my stool again and saw three guys get in front of me. Only one of them leaning against the bar, the other two standing beside. Mother explained me what to do. The basics is very similar to what we did before, I just need to take turns, making sure to share my attention with the two other cocks as well. So no two hands on one cock, more like one hand on each cock and one in your mouth. Starting off with handling all three after each other changing rapidly. The three guys, wearing a dark blue, a pearl white and a pink outfit where all about the same height, two of them of average size, the white guy, slightly coloured again was a bit bigger.

I started off with licking them one by one, once they were getting fully ridged, it was easier to handle them with no hands, leaving my hands available for the other two. They had gotten excited whilst waiting obviously because especially the pink and the blue guy let out soft moans rapidly. The white guy needing some more time to get heated on, mother told me to put extra attention on him. The lollipop did not do much for hi, so I tried sliding him fully in my mouth, whilst slowly jerking the other two guys. This went quite well, as the white guy was the one standing in the middle. I then pulled the two other guys real close to my mouth, so it was easy for me to switch cocks. I then let the larger one slide for a few to get the other two in my mouth together, their heads touching each other, with the larger one under my chin. I could feel them both starting to throb already and started to go on with the black cock again. I slided it completely in again, keeping the other close to me, rubbing them with their sweet spots on my face. I then felt the guy to my right starting to twitch and felt his spurt shoot over my cheek. As he was not a violent cummer, I wonderfully felt the hot waves over my cheek. His groans obviously drove the left guy over the edge as well, as he shot glob after glob ever me, right the moment as I felt the black guy explode in my mouth. This is what is known as a real cum bath, and I felt more satisfied than ever before, al off this hot cum over me, was just delicious. As soon as the two smaller guys where spent mother ushered them away, and started to lick their cum of my face, whilst I was still draining the black guy from his last drops. When nothing came out, I let go of him and shared his cum with mother, in a long kiss.

Mother thanked the black guy for his services and ushered him away as well. She then got in front of me and lifter her skirt. She got her panties off and told me to get ready for the first exam, pushing her lovely clit under my nose. I did my very best to show her all the tricks I had learned, kneading her jewels, lollipop her gorgeous shaft and getting it in deep. It was not long before I could sense her twitch and decided to lollipop her as she had responded to my previous attempts violently. I did not take long to prove me right after licking her shaft for the third time, she exploded just the moment I reached her sweet spot, and decided to stay there playing with it, to catch four or five large spurts all over my face and then sucked her glans all in the let the rest of her jizz ooze into my mouth. I kept sucking softly to feel her shrink in my mouth. “Get up dear”, mother then said, and we the entangled in a large kiss to share her wonderful juices, mother then licked a some cum of my face and then seated down on the stool. “lift your skirt, dear”, she said and got my panties off. My clitty was drained with precum and got ridged in no time as soon as mother got her hot lips around it. She licked it a few times to get it all in her mouth, making me crazy for lust with her head and tongue movements. In no time spurt after spurt was shot in her mouth, leaking out of it again, as I kept on cumming, all the tension build up was released in one go. She let go and rapidly got up to share my cum in a long kiss. “Congratulations dear, you passed your first exam with flying colours”. “Thank you mother, this was the best Sunday afternoon I ever have experienced in my life”.

The next morning the usual morning ritual took place again, Marie helping me in my corporate uniform. I was quite excited to go to the office as I was curious to see the results of last week’s photo shoot.

The success story kept going on, not only the photo-shoot turned out a huge success, also the sales of the summer collection went better than ever. Not only was Plastica® only for the fetish world, due to also Laura’s Paris connections, also the normal fashion world had discovered the wonderful possibilities of the fabric and production was tripled. Patricia had passed not only as a beautiful young lady of the world, also her position at Plastica® made it obvious she would take her mother’s place in future. After two years when she and Paul got married their fetish parties where getting world famous, giving them both a substantial name in the fetish scene….

Wanda Nylon 2012

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