Suzi needs to be unfaithful part 1

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Suzi needs to be unfaithful part 1
To give you the back ground story, when I first met James, I was working as a Stripper and Go Go dancer in a gentleman s club in town. I eventually moved from Go Go dancer to fully fledged lap dancer, still maintaining my two spots a night striptease. James would pop into the club from time to time and was always on his best behaviour. He would always be polite, buy me a drink and constantly compliment me. That era was back when, in the stripping circles, I was known as the long boot girl, for my penchant of wearing thigh length boots.
Most of my dances and costumes centred around me parading my naked body except for a pair of the aforementioned thigh length boots, which I was the proud owner of several pairs in various colours and styles. James was obviously a boot man or at least he favoured my hour glass figure wearing the high heeled thigh length boots.
I’d given James a number of saucy lap dances, proudly giving him full blown erections until he finally plucked up the courage to ask me out. We dated for about a year, enjoying a very rampant sex life along the way and eventually married just before his job took him overseas where we started our married life.
It was three months into our married life before we headed overseas and I stopped stripping once we travelled abroad. I did miss the excitement of flirting with different men, teasing them to a state of arousal, parading my naked body to perfect strangers was always a buzz.
I think James missed it also, as he was always exceptionally horny if I’d been working, teasing and arousing various men with my naked body and thigh length boots. James would sometimes come to the club and see me lap dance a guy, my naked body straddling a guys thighs, with my thigh length booted legs apart and resting my shaved pussy on the guys crotch.
If the guy was hard, I would simulate fucking them, holding the back of their neck as I mimicked riding the guy. Sometimes the guys would get a bit touchy feely and the club had a strictly no touching policy, but me and some of the girls would sometimes allow a hot guy to cup our breasts or tweak our nipples.
There have been a few occasions when I’ve permitted a guy to stroke my asshole or discretely slide his finger in the shaved groove of my tight pussy. If James saw this, which he did once or twice, then I knew when we got home, I would be fucked to within an inch of my life.
Now these are the thing that James saw, but there times when he wasn’t there that I’d go that bit further. I’d never fucked a customer, though I have been finger fucked by a few, and finger blasted by a couple. I’ve had my pussy licked to orgasm a few times and twice I’ve sucked a guys cock and swallowed his heavy load. I’m sure when I got home, that James could taste the cock on my breath but he never let on.
James didn’t seem to have a jealous bone in his body. He never actively encouraged me to strip and flirt with the guys, but he also never actively discouraged me.
Some of the guys were so hot, that I have on a few occasions, experienced an orgasm as I rode their hard trouser covered cocks with my naked shaved pussy. The guys would think it was part of the act, my moaning and thrashing about on their laps, but I can assure you it was all genuine.
When we moved abroad, James missed my slut antics, so I would don the thigh length boots now again to bring back happy memories.
He would be thrilled to return from work to find me lazing by the pool, wearing the tiniest bikinis, which often struggled to contain my 36DD breasts. I always wore thong bikinis in the shiniest tightest materials, showing off my curvy figure to its best. The bikini bottoms would be so tight that my shaved slit would be outlined due to the tightness of the thong.
James loved this, proud of his hot wife, he began to encourage me to wear tighter more revealing outfits whenever we ventured out. This escalated after he came home from work one day to find two tradesmen who had been working on the apartment, sitting by the pool talking to me.
My bikini top was missing as I sat between the two guys on my lounger, my bare breasts exposed with my nipples proudly erect. My tight thong was clinging to my shaved mound revealing my slit, to my two guests. My body was glistening with sun tan oil, which I later revealed to James was applied by the two tradesmen.
The guys were sitting in garden chairs either side of me, wearing Ray Ban sunglasses, hiding their eyes, but I knew full well where they were looking. My nipples were erect, from the sun tan lotion application and the slight breeze blowing around our pool area. I could feel the tightness of the thong agitating my pussy delightfully, slowly increasing my state of arousal. I’d enjoyed a good thirty minutes or so of deliberate flirting and teasing when James arrived home.
He looked over at me and our guests, smiled, waved and made his way inside the house, I presumed to watch my antics from either the bedroom window or the kitchen window. Both windows were open airing the house, so I knew he would not only see, but hear also.
“We probably should get going now your husband is home!” the older of the tradesman said in a disappointed tone.
