Seduction of shanti 3

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Seduction of shanti 3
The guys and the girls did their own thing that night, but they made arrangements to get together again the following day, a Wednesday.

They would meet and go out for dinner and later hit the resort club. Throughout the day, the girls did activities such as volleyball, and riding on a speedboat. She was wearing a different bikini this time, but Shanti couldn t help but think about what happened the last time she wore one. Images of that really big man pulling down her bikini bottoms, followed up by images of his massive cock forcing its way inside her would not leave her mind. She found that she was wet all day long and could not wait to see him.

That evening could not come soon enough, but finally six o clock rolled around and the three guys, Angelo included, arrived at their hotel door. Shanti was wearing a tiny, tight, dark green top with straps over the shoulders, and it went down to her belly button. She also wore a thin, dark skirt that went to her knees, but was six inches higher on either side. Angelo was wearing shorts and a golf shirt, and his biceps seemed to look even bigger in it!

As the six walked down the corridor, Shanti realized that she forgot to put her wallet in her purse, and she had to go back. After telling the gang that she would meet them at the restaurant, she turned and hurried back to her room. Not being a stupid man, Angelo followed.

Any opportunity to get this goddess alone was one that he had to take advantage of!

Hey, you didn t have to come! She exclaimed as she unlocked her door. Nevertheless, she could not deny the violent tingling that suddenly shot through her crotch.

Oh, that s okay. I couldn t let you walk alone! He said with a smile.

She opened the door and the two of them stepped inside. She quickly spotted her wallet on the nightstand and hurried over to grab it. Opening her purse, she shoved the wallet inside and zipped it back up. Angelo had shut the door behind them, and when she got to where he was waiting, she caught the look on his face. It was a look of lust, a look of desire. Her heart pounded and she stood still as he stepped up to her, putting his hands on her sides. She could tell that her panties were getting wet as he bent to kiss her. Their lips met and they kissed softly. He pulled her closer into her strong arms as he pressed his mouth harder against hers. She sent her tongue into his mouth, and he did the same to hers. Their lips were smacking loudly as they made out at the doorway. She was breathing a lot heavier at this point, and she could feel his hands slide down her back to her ass over her skirt.

Angelo squeezed her soft ass as he sent his tongue far into her mouth. He pressed her body against his, making sure that she could feel just how hard she was making him. It had the desired affect, as Shanti s pussy absolutely flooded and her tongue went wild in his mouth.

Once he received that signal, his hands slid further down and pulled up her short skirt, easily feeling her naked ass cheeks as she was wearing only a thong. He squeezed her soft bum tightly as their tongues danced in each other s mouths. He reached underneath her. Her thong easily slipped over to one side as her pussy was covered in juices. He found this out for himself when his finger touched her sopping wet slit. He dipped a finger inside her warm tunnel.

Mmmmph… she moaned into his mouth as she felt his digit enter her. She was all his now, and he knew it, too. Angelo broke the kiss and roughly spun her around. He placed one hand on her exposed belly beneath her shirt, while the other one remained up her skirt, but over her crotch. He rubbed her swollen pussy lips over her panties as he kissed her neck. He could hear her panting in his ear and he could feel her rubbing herself against his hand. He slipped his fingers into the side of her moist panties, again touching her sopping wet lips.

He slipped a finger back inside her snug pussy.

Ohhhhh… she sighed again, bolts of desire firing up her small body. She wanted this man inside her again. Desperately. Feeling that finger inside her vagina made her long for something much bigger in there. She wouldn t have to wait long. In an instant, his finger was out of her pussy and he had both hands on her hips. Shanti found herself bending over before him, placing her hands on the counter by the door. The cool air of the room hit her bare ass as she felt him flip her skirt up. She was wearing a gray thong.

As he pulled over nine inches of hard cock out of his shorts, he was staring at the smooth brown cheeks of her amazing ass. He fished the thong out of the crack of her ass and forced it halfway across her left cheek, exposing her treasure.

Shanti remained bent over before him passively, giving herself to him. She was gasping for breath, the blood rushing through her veins. He ran the fat head of his cock down the crack of her ass, holding her thong against her cheek with his thumb. He suddenly felt moist heat, and he knew that he was in the right spot. He thrust towards the source, feeling the lips of her vagina part for him. It was a tight squeeze, and right from the start he had to force it. One inch…two inches…three. She could feel more and more of him poke into her, and he had such big girth that her pussy was really stretching wide for him.

