Shoot it on her Pregnant Tummy – BBBBTS

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Shoot it on her Pregnant Tummy – BBBBTS
Buck s Big Boob Bed Time Stories….BBBBTS

I had only lived in my small apartment for about two weeks. I was done unpacking and getting settled in. The last box I opened was my BBQ grill. It was small but did the job. I reached into my fridge to pull out a steak and a cold beer. I dumped some charcoal in the grill just outside my sliding glass door. I then tossed the steak on the grill. I put some tin foil on two ears of corn and a bake potato. I tossed them on the hot side of the grill.

I was sipping my beer, minding my own business. I could see the smoke coming from under the hood of the grill. My apartment building runs up next to some houses. There was a long 8ft fence that ran down the left side of my apartment. It was directly behind me as I kept drinking my beer. I was wearing a black shirt and some tan cargo shorts. I was barefoot in the just cut green grass.

“Hello! Neighbor!!” I heard a male voice. I barely turned my head to see a gate open into my back yard. I guess my neighbors had access into my yard. I did not even notice the gate when I first walked outside. I shrugged my shoulders and turned my body to face my neighbor. He was about 5ft 4 and in his mid fifties. He was wearing a tight white wife beater top, that hung over his beer gut. He had a beer in one hand and was pulling up his loose bathing shorts. I waved to him as he got closer.

“Doug Swartz! Nice to meet you young man. You must be the new renter?” He said. I smiled. “Nice to meet you. Buck Kelly!” I said. “Tammy!!! Move you big ass over here.” He yelled. I turned my head toward the open gate. “I’m coming Dougie.” Said a female voice. “My lovely wife.” Said Doug. My mouth fell open. In came Doug’s wife. She was about 5ft 6 with long curvy legs. She was barefoot and very pregnant. She was wearing a tight pair of denim shorts, that were unbuttoned and pulled down in front. Her pregnant belly fell over the front of her shorts. Just a little over the front. My eyes then were fixed on her huge chest. She was wearing a tight black polo shirt that left nothing to the imagination.

She had a sexy smile as she stood next to her husband. She was about half his age. “Hi sweetie.” She said. I smiled. “Hello….Buck Kelly. Nice to meet you.” I said. I always had a thing for pregnant women. I would always secretly look at them when ever I got a chance. I even jerked off to many pregnant adult movies growing up. I had never seen such a perfect pregnant MILF, especially one this close. My mind was racing with things I wanted to do with her.

We sat in my back yard and talked for more than 2 hrs. I lost track of time with my food. I ate my crusty steak after they left. The potato and corn was good however. Doug and Tammy were expecting there first k**. That had been married for about two years. They moved in next door about two year ago and were good friends with the guy who used to live here. I told them I love to hang out with them more. They both smiled as they walked back to there house. I quickly ran into my house and pull out my cock. I was cumming in my hand in no time thinking about the pregnant MILF next door.

I worked from home on my computer. I left my sliding glass door open and my windows in my bedroom. Most days I would hear Tammy in the back yard. Sometimes gardening, sunbathing or swimming in her above ground pool. She was always wearing hot outfits that showed off her huge curves. I would always figure out a way to say hi and talk to her. She was always very nice. Doug worked 4 ten hour days and had 3 days off. He worked at a local cement company driving a truck. He stopped over most days and we drink a few beers. We talk about sports or girls he had seen at work. Sometimes he tell me how lucky he was to be married to Tammy. He was cool guy.

I saw Tammy every day, and then did not see Doug for about two week. I was sitting in my lawn chair out back. I could hear Doug in his back yard. “Alright! Damn woman. I’ll go ask him. Stop your bitching.” Said Doug. I looked up as he walked into my back yard. He had a beer in his left hand. He walked over and stood to my left


“Hey Buck. How you doing?” he said. “Good! How about you?” I said. “I got this problem. I need to go out of town for two weeks, for work. Tammy about 4 months pregnant…” he paused. “You need me to look in on her. No problem.” I said. “Well kind of. I thinks its great that your nice young man. Tammy thinks the world of you. You’ve been nothing but kind to her and a great drinking buddy. But I have a weird question to ask you.” He said.

