She s so cool part three:

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She s so cool part three:
She’s so cool part three:

I’d been on vacation with some buddies at work, so hadn’t seen Ellen for ten days. When I got back I called her immediately. She was happy to hear from me, told me she masturbated the whole time I was away, wishing I was there. Then the subject quickly turned to meeting my Uncle. I told her I would call him and arrange it after this.

My Uncle Michael, owns The Crimson Strip Club on Main Street, he’s been a great role model for me, since my Dad took off when I was just three. Everything I learned he taught me. His club is one of two in the city, but they don’t fight for competition. My Uncle s place is older and more established then the other one. I called him up on his down time, to tell him about Ellen and I.

“Uncle Mike, it’s Stuart, gotta confess to you that I have a steady girlfriend now. She’s called Ellen, and she’s the one, those tricks you taught me, she kinda likes them, so thanks for helping me out with that.”

“I told you a woman would come, if you treated her the right way, is she a keeper? Sounds like you got lucky.”

“I’d like to think so, anyway, I’m calling because she wants to meet you, can we fix that up for her, are you busy?”

“Never too busy for my Nephew, set it up this weekend, I’ll send you the Limo and you can bring her in style.”

“Awesome Uncle Mike, I’ll call you when we’re ready.”

I hung up the phone and left it for a day before contacting Ellen. I didn t give details only told her to wear something incredible and be ready for 8 o’clock Saturday. Called my Uncle back after she agreed and waited for the day to arrive…

Saturday arrived and the Limo collected me first, then we drove to Ellen’s place. I stepped out of the Limo and knocked on the door, Ellen answered and wow, she’s wearing a red leather, zip up bodice and really tight leather trousers to match, you could see the creases in her ass and the shape of her pussy, and could not possibly be wearing panties underneath, I blow a shrill breath and she knew how cool she looked. Ellen’s Mom was peeping out the window, I hadn’t seen her before, but her face as she saw the Limo outside to collect her daughter, was an absolute picture. She looks pretty even in her forties, I wave to her and usher Ellen into the Limo.

“You look incredibly hot Ellen, your Mom is pretty too, I think she approves.”

“I told her you’re gentleman, and Ray’s not to pissed at you either, I told him whilst you were on vacation.”

“I’m pleased, shall we go see my Uncle now?”

“Let’s do this?”

The Limo took off and started driving to the club, we sipped Champagne and listened to music. It wasn’t long before we were turning into the garage underneath. The Driver parked up and we headed in to the club. I knew the way in and held Ellen’s hand tightly whilst we walked.

I wasn’t long before we were in the main part of the club, six different women were dancing on stage, the crowds sat respectfully watching, no touching in here, all cash gets put in a shoot in front of the girls’ stage. Ellen was smiling at some of the girls, she knew two off them from our year in school.
Finally we reached the private place where my Uncle stays, it’s sound proofed and one way sheered black glass, he can see out but nobody can see in. Ellen soon realized that she found a third place private to fuck in. Then we see my Uncle, and he’s sat with a brunette woman, she’s wearing a gold bodysuit, and killer heels to match. He’s wearing a gray suit and collarless shirt, he’s handsome and the two of them, they looked perfectly matched to each other.

“Uncle Mike, this is Ellen, my girlfriend, what do you think?”

“Ellen, I’m Mike, pleasure to meet you at last, this gal here is Celia, shake hands Celia, and my Nephew Stuart.”

Celia shook Ellen’s hand and kissed me on both cheeks. It didn’t feel awkward at all. Then we were led to a room further in, and the door was closed. Inside the room was a swing hanging down and seats positioned around it facing towards it.

“Let’s have some drinks then?” Uncle Mike broke the ice and the Champagne flowed for about an hours, I could see Ellen was getting tipsy as she was sat on the arm of my Uncle’s chair, Celia was sat next to me. Uncle Mike’s arm went behind Ellen’s back and I saw his hand grip her waist. She didn’t move away, she sipped her flute and looked over at me, her eyes narrowing to get me to approve this, I nodded and she allowed Uncle Mike to continue.