UNH! She grunted. Her pussy was very wet, but his penis was so huge that it was still a big effort to take him inside her. Angelo pulled back out of her most of the way, and then began fucking her with just those three inches.

He was staring just underneath that gorgeous brown ass of hers, where his fingers were still holding her gray panties to one side. He could see the brown lips of her needy vagina pulling outward as the top of his organ slid in and out of her. Shanti began rocking her ass back towards him, urging him on and looking to get more of him inside her. The fourth and fifth inch of him entered her much easier than the first three, and felt so good to feel such heat wrap snugly around that much of his cock that he lost all control. Instinct forced his one hand to hold her hip tightly while thrusting forward roughly. She would have lost her balance had he not been holding her in place. The last four plus inches of his dick forced its way inside her little twat, and was now fully consumed by her warmth. Her ass was pressed right up against his groin. He was losing it already.

He didn t bother trying to fight it, since he knew they were pretty much in a hurry anyway.

Keeping three or four inches of his cock inside her at all times, he began to thrust rapidly, fucking her hard. ‘Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! His groin slapped against her sexy ass repeatedly, causing the cheeks to shake. The sounds were akin to those a machine gun, he was fucking her so fast.

Unh! Unh! Ohhh! Unh! Her cries could be heard in the hallway just outside the door, but the West Indian woman was unaware that she was even making them. Her awareness was focused solely on the over nine inches of cock that was poking hard off the back of her cunt over and over again. Bolts of pleasure exploded up her body, and she was conscious of each and every inch of his manhood gliding quickly along the sensitive inner walls of her vagina. The small girl was up on her toes as the big man drove his pole up into her.

a****l instinct had taken over, and Angelo found himself stretching her thong all the way to her hip, nearly ripping it. Both hands were now holding her hips, forcing the tiny girl back against his hard thrusts over and over. She was like a rag doll in his giant hands, and he was having his way with her one hundred percent. He knew his cock was one of the bigger ones in this world, and he also knew she was just a small Indian girl. Mercilessly, he drove every inch of himself up into her, and all he could do was watch her brown cheeks wiggle with each impact.

He lost it, slamming his dick up into her hot wetness rapidly a few more times. He pulled out of her, moaning.

Gasping for breath, Shanti remained on her toes, leaning against the counter, as she suddenly felt hot, sticky fluid land on her bum. She sighed, satisfied, as she felt another hot stream of her lover s cum land on her skin.

Angelo released her thong as he watched more of his semen pour out the end of his cock and land on the brown skin of her amazing ass. The white fluid was all over her butt, splattered across much of her right cheek. He rubbed the tip of his penis against the crack of her ass, wiping the last drops there. He admired his handiwork for a moment before scrambling for the box of tissues. He helped her clean up, gentleman that he was, and then the two of them left. They hurried to meet up with their friends.

* * * * *

Later that night, Shanti was at the resort club with her friends, dancing the night away. The drinks were free, and she was drunk in no time.

She was a sexy dancer, and an even sexier woman, and every male in the club was circling her at one time or another. Her eyes were only for Angelo, though. Not just because he was probably the hottest guy there, with the best body, but also because she was starting to feel comfortable with him. Like all budding relationships, the mere sight of him made her horny. The knowledge that he was incredibly well hung certainly didn t help matters. The inside of her pussy throbbed with desire for a brief moment when she thought about how his manhood felt squeezing into her. It took so long to slide into her all the way! She shook the image out of her head and continued dancing. It was approaching midnight, and Shanti sat down at a table beside Angelo. His friend that was sitting across from him got up and joined the gang on the dance floor.

She was intoxicated somewhat, and very horny. She smiled up at him and leaned towards him. He kissed her mouth. Their lips smacked loudly, although it couldn t be heard over the music.

He placed his hand on her bare knee and squeezed it. His touch sent tingles up her leg to her crotch, and when he squeezed her knee it was like he sent a thousand bolts of electricity up her body. She knew that if he were to touch her pussy, it would suck his finger inside. That was how wet she was. Just thinking about it made things even worse.

How are you? She shouted over the music. He tickled his fingers just a couple of inches north of her knee, and she was having trouble getting her mind off his cock as a result.

Good. He replied. Are you having fun? She leaned forward and kissed him, closing her eyes and forcing her tongue into his mouth. The kiss lingered for a few seconds before she broke it.

