spring break

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spring break
It was a Monday afternoon in mid-March and the office was busy. The weather had started to improve after a long cold winter and construction season was starting to ramp up. That meant that the engineering firm I worked for was extremely busy finishing details on all the projects that we were in charge of for the next year. I had been in three meeting already today and was busily working at my desk trying to wrap up some details for a project that needed to start the next week. I had not been paying much attention when all of the sudden my desk phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it noted that the call was from our front desk. This wasn’t necessarily unusual but a little surprising because everyone I was working with on my projects had my direct phone number.

Not really wanting to be distracted but knowing if likely was something important I reluctantly picked up the phone. I quickly said, “Hello Stacy” (our receptionist)”How can I help you?”

Stacy replied, “Well, there is an attractive young lady up here. She says that you were expecting her but she has been here for 15 minutes so I thought I would check with you.”

As soon as the words “young lady” had been said, I looked at the clock and knew I had screwed up. It was 5:15 PM. I had completely lost track of time. My girlfriend, Alyssa, was coming to go to dinner with me and I was supposed to meet her at 5:00 PM.

I quickly responded to Stacy, “Thanks Stacy, I completely lost track of time. I’ll be right up”.

Hanging up the phone I nearly sprinted through the office toward the reception area. As I walked through the door Alyssa saw me. When she did, she put her hands on her hips and gave me a glare. She looked stunning wearing a teal silk blouse, a pair of black dress pants and teal high heels. I wasn’t sure but that look told me I was in deep trouble.

I said, ”Hello sweetheart” and walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then I offered, “Sorry, it’s been a really busy day here and I completely lost track of time. I hope you are not too upset.”

She looked at me with a wry little grin and said, “Well, Stacy did tell me how crazy things were around here so I’m not too upset, but you are going to owe me.”
I smiled at her and said, “OK, I’ll owe you, we’ll just have to figure out what you want. Now, I do have a couple things to wrap up here before we can go. Why don’t we head back to my office and I can finish up.”

Alyssa nodded her head in agreement and we started walking back toward my office. Just before we left the reception area, Alyssa stopped, turned toward Stacy and said, “Stacy, it was nice meeting you. Thanks for the help and all the information. It is greatly appreciated”.

Stacy looked up from her desk and smiled at us and said, “Nice meeting you too. Now get going and you two have some fun this week.”

Alyssa giggled and replied, “We will!!!”

Confused, I said, “Yea, thanks Stacy, I think”. She simply replied “Go”.

We walked quietly back to my office and after we entered, I closed the door behind us. We were holding hands. After closing the door, I pulled Alyssa toward me until I could wrap my arms around her waist. I looked into her eyes and said, “ You know I truly am sorry for making you wait.”

She smile at me, leaned into me and passionately kissed me. She said, “I know sweetheart and I am not mad at all”. Pushing herself away from me she then said, “Now get your stuff done because I’m hungry.” With that she walked across my office to the spare chair taking her phone out of her purse while she walked. I watched her ass sway side to side and I felt a stir in my crotch.

When she turned to sit in the chair, I moved to my desk and said, “It shouldn’t be too long.” She nodded without saying a thing.

I tried to work as quickly as I could but every few minutes I would look up and her, remember her sexy ass swinging side to side and think about what I could do to it. Even so, I completed my work quickly and was ready to go in about 20 minutes.

After a brief discussion we decided that we would go to a nice seafood restaurant for dinner before heading back to my place. As we walked out of the building we were holding hands. At each door, Alyssa stopped and waited for me to open the door for her. I don’t know if she expected it, but knew that it was important to me and part of my manners to do so. She politely said, “Thank you” after I opened each one. Finally, when we reached the parking lot and my vehicle, I opened the passenger side door for her and closed it behind her once she was in. I quickly walked around the car, got in, and started it up. After I had backed out of the parking stall and put the car in drive, Alyssa took my right hand in hers and held it on the arm rest between us.

As I was driving and periodically looking in the rearview mirror, I realized that Alyssa was watching me. This was a little odd for her. Finally, when we were stopped at a stoplight, I turned to her and ask, “Is there something bothering you?”

She softly replied, “No, but I do have a question I’m not sure how to ask.”

I said, “You know you can ask me anything. What would you like to know?”

She paused for a moment and when the light turned green she asked me, “ What do you know about Stacy?”