“Not at all, he’s probably taking a shower just now. I owe you guys a big thank you for completing the work!” I smiled, knowing my huge breasts were jiggling as I spoke.
“Well, if you’re sure Suzi!” the younger guy said, staring at my swaying breasts.
“Most definitely, plus I haven’t finished telling you about our life back home and my time as a working stripper!” I smiled touching the younger ones bare knee and leaving my hand there longer than was necessary.
I placed my feet on the ground, either side of my lounger, allowing just a shade more thong to slide into my smooth shaved slit. I could see the Adams apples of the guys bob up and down nervously as they obviously looked at my smooth tight slit. This was exactly the same look when I asked them if they could help apply my suntan lotion earlier. This was the look both guys wore when they walked toward me as I stood beside my sun lounger. My huge firm breasts were jutting forward as I handed the older one my suntan lotion. Taking the bottle from me I asked.
“Could one of you do my legs please and the other do my back and shoulders!”
The top of the bottle was removed in an instant as I felt two large splashes hit my back and begin to slowly run down my spine. A large splash landed on each leg as the bottle was placed on my sun longer.
Immediately two sets of hands began to massage the oil into my skin. My legs were being taken care of by the younger guy, while my back and shoulders were being deliciously manipulated by the older guy. His hands smoothed up my back, sliding beneath the string of my bikini top. His hands moved outward toward my side boob as his fingers stretched and glided around my side boobs.
“Mmm that’s nice!” I whispered.
The young guy was running his oil soaked hands up and down my taut legs, his fingers tickling my inner thighs, as my pussy began to tingle.
“Unfasten my top please, so I can achieve and all over tan!” I smiled as the older guy untied the strings.
My firm huge breasts remained in place, which I think impressed the guys. I turned to face both guys with my arms in the air as squirts of oil were poured on my thighs, stomach and breasts.
Removing my bikini top completely, my huge breasts were now fully on display, with prominent erect nipples I might add.
“Go ahead. I’m not shy if you aren’t! I smiled as the older guy began to massage my breasts, delicately running his fingers over my erect nipples. The bulge in both guys shorts was evident as the young guy tantalised the nerve endings on my long legs, with his almost divine touch. When his hands reached my buttocks, I feared I would explode.
The older guy was smiling, looking at my breasts as he whispered.
“You have a very sexy body Suzi!”
I nodded my head in thanks and whispered.
“That will be from all of my years as a stripper back home!” I boldly stated.
The older guy was still manipulating my breasts as the younger one began to glide his fingers closer and closer to my shaved mound.
“Let’s sit down and I’ll you all about it!” I smiled “Pull over a chair!” I said pointing at the garden furniture.
The guys pulled the chairs to either side of my sun lounger. My breasts were thrusting forward and my bikini covered shaved mound was evident due to the tightness and the flimsy material of the thong bikini bottoms. I kept my legs open as the guys got comfortable and began to regale some memories of my time as a Stripper back home. How I was known as the long boot girl with customers and the other strippers. I informed them of my extensive collection which were in storage back home should I ever return to the adult industry.
The older guy chirped up.
“You obviously knew what you were doing, as most guys love a woman in thigh length boots as it looks a bit kinky. Plus with your huge tits, small waist and what looks like a shaved pussy, you would have driven them wild!” He winked and smiled “Looking at these tits and pussy is driving us two wild with lust!”
So that’s how I came to be sitting around the pool topless, glistening with oil with two tradesmen sitting either side of me.
I could just make out my husbands silhouette in our bedroom as I felt the strongest urge to flirt outrageously.
“You couldn’t put a little bit more sun tan oil on my breasts and stomach could you?” I smiled looking at the young guy “Then I’ll tell you both about my days as a Stripper!”
The young guy held the bottle nervously, unsure if he should proceed. The older guy nodded at him to go ahead, as he removed the lid and squirted a dollop of oil onto his hands. He held his dripping hands over my naked breasts as I thrust them forward arching my back. As the oil dripped on to my breasts, I giggled excitedly. He placed his hands tenderly on my large breasts, cupping them with the palm of his hands as his thumbs rubbed my nipples gently.
I moaned softly.
“That feels really good!” My head bent back as my moan left my open mouth.
His hands took the full weight of my large firm breasts, gently squeezing the flesh and tenderly tantalising my erect nipples.
