Repossessed: Chains of Debt

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Repossessed: Chains of Debt
This story takes place in an alternate timeline where slavery has been reinstated as a means of lessening losses from defaulted debts. This is written from a male POV.

The rain is icy cold, and relentless as the hunters you ve been evading for the past month. It seems almost to mock you, threatening to douse the meager fire you managed to build in an alleyway.
Your frayed, sodden windbreaker does nothing to ease the chill that permeates your bones. It s hard to remember the time before all this, when you weren t being chased by the hunters intent on putting you on an auction block.
It started simply enough. Just a loan for college. The payments were a little stiff, but you could make them if you worked hard. Everything was in order, and it seemed like you had a great future. That all changed when you lost your job. The corporate bosses had decided slave labor would be cheaper in the long run, after the initial investment. You were replaced by a slave, and now you are well on your way to becoming one.
You had tried desperately to find work, to no avail. Bills went unpaid, and one by one you lost your apartment, your car, everything. Now they are coming to take you. If they catch you, you ll lose the rights to your own body. Even your name will be taken, replaced by a bar code on your left shoulder. You ve seen it before. Both businesses and private citizens make use of slaves. Restaurants, factories, warehouses and more all enjoy the benefits of free labor.
Of course, there is the other side of the trade. Many strip clubs, bars, porn studios, sex shops and brothels are full of slaves. Most are young, beautiful women, but it isn t uncommon to see men pressed into the erotic services.
The city drones on around you, and you stare drowsily into the fire. You haven t rested in days, and exhaustion is taking over. Despite the steady chatter of the pedestrians on the sidewalk a dozen yards away, you find yourself drifting off.
Suddenly, you notice a man has stopped at the end of your alley. He is dressed in a simple black coat and matching pants. His back is toward you, and he s handing out flyers to the people passing by. A shock runs through you as you realize what they are. Wanted posters.
You stand cautiously, trying to avoid drawing his attention. You begin slowly walking further down the alley, your tattered sneakers almost completely silent on the concrete. You re nearly to the end, about to round the corner when you chance a look back over your shoulder. It s that exact instant that the hunter turns around. You see recognition flash across his face, and he comes down the alley at a flat sprint.
You decide your best bet is to try to slow him down by making this chase as dangerous as possible. You dash into the street, cars whizzing by inches from your body, horns blaring. Somehow you make it across, and dodge down another alley. Behind you, you can hear car horns again, as the hunter attempts to cross the busy street.
Charging through the alley, you knock over some trash cans, hoping to buy a little extra time. You turn onto the sidewalk, slowing down once you re out of his view and trying to blend in with the crowd.
He runs out of the alley a few seconds later, and turns the other way, running away from you. You breathe a sigh of relief. You ve escaped again.
There s a sudden, sharp sting in your right thigh, and you look down to see a clear dart rapidly emptying its contents into you. You realize that this was the plan all along, to chase you into the open so they could get a clean shot.
It s your last thought as a free man, as the pavement rushes toward you and blackness takes over.

The first thing you are aware of is the splitting headache pounding through your skull. You re curled up in a ball, and you seem to be swaying softly. It s almost soothing, until the memory of what happened breaks through the fog in your head. You snap open your eyes and sit up.
You re in a small iron cage, swinging from an anchor in the ceiling of a dark, windowless room. A single dim light bulb provides just enough light to see. A rusted metal door is the only way in or out. There are other cages like yours, some empty, others occupied by nude men and women.
You ve been stripped naked, and the dirt of your month-long journey washed away. Running a hand through your hair, you realize it s been cut too, and your face shaven. Looking down, you notice your pubic hair is gone. You re shaved smooth. That can only mean one thing.
A burning sensation on your shoulder finally filters through the pain in your head. You know what you re going to see there, but you look anyway. Sure enough, there is the bar code, freshly inked into your skin. The symbol beneath it dictates the purpose for which you will be sold. It is two overlapping circles, not the hammer that designates worker slaves.
You ve been marked as a sex slave.

