The Bikers Party

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The Bikers Party
Mal had been arranging a few parties in the doctors’ mess and various escapades had occurred since the first Toga Mazola do. He had a hard core of friends who were open to fun of any kind and they either planned parties or had multiple sex spontaneously on many occasions, usually after heavy nights out. Apart from work, sex and drinking he also liked to have other fun. He liked to live life to the full, he played rugby, cricket and when possible also went rock climbing. When he went back to the mainland he got his motorbike out and went for long rides to Snowdonia or the Lake District. There was a strict 40mph limit on the small island so it wasn’t worth riding it there.
One weekend a mate came over and they spent each day on the sea cliffs. The cliffs weren’t big but there were a few hard routes to negotiate. They stuck to severe or hard severe climbs; there was nothing harder in the area. But it was enough to give a buzz and hard work on their muscles. While they were climbing they chatted to some local guys also climbing. They pointed out some good climbs and helped them spot moves. After a days hard climbing they retired to the local with their new friends. It turned out the guys were bikers also, they had tied their hair under their helmets. So Mal and Pete were tickled by the difference as these two guys arrived on Triumph and Norton bikes, full leathers and long hair down their backs. They were the nearest Jersey got to Hells Angels, hihi, and were not for messing with. They got drunk together and swapped stories about escapades each had had. As they chatted other bikers joined them including a couple of horny chicks. They were dressed in full skin tight leather, and Mal noticed hard nipples under their T-shirts when they each stripped to the waist, as it was hot in the pub. The evening got dirtier and dirtier in chat and the two girls held their own, drinking cider by the pint and being as filthy as any of the guys. Mal could tell they were free as Sweety the more exotic of the two was making good signals when she went to the bar with him. Pete worked on Sascha and was also getting good vibes. At the end of the evening the other bikers were too drunk to drive, and despite protestations from Mal and Pete got on their bikes and rode off. Mal said to Pete, Sweety and Sascha he needed to cool down and sober up before they left, so he said I am going for a swim. Earlier in the evening he had recounted a story about the first European trip he did on his Triumph Trident, and how a gang skinny dipped in Menton and fun with an Italian girl when her boyfriend went off as he couldn’t swim.
The pub was on the headland of five mile beach and the sea was only a few minutes across the sand. As he hoped all three agreed it was a good idea. It was a good moonlit night so when they got to the rocks at the edge of the beach could see the light bouncing off the flat sea. Mal started to divest his clothes and throw them on the rocks. He and Pete were soon naked, but Sweety and Sascha were struggling. They had both got their top leathers off but the bottoms were sticky. Mal got on his knees in front of Sweety. He grabbed her leathers and slowly tugged them down, he saw Pete doing the same to Sascha. As he did so he noticed the wonderful aroma of sex coming from her crotch as she held his shoulders. As he peeled them off her white cotton panties came with them and soon they were down to her knees. His urge was to bury his head in her crotch, but knew she would fall over, so he persevered at tugging the trousers off. He lifted one leg and managed to pull it off. Sweety then balanced on that leg as he tugged the second off. She now stood naked from the waist down in front of his face. She waited as he looked at her gorgeous shapely legs meeting at her trimmed crotch. She had a thin line of pubes in the middle almost pointing at her pussy. In the moonlight he could see her legs twitching in anticipation. He felt her hands grip his shoulders, and knew she wanted to grab his head and pull him in. So he held fast, slowly caressing her calves, stroking up and down, and then round the back massaging her calf muscle. He spread her legs wide then slowly a very slight tickle on the back of her knees. She almost buckled, and he then circled both back thighs with a velvet touch. He moved his head in and blew on her exposed mound. She moaned slightly and her hands pulled her t-shirt up so she could play with her tits and tweak her nipples. His hands now massaged the hamstring and then slightly touched her bum muscles at the back. He came round the front and massaged and stroked her quadriceps. Now he crawled round the back and kissed her knee fold, slowly moving up her legs until he was licking and kissing her bum. He opened her bum cheeks and kissed her hole, and then gave it a long probing lick. She moved back onto him and tried to give him her pussy, but he slapped her on the buttocks and moved her back. The sharp shock intensified inside her. After a good few minutes probing he could feel her tensing so he withdrew. He rolled onto his back and moved between her