Swingin with Mike & Julie part 3

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Swingin with Mike & Julie part 3
Okay Swinging Fans! Part 3 of where our meeting with Mike & Julie at our club led us……

Last time, I told you about what happened when we went to visit Mike & Julie at their home. They introduced us to a very fit couple called Keith & Jackie, and at the very end I told you that my partner had arranged to meet Keith on her own, whilst I had been a good boy and not made any such arrangement with Jackie – despite the fact that she was HOT! – Oh BOY was she HOT!!!!

Anyway, a couple of weeks later my partner went off for the night for her meeting with Keith and came back next day with a big smile on her face. I asked her how it went, and she told me that before they got down to business Keith had told her off about arranging things behind my back and that he would see to it that he and Jackie made it up to me somehow . So for the next few days I wondered exactly how they would make it up… To be honest, I wasn t too worried as I knew we would bump into them again as Mike & Julie had already invited us to a summer party at their place, which was basically an orgy, and Jackie was a definite to be there.

So my initial disgruntlement about it subsided and my parter and I were planning our next little foray into the world of swinging. Then one morning about two weeks later, my partner asked me what I was doing that evening. Nothing I said. Good she said… May have a little surprise for you then….. Was I going to get to see Jackie? Was I going to get the fucking of my life with her???? All sorts of possibilities ran through my mind all day long, so much so that I had to re-plaster a wall I was doing! Lol!

I got home about 6pm that day, and went into the laundry room to take off my work clothes. On a post-it note on the washing machine it said Make sure you have a really good shower babes…. in my partners handwriting. I smiled. I took the note and went up to shower. Stuck on the shower cubicle door was another post-it note. Nice shower and make sure you shave . . . EVERYTHING… 🙂 it said. Hmmmm…. I thought. Everything? Okay – always like to keep everything neatly trimmed so – hey-ho!! I got into the shower, got a good soaking and got the razor out…..

Once I was dried off, I went to my wardrobe to choose something appropriate to wear. I opened the door and taped to the inside of the door was an envelope with my name on. I peeled it off and opened it. There was a sheet of what seemed like scented writing paper (my partner doesn t use anything like it) and the handwriting was nothing like hers either, but very artistic all the same.. it read…

Darling, so sorry about you not getting your just desserts the other week, but if you d like to put on the clothes I have hung on the first hanger, then drive to the XXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXX by the bridge (ask for room 29) and I will make it up to you…… x x x x

Wow! I thought, as I hurriedly pulled on the dark suit and white open neck shirt my partner had hung up just as it said in the note. I slapped on some aftershave, grabbed my man bag with my swinging kit inside and raced down to the car. The hotel was only about 10 minutes drive away, but I drove like I had 100 miles to cover! I screeched to a halt outside, and walked into Reception. I asked for room 29, and was directed upstairs and to the right when I got there. I trotted up the stairs excitedly. I don t honestly know if I was expecting Jackie to be there really? Leaving notes wasn t my partners style and I didnt think the paper the note was written on was exactly Jackies either, but anyway, I found the top hallway and walked down to room 29. I knocked on the door….

A few seconds later it was opened by……. JULIE!!!!!!

Hello Darling…… she said as she winked at me, and took me by the hand and led me into the room. It was the standard sort of room at a lodge type hotel, but quite large.
well I didn t expect to find you here….. I said, with a wry grin on my face.
Thought Jackie would be here? asked Julie.
well, yes.
She s in the USA for three weeks darling – can t make it – so she sent me instead. Well, er, me and . . . . Sophie……
I turned and in the doorway of the bathroom was a tall, young blonde with great tits, a fantastic body, and very little in clothing to hide any of it! Julie squeezed my hand..
Well, what do you think?….. she asked.
Very nice I said, approving of Sophie, who smiled back, walked over to me, planted a huge kiss on my lips and then grabbed at my semi-erect cock in my trousers and said..
Jackie tells me you have a VERY thick cock. Is that right…? she pouted.
Yes, he HAS…. Julie answered for me, at which point she started to unbutton her top, d**** it back off her shoulders to reveal her naked (and pert!) boobs, while Sophie undid my trousers and let them drop to the floor.