Celia, sat on my lap and I didn’t feel quite so left out. Her ass ground on my lap while Mike moved his hand, further up Ellen’s body, his right hand zipped down her bodice, and I knew Ellen wouldn’t flinch. This is what she’d wanted, one night of incredible sex with my Uncle. I would do anything to keep in her good graces, even this. Celia moved to the carpet and zipped down my pants, while Mike opened Ellen s top completely, spilling her big lovely tits out for all of us to see, Mike sucked on them straight after seeing them, Celia had my cock out and began to suck me off, Ellen was loving Mike’s mouth on her I could tell by her face, but she’s looking at me getting my cock pleasured.

Mike stood up and moved Ellen to the swing in the middle, her boobs bouncing as she walked towards it. Mike sat her in the seat, then grabbed her ankles and lifted them up, using the Velcro straps to secure her ankles in place, her hot ass pointed my way.

Celia was still pleasuring my pole at this time, her tits had been lifted out and I was playing with them. Her dark nipples in my fingers feeling stiff and proud. Mike unclasped Ellen’s trousers and pulled them up her legs showing us what I’d already guessed, that she wasn’t wearing panties. Her pubes had grown and her pussy was pouting for me to see, Mike licked her out, his tongue doing the same thing I did and she loved it, but Mike did it for longer, she was shuddering and moaning.

Celia pulled her body suit right off herself, her pussy is plump and shaven, as she positioned her ass over my lap, she sits down on my hard, erect cock. Mike pulled out his cock too, pointed it towards Ellen, she was keen to suck him off, and did for a while, making him as hard as rock. I couldn’t help but notice, Mike’s dick was a tad smaller than mine, but he’s got the experience.

Mike stood up and swung Ellen around, she looked over at me again as Mike slowly entered my girlfriend’s pussy, her face told me how good it felt, as he pushed all the way in, with Celia feeling equally as good on top of me. Celia was facing the action with her ass towards me and I hadn’t realized I was up there. She was tight but comfortable, moving up and down on me. Mike made Ellen squeal with ecstasy as his expert thrusts thrilled her, and Celia was picking up the speed too, until she came on me, and slowed down then pulled me out of her ass.

“Time we swapped!” Said Mike, I knew he would share this moment, so as we crossed the room he winked with approval at me.

I quickly unfastened Ellen’s ankles and let her stand up, we both moved over to the couches and she laid me down, getting between my legs to suck my dick, whilst looking at Mike and Celia going hammer and tongs on the floor. Ellen swung her legs over so we could sixty-nine, her long sucks on my swollen head, making that sensation happen again, as my tongue lapped at her over-extended pussy and we made each over come like that. Except this time Ellen didn’t move her mouth away and collected my jizz to the back of her tongue, her juices flowed down into my mouth too. Mike fucked Celia hard and fast, he ploughs into her, doggy-style on the floor. We dressed ourselves again and watch intently as Mike and Celia climax together, once again Ellen and I huddled together, as they finished off their display.

Then it was all over.

“Phew! That was so good, don’t ya think?” Said Mike, breaking through the groggy haze we were all feeling.

“I enjoyed every minute of it Mike, thanks,” Said Ellen, being genuinely well mannered.

“I’m glad we could do this, and I hope you liked her Uncle Mike?” I was only thinking of Ellen’s prolonged interest in me.

“You have yourself a good woman there, Stuart, not many like her around, so you hold on tightly, and if you ever wanna job here Ellen, we’ll you’d be perfect.” That was the compliment we wanted to hear.

We ended the night back in the main bar and was allowed to take the Limo home. As we pulled up outside Ellen’s house she turned to me and made a request.

“Next time we make love, I want to do it in my own bed, now that everyone knows we’re together, would you like that?”

Man this girl is so cool, I never want to let her down with anything, so I agree.

“Sure, if it improves our love life, then I’ll do anything.”

We kiss again before Ellen darts back inside. Her Mom twitches at the curtain again, before we disappear from view.

End of part three.

Keep it here for the final part…

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