spread legs. He kissed her inner legs and then in one slow lick moved up to her inner thighs, and back down the other leg. He moved further in and now sat up so he could kiss and lick her inner thighs from the front. She grabbed his head and tried to force it in. He slapped her bum again, and she squealed and bit her lip. He kissed her inner thighs and slowly licked up towards her slit. His hands massaged her butt and he moved his thumbs towards her pussy lips. Finally his thumbs brushed her lips and the wetness covered them as he massaged her folds. As he did this he licked her opened slit up to the clit. Slowly the thumbs played with her lips as he kissed and sucked on her clit. Her tension was obvious and he had teased enough so he sucked her clit into his mouth and chewed on it, while two fingers entered her pussy. His other hand probed her bum, and managed to gain entrance there also. She moaned loudly, as he chewed and probed in both holes. She ripped her t-shirt off as she began to build. He started to fuck her pussy with his fingers and it wasn’t long before he felt her twitch on his fingers and then she tore at his hair as his face was forced against her and she screamed as the orgasm ripped through her. He kept up the pressure making sure he squeezed every last drop out of her. She collapsed on his lap as she came round, she kissed him strongly and told him none of the other guys do that they usually just fuck me and don’t care. She kissed him again long and hard and felt for his hard cock.
Pete was stripping Sascha and as her pussy came into view he kissed it. She buckled involuntarily, and toppled over onto her back. They both laughed as Pete was now tangled in her trousers. He extricated himself and pulled her legs into the air. He could now tug her trousers off in one go. She had no panties and as they came off the legs fell to the floor spread wide. Pete didn’t need a second invitation and went straight for her pussy. He kissed and licked at it for a few minutes, keeping his body to one side to stop his cock being covered in sand. She grabbed his head and forced him onto her. He wiggled his neck in unison to her bucking hips, until she was fucking his face with her motion. He slid two fingers in her pussy and they kept this motion going until after some minutes he felt her spasm on his finger and cry out as her orgasm ripped through her. He kept going until a second came quickly after this time her hands mauled her tits as she squealed in ecstasy.
Both couples came to at the same time and while both men wanted their cocks in action, they knew a clean may be required. So Mal nodded at Pete, they had done this before, and they picked up their partners and walked to the sea. As they waded in the girls had their arms around their necks holding on sideways. Sweety felt Mal’s cock hit her bum with each long wade. As their bums hit the first wave the shock hit each girl. Mal and Pete looked at each other and on 3 launched each girl into the oncoming waves. The shock as they went under the cold water was intense and they both came up spluttering and wheezing. Both lads were laughing as the girls struggled for a foothold on the sandy bottom. Once the girls had recovered they both made for their nearest partner. Sascha was now with Mal and she went to hit him slipped and caught him square on the cock under the water. Fortunately the water slowed her down and she ended up glancing it. She smiled as Mal s face changed, she splashed his chest and head and he caught his breath. As he did so she slipped under the water and grabbing his cock started to tug on it. She came up for air and dipped under. This time she started to suck on the end. She was obviously a mermaid in a previous life. As Mal looked down he felt her soft hot lips on his cock as the rest of him was buffeted by the cold sea. He made out her shape with her bum sticking out as she grabbed his buttocks and tongued his end softly. He knew she couldn’t stay like that so he pulled her up and they moved so that he was only knee high in the water. Sascha now got on her knees and started to lick, suck and tug his cock with real purpose. She knew her way around men and enjoyed the concentration on Mal’s face as she licked his frenulum and then dipped between his legs and tickled just under his balls. She sucked his whole length in and inserted a finger in his wet bum. He twitched as she started to bob up and down on his thick shaft, the waves were moving back and forth between her legs keeping her stimulated at the same time, and she squeezed his balls gently as her movement brought him nicely to the boil. When he was about to come she stopped for a while just gently tugging him until she could see he had relaxed a bit and then. She went for it, as fast as she could move she grabbed his buttocks and he began to fuck her mouth hard. it didn’t take long and with a moan he shot his load down her throat, as he did so she smacked the water so he was covered in cold water. The sensation almost stopped him, and he sprayed her twice more without touch. Once he had stopped she allowed the sperm to drip into the sea and came up to kiss him. He hugged her tightly as they kissed.