Yes. She replied mischievously. That kiss made him hard as a rock, and he tried to calm himself down. When you were as well hung as he was, you had to be extra careful about those things – it was impossible to hide! He noticed her eyes glance down at his crotch, and a smile appear on her face. No need to hide it now!

Let s go for a walk. He said, getting up. Thinking they were going back to one of the rooms, Shanti eagerly stood up. As they walked across the dance floor, he took her by the hand. She caught sight of her friends and waved, subtly pointing towards Angelo. Her friends laughed and continued dancing, knowing full well that she was off to get fucked by her new lover. They needn t worry about her for a


When they left the club, Shanti was surprised when she was led not towards the hotel doors, but towards the beach. It was a hot night, but she could feel sprinkles of rain. The beach was deserted, both from the hour of the night, as well as the threat of rain. The walked down the beach for a few minutes, holding hands and drunkenly joking around, until the club was out of sight. Then Angelo made his move. He turned her towards him, placing his hands on her ass over her thin skirt. Her lips eagerly found his and they kissed passionately. The kiss was hard, and rough, and their lips were smacking loudly in the dead of night – the only sound besides the waves hitting the shore and the distant music of the club.

As his tongue explored her mouth, his hands were slowly pulling her skirt up her legs to the bottom of her ass. He reached underneath her skirt and grabbed onto her naked ass cheeks on either side of her tiny thong. He caressed her soft, smooth ass cheeks as her tongue darted far into his mouth. He ran his fingers down along the crack of her ass and slipped them under the wet material of her panties. Her pussy was absolutely soaked, and he had an easy time dipping a finger inside.

Mmmph… she moaned into his mouth as she felt his digit enter her. She could clearly feel the big man s bulge pressing against her stomach. Angelo slipped it back out of her – just giving her a taste of what she could have. He squeezed her bare ass cheeks tightly, pulling them apart a little underneath her skirt. She shot her tongue far into his mouth, as if that would ease her arousal. He caught her off guard by breaking the kiss.

Wanna lie down? He asked.

On the sand? She asked, hesitantly. Now matter how horny she was, her old cleanliness habits still shone through. She couldn t help it!

Here. Angelo took off his shirt and laid it out on the beach. He was a big man and his shirt covered a surprising amount of ground. Shanti thought it was good enough to make out on. She lay so that her ass was sitting on the bottom part of the shirt, and she rested on her elbow, which was closer to the top. He lay down beside her, not caring if he was on the sand or not.

Immediately, their lips met. Her leg swung over his, and his hand grabbed onto her ass roughly.

He squeezed her soft, smooth cheek, as their tongues danced against one another. He slipped his fingers into her thong along the crack of her ass and slowly ran them downward. Again, he found the hot moisture of her pussy and he dipped a finger inside. She moaned into his mouth again, kissing him even harder.

Subconsciously, her leg was pulling his crotch closer to hers, as if they were both naked. She could feel the tip of his finger dip in and out of her needy cunt. She wished that he would push it further inside. She suddenly found that her hand was caressing down his strong, naked chest, and tingles shot up her body when she realized what she was reaching for. Her hand grasped his large bulge through his shorts, squeezing it desirably. Again she was reminded of how incredibly huge he was.

Feeling wild, and wanting to tease, Shanti s fingers undid the button on his shorts and pulled down his fly. She reached into his underwear and pulled his giant cock out into the open. She started to realize that she was teasing herself just as badly! His finger continued to glide in and out of the sensitive lips of her horny vagina, but only just a little ways. She was dying to have the finger push inside her just a little further! She was breathing laboriously, her kiss getting sloppy as her arousal became unbearable. Her small hand was stroking him urgently – she really needed them to go to the hotel room!

Instead, Shanti broke the kiss and began to kiss down his neck and chest. Smiling, the Italian rolled onto his back. Her small, brown hand was holding his large white penis straight up into the warm air of the night as she slowly kissed down his taut stomach. She could feel the definition of his six-pack with her lips as they trailed down his body. When she got to his manhood, she didn t waste any time teasing him.

She wrapped her lips around the top of his organ and slowly took him into her mouth. Her lips went down about four inches, and then she quickly glided them back up, popping him out of her mouth with a ‘slurp sound. She looked up at him, wanting to see his reaction. His eyes were closed, and his head was arched back slightly. A soft moan escaped from his lips.