That question threw me a bit and I paused to think about my answer. Finally I said, “Well, I’m not sure I know too many details, just some general things. She is in her mid to late 30’s, married, has a couple of k**s, keeps pretty quiet about her personal life. Why do you ask?”

She thought for a moment and finally said, “No real reason, just curious.”

We drove the rest of the way to the restaurant in silence. After parking the car, I again quickly walked around the car, opened the door for her, helped her out, and closed the door behind her. As we started walking toward the restaurant, I reached for her hand, but she just wrapped her arm around my waist and pulled me close to her.

We quickly walked into the restaurant and were seated in a dimly lit corner of the dining room at a small table with just two chairs. The chairs however, were not across the table from each other; they were next to each other behind the table. The usual dining out process of browsing the menu and placing our order occurred. After the waiter left, Alyssa turned to me, placed her hand on my back and gently rubbed circles on it. She asked me, “Is everything ok?”

I looked into her eyes and replied, “Yes dear, everything is fine.” I paused and continued “It has just been a really busy and stressful couple of weeks and I’m ready for a break.”

She moved her hand from my back to my thigh and leaned over to me and whispered, “Well, it may not be the break you need but I’ll bet you forget about it all for at least a little while tonight.” As she said it her hand moved to my inner thigh and up toward my crotch. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, pulled her closer to me and kissed her softly on top of the head whispering, “Thank you”

Only moments later our waiter returned with a plate of a dozen oysters on the half shell. I was confused because neither of us had ordered them. The waiter said, “Compliments of the chef”. He placed them on our table and quickly left.

I looked at Alyssa, shrugged, and said, “Shall we?”

She giggled and nodded her head. Over the next few minutes we playfully found ways to eat the oysters; Feeding them to each other, interlocking our arms and looking into each other’s eyes, etc. We had so much fun and I realized that Alyssa’s hand had never left my thigh and she was massaging it continually. I was rock hard in my pants and her hand was now beginning to brush the head of my cock through my pants. It was getting me so turned on. Finally, when we had finished the oysters, my hand when down and found hers. I brought it up to my face, kissed the back of it, looked at her and said, “Careful there.” She blushed and smiled at me. I said, “Let’s save that for later.” About that time our waiter came with our order. He was followed by another staff member with a bottle of wine and she began pouring each of us a glass, saying, ”Compliments of the chef”.

We quietly ate our dinner and enjoyed the wine. When we were done we sat and held hands. I stared into Alyssa’s eyes and stroked the back of her hand with my thumb. After a few moments, I leaned over and kissed her on the side of the neck and quickly sucked on her ear lobe. She giggled and gently started to push me away but leaned over and whispered to me, “As you said, let’s save that for later.”

At about that time, the waiter showed up with our check which I quickly paid and we walked out of the restaurant. When we got out the door, Alyssa wrapped her arm around my waist and I put my arm around her resting on her hip. As we walked I remembered how excited I had been by her ass earlier in the evening and I let me hand slowly slide down and squeeze her ass cheek. In response she simply pulled me closer to her.

The restaurant was across the parking lot from the local shopping mall and I had parked just about halfway between the mall entrance and the restaurant. As we approach my car Alyssa asked, “Do you mind if you just go for a little walk, maybe do some window shopping? “

I wanted to take her home that minute and make love to her because she had me so turned on before we ate, but I decided a half hour walk around the mall couldn’t hurt. I responded, “Sure darling. I could use a little exercise today anyway.”

We walked across the parking lot and entered the mall. Quietly we strolled down one side of the mall browsing the store windows. Occasionally, Alyssa would comment about how cute an outfit was and generally I would offer my agreement. At the far end of the mall, we approached the front of the national chain lingerie boutique. It must have been obvious that I was looking at the items in the window a little too longingly. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was though I would later learn it was actually classified as a corset. It had a high neck line (tight around the neck) and had no sleeves. A diamond shape was cut out of the chest area with a deep point well below the breasts, exposing the inner portion of the breast on each side. It was black with alternating panels of lace and satin. There was a matching pair of panties with it. Alyssa asked me quietly, “Would it make you hard to see me wearing that?”

I could feel myself blush. I turned to her, leaned over and whispered in her ear, “It’s making me hard just imagining you wearing that. I can’t imagine what would happen if I actual saw it.”

Without a word, she turned and we were headed straight for the door to the store. I had never been in a store such as this and I wasn’t 100% sure what it would going to be like.