When Sweety came up she saw she was in front of Pete and went to hit out at him. He caught her arms and held them behind her back. She felt his strong muscles holding her and his semi erect cock pushing into her belly. He bent down and kissed her; she couldn’t move and kissed him back, wriggling all the time. She broke free, and grabbed his cock, smiling at him. He stopped trying to hold her and waited. She started to tug his cock under the water. The warm feeling of her palm against the cold of the sea on his balls made him hard in seconds. She kept tugging until she knew he was ready. Then she dipped down and wrapped her ample bosom around his cock. He grimaced as the cold sea was removed by this warm envelope of skin. He watched transfixed as she slid her tits up and down his long cock. The waves helped her motion as she had her back to them. She tit wanked him like this slowly for many minutes until she felt him so stiff he was about to come. She asked him could he float. He said yes and drifted backward in the water, floating on his back. In this position she held his buttocks and sucked heartily on his cock. As the waves buffeted them his balls contracted and he spurted with a grunt. She took his full load as pulse after pulse shot out. Once he had finished he returned to the sea floor and they hugged and kissed strongly.
Both couples had finished close together again and they had a splash fight and dipping under the water with many arm, leg, cock, cunt entanglements. Eventually they left the sea; Sascha was back with Pete and Mal with Sweety. When they reached their clothes they sat down and rested looking at the moonlight across the bay. They stroked and cuddled and chatted about crap. Eventually Pete drifted off to sleep. Sweety noticed Mal was still hard, as did Sascha across from him. Sweety smiled at Sascha and started to stroke Mal’s cock slowly almost absent mindedly. He sat with his legs out and his cock pointing at the stars while Sweety stroked and tugged it. He lay back and as he did so he felt a tongue on his cock. He thought it was Sweety and stroked her bum to encourage her. Then she shifted round and moved to sit on his face. His cock was still being sucked and he realised it was Sascha. A warm glow ran through him as Sweety straddled him. She sat on him fully and started to ride him as he felt Sascha expert tongue lick him from bum hole to tip and back. She sucked hard and then licked softly. He felt her shift, while Sweety still humped his face. Then he felt Sascha s cunt envelope his cock. She had straddled him and now facing the same way as Sweety she moved slowly up and down his thick shaft. He knew he could last for ages so he started to hump back at Sascha as Sweety still rode him. With one hand he played with Sweety s clit and the other Sascha s. Soon both girls were fucking in unison and he felt them build towards another climax. He flicked his fingers harder and they humped harder meeting his hips with theirs. After a good few minutes of hard humping he felt Sweety spurt over him and cry out, and then as Sascha’s cunt twitched on his hard cock she screamed also and he felt her muscles bite into him. He felt her juice drip all over his balls.
Sweety got off first and kissed him, and then she kissed Sascha. As she did so Sascha felt Mal twitch a bit. ‘Ah so you like that eh’ she said to Mal and grabbed Sweety round the waist and pulled her to her. She smelt and tasted her pussy juices still leaking from her. She gave her a quick lick on her belly Sweety moaned and Sascha grabbed her buttocks. Mal watched as Sascha still on his cock started to lick Sweety to frenzy. Sweety was standing straddling Mal’s chest as Sascha’s tongue and fingers were giving Sweety even more pleasure. Mal sat up so he had Sascha still on his cock, but now had Sweety’s bum in front of him. He watched closely as Sascha fingered and sucked Sweety’s pussy, and then he joined in on Sweety’s bum hole. As Sweety realised two people were probing both holes she came at once but they continued probing and sucking till she came again, thrashing and buckling with the intensity of the pulses in her body. As Sweety collapsed between them they smiled hugged and kissed. Mal asked Sweety if she wanted to reciprocate on Sascha. ‘Mmmmmm yes please,’ said Sascha. So Mal picked her up and walked over to the smooth rocks. He laid her down on her back, withdrew his cock and Sweety sucked Sascha’s juices off it. Once he was clean, Sweety started to tongue Sascha. Mal moved to Sascha’s head and offered his cock. She greedily sucked it as Sweety expertly brought her to frenzy. Mal watched as Sweety knew what she was doing probed and flicked and sucked at Sascha. Mal felt her body tense and she gulped hard on his cock as Sweety brought her close. He withdrew his cock just in case she bit it as Sascha arched her back and screamed. Sweety kept on so Mal moved