Taking One for the Team

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Taking One for the Team
Taking One for the Team
2/22/2014, RnM

Michael is my super sexy and super virile fuck buddy. We meet perhaps every one to two weeks on a Saturday for an overnight delight of plain, simple and intense sexual romping that usually keeps me both happy, pleasurably soar and sleepy the following day. This had been our routine for more than two years now and I was happy with it! But as you know, routines are often destined for change.

It was Super Bowl weekend and Michael wanted to hang with his boys and be men. At least that is what he told me! So he asked if we could catch up on the following weekend. I am a nice girl so I agreed easily although Patty wasn’t happy at all! She was on fire! Michael had the best dick she ever had and she woke up and roared alerting me to the fact that she has already waited the two week stretch and she refused to wait another week! Since I couldn’t take a step without lighting a small bush fire, I called an old backup fuck buddy, Daniel. I swear Patty spoke and said “bitch!”

Daniel is ok but women can feel me when I say once you get a superb dick to quench the sexual hunger, you don’t want to go back to adequate. Daniel is a Swedish guy I have known now for quite a few years. Unlike the Alexander Skarsgåard type, Daniel was short for a guy standing only around 5’8” tall and quite thin. Daniel is an average looking guy, sharing some resemblance to Jiminy Cricket if you know who that is, and he is sporting an average size cock. Patty complains because his length is just shy of reaching her explosion spot and it takes some effort to try and get it there. I guess it would help if Patty was surrounded with such voluptuousness too. So reaching euphoria with Daniel is a hit or a miss although he gets an A++ for nice width, stamina, and super hard erection. I am sure you have guessed this is not an issue with Michael. So despite Patty’s bitching, I made the call and he seemed quite happy…no grateful I called.

A visit with Daniel is usually uneventful. I met him at his place, we had a great conversation which we always do, some wines (yes wines as in plural) ,we fucked and no I didn’t see heaven but it was still good, we woke up and drank tea, I showered, we kissed each other goodbye and I did the proverbial walk of shame to my car still feeling like I have a wet ass.

So now comes Sunday and I am full of energy I don’t know what to do with. I am cleaning, going out walking etc etc and unexpectedly I get a call from Michael and Patty went from grumbling to full alert! Girls let me tell you, Michael is one hot piece of masculine ass! He is not the kind of guy you should marry but he is a guy you find a way to make a part of your life. I like them big and pretty and it is a bonus when Big and Pretty likes a full-figured woman such as myself! Michael is a c***d of the “multi-cultural” era and therefore he is a beautiful, blended specimen of a mother from Somalia and a father of a beautiful mixed heritage of Turkish and Irish. The result of this blend was a man, not very tall standing at five feet and eleven inches, a nice well-defined body with the V-cut and six pack abs but you know not too muscular, fair skin that looks like a touch of caramel was blended in, beautiful greyish and turquoise colored eyes, and long thick dark hair he often wore in dreads pulled back. He complimented his body with a few tattoos. They were the Asian lettering going down one leg, the tribal arm band, and a small African mosaic on his left chest as a symbol to his mother. Ladies, Michael had the most beautiful cock God ever attached to a man. His endowment was average but the length and width was perfect for Patty. Enough length to always push her ecstasy button, enough width to always touch the walls, great hardness that felt so good when Patty wanted to squeeze it and always lasted long enough for Patty to make her tribal cry and beg for a pause. Woo, I have beads of sweat just thinking about it! So I suddenly heard the heavenly chorus of him asking if I can give him some time since he discovered he finished his Super Bowl preparations earlier than expected. I was trying to sound not too over-enthusiastic as I said yes.

After we hung up the phone, I did a Supergirl routine to do all the things we women like to do to smell and look good for a man we want to turn on. I decided to keep clothing to a minimal because all I could think about was mounting that dick the moment he opened the door. So I did the seductive overcoat, thigh high stockings and garter, heels and a bow tie thong that covered Patty and my boobs. Patty was so excited she became over moist. Well at least as I hurried to the car, I did not need to worry about starting any bush fires.

