Taking Sugar Lips For The First Time Parts 3, 4 an

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Taking Sugar Lips For The First Time Parts 3, 4 an
The second upload of my story to my pet, my slave Vanessa. She blessed me by letting me be her Master, I love her so. Please enjoy parts 3, 4 and 5 which is our first experience in our Master/slave relationship.

Love you Sugar Lips!

Part 3

I want you to feel something inside of you the whole time I have you under control, something that when you move you can feel it inside of you, something when you cum your muscles will contract around it and try to suck it deeper inside of you increasing the pleasure of your orgasms.

I whisper in your ear that I am going to insert an anal plug inside of you, your eyes widen and your mouth opens as you try to speak but I put the plug inside of your mouth before you can say anything and fuck your mouth with it, I want you to make it nice and we and shiny for me. You calm down after thinking about it and seeing it, it is not too big, it is one of those with the jewel at the bottom of it, a red one, and you think it is actually pretty. I tell you to leave it in your mouth as I run my tongue down your bound body over your lips, down your neck, between your breasts, inside your belly button, over your hard clit and finally your pussy.

Your ass hole is still virgin, so when you feel my tongue hit your sensitive back door hole you raise your hips against your bondage and moan very hard as you feel my tongue touch it for the first time. As you raised your hips I slip a pillow under your bottom giving me better access to you pretty back door. You taste good as I run my tongue around the ring of your ass and I make my way to the entrance of your body. You are now enjoying me down there on you and you are trying to force my tongue into your ass but you cannot move to far against your bondage.

As you moan around the anal plug in your mouth, you feel the tip of my tongue force its way inside of you. I never heard such a lovely moan as I take your asshole for the first time in your life. I slide my tongue in and out of you, a little deeper with each penetration as you try to push your asshole back at me trying to get me deeper inside of you. I continue to fuck your tasty asshole until you are nice as wet, I raise my head, hold your butthole open with my hands and let my salvia drip from my mouth onto and inside of you.

You feel my finger circling your hole now, it is making its way closer to its goal of going inside of your body. You instinctively tighten your muscles back there but when you feel the tip of my finger push against your body you try to loosen up and push the best you can against it. We hear a slight pop as my finger breaks through and is now inside your asshole, no finger has ever been there before. Your moans of pleasure sound lovely around the anal plug in your mouth.

As I slowly finger fuck your asshole my mouth finds your clit. Your body starts to buck against my face as you feel my finger inside your ass and my mouth and tongue over your clit. I can feel your clit harden as I lick and suck on it while it is inside of my mouth, I feel your muscles of inside your ass contract around my finger as it moves in and out of you, I move a second in adding to your pleasure.

With all the attention between your bound legs your body begins to tense, your breathing becomes fast a shallow as your body rises against your bonds when an orgasm rises through you. I feel your ass tighten around my fingers as you fuck your pussy into my face encouraging me to pleasure your clit as your orgasm over takes your body. I wish I could see your face right now as you are cumming, but we can watch it after, I have a camera on your body recording your first bondage session with me.

I feel your pussy juices that have flowed from you during your orgasm on my hand and fingers that are inside your ass, I finger fuck some of those juices inside of you, lubing you up with my saliva and your pussy cum.

After you come down from your orgasm I remove my fingers from your ass, I take the anal plug from your mouth with one hand and put the fingers that we inside your ass into your mouth where you clean them off with your tongue and suck them inside of your mouth like it was my cock. You smile as you do so after having a nice orgasm and knowing that what is coming next.

I rub the anal plug over your pussy collecting some of your wonderful juices over it. I bring it down to your ass and place the tip of the plug at your hole. Relax your body I tell you as I begin to push the anal plug inside your body. You feel the tip enter you, then you feel your ass stretch as the bulb of the plug widens, you instinctively try to push it out as I push against you but you soon relax a little enjoying being opened up as the steel plug slide deeper into you.

I love to watch your ass as I see your ass ring stretch around it, like your ass is trying to suck the plug into your body. As the widest part of the plug opens you up you rise up and have a mini orgasm as it slides past your opening and inside of you. Another slit pop of your ass as it is now inside of you and all that is showing from it is the red jewel covering up your puckered ass hole. You look lovely laying there in bondage with the anal plug inside of you.

Now every time you move, every time I bring you pleasure you will feel the plug inside of you increasing the pleasure that I am going to give you.

Part 4

I watch you for a few minutes as you move your hips getting use to your anal plug inside of you. It looks like you are trying to fuck it deeper inside of you. Your eyes look into mine like you are begging me to take you as I watch your juices flow from you hot pussy down to the handle of your plug.

I move to the bed stand and open up a drawer to pull out a pin wheel. I show it to you, you have never seen one, it is a little wheel on a handle with a bunch of sharp little pins on it. I run it over my finger you can see the little pins pushing into the skin. You know better to ask me what I am going to do with it, you already know, but my true intentions is to sensitized your skin so you can feel all the sensation I give you tonight.