Several hours pass uneventfully. No one speaks, each captive dreading their new place in society. Suddenly, the door opens, and three men in gray coveralls file in, carrying a large wooden box between them. Small black stun sticks hang at their belts. One of the men begins to open the box as the other two unlock the cage closest to you. The woman inside is slim and willowy, with wavy red hair. You don t need to see the symbol on her arm to know where she is going.
She retreats as far as the tiny cage will allow. Please, there s been a misunderstanding! I can pay it back! Don t do this! The men just laugh. One of them says, Quiet, slave! Your mouth is for fucking, not for talking! They grab her around her upper arms, pulling her from the hanging cage. She struggles briefly, but it only earns her a jolt from one of the stun sticks.
The third man pulls a complicated metal belt from the box, and lifting the girl s legs, he slides it into place. As he does, you notice the thick metal dildo on the inside of the belt. It pushes deep into her pussy, and she squirms uncomfortably in his arms. A large metal padlock secures the belt in place.
Next, the man produces a rubber gag. The mouthpiece is sculpted into the shape of a large cock. He unceremoniously shoves it into her mouth, ignoring her muffled protests. He fits heavy metal manacles on her wrists and ankles, using a power drill to tighten the locking screws. Without the proper key tool, the shackles would be impossible to remove. A matching collar is fitted around her neck.
Finally, he pulls out a large, shiny steel object that resembles a miniature football with a screw assembly on one end. He twists the screw experimentally, testing the function. The contraption opens like a flower. He twists it back, closing it again, and nods at the other two men. They bend her over, exposing her bare, flawless ass to him. He begins slowly pressing the object into her puckered pink hole. She squeals shrilly around the fat rubber cock in her mouth, tears running down her face. With a distinct popping motion, the plug slides home in her ass. The man begins twisting the screw again, opening it inside her, preventing it from being removed. Another, smaller padlock locks it open.
One of them men attaches a chain to her collar, and opens the door, pulling her behind him. They disappear down the hallway, the sound of her muffled sobbing echoing off the bare walls. The man comes back within a few minutes, and they begin the process anew on another slave. Both men and women are treated the same, the only difference being that men received a cock cage instead of a belt.
Soon you are the only one left. The men open your cage and haul you roughly out. The man fits the thick steel manacles on your wrists, and holds them shut as he tightens the lock screw. Your ankles are also quickly chained, and a collar placed around your neck. The chains are heavy, but you know you will soon grow used to them. The man locks your cock cage on, the steel ice cold against your skin. Then the gag is fitted into place, the thick head of the rubber dick pressing at the back of your throat, making it difficult to breathe.
Now comes the part you re really dreading. The two men holding you push you roughly to your knees, then bend you over so your ass is lewdly exposed to the other man. You can t see behind you, but you know what is coming.
Suddenly it s there, freezing cold against your tender anus. The pressure is steady and insistent. You can feel it stretching your hole, and you reflexively tighten up. Incredible pain shoots through your ass, and you let out a cry around the rubber cock threatening to choke you. You can feel the pop as your ass takes the device fully. The man begins turning the screw, and you feel a strange tightness as it opens within you. There is a click as he locks it, and you are pulled to your feet.
They attach a chain to your collar and lead you down the hall, your chains clinking quietly, bare feet padding on the concrete. The hall is as dimly lit as the room you were held in, with cinder block walls covered in a thin coat of white paint.
The men lead you through another door, and out into dazzling sunlight. You are standing in an open plaza, with a wooden stage in front of you. Slaves are lined up on the stage, their chains linked to rings set in the stage floor. Quite a crowd has gathered, and there are a handful of people on the stage inspecting the slaves, running hands over their bare skin appreciatively.
You are led up the steps and chained into place with the others. You can feel the eyes on you, the enjoyment of the crowd as they watch the naked bodies offered to them.
You notice a woman in a tight, dark leather jacket and pants and tall, elaborately laced boots. Her long, blond hair falls in a single braid down her back. She is watching you intently, with obvious enjoyment. She steps up to the stage. How much for this one? she asks the salesman. He scans your bar code. Twenty thousand.
She nods sharply. Good. I want him. He is perfect for my purposes. She walks a short distance away with the salesman, arranging payment.
Sold. Just like that. Now you belong to her. She comes back a few minutes later, unchains you from the stage, and leads you down the steps and towards a large cargo truck. She slides the back door open, revealing two more slaves, a man and a woman, arms above their heads, chained to bolts in the wall. You are soon chained next to them, and the door is quickly shut, plunging you into darkness.
You can t tell how long the drive is, with no way of reckoning time. Finally, the truck stops, and the engine cuts off. The door is opened again, and as your eyes adjust to the light again, you see the woman, now accompanied by two male slaves in red loincloths. They wear nothing else. Each of them unhooks one of the other slaves in the truck, while the woman unchains you. You step down out of the back of the truck. In front of you is a large, ostentatious mansion. You are led around to a small side door, and in through an anteroom. It is full of slaves in varying states of undress.
Another door opens onto a staircase, leading down beneath the mansion. The other two slaves are taken elsewhere, while the woman leads you down the steps. At the bottom is a large, open room. Manacles hang from the brick walls, cages ring the perimeter of the room, and various pieces of equipment are s**ttered about. A large bed with an ornate wrought-iron frame occupies a corner. The woman takes you over to a post standing roughly in the middle of the room. A large rubber dildo stands at an angle from the post.
Kneel, she says, pushing at the back of your knees with a booted foot. Once you are on your knees, she bends you over as the men did when they locked your ass open. There is a click as she unlocks the expanded plug in your ass, and you feel the pressure lessen as she loosens the screw. She pulls, and out comes the device.
Pulling you back to your feet, she locks your manacle chain to an eye bolt in the post, holding your arms above your head. You can feel the dildo on the post pushing at your anus. Weakened from the lock, your hole offers little resistance and soon you are completely impaled.
The woman temporarily unlinks the chains on your ankles, pulling your legs back and reattaching the chains on the other side of the post, lifting them onto another hook so that you can no longer stand on your feet. You hang from your wrists with your body weight keeping the dildo deep inside you.
The woman backs away a little, shrugging out of her leather jacket, revealing a simple black shirt. She bends down and unlaces her boots, placing them off to the side. You begin to wonder what she s going to do with you now. She slides her pants down, the tight leather clinging to her legs. As she kicks the pants away, you see that she wears no panties, but a tiny silver bell dangles from her clit. She looks you right in the eye before pulling off her shirt. She has perfect breasts, both nipples pierced with silver rings. As she turns back to you, you see a bar code tattooed on her shoulder. She sees your eyes go wide with surprise.
Oh, you thought I was going to be your owner? No, I m a slave too, just a better one than you can hope to be. The master is coming now. She drops to her knees, facing the stairs where you came in.
A massive man steps down the stairs. He is dark haired, muscular, and completely naked. A massive cock dangles between his legs, already dripping.
So this is my new toy! Kayla, you know my tastes so well. Let s break it in!

***This was my first attempt at writing a story for Xhamster. If there is enough interest, I ll continue writing more. If you liked this, please do hit the like button, and feel free to comment! Thanks for reading!

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