Prom Week 4

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Prom Week 4
Brick was a man with a plan. He had seen how much had been made with Amber tape and the Harmony tape, even Frank s tape had made a fortune.

Brick had to out do them all. He was going **** the principle. All his friends except Fred, had thought he was mad. She could call the cops on him and she wouldn t be as easily intimated as the others.

This didn t deter Brick thou. The Principle was the best looking piece of ass in the entire school, and Brick was just a cock worshipping whore deep down inside, like the rest of the women in this fucked up berg.

She was tall with incredible legs that seemed almost to perfect to be believed. Her ass was sublime and seemed to beg for a fucking.

She had short silky blond hair and smelled like roses. Best of all she had the most perfect pair of tits in the entire motherfucking multiverse.

They seemed to be a 38GGG cup which might look to large on some women, but on the model tall principle they were perfect. He had it all planned. Brick knocked onto the door to her office.

Come in . Brick entered the room and was pleased to see that Principle was alone. So what do you need she asked pleasantly, looking up from her work.

Someone has stolen the sports equipment in the gym Mrs. Pearls! he lied. I d better check this out she sighed, this was the third time this month.

They left her office and entered the gym. She noticed that the bleachers were full of male students and that the stage was set up.

What the hell is. she started, smiling, thinking she was about get some kind of surprised award, a sign of appreciation. It s about time someone noticed how hard I work for this school. She was interrupted by Brick grabbed her by her gargantuan hooters.

She was pulled up stage by her mammoth mammaries , her horrified screams ignored. Another young man grabbed her arms and held them behind her back.

What hell is going on? The principle demanded seconds before her blouse was ripped opened, revealing a monumental pair of tits, which where barely contained in a white bra.

Her knee shot up and connected with his testicles. Brick howled and dropped to his knees. When he got up (he was one tough prick) he bent the principle over a desk on stage. He removed her panties and pulled off his leather belt.

Brick paid the ungrateful Principle back, by spanking her beautiful ass cheeks causing the poor woman to howl in pain/pleasure.

Please stop! I ll anything you want just no more please! Mrs. Pearl pleaded. Prove to me that you re the biggest slut and whore in the entire world and maybe I ll stop offered Brick as he mercilessly spank the humiliated principle in front of an audience of hundreds.

I suck your fat dick, in fact I suck every cock in the room, and more I ll prove to you that I m a slut, I promise, just please stop spanking me, It hurts so much!

Brick relented reluctantly. PROVE IT NOW! Brick shouted at the Principle, when she hesitated.

Mrs. Pearl obeyed in complete terror of Brick. She walk up to the microphone and asked in a husky voice do you think I am nice piece of ass? . The audience shouted there agreement. Do you want to see my tits? she asked, her voice thick with her own arousal.

The audience chanted tits in answer. She removed what was left of her blouse while thinking up imaginative ways of getting her revenge on them all. Fearful of another belt whipping she unclipped the front of her bra emancipating her enormous milk melons.

Brick thought that they were the hottest thing he had ever seen. Do you think I a fucking whore? she asked as she cupped her ample jugs. After there excited reply she asked do you want to see my cunt?

This time she removed her dress exposing her slit to the audience. Mrs. Pearl had never been this humiliated or wet in her life.

Can I go now? She half asked, half pleaded. Brick answered by pulling out the biggest cock she had ever seen. Please let me go? she begged to no avail.

What happened to your promise to suck every cock Jamie? Brick teased, calling her by her first name. Jamie tried to ram her knee into his groined again but he was prepared this time. He block her attack and forced her arms around her back.

A board was slipped behind her back and her wrists tied to it. This had the effect of thrusting the principle s vast knockers out.

See, now look what you ve done, you ve forced me to go and punish you Brick said viciously. At that three young men jumped on stage and moved toward the frightened principle.

What are they going to do to me? she questioned in alarm.

You ll see, you ll see was all the response he would offer. One pressed a wax strip against her pubic hair while another pulled out a piercing equipment out.

The third put a silk choker around her throat. Jamie screamed as her nipples were pierced and her pussy waxed bald.

The nipple rings were weird in that both were linked to a thin golden chain. Each end of the chain was connected to one of her nipple rings.

Brick grabbed the middle of the chain and pulled hard, making her nipples stretch. He stopped pulling and her nipples bounced back. The board was removed, to her relief. Get on your hands and knees bitch Brick ordered, tugging on the chain. She got on hands and knees and crawled to Brick. Brick waved his huge dick at Jamie.

Beg for it whore Brick demanded. The principle knew she had no choice but to comply. Please let me suck your dick, I ve been such a cocktease that I deserve to be ****d in every hole master.

Jamie just hope it would be enough to appease Brick, and he wouldn t spank her again. Or worse. Brick nodded, so the Principle took his cock her hands. It was so big she could barely wrap her hands around it.

She licked shyly at first but soon upgraded to long full licks so that her every taste bud could enjoy his huge tool.

Jamie wished that the taste of a hard cock didn t make her so wet, especially when being ****d. Brick could see on her face how much see loved the taste of his cock. Brick grabbed the back of her head without warning and plunged his mammoth shlong down her throat.

She gagged at first, but through strength of will managed to suppress her gag reflex after awhile. The humiliation, degradation, and having her mouth ****d by one of her students proved to be such an arousing experience that she came without even touching her waxed pussy.

Cunt cream squirted out of twat in a stream, puddling on the stage floor. Holy shit! Brick swore see this wonder. Jamie moved slightly so that both the audience and the camera would have a better view of her tits and of her mouth being violated.