I lean my head down to you sticking out my tongue, you do the same as our tongues touch and we kiss for a couple of moments while you are in your bondage. I order you to leave your tongue sticking out as I hold the pinwheel to your eye, telling you to leave it out until you are told you can put it back in your pretty mouth. Your eyes widen and your breathing is a little heavier as you figured out I am going to run the wheel over your tongue.

You feel a pin stick you at the tip of your tongue, your instincts wanting to pull your tongue back in your mouth but you are a good pet and leave it out. I run it over your tongue. You feel each prick of the pin on your tongue but it does not hurt you, it is actually stimulating to you. When I am done using the pinwheel on your tongue I like it with mine and tell you that you can put it back in your mouth. You smile at me wondering where the wheel is going next.

I the pinwheel over your chin, down your neck and between your breasts, I circle one of them with the wheel leaving tiny little marks on your skin as it passes over you. You watch me and you moan a little at the sensation, there is just a little bit of pain but for the most part you feel your nerves waking up. When I get to your nipple I stop, you look almost disappointed, you wanted to feel it on your hard nipple. I move to your other breast and move it around the bottom and work my way to your nipple, this time not stopping.

I take one pin and place it right at the very tip of your nipple, you try to back away but you cannot because you are tied tight to the bed. You hold your breath as you feel the pin push down on your sensitive nipple, it reacts by becoming even harder, I can see it rise around the pin! You begin to relax and breathe again as you try to push up against it driving it further into your skin. You are beginning to realize the sexual pleasure with new sensation, you are really getting turned on.

The pinwheel is working its way over both of your breasts, your lovely areolas and your very hard and sensitive nipples as you try to meet it as I move from breast to breast. Your breasts are covered in Goosebumps from the new sensation and your nipples never seemed to feel so hard.

You feel the pinwheel now between your breasts moving down to your belly button and down to your pussy. You are nervous about the pins of the wheel touching your most sensitive flesh that is between your legs which are spread so wide open from your bondage.

I trace the wheel around your pussy not touching any part of your pussy yet and move the wheel to your inner thighs. You did not realize how sensitive your flesh is there, you feel the pins on your skin but it almost tickles you, you like the sensation and move your body with each stroke of the wheel. I work my way closer to your pussy but I first trace around the ruby jewel anal plug inside of you. You have a mini orgasm as you feel the needles so close to your rose bud back door, I can see your pussy pulsating as you cum pushing out more of your juices.

I watch your face closely as I move the pinwheel to the lips of your pussy…….

Part 5

Your eyes widen as you feel the pinwheel getting closer to your pussy. I can see your body tense up, your ass grabs your anal plug and draws it deeper inside of you, and I can see it move as you pucker in anticipation. As I first touch your pussy lips with the wheel you arch your body as high as you can against your bondage and let out a little scream.

I take the wheel away and touch your pussy lips rubbing them as I look into your eyes. I ask you if you are ok and you say yes, it just surprised you. I tell you I will be gentle and to relax and to let me know if I hurt you in anyway. I feel your body relax, I kiss your pussy and you give me a soft little purr.

The pinwheel is back to your pussy, it is being rolled over your pussy lips, and you are getting use to the sensation and in fact are moving your hips with the motion of the wheel. I love the little dimples it leaves on your pussy lips as I run it on them. I watch as I see more of your juices begin to seep from your pussy, I want to see more so I use one hand to spread your lips.

You have a nice pool of pussy juice at your cute little hole, I use my tongue to bring it into my mouth and drink your fluid into me, you taste so good and you are refreshing. I know you want to feel my tongue more but I am not ready to let you cum again, not just yet.

I now move the pinwheel to the hood of your clit, you watch me as it nears the most sensitive part of your body. You hold our breath as I gently run the wheel over your hood, you relax and take in the sensation when you find the feeling to be more pleasant than painful. I increase the pressure on your hood to you moans of pleasure and a little bit of pain.

Next I pull up on your clitoral hood exposing your beautiful clit, you love button with one hand, and the wheel is in the other. I just touch your pussy with it, you jump a little and screech just a bit, not sure if it was pleasure or pain. I now roll the wheel over your pussy lightly, your hips begin to buck the sensation of pins running over your clit. The sexual tension builds in your body, you ask for permission to cum, I say please do my pet.

As your orgasm starts I drop the wheel, I put my mouth over your clit, I suck on it while flicking it with my tongue inside of my mouth, I insert two fingers inside of your pussy rubbing your G-spot as you buck your pussy the best you can against my mouth and fingers as you cum so hard from your pinwheel delightful torture.

You moan in ecstasy, your breathing is deep and full as you try to hold it to increase your pleasure from you orgasm. I feel liquid rushing from your pussy, the muscles of your pussy wall try to suck my fingers deeper inside of you. Soon your orgasm eases, your body calms down, you lay on the bed restfully as I clean your juices with my tongue and swallow them. I crawl up next to you and kiss you deeply as you thank you Master for such a nice orgasm.

I say your welcome my Pet as I run my fingers over your breasts deciding what to do with your body next…. I already know….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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