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scarlet watched almost the whole evening television during I did all the housework. At ten, when I was ready, I was very tired. “The work is all done, Ma’am!” I said to her with bowed head.
“Fine, sweetie!” she smiles and show with her ring finger to the floor at her feet. At once I lay on my belly with my face in front of her feet.
“Better you turn on your back, mom, so I use your face as footstool, during you massage my feet further with your slobbery tongue…” she giggled and light on a cigarette. “Yes, Ma’am!” I answered and obeyed. She slide of her fashionable wooden slippers and put her feet on my face. She rubbed them over my face until they stood well over my nose and mouth. I tried to inhaled the sweat aroma of her bare sweaty feet and fell almost in trance. “Don’t forget to stick out your tongue, my doggie!”

scarlet laughed and let fell ashes on my face. She rubbed the ashes playfully with her toes in my eyes. “Ma’am…” I said, “I’m so sorry, I’ll lick at once your royal feet, but last not least I offer you to swallow the ash of your cigarette!”. scarlet laughed with tears in her eyes, “You will be really my ashtray?”. “Yes, Ma’am, please led me eat the ashes of all your cigarettes and even the butts!” scarlet grinned and commanded with a playfully stern voice: “Open your moth wide, l, mommy is a ashtray…”.
And she knocked the hot ashes of her cigarette accurate in my mouth. I almost scream for pain, hot ashes burned my gums. But I showed no hurt and tried to swallow the ashes. Mistress scarlet touched short my feet with her feet. Then she stood a foot directly on my lips. “Lick as your life depends on it!” she giggled and watched T.V.
I closed my eyes and licked under her sole. It was a little dirty because scarlet like from time to time go barefoot through the house. I gave my very best, I licked and licked until Mistress interrupted me and said “Ashtray”. I opened again widely my mouth.
This time my Mistress threw the butt in my mouth. She laughed and said “Swallow ashtray!”. I obey and swallowed her butt. At once she put her other foot on my lips.
Gently I nibbled first her calluses. “Ouch!” she cried after a few minutes, “You hurt me with your teeth, you stupid mom!”. I apologised hundreds times and kissed her feet “I’m so sorry…”. “Please, please Mistress, punish me!”. My Mistress watched down in my face. She looked really angry! “So you wish…” she said and took one of her wooden slippers. “Turn on your belly!”. I obey and she pulled . She beats my ass with the wooden sole of her slipper almost bloody! .

Back inside the house, I quickly got busy doing what scarlet who is my mistress had ordered me to do. To wash her clothes, clean her room and the kitchen! By the time I was almost finished it was starting to get dark.

Sunday evening, I had managed to do quite a few chores. Well I do all the housework. I wash her clothes, cook, clean the kitchen, rooms, bathroom and everything that needs to be done. Everything has to be clean and very comfortable for her. She should never have to worry about whether her clothes have been washed and ironed or her shoe polished or the lawn mowed or bathroom clean or dishes done or food cooked or any such matter. She is the queen and I am her servant. And there is nothing more important for me than to serve her. The minute she puts her dirty clothes in the basket, I straightaway pick them up and wash them nicely and gently with my hands. When they are dry, I iron them straightaway and so that they are ready for her. She has got used to having me at her service all the time and I try my best to exceed her expectations.

And then scarlet pressed the remote for me. Let me explain our arrangements. It was not very convenient for her to call me out especially when I am in the other part of the house or in the back yard. So she has this remote control and I have this small battery operated bell that I carry with me whenever I am in the house. So when she needs me she just presses on the remote. She just knows all she has to do it is press it and her servant would come running ready to take her orders. She should not have to bother about having to call me or wonder where I was. It would be so inconvenient for her. And she uses the remote any time including the middle of the night. I mean if in the middle of the night if she feels thirsty, she shouldn’t have to get up and leave her bed to get a glass of water. What am I there for?

So when she pressed the remote, I quickly presented myself. She was stretched out on the couch looking very comfortable. She had changed her clothes and was casually dressed in a cute short white skirt with a deep blue water top. Her short was around five inches above her knee displaying her toned thighs and shapely legs. God she is so beautiful. Like earlier in the afternoon, I fell on my knees and bowed my head subserviently. ‘Yes Ma’am’.

She just smiled ‘You finished with kitchen, my room and laundry?’
‘Yes Ma’am. And also the other rooms and your bathroom.’
‘Good.’ She smiled pleasantly. ‘With you I never have to worry about these things. There is this movie starting in 10 minutes’ She mentioned causally flipping through her magazine. ‘Make me some pop corn and be quick about it.’
‘Sure Ma’am.’
‘Anything else Ma’am?’
‘Get me a coke as well.’
‘Yes Ma’am.’ I bowed my head respectfully. ‘Thank you Ma’am’

In a few minutes I on again on my knees bowing before her with a tray with a big bowl of pop corn and a coke. She was used to me acting like her servant all the time but I think she was finding it amusing that I was kneeling and bowing before her like a slave.
‘Do you want to watch the movie?’ she asked.

