Tentacle Party Part 3

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Tentacle Party Part 3
You ll need to have read the first two parts for this to make any sense.
Part 1: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-tentacle-party-614489
Part 2: https://xhamster.com/stories/the-tentacle-party-part-2-615925

After a few hours of payback, Sarah decided she d punished her friends arse enough. She left her and Kat in the abandoned building lying in wide, slimy puddles of cum. She had retrieved her little gold mini dress and was about to head outside when she realized her new tentacle cock was hanging down almost to her knees. She pondered how she was going to pass as normal, her friend had somehow made her tentacles look like hair. Sarah didn t think that would work for her. Then an idea came to her.

Sarah stepped out into the evening air, little minidress swishing merrily with the sway of her hips. She almost moaned as she walked down the street. Her tentacle cock tucked neatly up her own pussy let her walk without looking like she had a tail, but she risked orgasm every couple of meters. She finally made it to the nearest bus stop, got on, and rode towards home.

That night she slept like she d never slept before. Understandable, given that she d just been fucked, given birth, and then returned the favor, all in….
Shit, how long has it been?
Sarah got up and groped around for her phone
Oh god, three days?!? Now she really started to panic. She had left for the party Friday night, it was now Monday morning, and she had to go to work.
Fuck that. Sarah proceeded to start a bath before calling her boss and fainting the flu.

By the third bath, the water no longer looked like a soccer team had cum in it. Sarah finally relaxed and soaked away her ordeal. She still couldn t make sense of what had happened to her, but she resigned to the reality of her new situation. Beside, it wasn t all bad. She giggled a little to herself as she willed her cock to curl around and rub against her pussy. It was so huge, even when she willed it to be as small as possible, it was still the size of a well hung black man.

And it was hers.

She picked up the pace, actively fucking herself with long deep strokes. She moaned as ripples spread across the surface of the bath water. She reached under the water and slid a finger into her arse. It was so loose, she had to put four fingers in before she even felt it.
Ooh, why the hell not. Sarah fisted herself. It was too easy, three days with a huge tentacle stretching her out had left her with an arsehole that even the most audacious porn star would marvel at.

Between her fist up her ass, her cock pumping in and out of her pussy and the realization that this was her body now, Sarah came in just a few minutes. As she filled her own pussy up with her seed, she had a terrifying thought that all but ruined her orgasm.
Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit….no no no no… I cant…..impregnate myself….can I? Oh god, oooh god.
She frantically clean her pussy out, before finally scolding herself for being silly.
No eggs, dumbass. It took those huge fucking eggs last time.

Still, the mood was ruined, so she climbed out and drained the bath. She tried to be normal, got dressed in a long flowing skirt that would hopefully hide the giant tentacle cock dangling between her legs. She made breakfast, tried to watch the telly. It was no use. All she could think about was fucking. Sarah had been a bit of a slut before, but now? All she wanted to do was shove her new cock into a nice, tight, wet hole, and fuck it. Thrust deep inside it and fill it with cum.

She started fantasizing about who she would fuck. Her neighbor? Her ex boyfriend? One of her girlfriends? Her cock rose from beneath her dress. Still slightly afraid of getting herself pregnant, she instead willed it towards a safer hole. She opened wide and licked herself, the pleasure was unbelievable. No wonder the lads like that so much….hmmmm Sarah moaned and marveled and the vibration it produced against her cock. No novice to blowjobs, she employed some of her favorite techniques. She twirled her tongue around the tip, sucked on the underside, planted little kisses up and down the length. Finally, she opened wide and deep throated herself. Her eyes watered and rolled back into her head at the incredible sensation.

So enthralled was she by swallowing her cock that she choked and gagged in shock when the doorbell to her flat rang. It took her a moment to get her cock out of her mouth and the throat juices wiped off her face. She stood up, hoped she didn t look too disheveled and headed for the door. With no small amount of trepidation, she opened it to find her workout mate, Liz.
Shit, is it four o clock already? She groaned at her friends solemn nod. Liz was always so serious about her workouts.
Sure is hun, and uh, yer not dressed fah it. Liz motioned at Sarah long dress as if her thought she might be mis-understood through her thick accent.
Uh, no…I guess I m not luv, gimme a mo. Sarah turned and headed for her bedroom, silently panicking as Liz followed her into the flat.
Uh, get yourself a drink luv, I ll just be a minute. Sarah all but fell against her bedroom door.
Shit….shitshitshit….FUCK…..what am I gonna to do? I can t hide this b**st in yoga pants!?!
Sarah peaked out off her bedroom door. Liz was leaning over her kitchen counter pouring a drink with her back to her.
Damn….that ass…. Sarah bit her lip as a wave of lust rolled over her.

She wanted her. She wanted her bad.

With barely a conscious thought, Sarah let her dress fall to the ground and left her bedroom.

Liz was enjoying her drink, some green healthy thing she didn t know the name of. Tasted like shit actually, but it was her friends so she drank it without complaint. She heard the door to the bedroom creak open. Ready ta go babe? She straightened up and turned to face her friend.

Her glass shattered against the kitchen floor.

Wha…whatdafuck is THAT?!? Her eyes were wide, her jaw hung open…and her pussy moistened. She never thought of Sarah sexually, she didn t really go for girls.

But that cock… that huge, weaving, throbbing COCK.

Liz, Luv, I m gonna fuck you now. And trust me, you ll love every minute of it.

Liz sank silently to her knees as Sarah walked ever so slowly toward her prey… Her eyes darted back and forth between her friends face, her tits, and the huge tentacle cock nearing her face. Slowly, gently, Sarah slid her cock into her friends mouth. Liz resisted for a brief moment, then looked up at her friends face and allowed her lips to part. It only took a few short thrusts before Sarah s cock started to leak. Liz s eyes opened wide when she tasted the chocolaty pre-cum. As she swallowed some of it, her trepidation melted away. In its place, a sweeping, overwhelming lust gripped her.

Liz moaned and began to truly suck Sarah s cock. She lifted her hands and grabbed two full handfuls of her friends arse. Sarah moaned in heat as her friend worked her over. As Liz sucked and slobbered, Sarah gasped as her orgasm approached rapidly. Without warning, Sarah erupted down Liz s throat. She swallowed it all, barely breaking rhythm. The more chocolaty cum she imbibed, the hornier she got.

Liz pulled back from Sarah s cock. She turned around and got on all fours. She looked back over her shoulder and pulled down her yoga pants. She didn t say a word, but her expressed begged one simple statement.

Fuck me.

Sarah didn t hesitate long, her cock lashed out, pounding into Liz s sopping pussy. Liz cried out in pain. It had been some time since she d been fucked, and she was tight. And Sarah wasn t willing her cock to be small, the combination left Liz feeling more filled than ever before in her life. It didn t take long for the chocolaty tentacle cum to loosen her hole. Soon, Sarah s cock was thrusting almost a foot into Liz s lithe body. She could feel her stomach bulge at the apex of each thrust. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth like a dog s. A line of drool wobbled from her chin in time with the thrusts into her womb. She felt Sarah s cock get even bigger.

She came. Hard. Harder than she d ever cum before.

Sarah felt a strange pressure in her cock. She looked down and gasped. A bulge was moving steadily along the length of her alien member. She knew what it is. An egg. She knew she should stop fucking her friend. She knew she was seconds away from turned her friends life upside down. But she couldn t. She just couldn t stop.

The egg slipped inside Liz s cunt. She climaxed and collapsed. Sarah pulled out and sank to her knees.

What ve I done?! Oh god what ve I done?

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