My breathing quickened as I could feel my arousal increasing. His strong hands massaged my firm breasts, exciting my erect nipples with his deft touch.
“Rub some oil into my stomach!” I said quietly as the older guy leant forward and began to slide the palms of his hands back and forth across my tanned and toned stomach. His fingertips glided across my stomach causing my stomach to flip with sexual excitement.
His hands slid toward the top of my bikini thong, as they eased lower beneath the skintight material. I lifted my ass off the sun lounger to give him better access, as his fingers smoothed over my shaved mound. His touch was electric as my legs began to tremble as he skilfully stroked and teased my shaved pussy.
I smiled at my two guests, one massaging my breasts and the other skilfully sliding his index finger up and down my shaved slit, encouraging my clitoris out of its hood.
“This used to happen to me quite often when I was stripping!” I giggled, teasing the guys.
“I would often have guys rub lotion or cream into my naked breasts or pussy during my striptease!” I teased “Never as good as this though!” I reassured the guys.
“I always kept my thing length boots on, which seemed to please the guys as they rubbed the oil into my breasts and pussy!” I smiled feeling my face flush.
“Private stag parties were the best. You could get really naughty with the guest of honour and after I’d finished my act I used to hang around and party with the guys, still wearing my stripper outfit!” I smiled.
“I’d give anything to have seen you do your striptease!” The younger guy smiled.
“In fact if you both come back tomorrow lunchtime, I may just do a little striptease and lap dance for you both, as a special thank you for the work today!” I giggled suggestively.
“Tomorrow?” the younger questioned.
“My husband wont be home, so we can relax a little better. Would you like me to wear one of my stripper outfits?” I enquired slowly riding the older guys finger as it slid inside my shaved pussy.
I could see my husband paying avid attention to my antics, knowing full well he would also be listening to my offer of a striptease for the guys tomorrow.
“Fucking hell Suzi! This sexy body cutting about with Stripper clothes on! We’ll both explode!” The older guy laughed.
“Maybe that’s what I’m hoping for!” I giggled suggestively.
“There’s a strong possibility!” The older guy smiled.
“Maybe after I’ve done my striptease and lap dances, I could put my stripper outfit back on and party with you guys afterwards!” I exclaimed wearing a very saucy smile.
The older guy removed his finger from my pussy as the young guy eased his hands from my large breasts.
“Come on I’ll escort you gentleman to the front door! Be here for 1:00pm tomorrow if you want your little treat!” I smiled.
“We’ll be here prompt!” The younger guy smiled.
I stood from my lounger, almost reaching my full height, I didn’t realise my bikini thong was untied, as my bikini bottoms fell to the ground, revealing my shaved mound to my guests.
Both guys were still sitting, so my shaved smooth pussy was level with their faces. Both guys eyebrows raised, informing me that the guys were indeed impressed with my huge firm naked breasts and my glass smooth shaved pussy.
My pussylips were glistening with oil and some of my own arousal, as I stepped away from my lounger and placed my dainty feet inside my Silver stiletto heeled shoes. I now felt like my old self, standing naked, covered in oil with high heels on. The temptation to gyrate my hips was almost unbearable, but I managed to control it.
I nodded toward my front door and walked the guys through my kitchen, lounge and hallway, finally arriving at my front door. I could feel their eyes burning into me as they stared at my swaying naked form.
I unlatched the front door and opened it slowly. Standing naked behind the door, I placed my right arm high on the door and my left arm onto my waist. I parted my legs slightly, showing my slit and opening to the guys as they brushed past me on their way out.
“Remember 1:00pm!” I said in a schoolteacher tone.
“We’ll be here!” The older guy smiled as he took one last stroke of my naked pussy.
I smiled at his cheekiness and gave him a soft lip grazing kiss.
Closing the door, I turned to make my way upstairs to see just how much I’d aroused James.
My high heels clicked on the wooden staircase, announcing my imminent arrival. I breezed into our bedroom to find James stark naked, holding the biggest and hardest erection he’s produced for quite some time.
“Did you like my little show?” I smiled as I knelt on the bed, moving slowly toward James, smiling and slinkily moving in a deliberate feline way.
James was holding his cock at the base, the erection jutting proudly forward.
“I fucking loved it you dirty slut!” James smiled “I’ve actually missed my slut stripper wife!” He exclaimed.