behind her as she continued to tease and finger Sascha. He decided he needed to finish too and Sweety’s pert bum and lovely pussy lips sticking out between her thighs was too much of an invitation. He guided his hard cock between her legs. She felt the glans spreading them slightly and thrust back, but he slapped her once again. She wiggled her butt as her mouth was full of Sascha’s cunt. So Mal aimed again, this time he wasn’t going to tease. He grabbed her mane of hair and slammed straight in. One push deep as it could, Sweety screamed on Sascha’s cunt and Sascha also moaned as Sweety was pushed harder onto her. Once they all recovered Mal started a long slow fuck of Sweety’s tight pussy. In and out all the time pushing her onto Sascha. Good long strokes all the way out and in. Slowly he built up speed and his thrust became more urgent. Deeper and faster he fucked her, and each stroke her fingers entered Sascha. Harder, in and out, deeper until he was fucking as hard as he could. Sweety was meeting his thrusts so they met with a loud slap. The sound, smell, feel, and sight in the moonlight of these three fucking for their lives took Mal over the edge. Sascha came again and the feeling of both people coming on and in her sent Sweety over too. She clamped Mal’s dick so tight he thought he might lose it forever. And his spunk was well and truly squeezed out of him. The three collapsed on the wet sand and hugged kissed and fell asleep. At first light they woke as did Pete and all reclothed. As they parted with more kisses. Sweety said ‘you coming to the party tonight’, Mal said ‘try and stop me’.

Mal and Pete had been to many bikers parties before, and knew there was often a dearth of talent. The ratios were usually 3 males to each female and consequently they were wild and raucous but often ended up with over the top dare games. Spunk the biscuit, shitty jeans, naked bike rides etc. At Mal’s first such party in his teens he had been stripped naked by the boss bikers, and led round the house. As he had taken his initiation without fuss the guys threw him in the room were the only two girls left were sleeping. They were told he was theirs to enjoy, and he ended up learning a lot from these two horny chicks. So he held his head up high next morning. So for the party that night he got some of his regular girls to come with him, he wanted more fun with Sweety and Sascha but knew it would be easier if there was a better ratio. Jo was always up for a party and Jane, Jill, Shirley and Debbie were all free also. He met up with them in the blue fox and after a drink they got in Jo’s car and sped off. Jill sat on Pete’s knee in the front while Mal lay across Jane, Shirley and Debbie in the back. Mal was necking with Jane and felt hands on his groin and thighs. In the front Pete was kissing Jill and his hands were already inside her top. Jo occasionally also let her hands roam on Jill’s exposed bum. Mal’s cock had engorged and the hands were now rubbing the bulge with their palms quite hard. As he continued to kiss Jane he couldn’t see who it was but felt his zip being pulled down and his belt being unbuckled. Soon hands tugged his jeans and pants off his groin and his cock felt the breeze from the car window. He felt hands hold it upright and then the warmth of a mouth covered his end. He was horny as hell, he didn’t know who was doing it, and he mauled at Jane’s t-shirt exposing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. The mouth moved off and he presumed a second engulfed him. He worked out that both Debbie and Shirley were taking turns sucking his cock. Jo was close to crashing the car as she got so horny watching in the mirror. He felt one mouth sucking his balls as the other bobbed up and down on his cock. Jill had straddled Pete and he was giving her a good frigging as she watched Mal being sucked off expertly. The two girls continued to take turns sucking him while the other tugged hard on his cock. They knew he would come quite quickly but also that he would be hard for them later too. Jo shouted you better hurry up and finish, it is only 5 minutes to the Smugglers. Debbie and Shirley wanked Mal furiously as he stopped kissing Jane and she watched the action as did Jill from the front. Pete’s hand was a blur inside Jill’s knickers and she screamed as she came on them and then Mal grunted as he let fly. Shirley took him in her mouth to take his load as he spurted. Some went down her throat, but she kept most of it. Once he had finished spurting she came up and kissed Debbie, giving her some cum and then she also snowballed Jane. All three mmmmmed as they loved his taste, Mal smiled as he was readjusting his trousers back on, and kissed each girl in turn. A good start to a promising evening he said, as Jo pulled into the tiny car park, which was full of bikes. Mal saw Sweety and Sascha’s bikes as he climbed out the car and