slave to my lust

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slave to my lust
I decided to take you away for the weekend, the city of choice Amsterdam the museums, canals and cafes had been a favourite of mine as a c***d.
Hurry up darling or we will be late I shouted as you came rushing down the stairs, before long we were speeding along the motorway to the airport.
It was a short flight and before long we were settling into our hotel. It was mid afternoon but the winter sun was already setting.
Going to have a quick shower and then we will go out, ok I said as I made my way to the bathroom.
make room I m coming too you called
You stepped into the large shower after me, the water steaming caressing our bodies, my hair wet clinging to my body the hot water bouncing off my erect nipples.
Muhmmmmmm baby baby you said as your mouth captured the swollen orb in your mouth, the water cascading down your head and back as you scuked greedily.
I moaned with desire but pushed your head away,your lips firmly clamped, you pulled taut and released.
noooooooooooo, come on want to go out that look of wet dissapointment on your face said it all, your cock had swollen hard as you entered the shower but I was saying no.
I grazed pass you, leaving a trail of water on the bathroom floor as I walked into the bedroom, I could feel your eyes burning with desire watching my naked body leave. By the time you came out of the shower I had creamed my body and dried my flowing locks,watching my naked form as I brushed my hair to a high shine, putting on my make-up ,I knew you had the hump you so wanted to fuck me but had been rejected.
Do me a favour and get a local paper, I want to see whats on. you nodded lifting your coat, I smiled as you left you were such a demanding lover and I wasn t letting you get your own way.
When you returned I had my silver fox fur on, you looked at me with lust from my stocking legs and long black boots, you came over and grabbed me, crushed me to your chest and kissed my scarlett glosy lips, I pushed you away.
stop it, come on I said as I strode to the door.
The night air was cold but it was only a short walk to the club, the doorman smiled as we entered.
Are you sure you want to come here you asked as you looked around the dimly lit corridor, we were not alone there were a few couples in passionate clinches.
fuck, hes got his fingers up her pussy you gasped I smiled.
can I take your coat madam a young woman asked, dressed in a short maids outfit.
yes, thankyou you watched as I undid the tiny clasps of my fur coat opening it to reveal me naked beneath, your eyes nearly popping out of your head as I stood before you only in black stocking hold ups and my black boots.
fuck me sugar your cock instantlt stiffing, pressing hard against your trousers, even more so when i pulled the young girl towards me and stuck my tounge down her throat as she tweeked on my hardened nipple.
muhmmmmmmm this was so fucking exciting you had never seen me kiss a woman before.
You strode over and grasped my breast squeezing my nipple hard.
nooooooooooooo I said as I pushed your hand away, the look of rejection mingled with lust fired my loins, wetting my pussy more.
you became aware of the people around you, short men, tall, with or without erections, big and small titted women, even one naked excpt for a huge strap on.
come with me please said the maid, I followed with you a few steps behind in a kind of lust filled daze.
We were shown into a room which at first glance comtained a large 4 poster bed.
you fucking tease you said smiling You have taken us to a swingers club I could see from the swelling in your trousers that it excited you.
muhhmmmmmm I moaned stepping towards you.
Take your clothes off baby , you needed no second bidding, you almost ripped your clothes off to stand before me with one of the biggest erections I had ever seen on you.
I stepped towards you, my hips swaying my huge tits swinging and bouncing with the movement.
I am going to fuck you so fucking hard you will scream for me to stop you said as I put my hand out, pushing on your chest backing you up against the wall, your back hit cold steel mingled with the sound of metal against metal.
Do you want me baby I said seductively, grasping your hand, you didnt resist as I held your hand up, opened a leather strap and secured your wrist.
hell yeah your swollen cock twitching as I secured the other one.
I trailed my fingers down your chest and stomach to within inches of your cock, playfully,I slapped it instantly making you stiffer.
I know you like that slapping your stiffening cock,your knob swelling purple and huge.
release me baby you so need to be fucked and I so want to do it
Suddenly the door open and in walked the maid followed by a tall blond man, rugged but handsome.
The young stalion was naked as the day he was born, even with a semi he was huge, must have been at least 10 inches but it was the girth that caught the eye, damm not even erect and it was as thick as my hand.
your eyes follow him and the maid as they moved towards me,your eyes betraying your excitement and curiousity.
Baby you like what you see? I asked the stalion.
He grabbed my huge tit pulling hard on the swollen nipple, my head went back, my long curls caressing my back as I moaned.
yessssssssssssssssssssssss the words escaping my lips as he thrust his fingers between my wet thighs
Fuck you bitch he rasped as his fingers plundered my love tunnel, his fingers thick, he pushed in 3 deep, they were so thick and long they felt like a stiff cock.
I could see you watching, your cock stiff, your knob swollen. the swede continued to **** my body, with every thrust my juices flowed sweet and creamy. I looked down to see them covering his fingers, filling his palm as he thrust in and out, in and out, thrusting slow and deep, then faster and hard, driving me wide with excitement, i nodded to the young girl and she began to strip.
honey release me, I so want to fuck you myself you cried but I looked at you and smiled, the young girl approached you, her nakedness, her small tits, her small hairy mound feasted on by your eyes, you were torn between watching me and gazing at her pussy.