When we walked in, I must have looked like a k** in a candy store. There were all types of lingerie hanging on racks, lying on shelves and generally everywhere around the room. I was just trying to take it all in. Then I heard a female voice ask, “May I help you?”

Alyssa immediately answered with, “Yes, we were interested in the black outfit you have in the window. Would you happen to have those?”

The sales woman directed us to a rack in the corner of the store. Alyssa thanked her and we walked over to the rack. The outfit looked like it would be as hot now as it did when I saw it in the window. Alyssa proceeded to examine the outfit and looked through all of them on the rack. Then she turned to me and said, “Sorry sweetie, they just don’t have a size that would fit me. I hope that doesn’t disappoint you.”

I shook my head no and whispered to her, ”You know I think you are sexy as hell no matter what you are wearing so don’t ever think that you could disappoint me.” I paused and then said, “You know what sweetheart. Earlier this evening you said I “owed” you for making you wait?” She nodded and I continue, “Well, how about a shopping spree here entirely on me? You pick out whatever you want and I’m buying.”

Her eyes got really big and her jaw dropped and she excitedly said, “REALLY??” I nodded this time and she started to look around the store with her wide eyes.

For what seemed like an eternity, but was really only about 45 minutes we wandered through the store looking at about every item they had. When all was said and done I think she had selected about 5 outfits but I lost complete count after a while. There were bra and panty sets, a satin slip, and a babydoll.

We walked up to the counter and the sales woman began ringing up the sale and now it was my turn to get wide-eyed. I had no clue how much this stuff costs. When all was said and done, the total was well over three hundred dollars. Alyssa looked at me and said, “Oh wow, I guess I got carried away. Should I put some of this back?”

I looked at her and said, “You deserve it all. And why don’t you go grab a bottle of that perfume over there too”. She smiled at me, hugged me and walked over to get the perfume. While she was gone I asked the sales woman, “Can you box this all up nice and pretty for us?”

She smiled and nodded and started to get out the various boxes and supplies she would need.

We waited patiently as the sales team finished packaging up our purchase. When they were through everything was in three bags that sat on the counter. Alyssa started to reach for them but I picked them up first and said to her, “Let me get those, sweetheart”. She smiled at me. I wrapped my arm around her and we walked out of the store. I didn’t really care who might have seen us, though I did think later that I’m glad we didn’t run into any of my co-workers. I would have never heard the end of it had any of them seen me caring bags from a lingerie store.

We quickly walked to the car. I placed the bags in the back seat and opened the door for Alyssa. After getting into the car myself, I quickly left the parking lot and drove back to my place. Once we were there I carried the bags into my place and set them on the couch. I turned to Alyssa and asked, “So any thoughts on what we should do now?”

She got a coy look on her face and slowly walked over to me. When she was standing directly in front of me she whispered to me, “I think we have a little unfinished business” and she began kissing me passionately. Soon our tongues found one another. I had been somewhat aroused all night but as we kissed Alyssa placed her hand on my crotch and began massaging my cock through my pants which made me instantly rock hard.

We continued to kiss and she continued to massage me for several minutes until she finally broke our kiss and whispered, “I think that cock of yours is ready to cum. What do you think?” I looked at her, smiled and nodded my head in agreement.

She slowly stepped away from me and began unbuttoning her blouse. When it was completely unbuttoned, she let it gently fall off her shoulders revealing her beautiful breasts in a sexy lace bra. She quickly laid the blouse on the arm of a nearby chair and immediately dropped to her knees in front of me and began opening my pants. Soon she had them open and my underwear pulled down so that my cock was standing out in front of me. She seemed to stare at my cock for a moment before she took it in both hands and began to softly caress it, not stroking it but allowing her hands to explore it.

After a few moments of caressing she removed one hand and lowered her face to my cock and started slowly licking the head of my cock. With her first lick I moaned and nearly lost it; her touch felt so good. She continued licking the head slowly for several moments before starting to stroke the shaft slowly with her hand. For several minutes this continued with me moaning more frequently and her stroking speed increasing slightly with each moan. Finally, I couldn’t take anymore and said, “OH MY, I am going to CUM!!!!” With that she gave the head of my cock one more lick and raised her body so that my cock was pointed right at her chest. A couple strokes later I began blowing load after load of cum all over her. My knees became week and I reached for the back of the couch to steady myself.