Then Sophie dropped to her knees, took my now twitching cock out of my pants and began to suck on it like she wanted to get all my cum-juice out in one go! Julie started to unbutton my shirt and pull it off my shoulders. Jackie thought it was awful what your partner did arranging to meet Keith on her own – and Keith wasn t happy about it either. There are rules to swinging and there are penalties if you dont stick to them…. as she spoke, I felt Sophies finger push hard up my arse and my cock went fully erect inside her gorgeous mouth..

Julie then began snogging my face off and planted my hands on her boobs. While all this was going on, we all somehow managed to get naked and ended up on the bed. So how do you fit in to all of this then, Sophie? I asked, as I sucked Julies nipple and let my fingers play with her pussy.
Jackie is my big sister.. said Sophie, who came up for air in the middle of continuing the blow job she had been giving me, expertly, for nearly 10 minutes now!
She s your what!!!!! I was so surprised.
Yes, they like to keep it in the family chuckled Julie as I sucked on her tits. Jackie decided you deserved a nice young SLUT as a treat for XXXX & Keith having fun – so she couldn t think of a better one than Sophie .
As she said it we all took a bit of a natural break, and I looked a bit more seriously at Sophie – now I could see the family resemblance. I could also tell that her blonde hair was not natural, but a VERY expensive hair-colouring job – and she looked all the more horny for it!

Julie said I could go first fucking Sophie, who lay down and duly obliged. She moaned like crazy when I pushed my fat cock in her right up to the hilt, and admitted in the middle of panting with pleasure that it was easily the thickest one she had had. Julie produced a vibe from her handbag and started to take care of herself with it all the while I fucked Sophie missionary then doggie, and then – at her instance – anally. She had a near perfect arse – even better than her sister Jackies! How could you have TWO arses in the SAME family which were so damned PERFECT????? Sometimes the world just ain t fair, is it???

I had been shagging Sophie up the arse for a few minutes when Julie suddenly grabbed at my shaft and pulled it back out of her arse. I thought What the fuck?? , but immediately Julie went down on my cock and started licking and sucking all of Sophies arse-juices – Julie was SUCH an ATM addict it was unbelievable. AS she was doing that, Sophie went around the back of her and started to lick her out, so we were almost spit roasting Julie. Then Julie turned around and pointed back at her arse. Get fucking it darling – make it hard and make me SCREAM!!!
Don t you want a bit of lube Julie? I asked.
Just get your cock up there!!! she ordered. I did as I was told. When my cock head had popped in, I started thrusting as hard as I could, while Sophie cupped my bollocks in her hand and started snogging me. I also felt her finger go up my bum again – she was very into that.

I carried on fucking Julie up her arse for a few minutes when, suddenly, she pulled herself off me, turned round and took my cock in her mouth, this time licking and sucking her own arse-juice off it. It felt FUCKING WONDERFUL! Sophie lay back and started to fuck herself with the vibe, while Julie kept sucking my cock.

I tried my best to stop cumming, but pretty soon it was clear that I had to. I told the girls and Julie said that it should be Sophies turn as the new girl to take a mouthful of my cum tonight! She knelt on the floor in front of me and I could see the smile in her eyes as I wanked as hard as I could. Within a couple of minutes I exploded onto her face – about 2/3rds of my hot, sticky cum actually made it into her mouth, the rest landing on her nose and right cheek, which Julie promptly licked clean 🙂

I lay back on the bed then and watched the girls give me a live lesbian show for the next 20 mins or so, until I felt ready to rejoin the action. These two managed to get me to cum twice more before we all fell asleep on the bed. In the morning, to say goodbye, I fucked both ladies missionary and came in Julies mouth just to make sure she didn t feel left out.

AS we were all about to leave Sophie asked if she could have my number. I looked at Julie, not sure what to say. Julie smiled and nodded her approval, and I gave it to Sophie, and asked her why she wanted it?
Cos you have a fucking great thick cock sweetie, and I know my friends would LOVE to get hold of it…… she winked as she slung her bag over her shoulder, gave Julie a kiss and was gone from the room. Julie looked at me and smiled.
Well, how did you like your surprise….?
Loved it Julie. Just loved it.

Then, just when I thought we were about to leave, Julie grabbed me in her arms, kissed me strongly on the lips, and forced ME down onto the bed. She pulled my shirt up and my trousers down and I thought…..

Here I go again……!!!!!! Lol!

I welcome comments and rating on all my stories – so please feel free… 🙂 Thanks x

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