On arrival, Michael proved to be as hot as I was. He pulled me into the door and began kissing me passionately and feeling my whole body. He removed my coat and tossed it to the side and paused for a few moments to take me in. Ladies he was loving the look! He guided me to his bedroom and I barely noticed the transformation of his living room in preparation for game day the next day. With one tug, the bow untied, Michael discarded his robe, gently pushed me to the bed, raised and parted my legs and Patty bursted out into a joyous medley of Hallelujah. I love the feeling when he first penetrates me. It is amazing feeling the soft skin of his penis parting my lips, touching the entrance and then entering me. It is fucking wonderful how I can feel every inch slide against the walls of my vagina and then reaching the sunshine state of happiness. We fucked passionately for a good while easily rotating positions and enjoying the intensity that each one brings. Patty sung at least three times before Michael warmed her inside and out with his love sugar.

Our routine continued to go off track as we continued fucking well into Monday until we heard the doorbell rang. Michael asked me to wait in the bed. I heard an exchange of conversation, some rustling noises and then he returned. “Don’t worry, it was the caterers with the food for the game. We still have some time.” We continued laying in bed floating in and out of sleep while periodically kissing and fondling one another. Eventually the kissing and fondling intensified and we began fucking again. A couple of minutes into it, the doorbell rang again. Michael looked up at the clock and said “Oh shit! Don’t move wait right here.” I saw Michael grab his robe and made his rock hard cock disappear from my sight. This time I heard his boys come in and the exchange of hearty greetings and slapping of hands. One said “Boy why you not dressed you knew we were coming.” Michael responded, “Yeah I know but I need a few alright?” The unfamiliar voice responded “Bet.”

Michael returned to the bedroom, tossed his robe aside and came back to bed with Mr. Rock Hard. “Sorry about that. We have a few more minutes but the boys are now arriving and the game will start in about an hour.” I responded “oh I should get…” “NO NO let’s continue,” Michael interrupted and said. Admittedly this was kind of hot. Hot dick in bed and extra dick in another room, how taboo!! Michael and I continued fucking and being the little wicked minx I am I didn’t try to muffle my sounds of pleasure and Michael didn’t discourage me. I heard a voice filter into the room “boy are you in there fucking!?” Michael responded with pleasure dripping from his lips, “Oh fuck yes.” I smiled and continued to enjoy Mr. Rock Hard.

I heard the doorbell ring and more people entering the apartment. I didn’t care, I was going to stay with Mr. Rock Hard and Michael until Patty received the anticipated sweet sugar she loves. So I couldn’t tell you when the guys started watching us from the doorway but I noticed there were a few standing there, licking their lips and getting off watching us fuck. To my own surprise, I pulled the blanket away from us and exposed our love making to his guest. Michael looked onto my eyes and smiled. “Ooooh I knew your ass was freaky,” Michael said. Then without warning Michael came hard and deep into Patty with beads of sweat falling onto my lips and face. We hugged and kissed and we both got out the bed with our audience still at the doorway. I rubbed Patty and walked out the room to gather my belongings and head for the shower. I came out the bathroom now covered to be welcomed with a bunch of hungry eyes. “Don’t go, hang with us,” Michael asked.

I stood there with a blank stare of my face while contemplating his ambiguous suggestion. My reply was letting my coat fall where I stood and I sauntered to the couch and sat in the midst of his friends, with the Super Bowl just beginning. It was the Seattle Seahawks against the Denver Broncos and I could care less about the game. Hot Michael has some good looking friends. It was a culturally blended crew of about six guys. A couple of his friends were white, a couple were black with one being obviously bi-racial, one was Korean and his last friend Serbian or Croation. The guys were all into the game but they definitely didn’t ignore a nearly naked woman seating in the middle of them. On occasions they would look at me with hungry eyes or licking their lips. Sometimes a hand rubbed my leg or teased a nipple. My hair is medium length and very full and at times, fingers would run through my hair. The tease was very nice and since I recently had Michael, I could patiently wait for the main event.