After I was done cumming, she sat and fondled my cock for a few moments before standing and whispering to me, “How was that?”

I chuckled and could only say, “You have NO idea how good that was.” I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and whispered to her “But you got all messy so we’re going to have to get that cleaned up.” Before I was done saying it I had reached around behind her and was taking off her bra. Dropping it to the floor, my hands quickly found her pants and had them and her panties off of her in no time. When she was naked, I began unbuttoning my own shirt while she grabbed the waist of my pants and lowered them to the floor. Soon enough we were both naked and walking to the bathroom with our arms wrapped around each other’s waists.

When we got to the bathroom I quickly started the water running and helped Alyssa step into the tub following soon after her. We stood and kissed for a moment before I said, “Turn around and let me help you clean up.” As she was turning around I turned the shower on and stood up so the water was hitting me on the shoulder with a little making it over me and hitting her in the back. I wrapped one arm around her and began smearing my cum all over her chest and fondling her breasts. She moaned slightly as my fingers teased her nipples on the way by. Soon my other hand found its way around her and ended up between her legs. She gasped slightly as my finger brushed across her clit.

She allowed me to continue to caress her for a few moments, occasionally moaning with a touch of the right spots before saying, “I think we might need a little more water here.” The good part of my shower was that it had a 2-in-1 shower head that allowed a hand shower to be used while the main shower heard remained on. I took my hand from between her legs and found the handheld shower and pulled it around in front of her spraying water on her chest as my hand continued to caress her.

When her chest was clean of the mess I had made, I decided to try something else. I pointed the handheld shower head away from her and switched it to gentle massage mode. As I did, my hand that had been caressing her breasts found its way between her legs and started gently rubbing her pussy. When the shower head was in massage mode, I turned it back to her and began moving it around in front of her stomach. As I moved it randomly I lowered it and moved my other hand so that I could allow the water stream to hit her pussy. When it did she gasped and pushed back into me. By this time my cock was hard and was now pressed between us.

I continue to randomly move the shower head around but each time returning to her pussy to let the shower head massage it. Each time I returned in a shorter time and each time her gasp was bigger. Finally, I decided to focus entirely on her pussy. I took the hand that had been rubbing her pussy and slowly inserted two fingers into her and she moaned as I did. As soon as they were in her I returned the shower head to her pussy. She gave out the biggest gasp yet. I left the shower head there and almost instantly she began raising and lowering her hips which resulted in my fingers sliding in her a little and the shower heads target moving too. As she did this her moans turn to vocalization randomly of “Oh Yes” or just “Yes”. I could tell she was building to an orgasm and finally she nearly screamed “OOOHHHHH YYYYYEEEESSSS”. I felt her juices running over my hand but she kept bouncing her hip for a few more strokes. Finally she stopped and I moved the shower head but left my fingers in her for a moment, finally withdrawing them.

We stood in the shower quietly and I let her catch her breath. After a waiting a few moments to make sure she could stand on her own, I released her, shut the water off and grabbed a towel. I quickly helped her dry off and dried myself. By the time I was done drying off, Alyssa was out of the shower and said, “Come on, we aren’t done yet.” I quickly stepped out of the shower and she grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. We walked over to the bed and she looked at me and nodded. I crawled onto the bed and lay on my back. My cock was hard and standing erect above me. As soon as I was on the bed, Alyssa straddled me and quickly lowered herself onto my hard cock. She was so wet, warm and tight it felt amazing to be in her.

After lowering herself all the way down on me, taking me all in she began gyrating her hips around. It felt like I was going to explode almost instantly and I could tell that she was close as well. It did not take long and we each climaxed at the same time. When we had both cum, she laid on my chest with me still in her for several minutes. Before we moved over and cuddled for the rest of the night.

The next morning, as I walked into the office, Stacy was already at her desk. I greeted her and I must have been smiling because she asked, “Must have got lucky last night.” Before I could respond she continued, “Hope the oysters helped.” I stopped dead in my tracks and turned and looked at her confused. She said, “Alyssa told me where you would be going to dinner. My brother happens to run that restaurant. I called ahead and got you a special table, an order of oysters, and some wine. I knew you were going to be in trouble. She’s a keeper and you can’t lose her”

I smiled at her and said, “I know she is. Thank you so much. I’ll owe you one.”

She replied with “I’ll cash in someday soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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