Postapocalyptic Passion

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Postapocalyptic Passion
Miriam had always considered kissing other women or better yet having sex with them as really weird. Not really the ‘it’s unnatural’ angle, rather the ‘not my kind of tea’ one. It had taken a collapse of society, a civil war with even less people winning than a normal one and a year of living a life as a scavenger to change her opinion, but now it was thoroughly changed.

Maybe it had been coming to the realization that having sex with another woman was far less ‘having sex’ and far more ‘playing around, giggling and having a great time’. It was seeing who could keep a straight head for longer, finding the perfect spot to massage with her fingers and trying to get a moan to escape from the other’s lips.

In short it was a really fun experience, and this time was no different. The sunlight had started to disappear slowly and they were hunkered down on the penthouse floor of a once highly expensive apartment complex. That was the beautiful thing about the state of the world, just years ago both Miriam and Jenny would have been stopped at the front gate had they even bothered trying to get inside. These days? No one cared if they wanted to race each other to the very top, then get naked together and spend the night acting as if they owned the place.

Miriam loved the sight of Jenny kneeling in front of her and the feeling as she slowly pulled her fingers out of Jenny’s pussy, sticky more than wet for now. This early stage was the most fun, she had to be slow and thus still took the time to explore the inside, her fingers twisting and turning as she came up with a battle plan.

Finger Jenny for a while until she started to squirm, then turn her around on her back and start licking her, then maybe get on top of her and start kissing until Jenny would beg her to go back to fingering her.

Jenny’s butt felt great in X’s hands, a good bit of ass to grab without being remotely fat.

She had the body of a housewife, not a fighter, and yet that was exactly what she was. She knew how to pull a trigger like any of the guys, and she knew when not to unlike the hotheads. Going into a building behind her and witnessing her clearing rooms silently and with a cold blooded willingness to kill at a moment’s notice gave more to gawk at than her amazing ass.

The devious smile surfacing every now and then hinted at the adventurous personality behind that cute face, eager to explore and experience during all that survival and killing business.

Right now she seemed more than eager to experience what Miriam had in mind for her, giggling whenever X’s fingers hit a nerve ending and slightly pushing her hips back to take her fingers in deeper every now and then.

Miriam noticed increasingly less giggling and more frequent suppressed moans and decided to ease down a little, pulling out her fingers and running her wet fingertips down Jenny’s spine, making her gasp and let out the first deep moan of the day.

“You like that, eh?”

“Surprised me for good there. Keep fingering me, I was just starting to get hot.”

Y let her fingers run back down, stopping just short of the butt cheeks and circling across her skin for a moment.

“Oh, I noticed.”

“And yet you decided to stop, you cruel bitch.”

“Oh, that was really not nice, now I have to tease you a little longer.”

“Don’t you dare.”

With that Jenny turned around faster than Miriam could react and before she knew what had happened Jenny had locked her legs around her and started pulling her down with her arms.

Their lips found each other, connected with mocking ease and both were first to pull back after the faintest of touches.

“You my dear are really fast.”

“Underestimated me, huh?”


“Well you better don’t, and you better start showing me more of what those fingers of yours can do so well.”

Still locked in Jenny’s arms Miriam reached down, her fingers guiding her way along breasts and belly until they reached the little hump, then just a bit further to glide just a little bit into the wet and willing darkness.

They kissed again, then Miriam pushed on Jenny’s shoulders and gently pushed her down. She pressed Jenny’s legs down and locked them in place with her armpits before bringing fingers and tongue closer to her real target. That was her secret trick, making sure Jenny couldn’t move her legs much and divert the muscle tension into shivers, slowly building up to an orgasm Jenny would take time to recover from.

Success was visible almost immediately, as soon as Miriam felt the legs tremble slightly and hindered any movement Jenny let out a moan and her body relaxed before the next push of her fingers made her immediately tense up again.

“God, that feels so good.”

“Glad to hear that.”

“How did I even survive before we ran across each other?”

“Barely. I keep asking myself the very same question.”

Then X’s ability to talk was cut short by her tongue entering Jenny’s pussy, circling across the inside while her fingers moved as deep as possible. She kept them there for a while, only twisting and turning the tips around and moving them back and forth fractions of an inch while her tongue did the majority of the work. Her left hand moved up, aimlessly travelling across Jenny’s belly and feeling the contours while she maintained her control of Jenny’s legs.

Jenny didn’t talk anymore, her cheeky personality and banter had been replaced with sharp breaths and moans that were cut short or traveled off into the distance. Miriam could see Jenny’s hands fondling her own breasts with aimless and erratic motions and started to increase her pace.

No more relaxed experiments with Jenny’s body, now she would fall back to the tried and trusted method of fingering her without stopping until she couldn’t take it anymore. It would be a tough piece of work keeping control of her body that was already starting to tremble, her spine bending slightly and the moans more frequent.

Miriam moved her hand away from Jenny’s belly and grabbed her butt cheek instead, her fingers clawing into it and undoubtly adding pain to the pleasure. Good, that contrast was just what she needed, the pain did its part to bring Jenny out of balance and push her closer to the edge.

More and more words escaped Jenny’s lips, far from intelligible and definitely nothing a woman of class should utter. Her body was overcome with frequent shivers and Miriam – despite feeling exhausted now – did not stop a bit, keeping up her pace and only varying the rhythm of her fingers to avoid Jenny adapting to it.

Her efforts were soon rewarded when Jenny let out one long moan and her whole back bent upwards before her body relaxed and she all but sunk into the ground.

I hope you liked it, part 2 is in the works!

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