“Fire away.” I said. I took quick sip of my beer. He looked down to the ground. “Fuck! I better just blurt it out. Every night for the pass month, before and after work. Tammy needs something from me.” He said. “Go on!” I said. “She read in this magazine that cum is great moisturizer. So we have been having sex sometime twice a day. I pull out and shoot all over the belly. She then rubs it all over skin.” He said. I smiled. “Sounds like you’re a lucky man. How can I help?” I said.

“Tammy is upset, that I’m leaving. She wants me to find her a replacement. She is afraid of the stretch marks of being pregnant. She does not want them showing after the baby. I cannot get out of going for two weeks. I’ve tried.” He said. My heart was pounding. My mind was racing again. I tried to act cool. “Say what!!” I said. “I know it sounds weird. I already asked my brother who says I’m crazy. You just have to be the man to help us. I’ll even pay you. $50 dollars a pop” He sheepishly said.

“Ok! But what do I have to do?” I said. “Just come over next Monday. Tammy will be expecting you. I will talk to her. Just promise me that you will take this seriously and not forget. There are a few ground rules. You must stroke your own cock and shoot it on Tammy’s big belly. You can’t touch her. You may not fuck her or cum anywhere else on her. Can you do this for my family?” he said. I smiled. “No problem.” I said.

Monday could not come quicker. I took a few cold showers to stop myself from jerking off to thoughts of Tammy’s pregnant body. I waited to hear Doug go to work. I then took a quick shower, tossed on a black wife beater and some white cargo shorts. I walked barefoot around front to my neighbors front door. I don’t think since I moved in that I ever walked around to there front door. It was always out back.

I slowly knocked on the door. My hands were sweaty. My cock was half hard. A minute passed before my neighbors door opened. “Hi Buck!” said Tammy. “Hey Tammy! How are you?” I said. She smiled. “Quick come in…..I almost forgot about today. Doug just went to work. We figured you might forget.” She said. I smiled. “Doug did ask me to take this seriously. Are you ok with it?” I said. “Yes! I don’t want to get stretch marks. Plus my breast are about to explode. I’m so horny this morning. Doug slept in the other room last night and hurried out the door this morning. He wanted to be fresh when he got on the plane.” Said Tammy.

I followed my pregnant neighbor inside her house. She was wearing a tight pink dress, that hugged her curvy body.. I walked behind her, as we entered her living room. There was a small cam cord er on a tripod in the middle of the living room. “Doug thought it might be good if we taped our encounters. He wanted to make sure we followed his rules.” She said. “Sounds fair. I’ve never been on film.” I said. Tammy had a big smile on her face. “I’m going upstairs to change and take a quick shower. Make yourself at home. I’ll be right back.

I folded my right leg over my left as I sat in the middle of my neighbors big tan couch. I stared at the cam cord er as I waited for Tammy to come downstairs. I heard the water in the shower, then a few door shutting upstairs. About 30 minutes passed before I heard some wooden heels click on the wooden stairs leading down into the living room.

I licked my lips when I saw Tammy. She has teased her big blonde hair to the ceiling. She was wearing big gold earrings on her little ear lopes. She had bright red lipstick to match her freshly covered red nails and matching red toenails. She had 3inch wooden open toe heels that showed off her sexy legs. She parted her sexy thighs to show off a small landing strip. Her small pussy mound looked so hot. My mouth fell open when I saw she was not wearing anything at all. She was totally nude.

“I hope you like? I wanted to make you feel more relaxed about the situation.” She giggled. “Ummmmm Yeah!” was all I could say. “I think the first time, should be about us. I prefer not to use the camera until our next encounter, if that is ok?” she said. I nodded my head “Yes..”

“We should switch seats. Do you want to go in the bathroom and take off your clothes or just strip in here?” She said. I bit my lower lip as I got up off the tan couch. Tammy walked passed me. She smelled great. Her huge left breast rubbed against my side as I moved in front of her. I heard the tan couch move as she sat her huge ass on the edge of the middle cushion. She looked into my blue eyes. I was standing two feet from her.