many he didn’t recognise. They all readjusted clothing as each had been playing with themselves while the action had been going on. Pete had to readjust a bit more and said he would delay entering the pub until his bulge subsided. Jill said ‘I have a better idea, one good turn’, and took his hand and led him behind a shed. She unzipped his long cock and immediately knelt and started to suck it. She tugged him hard, played with his balls and sucked and licked his tip. He was already very horny and after only two minutes of her excellent sucking he shot his load down her throat. She gobbled greedily, as she had missed out on Mal’s cum. She hadn’t noticed but Jo had been watching them with her hands inside her jeans frigging herself. As she took his sperm Jo came over and grabbing Jill she kissed her so she could get some cum too. Now all five girls had had their first appetiser of the evening. They ventured into the pub. Mal already had a pint in his hand as they entered and saw the three other girls were surrounded by hairy bikers. As Mal had surmised there were only four other girls, plus Sweety and Sascha and about fifteen blokes in all, so the girls were all in for fun tonight. If he hadn’t have brought them it would have been a gangbang, which is fine but he wanted another go with Sweety and Sascha if he could. A lot of drink, singing of dirty songs and people disappearing for a toke outside followed. The place got louder and the landlord threatened to throw them out when they started mooning. Some of the younger bikers were looking pale, and Mal knew they were ripe for spunk the biscuit later. At last orders they all trooped out and headed down a dirt track. It was full of small rocks and was almost cobbled. It led along the cliff to a headland. About half a mile further they saw their home for the night. Mal was blown away as he realised they were getting into an old bunker. It had been built by the Germans when they occupied Jersey as a place from which they could sight and fire on enemy ships. It was huge round concrete room with a wooden floor and apart for one old table and various chairs was empty. There were slits in the wall from which guns would have been trained and a flat reinforced concrete roof. He was later told the biker club had bought it in the fifties, by Charlie who later in life would be a Jersey MP. All 20 odd people fitted in easily and the place was already thick with dope smoke. There were various pipes, bongs, hot knives and other implements for cannabis consumption. Plus a calor gas stove for the hot knives and a kettle. A tape recorder was belting out Led Zeppelin 4 and many of the bikers were already shaking their bodies, heads and hair all over the place to the heavy metal. There was a crate of different spirits in the corner and many more being passed around. They all took gulps of polish vodka and nearly lost their voice it was so strong. Mal was offered a cup of tea, and knew it must be magic mushrooms. So he thought what the hell in for a penny and drank it down.
He manoeuvred Sweety into a corner and she was making the right noises while slowly tickling her exposed midriff. She was wearing a crop top, which exposed her ample breasts and a pair of tiny shorts that left nothing to the imagination. Mal was already semi hard just being close to her, she noticed and gave his bulge a quick rub. Sascha he noticed had been backed into a corner by two blokes. All around the room the other girls were getting various attentions and he noticed Jo’s top was already ripped exposing one nipple, she probably had a fumble on the way. Suddenly Mal’s head seemed to swell and he felt as though it filled the whole room. He could hear every conversation above the music and even feel the heat coming from each girl in turn as he looked at them. He realised it was the mushrooms and knew he needed fresh air. So he gestured to Sweety to leave the room as his head was about to explode. She had had some tea too and they both were in a bit of a daze. They climbed on the roof and lay back staring at the myriad stars. The stars came closer and closer as the hallucinations were still hitting them. Sweety stroked his thigh and every cell burst in his head. The intensity was amazing, and he wondered if she felt too. So he stroked her belly, she arched her body at his touch and he knew she felt the same. He rolled on top of her and kissed her, the feeling of her on his lips was incredible. She too moaned just at his kiss. His hands reached inside her top and he slowly caressed the nipples. She was squirming and crying out, biting her lip. He whipped her top off and bent and took a nipple in his mouth. She screamed as she orgasmed just from that gentle suck. He sucked the other nipple and she was writhing as his fingers rolled both nipples backwards and forwards. Her groin lifted off the concrete as she pushed up at him. He quickly