That s about the reaction that she was hoping for, and it turned her on even further knowing what she did to him.

Shanti gobbled up his big dick again, this time taking six inches of him and poking the back of her throat. She nearly gagged in her eagerness. She bobbed her head up and down on him, her tiny hand stroking the base as she sucked on the rest. ‘Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! The sucking sounds that emerged from the head that she was giving were loud, and could be heard quite a ways down the beach.

Between the alcohol, and their arousal, neither of them noticed. She was fully focused on his penis. Focused on sucking him to the best of her ability. He placed a hand on the back of her head, his fingers slipping deep into her long, thick hair. Her soft lips continued to glide up and down the long shaft of his organ, her tongue licked over his head every time she withdrew. He moaned softly, starting to hump his hips upwards in the air a little. If he weren t careful, he would waste his load before he got inside her!

Lucky for him, she pulled his dick out of her mouth, sloppily. Holding his dick up in the air, she teasingly ran her tongue around the base. It was the break in the action that he needed. Placing a finger under her chin, he gently lifted her up. Taking the hint, she moved back up to where he was and her lips quickly found his. He rolled over on top of her, and her legs subconsciously parted, leaving him no option but to lie on her between them.

His fat, exposed cock was pressed against the thin material of her moist panties, and he rubbed against her as they made out. She ran her sandal-covered feet up his legs, bending her knees and opening her thighs. His hard tool was stimulating her sensitive pussy, as nothing was between the two but a few strands of cotton.

Shanti was caught off guard when Angelo broke the kiss. He quickly kissed down the exposed skin of her neck before kissing down her torso over her shirt. She was so lost in the feeling that she didn t realize what he was doing until she felt him push her skirt up above her waist, exposing her tiny thong. Her eyes shot open.

What are you doing? She asked, though she knew the answer. She was a little nervous – they were completely out in the open, dark or not!

Returning the favor. He replied, as his

fingers pushed her panties to one side. Her swollen pussy was exposed to the air, though he could not really see it under the night sky. He lightly kissed them, and she gasped as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. At the same time, she felt a gentle sprinkle of water on her face. It was starting to rain! She felt his tongue slip inside her and she sucked in her breath and closed her eyes. Again he surprised her when he stopped and grabbed onto her thong.

He roughly pulled it downward, forcing it to her knees. She didn t care anymore, pulling her left foot out of them, followed quickly by her right one. Her Italian lover dove back between her thighs, sliding his hands underneath her smooth ass. He pushed his tongue into her cunt as far as it would go, as rain sprinkled down on them. His tongue continued upward, tasting her nectar as it ran along the roof of her needy twat. He sucked her clit into his mouth, running his tongue back and forth across it.

She bucked against his face so violently that she nearly knocked his face away. His strong hands held her soft cheeks tightly, though, and he relentlessly lapped at her delicious cunt.

He suddenly felt the rubber soles of her sandals on his shoulders as his tongue tickled up and down her sensitive slit even faster. Shanti grunted, wincing as she felt an orgasm rocket towards her. She bucked wildly into his face as she got closer…and closer.

Unngh! she grunted, shuddering. Her thighs squeezed his head tightly as she came. Angelo continued licking at her cunt as quickly as he could, unable to breathe for the time being.

She groaned again, her legs loosening a little around him. He kissed her swollen lips before backing away, causing her to shudder once again as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. He slowly kissed up her taut belly, pushing her shirt up as he went. He pushed her shirt and bra up and over her tits, exposing them to the night air. His mouth engulfed a large nipple as drops of rain hit her other one. Her pussy could sense the close vicinity of his organ, and she squirmed beneath him in anticipation. Her nipple slipped out of his mouth and he looked up. Her tongue was out of her mouth before their lips even touched. Their lips met, and he could already feel her tongue touching the back of his mouth, and he rubbed his own tongue along it as he reached in between them. The Italian grabbed his rampant hard on and touched her clit with it.
Ohh! she moaned, tingles of electricity shooting up her body at his dick s gentle touch. She raised her feet up in the air, opening her legs as she gave herself to him. She didn t notice the rain coming down just a little bit harder. What she did notice was the fat head of this man s penis pressing against the lips of her pussy, slowly moving downward as it drew closer and closer to her entrance.

There was no question in his mind where the entrance to her treasure was. The intense heat and wetness that was emanating from it could no doubt be detected from ten feet away! There was no way he could stop now. He pushed forward.