Your body taut straining against the chains she nealt between your thighs, taking your swollen meat in her fingers.
You gasped as she took it in her mouth,
oh shit the words escaping your mouth as she began to suck,your eyes looked towards me for the forgiveness you craved for your bodies betrayal, what you say excited you but hurt you, the swedes cock had swollen and was standing proud, so big and thick,you heard my moans as he continued to thrust his fingers in and out, you watched as he lifted me up and carried me to the bed.
He threw me down like a rag doll, he flipped me over pulling my hips up towards his swollen cock.
Noooooooooooooooo baby, no dont tease me like this even with your cock being sucked by another woman you still wanted me.
Your eyes devoured me as the young stalion, pulled me closer, doggy style and grabbed a hold of his cock.
FFFUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKK2 I cried as he began to spread my wet pussy with his monster, sliding it in slowly,spreading me wide with every inch he pushed in.
Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I heard you gasp as the woman worked her magic, was it only her mouth or the sight of me being fucked that had made you cum.
fuck you hard bitch the swede whispered in my ear biting down on my shoulder, he thrust in the whole length.
Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I moaned as he hurt me, spreading me wide and pushing deep, he began to thrust in and out,the cream of my pussy enabling him to slide in and out with only a little resistence.
yesssssssssssssssssssssss I cried as he fucked harder and faster, his swollen balls banging against my open lips and swollen clit sending shooting pains of pleasure through me.
I turned my head to see you reflected in a large mirror, your cock swollen again, the knob deep purple the young woman caressing it.
oh baby, I want you take off these fucking straps and i will fuck you till you scream, you fucking tease, wait till I get hold of you, Im gonna fuck your arse wide, make your pussy so wet it squits your juices all over the place
The pleasure was all mine I knew you meant it and I loved you fot it, but to tease you too,to drive you crazy was like a d**g to me, one i could t and wouldn t give up.
I fuck you good yes the swede shouted as he rammed his cock in harder and harder, I felt like i was being split open wide as he stretched my wet pussy to full capacity.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I m cuming, fuck me harder I egged on the swede obliged raming his cock in faster and harder, I felt it swell even more inside of me, the knob filling up my love tunnel, his balls tightening against my arse, he clenched his teeth and I felt it, squirt after squirt of hot molten liquid, splashing against the kneck of my womb as he continuedto thrust and shudder.
i could feel the hot liquid oozing out of my pussy as he left me,the hot tool sliding out leaving me gapping and dripping.
I collapsed onto the bed, my arse still in the air, my pussy swollen and abused.
now let me go , you cried, but I hadn t finished punishing you, I had one more pleasured planned.
Come here Chantelle she obliged me meekly, reaching into a red velvet box i pulled out a large strao on.
Your eyes opening wide as I stepped into it strapping it around my waist.
spread yourself across the table she did as I asked her round arse a pleasure to see.
I walked over to her caressing her buttocks spreading her cheeks wide, trailing a finger along the groove, touching her ring feeling it respond to my touch.
You watched in amazement as I slid my finger into the hole, slowly all the way in and then out again as she moaned quietly.
You going to fuck the bitch? you moaned as i reached for the tbe of lube, rubbing it over the big cock.
You want me to baby I asked, the look on your face and the jumping of your cock said it all.
I grabbed the cock, held it against her hole and slowly pressed, she moaned as I spread her, little by little she took it all, so deep into her, not to be seen, she moved back and forth against it, moaning louder and louder, wanting me to take control, I pushed her harder into the table and began to slide in and out with her, in and out, in and out, my pussy dripping with the excitement, she moaned louder, no words came from her lips as I knodded to the swede.
He knew it was time to release you, undoing your straps, now you were able to fuck me.
Oh fuck baby, you gasped as you came over behind me, your fingers fingering my wet pussy.
keep fucking her baby you grasped your cock, so stiff and spread me wide, pushing your cock into my wet pussy.
YEsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss together we found our rhythm, me fucking her arse you fucking my pussy, together we thrust, in and out, in and out,, harder you fucked me the harder I fucked her, she squirmed beneath me, I looked at the swede.
fuck her mouth he need no more instructions, she opened her mouth and took it in, so fucking amazing that such a huge cock could go into her mouth, it made me wet seeing it slide in and out all wet and shinny.
Harder and harder we fucked like wild a****ls, taking our fill, giving all and taking all
faster baby, I am cuming I cried as you obeyed , fucking me harder and harder, in and out you went like a steam train.
My muscles clenched as I came over and over agin, the juices squirting out with each thrust.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you came filling me with your seed, so hot burning my insides, I shudered collapsing on the maid, you lay on me, pressing me harder within her.
oh baby, thankyou, that was the best birthday present ever.

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