kissed down her belly, until he reached her shorts. He kissed her inner thighs and licked all round. She grabbed his hair and pulled him onto her. He popped her button and unzipped her. He pulled the shorts off and noticed no knickers. She spread her legs and played with her tits, as he gulped in the aroma from her wet pussy. He kissed again, slow soft kisses from her inside knee all the way to her lips and back. She squirmed and wriggled and pushed her hips as he blew on her exposed mound. Eventually he licked her lips and she screamed. He teased open her lips and probed with his tongue. Long slow licks up and down, he ventured to her bum hole and up to her clit. He squeezed her clit between his fingers and every cell in her body burst. As he sucked and chewed on it his fingers entered her, and she exploded in another orgasm. Slowly he sucked, licked and finger fucked her until she came again, crying to the heavens. When he stopped and moved up her body to kiss her she had her eyes still closed biting her lip the electricity was still coursing through her body as their lips met. She opened them and rolled him onto his back. She kissed him on the neck, and moved down his body slowly kissing his nipple through his t shirt and lifting the shirt to kiss his belly. The sensations were so strong each kiss felt like a bomb on his skin. A hot poker burnt each cell as she kissed him down his belly. She undid his pants and tugged them off. She noticed lipstick on the base of his cock and realised he had already been seduced that evening. But he was a hard as steel to her butterfly kisses down the shaft and onto his balls. She sucked his balls in and he grunted as he thought they would turn to fire in her mouth. She lifted his cock and slowly tugged it as she sucked on his balls. One finger probed at his bum hole and he nearly came but managed to hold on. She licked his frenulum and he physically jumped off the floor. OK let’s see how long he can last she thought and as she tugged his foreskin and cupped his balls she went to town licking his frenulum. Every cell in his body was in overdrive, and soon he felt his sperm surging and the muscles contract. His sperm shot into the air and landed on Sweety’s back as she held onto his twitching cock. The energy in him drained as though he was giving out electricity in his sperm. The ejaculation went on and on in his mind, even though no sperm was left. As the feelings subsided he noticed Sweety had joined him and was now kissing him on the lips. They lay for a long time just staring at the stars enjoying the moment. Once the effects of their lovemaking had begun to wear off, they put their clothes back on and rejoined the party.
Inside the two young lads were naked in the middle of the room, their semi erect cocks were being sucked by two of the biker chicks, who were on their knees and topless. Jo was behind one of them only wearing knickers, reaching round and groping the girl’s tits and dipping her hand in her jeans. Apparently, the two lads were caught out with spunk the biscuit and this was the next part of their initiation. The rest of the bikers were clapping encouragement to the girls and soon both lads were fully erect. Mal moved over to the drinks and Sweety joined Sascha with her two attentive guys. As though prearranged Sascha now moved over to Mal. He put his arm around her as they watched who would come first. The guy with Jo’s girl suddenly grunted and his knees buckled. The girl smiled as he shot his load to loud cheers. As he finished Jo turned her head so she could snowball the girl. And the lads watched with growing bulges as Jo took the sperm from the chick. Jo used this excuse to get her hands right down her new friend’s jeans and started to rub her. Meanwhile the other guy came in the second girls’ mouth and she offered it to one of the other biker chicks. Soon there were four girls kissing and groping each other as the two guys withdrew. Jo had peeled her girl out of her jeans and her girl had Jo’s knickers down to her knees as she frigged her back. Jo kissed down the front and sucked on her nipples. The other two girls stripped and lay on the floor kissing and groping. As Jo kissed further down she removed the last of the clothing and now started to suck on her friends’ clit. The girl fell backwards playing with her tits as Jo began to lick her new friend. Jo dropped her on the floor and was soon in a 69 position. She sat on her face as she licked and sucked on the bald cunt in front of her. All the men were horny as hell watching this and Sascha noticed Mal’s bulge was prominent again. Jane had her hands down Pete’s pants as he watched the floor, Jill was behind a biker kissing his neck and rubbing his groin. Debbie was between two guys whose groins she fondled as she also watched. Shirley joined Mal and Sascha in the corner and the rest of the guys got closer to the action