As half time drew closer, the fondling grew more intense and there was an increase of stray articles of clothing about. I took in that the guys were slowly undressing and ditching their lucky game clothes. By the time half time began, I found lips pressed on mine, hands rubbing between my legs and both breast being heavily fondled. No one cared about the half time show although there seemed to be some great artists playing. The kisses brought traces of Doritos, glazed and spicy chicken wings, other foods and of course beer! Both sets of lips tingled when the spicy flavors touched them. Me and the guys created our own half time show letting each guy suck my nipples and lick Patty. Oh the different touches were explosive. I had a chance to taste each cock and it became a half time show of fondling, touching and licking.

When halftime ended, the guys returned to whooping and screaming and enjoying the game and taking occasional moments to touch me or kiss me. They were unfortunately Bronco fans and their team lost. So they decided I should be their consolation prize. They stretched me out on the sofa, surrounded me and each took turns penetrating my mouth and Patty. I laid there and let each one enjoy me and I had to admit, I was loving the changing of the guards. I loved Michael’s cock but what woman hasn’t fantasized about a cock buffet! I fucked with all of them. Sometimes I felt like a rag doll as they tossed me into different positions of submission or giving me a chance to dominate and ride them. I was lucky they were all decent lovers, nothing like Michael but they were fun. The fun lasted until they signaled they were nearing the end by laying me on the cocktail table after removing the leftover food, each one took turns to enter me, fuck me hard and spill his play seed on my belly or breast.

During the pause that was complimented with heavy breathing, I decided to take another shower, dress and leave thinking I would be on top. As I walked past the sprawl of naked men, a hand grabbed mine and said, we are not done yet. Leftover food, the group of naked men and me were relocated to the bedroom. They turned on a porno movie and then laid me in the center of the bed. Some finger foods were positioned my body and I enjoyed the feeling of being eaten off of, being kissed and caressed all over my body. The Super bowl menu included dessert so they found a way to turn me into a human cream pie by, masterfully I might add, creating bite size desserts and placing it all over my body. There was a mixture of them eating the desserts off of me, feeding me some deserts by hand, lips or penis. Then someone got the idea to cover the group in sauces, creams and caramel and we spent a sticky time licking, sucking and fucking each other. The hottest moment came when Michael was fucking me deep and one of his white friends 69ed me. He pushed his uncut penis into my mouth and then leaned over to suck my clit while Michael pumped me. Ladies that was by far the most intense pleasure I ever had in my life! At that moment I became a slave to a group of cocks and the sex intensified to include anal sex and double penetration. These men were not shy nor phobic about touching one another.

I let them position me how they wanted and allowed them to single, double and even triple penetrate me. I was titty fucked and even took cum in my mouth which I never allowed that before. I was completely consumed and high on pleasure. My whole body engaged never wanting the pleasure to stop. I witnessed the boys kissing my cum complimented pussy or mouth and licking them clean. They never fucked each other but they were not cum shy at all. This group fuck session went on to late evening until after each guy spilled his play semen on me or in me, then passed out and slept. After the last guy, I finally let my eyes close and enjoyed the entire body tingle experience.

Tuesday morning came and I decided to call off from work again. I got up, used the facilities, showered and found my phone to sms my team. I returned to the bed and decided to sleep in the buffet of naked men a little longer. After some time, I sensed someone got up and used the facilities. On return, I felt a warm body cover mine and dick finding its way into my pussy. With closed eyes and sleep drowsiness, I enjoyed the soft pounding until the sugar release. One after another a guy woke up, took a leak and relieved his morning wood in me.

After the morning release and a short nap later, each guy took turns showering and dressing. They hugged and kissed me and did the b*o hug with Michael and departed. After they left, Michael stood behind me and hugged me. He kissed the nap of my neck, gently. A tear streamed down one eye as I believed this was going to be our last hoorah. How can Michael want to continue when I acted like a human party sex favor taking it all for the team? I don’t know I guess time will tell but I definitely had an awesome story I could never tell my grandc***dren so I hope you enjoyed it!

The End

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