While Jamie s ego and superego wanted vengeance against her r****t students, her id loved having her beautiful body exposed to them. Her id loved that almost all of her male students were getting hard staring at her gargantuan jugs. And most all her id loved that she was going to ****d, humiliated, and treated like plaything for there cocks.

The rest of her mind thou felt it was the worst thing that had ever happened to her. Brick roared as he ejaculated in a torrent down his princpile s mouth.

It filled her mouth but she didn t shallow right away. First she gargled it, his sperm swishing from cheek to cheek over her taste buds. It tasted like ambrosia to the principle.

She then stuck out her jizz covered tongue before shallowing. Jamie stuck her tongue out again to show that she had shallowed every last drop of his dripping man juice.

Get on all fours bitch and lick your cum off of the floor Brick commanded. Yes master Jamie said submissively.

She was already on her knees so she got on her hands to and moved around so she could lap up her womanly cum. Having made certain that she was in a good position to be seen by the crowd and the camera, Jamie started lapping up her own cum.

Brick grabbed Jamie s hip and buried his prick deep into her tight quim. Brick than shoved a huge life like dildo up her ass. The dildo even had a pair of testicles on it. A tall black student named Mickey got up on stage and used some thin rubber tubing to try her knockers together.

He squeezed her mammoth mammaries with his large hand, declaring These have got to be the nicest pair tits I ve ever squeezed.

please fuck my enormous titties master she replied. He than slipped a cock even bigger than Brick s between her pillowy spheres.

Master, you might want to move a little to the right so that the camera and the crowd and see your hard cock pumping between my beautiful breasts the principle suggested in her growing exhibitionism.

He moved as she had suggested giving everyone a perfect view of the action. Brick teased Jamie s clit as he brutally ****d her tight cunt.

Oh master your cock is so huge it feels like its going to rip me in half! **** me hard like the cock sucking bitch that I am! the defrocked princple screamed. Please cover my beautiful jugs with your sperm master, I d love it if you d cum on me Jamie begged.

Mickey s sperm shot out of his cock in a geyser. There seemed to be no end to sperm as it coated the principle s tits. Everyone watched Mickey giving the hot slut s mountainous milk melon a sperm bath, while Brick fucked her tight cunt against her will, which made Jamie have a screaming series of orgasms so loud and slutty that Brick could have sworn that the King of Jordan must have heard it from here.

Jamie licked Mickey s dick clean, after which Mickey forced his hairy sack into her warm mouth. Jamie savoured the taste of his dark nuts.

Brick than filled Jamie s cunt with his seed. Mickey pulled his testicles out her mouth and started stroking his cock for the money shot. Mickey you ve always been a good student, now it is time to give your principle a facial, blow your hot sperm on my beautiful face, just like you ve always wanted too Jamie teased, licking her lips at the though of wearing her students cum.

Thick ropy wads of cum sprayed from his cock to cover her face. After that each student came up on stage and ****d her every orifice. Her hair, her tits, her feet, and even her nostrils were violated too. Jamie had cum more times than she had thought humanly possible. After over 200 hundred male students, and more than a few male school teachers, and some of the town s citizens she was forced to lick herself clean of cum.

Jamie blew the science club, got fucked in the ass by the Drama club, swallowed the jizz of the Math team, had her cunt pounded by the big cock meat of the football team, even had her tits fucked by the hall monitors, their sperm giving the cock veneration bitch a creamy sash of her own across her substantial breasts. The male teachers were worse, fucking her and whipping her with bamboo rods.

Brick returned to the stage with a bucket and a bowl. He placed them both on the floor. Get on your hands and knees cunt, with your tits hanging over the bucket Brick demanded as some one of his fellow students handed him a stool from the shop classroom. Brick sat on the stool beside his naked and humiliated principle.

Brick reached out and started milking the beautiful woman. I m going to sell most of your milk on the net Brick said to Jamie crudely. Jamie found that being milked in front of everyone was so hot that she couldn t keep her hand away from her pussy. The gorgeous principle fucked her self with one had while the other one was still planted on the floor.

Milk my tits please Jamie begged as she started shrieking out an orgasm.

Finally Brick pushed the bucket way and told Jamie to squat over the bowl. She was then ordered to pee. Jamie found it hard to urinate in front of everyone at first but finally a yellow stream erupted from her pussy. Jamie had no problem fill up the bowl with her pee.

As Jamie was peeing, Brick and 10 other guy surrounded her. Seeing they were about to pee on her Jamie challenged them. Go ahead and piss on me, here is your chance to have your revenge on me for all those detentions, you ve already gang ****d me, so finish me off by making me drink your hot, foul tasting piss!

Soon the principle was being hit on all sides by streams of piss. When the first group had finished peeing on her the second pissed on her and so on until everyone who had ****d her had pissed on her too.

They even made her drink their urine, like it was the nectar of the Gods.

Finally she was taken to the showers where they watched her shower clean, the cameras getting it all from every angle.

When she was clean Brick handed her a water proof vibrator and told her to masturbate. Jamie teased her nipples first with her new toy and from there slowly moved the vibrator down till it was buried in her tight cunt. The vibrator had a little part above the main part in order to stimulate her clit while she fucked herself.

Oh, Brick please call me a cheap slut, a big titted whore, a fucking cum slut Jamie begged as her mind was fogged over with orgasms. When she was done she sucked the vibrator clean, even deepthroating it skilfully.

If you tell anyone about this I ll send a copy of the tape to everyone you know, including your family so you better keep quiet unless of course you want your grandfather see you masturbating? Brick threatened. The poor principle realized they had her over a barrel, even if the thought of her Grandfather watching the tape made her clit throb, and agreed to their terms.

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