Did I want to see the movie? After being on all four and licking her beautiful feet like I did whole afternoon? Would I want to watch a movie? Can any movie be any comparison to licking her feet? ‘I am not sure Ma’am’

Suddenly her beautiful eyes twinkled with this dominant look. ‘You know what I like done. Don’t you?’
‘Certainly Ma’am!’ I dropped onto my all four and crawled towards her feet. Somehow crawling on all four on the ground before her while she sat and comfortably stretched in the sofa felt very appropriate. That is how I should always be in her presence.

As I kissed her foot worshipfully she asked ‘After this afternoon – do you think I should still have to ask you to lick my feet?’

I apologized as I was licking her salty delicious feet ‘I am sorry Ma’am. I won’t make this mistake again. From now whenever I am not doing anything for you, I will always come straight to lick your beautiful feet.’

She was in playful mood and teased me ‘So you think my feet are beautiful?’ She asked wiping her soft soles on my cheeks.

‘Yes Ma’am. They are the most beautiful feet Ma’am. You know very well Ma’am that you are very very beautiful. Your face, your hands, your feet, every part of you oozes beauty. The shoes that touch you feet are so lucky that they have been touched by your beautiful feet.’ And I bent down on the floor and kissed her designer sandals that she used casually around the house. ‘And the ground where these lucky shoes touch is holy for me’ and I gently lifted her shoes and kissed the ground under them.

She started giggling. And then she lifted my chin her foot making me look straight into her beautiful green eyes. I continued ‘I am so grateful to you for letting me lick you beautiful feet. I am not worthy of… ‘

She interrupted me ‘Alright. Alright. I get the point! So I guess you like licking my feet?’ She let out a mischievous grin

‘Yes Ma’am more than anything that I have ever done.’

She just laughed and then slapped me on my face with her foot ‘Then how come you are talking and not licking them?’

“I am sorry Ma’am’ and I took my tongue out as far as I could and took a big long lick on the sole of her foot and I was all over her feet like a starving dog. Since I last licked her feet 3 hours back her feet had a little bit of dust from her walking. I swallowed it enjoying the taste. I wanted to lick clean and swallow every bit of lucky dirt that was on her divine feet.

My eagerness or should I say my desperation just made her laugh.
My feet are not going anywhere. Calm down. You know if you want to lick my feet a lot then you have to learn to lick them properly.’
‘I am sorry Ma’am. I don’t understand. Am I not licking them properly?’
‘When you lick my feet, it should feel like you are trying to massage my feet. Nice and gentle yet firm. It is like an art. But the way you lick, you are so clumsy She slapped me on my face. A t times it feels as though you are trying to tickle them and other time you are so rough – I just feel like slapping you. Only rarely you lick like the way feet should be licked. Your dad was so good at licking my feet. He would lick them for hours and it felt so relaxing.’

‘I am really sorry Ma’am. I want to learn how to lick your beautiful feet properly. I beg you Ma’am please teach me how to lick them properly.

How do I teach you? I never taught your dad.

I am sorry ma am. Can I suggest that when I don’t lick them properly, please slap me hard with you feet. Then I will know how not to lick. And when I am doing it properly then please pat me your feet so that I know that I am doing it right. Please teach me this Ma’am. I want to lick your feet all the time.’ I begged.

‘If I started slapping you when you were not doing right, I think I will be slapping you all the time. Well never mind. I guess you are not so bad for a beginner.’ And she patted me on the cheek. ‘You will learn if you lick a lot.’

‘Thank you Ma’am. I will lick them a lot and try to get better.’

Then she got busy watching her movie and I got busy licking her feet. Licking her foot now was not like licking them in the afternoon. Licking in the afternoon was very selfish – I was just pleasing myself. But now I wanted to please her. I didn’t matter at all. Only her pleasure mattered. I had to lick her feet, suck her toe in a way that pleased her. Every now and then I would look at her beautiful face to see whether she was enjoying my licking or not. I realized that to lick her feet properly I have to be on all four. When you are on all four, you can keep changing your position to reach the top or soles of her foot and suck her toes from any angle without her having to move her feet at all.

If I am in any position other than being on all four then she would have to move her feet and adjust to me face. That would be so inconvenient for her. And it would be selfish on my part. Yes, being on the hand and knees for an hour or more can be tiring but then I have to become stronger if I want to be a good foot licker.

She most of the time ignored me watching TV though she slapped me on the face with her foot sole a few times. First time she slapped me and I thanked her for it. She just giggled and looked at me questioningly with those beautiful eyes. I think it probably appeared to her an inappropriate response that I should thank her for slapping me.
I explained ‘Ma’am when you slap me with your feet, you are doing me a favor. It tells me that I am not licking your feet properly and helps me correct my licking. Ma’am I want to be a really good foot licker, your slapping me with your feet would help me become one. It is only appropriate that I should thank you when you are helping me.’

She just starting laughing at my logic and patted me on the cheek with her foot mocking me somewhat ‘I total agree. I think it is only appropriate for you to thank me when I slap you with my feet. You should feel grateful when I slap you.’ She couldn’t stop laughing.

‘You are such a sweet mom. Also you are licking a lot better than the afternoon’.

‘Thank you Ma’am. Please slap me when I don’t lick properly’ I begged again.

‘I will.’ She giggled and got busy watching TV. From then on every time I got a slap on my face I expressed my gratitude by thanking her – much to her amusement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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