Peeping on my neighbor

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Peeping on my neighbor
Prior to getting married I lived in an apartment complex that consisted of ten units. The manager was great along with all the other tenants. Most all of us were single and were very busy with our lives. The manager and his wife would put on dinner pool party s every second Sunday as away to get to know each other.
I attended my third dinner and that s when I met Kyle. He seemed very shy around everybody but especially me and other women. I d seen him around saying hello to him when I could. kyle stood about six feet 3 inches. He had a slender body and often stayed in shape by running or by riding his mountain bike for races. Kyle wore long board shorts with no shirt showing off his muscles and shaved chest. Kyle was 25 years old and I never really saw him with women. The thought that he was gay was almost a 99% sure thing. My problem was that I had a big crush on Kyle and I was forty years old. With other single women in the complex I really just kind of stood back trying not to embarrass myself.
I continued to try to make conversation with Kyle but sometimes it was hopeless. Just when I was about to give up I passed by his window one night and peered inside.
I could only see inside a small amount but noticed the TV had some porn on. I was pleased to see the show to have two women and one guy in it. The guy was tied down and the two girls seemed to be busy teasing him. I also could see Kyle s lower legs were bare. Trying to see into his room and to see the rest of him I almost tripped. I became turned on by what I d seen so far and about climax. I was able to see Kyle stroking his hard erection. Kyle s oil soaked erection pointed straight up. I could not see Kyle s face but his hairless body was good enough. kyle continued to stroke himself stopping sometimes just short of cumming. I could see clear pre-cum oozing from his erection. The stroking sessions grew shorter and shorter as the porn played on. After awhile Kyle would stroke himself for a few seconds and then stop. The combination of his oiled erection and the shiny pre-cum was something I could not keep my eyes off of. I didn t realize what I had done to myself and I found my shorts unbuttoned and my clit swollen .Turning back to Kyle I was hypnotized when he finally climaxed. Gaining my composure I returned to my room and ended up even leaving the curtains open a little while I wore down the batteries in my vibrator.
Over the next few months I kept being friendly to kyle and soon he was letting his guard down and being a little more open to me. I bought a mountain bike and he offered to take me out with him. Almost embarrassed at being so slow he did a great job of looking out after me. I became a better rider and soon we were doing more together.
I often would find myself walking past his window in hopes of another show. Kyle kept those curtains closed tight but a few times not tight enough. On one night I found him once again oiled up and stroking away. I quickly returned home to get in my black open cup bra and a pair on matching panties. I put on a robe which looked like a average day robe. I grabbed a bottle of wine and checked Kyle s window. Sure enough the porn was still on and he was stroking himself with slow and full strokes. Kyle s erection looked like it should of had a flag on it.
I knocked on his door but there was no answer. Waiting a minute I knocked once again. I could hear him yelling yea yea just a minute !
Kyle opened the door and he looked pissed. He stood in the door way with a pair of warm up pants on and a old T-shirt. His erection still showing. I looked back at him with some pretend sad puppy dog eyes. Kyle I m sorry to bother you but I had a real bad day, even the date I had was a no show. I really need some companionship along with this bottle of wine .
Kyle invited me inside and I could still hear the porn movie playing. Kyle said he would get some wine glasses for us. I made the comment Hey now what s that I hear ? Before he could do anything I was making my way back to his bedroom. Kyle started to protest but I was to quick. wow what s this a porn movie ? The girl on the screen had one guy tied down over a table. His balls were tied to a small rope which was tied to his ankles. The girl had the guys erection pulled backwards though the guys legs while she was stroking and milking his erection. The guy was screaming for mercy while she just kept smiling. Kyle turned the movie off and taking my hand lead me back to the living room.
We sat across from each other talking and I made sure my robe was tight not to give anything away. I asked him about the movie and about being tied up. He told me that was the first time he had seen anything like that, but that it did kind of turn him on.
After about thirty minutes I asked if he minded if I took my robe off due to the temperature being so warm. I told Kyle not to worry that I had my night wear on. So with that he said sure. As I removed my robe I could feel his eyes on me. There I stood with my 36D titts and my nipples just hanging out of my open cup bra and my black panties were already soaked.
Holy Shit you look great
Kyle just sat there as I approached him. I pulled off his shirt and sat on his lap grinding my pussy onto his erection. Kyle took a nipple in his mouth while my other nipple was pulled and twisted. I felt his hairless chest and kissed his neck. We were tangled up in each other for about thirty minutes.
I stood Kyle up and removed his pants. I was delighted to find Kyle was completely hairless. His testicles were a dark pink and they hung close to him. I dropped to my knees and removed my bra. I placed his erection between my breast wrapping them around him. I slid up and down while Kyle moaned. I could feel his erection throbbing and witnessed a load of pre-cum ooze out. Stopping I raised to my feet and led Kyle back to his bedroom.
Kyle and I stood face to face kissing each my other. My hand was tight around his erection and his two fingers placed firmly on my G-spot. Kyle pushed me to the bed and removed my panties. Spreading my legs he started kissing the inside of my thighs around the lateral area of my stomach up to my neck. Proceeding back down to my breast, stomach and then to my clit. I guided him by grasping onto the sides of his head and forcefully shoving his face into my pubic area. Kyle worked his two fingers back onto my G-spot and shortly I climaxed.
I traded places with Kyle and took the bottle of oil from his night stand and oiled up his erection. I turned the porn movie back on and stroked his erection slow and full. I could feel Kyle s erection start to throb within my hand. I slowed the stroke to an almost stop but kept a firm grip on his erection. His moans grew louder and louder. I released the grip I had on his erection as white streams of cum flowed slowly from him. His erection stood straight up as he was pumping the air for more friction. The guy on the porn movie was begging to cum and I intended to make Kyle do the same. I took a firm grip on his erection and instead of slow strokes I gave him the fastest handjob I could. His back arched up and he spread his legs wide open. Stopping I watched a short stream of cum exit from him once again. Kyle s erection glistened from the oil and his cum. I continued to work Kyle over for the remainder of the porn movie. Starting and stopping when I felt he was about to climax. Kyle begged for me to let him cum and that s when I started polishing the tip of his erection. The pain he experienced almost sent him into a seizure. I got into a position where Kyle could finger me. I told him not to stop and I would then finish him off. Kyle worked hard on me while I stroked his erection. I would go back to polishing his erection and that would break his concentration on me. I was really getting into ruining his orgasms.
Feeling sorry for Kyle I finished him off. Knowing that he was close I pointed his erection toward his face. The amount of cum Kyle produced was amazing and I thought I had him drained. Kyle laid there exhausted with oil and his own cum shot all over him. I was really turned on by the sight of him laying there resting. I started rubbing the cum he shot over him. The smooth feel of his hairless body and muscles, the oil and his cum felt good in my hands.
I got up to get our wine and to go to the restroom. I return to find Kyle asleep on the bed still covered with oil and cum. His erection smaller but still somewhat firm laid across his stomach and to the left. His cum still oozed from him. I turned the movie back on and rubbed myself until I climaxed.
Kyle and I spent a lot more time together from then on. There are days where I still wished I lived in those apartments with Kyle. To this day I still get turned on by the thought of Kyle s young body.

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