I pulled my black wife beater shirt over my head. I then flexed my hard abs and shook my hips. My cargo shorts were around my ankles. I kicked them to the left. I was standing in just my brand new white boxer briefs. I could see Tammy’s eye get bigger. She was staring at my half erect cock. Just a thin layer of white cotton stood between my cock and the cool air of my neighbors living room.

Tammy slowly stood up in front of me. She was only a few inches shorter than me. I looked down. She was running her small hands all over my hard chest. I could feel her cold wedding ring on my right nipple. She smiled. “I love tall men. Your so cute, with all these big muscles. Doug is so small.” She whispered. I then felt her left middle finger on the front of my package. She was slowly tracing my now hard cock running down the inside of my thigh. Her sexy green eyes were staring at her finger on the thin cotton materiel of my boxer briefs.

I reached down with my right hand on her upper back. I quickly moved my hand to her big ass. I moved my hips and chest forward causing Tammy to fall back on the couch. I was already on my knees in front of her. I dropped my mouth on her big cunt lips that were exposed to the cool air in her living room. She tried to look down to see what I was doing to her pussy. Her huge breast blocked her view. I took a big whiff of her exposed pussy. She was so wet and tasty.

I used my free hand to pull down my tight underwear. My cock sprang free. I was so hard. Tammy screamed as I slapped the top of huge pussy mound with my hard cock. I reached up to spread her huge cleavage. “OMG! Your so much bigger than my husband. It’s so round and thick.” She moaned. I was using my big cock head to rub the top of her naked cunt. Her pussy lips easily spread as I put an inch inside her before she almost exploded on the couch. I dropped my mouth to suck her pussy as her whole body orgasm. “Fuuuukkkkkkkkkkkk”

Her second orgasm was just as intense. I replaced my mouth with my 9 ¾ inch cock inside her wet pussy. I reached up with both hands to grip her big tits as I fucked her. She was moaning so loud. I was ramming my cock, harder and harder in her tight pussy. I was close to cumming in 20 minutes. Tammy started to beg me to shoot a big load in her pussy. I smiled. I then pulled out the way out of her pussy. I quickly stood up and aimed my swollen cock at her prego belly. “Buck! Buck! Buck!” she screamed. I was shooting one thick rope after another of sperm on her belly. I lost count of my seed exploding from the tip of my cock.

Tammy spent the next twenty minutes rubbing as much of my sticky goo as she could rub on her belly. She used some to rub her huge breast. I watched as she scooped up some to lick her fingers with. “That would take Doug a month to produce that much Buck. Your incredible. I will be right back. I need to use the bathroom.” Said Tammy.

She walked passed me as I turned my head to look for the cam cord er. I slowly walked toward it, my cock swinging back n forth in front of the lens. I could see the red light was still flashing. I leaned down to make sure I was still in focus for Doug. I then walked over to the front of the leather couch. It was covered in sweat, sperm, and prego juices.

Doug had asked me to tape everything. He knew I could not resist his wife. He wanted to watch everything I did to her. He told me about a week after I moved in. He saw me masturbating with my cell phone. He had told Tammy to dress extra sexy and put on a show in there back yard. He figured I would watch, he had no idea I would tape it. He wanted his own tapes to watch on the road. He was expecting to be out of town more and more. He wanted his wife to be happy as much as himself.

I quickly grabbed the tripod and headed upstairs. Tammy was naked on her knees. She barely looked up from her bed. She had two finger in her tight pussy. She smiled as she saw what I had brought upstairs. Her smile got bigger when she saw my cock was already rock hard again. I quickly slid my cock between her huge breast. I slowly fucked them as she tried to use her wet tongue on the tip of my cock.

I spent the next two week fucking Tammy in every hole, in every room of her house. She was riding my cock in the living room when the front door opened. I peeked around her huge breast. My face was coated in wet milk, pussy juices and some dried sperm. I heard a suit case fall on the carpet, followed by a pair a jeans, followed by a male moan. Tammy turned her head to see her husband cum in his hand. She orgasm loud and clamped down on my cock. A second later I was squirting another huge load on her prego tummy.




Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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