Slave Rules- My first sex slave

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Slave Rules- My first sex slave
hese are some rules a guy had to abide by from a former master he had. He gave them to me to use on him as he showed me the lifestyle.

1. slave is to be naked at all times in the house. When with Master or when in a gay bar or other appropriate places, for example a leather event, it must wear its metal butt plug, 2 pound ball weight and its heavy chain collar, unless Master orders otherwise. slave is never to wear underwear unless given permission. When slave is in chastity, it does not have to wear the ball weight.

2. slave should keep its balls shaved. Master will ensure slave hole is shaved as well.

3. slave must always address its Master as “Master.” All other Dominants should be referred to as “Sir.” Additionally, slave should also refer to itself as an “it” whenever possible. When referring to its Master or other Dominants, the pronouns should be capitalized such as You, He, Him, etc.

4. slave should be naked and kneeling in front of the computer / phone when it is video chatting with Master.

5. slave should be in bed every night by 1:30, unless Master gives it permission to stay up later and no screen time after 1:15 or 15 mins prior to bedtime.

6. Once slave is dismissed, it is only allowed to say “Yes Master, thank You Master” with no other discussion.

7. slave’s response to any orders it is given is “Yes Master, thank You Master.”

8. slave should always hold doors open for Master, including the car door, and do much of the “heavy lifting” (groceries, etc.) so as to make Master’s life easier and more enjoyable.

9. slave will write in its journal each day and not let multiple days go by before updating the journal.

10. it should never text and drive and it must always wear its seat belt. Master does not want His property to be injured.

11. it must address all Free Men, Doms and Tops as “SIR” and show them respect. It must also show respect to boys, subs, and pups, since it knows that it is lower than all of these (unless then are expressly its subs).

12. slave must serve Master sexually in any way Master chooses. Master can use the slave wherever, whenever, however and for however long Master wishes. slave should be happy to be used by its Master.

13. slave is never allowed to give itself sexual pleasure without permission. it exists for its Master’s pleasure – not its own. slave may be locked in a chastity device. Master will choose when Master’s slavemeat will be stimulated. Master may choose to milk it, edge it, or ruin its orgasm, etc. Master may also choose to touch His slavemeat or keep it in continuous chastity for as long as Master desires. Ideally, slave will learn to only orgasm (cum) by being fucked or fisted.

14. Master’s cum should never be wasted. Therefore, slave is Master’s cumdump and should enjoy drinking His cum or having His cum in its hole.

15. slave’s hole should be clean when Masters wants to fuck. If Master pulls out a dirty dick, the slave will be required to clean Master’s dick with its mouth. If the slave does not want to have a mouthful of shit… its hole should be kept clean.

16. slave must get Master’s permission before it can play with any Dom and/or before anyone can use its hole. slave may use its mouth on other people (licking, sucking, rimming, etc.). However, it must immediately report such use to its Master. Likewise, it may play with a sub/bottom at its own discretion. However, it must report this to its Master. slave must play safely with all other people.

17. slave must serve anyone Master tells it to. It must serve them without hesitation. If the slave is given to another person or group, the slave is to serve Him/Them as if they were its Master with all the rights and privileges afforded to its Master. However, they may not fuck the slave without a condom or do any activity that would put the slave’s health in danger. slave should be returned to its Master in reasonably the same condition as when it was loaned out. slave must Beg for feedback from any Dom it serves and report this feedback to its Master. Any grade lower than an A, will result in the slave being punished for poor performance.

18. slave is never allowed on furniture unless instructed to do so. it will sit at (or under) Master’s feet awaiting instruction.

19. slave is not allowed to eat, drink, use the restroom or otherwise leave its Master’s presence w/o permission or instruction.

20. slave will sleep on the floor, under Master’s and it will be chained to the bed. Master also may put it in a cage, in the closet, chained to the toilet or locked in the basement. Where the slave sleeps is totally at Master’s discretion with or without reason.

21. slave should remain well-nourished and hydrated. it must eat breakfast each morning consisting of a piece of fruit and some dry toast or breakfast bar.

22. slave is to eat/drink and whatever it is given and is to eat/drink from dog dishes on the floor if it is appropriate to do so. Of course, Master will determine what is appropriate.

23. slave must keep its collar (FitBit) on at all time unless the device’s integrity would be in jeopardy by doing so. slave should synch its Fitbit each day and update each day.

24. slave is to work out at the gym at least three times per week and do its then current prescribed routine.

25. slave must log its exercise, food and water intake each day.

26. When at a restaurant, Master will order what the slave will eat.

27. slave is never to stand when using the restroom nor is it to sit on the toilet seat. it must sit on the porcelain. This is to remind the slave that he is lower than other men. Only Superior Men are allowed to stand to use the toilet. The slave’s ass should not sit where its Master sits. (Public restrooms excepted).

28. slave will drink Master’s urine when required. The slave will lick Master’s ass clean after He shits. it is an asswipe. slave will eventually be trained and required to be a full service toilet.

29. slave must do any/all chores it is assigned. It must do those with glee, knowing that it is serving its Master and helping to make Master’s life easier and more pleasurable

30. slave should admit any rule infractions to its Master and accept any punishment / reproof that Master provides.

31. slave will endure any punishment or painful experiences without complaint (if may yell and/or scream out (unless ordered to remain silent). However, it may not ask Master to stop, lighten, or otherwise alter what Master wants to do. slave is property and will be used as Master wishes.

32. slave must ask permission before buying any toy or sexual device that costs over $50.00 and if it buys an expensive toy it must be a toy that it doesn’t like used on it (for pain/punishment).

33. It is the slave’s job to assist in making Master’s life more pleasurable. To that end, Master may order the slave to do anything that would further that goal as long as it isn’t i*****l or dangerous to the slave’s health.

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