Her wet pussy lips opened up for him, allowing his thick mushroom head to squeeze inside. She moaned, closing her eyes as she felt him enter her body slowly. Heat engulfed him, drawing him inward. A sigh escaped from his lips as her tunnel gripped the top of his manhood. He pushed harder, easing more of himself into her.

Slowly, over half of his penis sunk into Shanti s vagina. So tight! He pushed more of himself inside her until his groin was pressed against her.

Mmmmph! she gasped into his mouth. His hard pole was so deep inside her! He slowly pulled out of her, and she could feel every inch of his thickness gliding along the sensitive walls of her cunt. Her feet were raised high up in the air, waving back and forth as he slid in and out of her. She broke the kiss, giving herself to the feeling. Her lover s rock-hard organ plowed in and out of her hungry pussy a little faster.

She finally noticed the rain as it began to come down pretty hard. The two of them were soaking wet at this point, but neither one cared.

Ungh! Unh! Unh! Ohh! she whined as he began to fuck her harder. Angelo began to fuck her as hard as he could, his hands gripping her shoulders as he drilled his cock deep into her over and over. She held her legs high up in the air with her hands, spreading them wide as she took the biggest dick she had ever seen deep into her hungry pussy over and over. Her moans were getting louder. She didn t notice the water pouring off her face. Her eyes were closed anyway, so no rain got in them. She was wincing, feeling his wide girth stretch her little pussy wide as it forced its way in. He was fucking her so fast that his cock rubbed the sensitive walls of her pussy at a lightening pace, sending bolts of pleasure throughout her body. She could feel an orgasm rising already – fucking in the rain was everything that she had ever dreamed about!

She let out a high-pitched squeal, shuddering as an orgasm overwhelmed her very being. She brought her legs down around him, squeezing him tight as she came and came and came. The inner walls over her vagina convulsed around him.

He was forced to slow down and use smaller strokes, so tight were her legs gripping him. They weren t the only things that were gripping him – her pussy had a mighty grip as well! Oh man – this goddess was so fucking hot! He just wanted to fuck the shit out of her until she was embedded into the ground! His lust for her made him reach even deeper within himself and somehow fuck her even harder. He was so forceful that he broke the tight grip of her legs. His ass thrust between her spread legs so fast it was a blur. He didn t think his giant cock could be any bigger! Her pussy was so hot, he couldn t stand it another minute! He was going to cum, and he knew it would be one of his bigger ones.

Shanti lay underneath him helplessly, as he rammed her between her open thighs with all his might. Angelo was losing it, thrusting a few more times quickly. He didn t know where the thought came from, or where it came from, all he knew was that it felt right. He was going to give this goddess his seed. He didn t care that she asked him not to. He didn t care if she was on birth control or not. It just felt right.

He slid his entire giant penis into Shanti s needy vagina, holding her close. Her legs fell on his instinctively. He grunted, cock jerking inside her. A hot, thick stream of cum shot out the end of his manhood and splashed off the back of her hungry cunt. His dick spasmed again, shooting another rope of semen into her womb.

Her hands gripped his biceps as his penis unleashed another river of sperm into her body.

She was rubbing her pussy up against him despite herself. It felt so good. They were gasping for breath as more of his seed dripped into her pussy. Angelo grabbed her shoulders, pressing his groin hard against her as his searching lips found hers. He squeezed more of his cum out of his cock, joining the pool of cum that was already in the depths of the Indian girl s vagina. Her tongue shot into his mouth as the rain continued to fall on them. Her cunt was milking every drop of semen that this well-hung Italian had to offer, and she found that she wasn t bothered by the thought. In fact, she liked it. Her sexy brown legs wrapped around his waist, holding him even closer.

The two lovers kissed for a moment, lips smacking loudly, before they suddenly realized that they were soaking wet and that it was raining rather hard. They broke the kiss, her legs opening. Slowly, reluctantly, Angelo pulled out of her. A drop of cum was at the tip of his knob, and he pressed it against the swollen lips of her pussy, rubbing it on them.

He got up, pulling up his shorts. They were alone on the beach.

Shanti grabbed her panties off the sand, and pulled her shirt and bra down over her tits.

She stood up.

As they walked back to the hotel, she could feel his seed leaking out of her pussy a little bit.

When she got back to the hotel room, and her friends saw how soaking wet she was, all they could do was laugh excitedly. Their friend obviously just had some fun!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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