“After teasing the guys today, I realise just how much I’ve missed it! My pussy is tingling with excitement from teasing the guys!” I said excitedly.
“Are you sure it’s not tingling from one of the guys fingering you while the other played with your tits?” James smirked knowingly.
“That may have added to the excitement!” I smiled, holding James cock as my lips kissed his purple tip “But showing off and teasing them really got me going!”
“How far are you going with the guys tomorrow? A little striptease and lap dance or are you going all the way?” James enquired.
“I’ll see on the day. Once I’m parading in front of them in stockings and garters, breasts and pussy exposed, you never know!” I giggled “Plus I really have missed being a naughty slut!”
“I’ve missed you being naughty!” James smiled “Maybe you should bring your thigh length boots out of retirement!” He giggled, touching my hair as I slid my lips over the head of his cock and eased the full length, to the back of my throat.
My tongue swirled into action as I began to suck his cock, almost creating a vacuum with the strength of my sucking. I didn’t realise just how arousing it was for James, when I became the slut stripper wife, but the evidence was in my mouth and about to explode. I slobbered over James cock for about five minutes, when the unmistakeable twitching of orgasm began.
James let out a deep groan then growled.
“I’m coming you slut! Take my spunk!” He sneered in a dismissive tone.
My eyes rolled as I moved my right hand to his balls and began to lightly scratch them with my long manicured nails. His cock began to explode in my mouth as the first spurt hit the back of my mouth, making me gag a little. The second spurt was not as powerful as my mouth began to fill up with semen. I swallowed briskly as more man fluid filled my mouth. As the last spurt unloaded, I removed James cock from my mouth and smiled at him. James was lying back on the bed, a huge smile emblazoned across his face.
“You best kiss me now to get used to the smell and taste of cock on my breath again!” I giggled teasingly.
“Oh you fucking slut!” James smiled “Come up here and let me taste it!” He grinned, waggling his finger, directing me up toward him.
I kissed James with the taste and smell of his spunk on my lips and tongue.
James moaned into my mouth as I straddled his waist, his semi erect cock, directly at my shaved opening. I slid my pussy back and forth along the length of his semi erect cock. His cock pulsed as it eased between my wet pussylips, giving me a nice little thrill as I continued to move along the length. I can’t recall the last time James ejaculated more than once during one of our sex sessions, but all the signs were there that it was a possibility as his cock began to harden.
“Do you want me to be a dirty stripper slut wife again?” I whispered as I slid back and forth on his ever-growing cock.
“Fucking hell yeah!” he snarled as his cock began to slide inside my pussy.
“Do you want me to strip for these guys and let them play with my tits and pussy?” I teased.
“Yes, Tease them and let them feel your huge breasts and hot tight pussy!” he panted excitedly.
“Shall I let them finger my asshole?” I continued with my tease as my pussy engulfed James hard cock.
“You naughty slut!” James smiled.
“I wonder if you’d like them to fuck me? Maybe even have them double penetrate me like some cheating housewife slut?” I said in a stern tone.
James eyes rolled with sheer lust as I began to ride his granite hard cock.
“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” I smiled “Your slut wife being fucked by two hard cocks at the same time!” I whispered into his ear as my huge breasts pressed against his naked chest.
“Fuck yeah!” he grunted approvingly.
“Shall I let them come inside me or should I let them come on my breasts and face?” I continued with my tease.
My hips were moving slowly as my pussy gripped my husbands hard cock.
“Fuck them twice and do both!” James snarled as my riding tempo increased.
“It would feel so naughty to have two cocks explode inside me then to have the same cocks drown my tits and face with their hot spunk!” I smiled knowing James with his voyueristic tendencies was lapping up every second of this.
“Take a photo of you covered in their spunk!” James snarled, clenching his teeth.
Why don’t we video the whole event and watch it back when you come home?” I giggled knowing James was almost at the point of orgasm.
“I’ll set camera’s up in the lounge to record you being a dirty cheating slut!” he growled as the first powerful spurt of spunk shot inside me.
Riding his cock to completion, I smiled looking down at my spent husband and whispered.
“I’m going to let both of them fuck me in all of my holes, and you’ll be able to watch it all when you come home!” I tormented my husband “You can watch it and fuck me at the same time!”
“That sounds perfect you cock hungry slut!” James grinned.
“You make sure that you set the camera’s up tonight and I’ll do the rest!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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