in the middle. Mal watched as the girls began to extract cocks out one by one. The guys were too hot to notice anything else and soon all of the girls had one or two cocks to play with. They all got on their knees and started a mass sucking event. Mal was kissing Sascha and groping her tits as she felt Shirley undoing her jeans. She didn’t resist and allowed Mal to take her top off and Shirley to peel down her jeans. Soon she was naked and watched all the other girls also peeling off clothes as they sucked avidly on the many different shaped cocks in the room. Shirley now undid Mal’s jeans and released his hard fat cock, she stripped him from the waist and started to alternately suck his cock and kiss Sascha’s cunt. Sweety was sandwiched with her two biker friends, who had now divested her and their clothing and she was on her knees sucking the two cocks alternately. Mal pulled Shirley up and he and Sascha peeled her clothes off. Soon all were naked and the suck fest began. Mal lifted Sascha up so that she straddled him. She was so horny he knew his fat cock would glide in. So slowly he dropped her onto it. Shirley held his cock firm as Sascha slowly felt him filling her. Once she was fully impaled he sat down and now Shirley stood between them. He sucked on her clit as Sascha probed her bum hole. Sascha started to gyrate on his cock and slowly rose up and down feeling his fatness go all the way in. Sweety was now sucking one cock while her other friend was behind her. He slowly entered her from behind and soon started to fuck her. She loved being spit roasted and the attention of two men on her brought her to another orgasm quickly. The guy in her pussy almost came when he felt her tighten on him. Sascha was now fucking Mal’s cock hard while Shirley rode Mal’s face pulling it hard into him. He felt Sascha tighten on him as she orgasmed and moaned loudly. Around the room men were on top of girls, fucking them hard. The four girls in the middle had been joined by the rest of the guys and a mass of cocks in cunt, mouth and in one case arse was soon evident also. After her orgasm subsided Sascha pulled away from Mal and Shirley sat on his cock facing away, while Sascha joined the mass in the middle. Soon she had a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. She sucked and fucked, while Shirley fucked Mal watching the melee of stiff cocks all over the room. Sascha now had the two young guys with her also. They were obviously ready again so she tugged on their cocks while she had both pussy and mouth fucked. She was sitting on this guys cock, while the second guy was standing feeding her his cock. Mal shouted over to the young guys,’ take her other hole if you dare’. One looked a bit shocked but the other thought he had it in him. He spat on her bum and wiggled his finger inside. He had a long thin cock and it was certainly stiff enough. Sascha stopped humping as she realised he was about to impale her. The other two guys encouraged him and soon held his cock against her anus. Slowly she screamed as he pushed in. She nearly fainted as his cock slid in and she felt both almost touching inside her. The young guy began to hump and both the other guys got the rhythm, Sascha was filled with cock and loved every second of it. Mal and Shirley slowly humped as they watched all the action. Sweety could feel her guys building and she rocked back and forth as the two cocks filled her in tandem. She felt her guy in front contract and stop and soon her mouth was filled with sperm. As she concentrated on swallowing that the second guy shuddered and filled her pussy with a grunt. They stayed in that position as all three calmed down. Jo was still in a 69 but now both cunts were also filled with cock as well, with the attention of tongue and she climaxed on the cock as she felt her friend chewing on her clit. This brought the guy off and he filled her, as he withdrew her friend caught all the mixed juices seeping from her pussy. She returned the favour by rubbing her friend to frenzy and the other guy spurted all over her bald cunt, so Jo now licked all that off too. After what seemed like hours of heavy cross fucking, all eventually took a rest in heaps of nakedness. Shirley had come on Mal’s cock while he teased her tits and pussy as she rode him. He was the only man left still ready for more fun. He put his jeans on and getting hold of Sweety’s jeans he left the bunker. Some time later he popped his head through the door and pulled Sweety and Sascha out of the melee of human debris. Outside both naked and he again stripped they saw he had brought Sweety’s bike down the track. It was a Yamaha 250 trail bike, nice and light and built for rough terrain. He climbed on and gestured to Sweety to join him. She went to get on the back but he grabbed her put her facing him. She understood and after a quick fiddle and a bit of manoeuvring she climbed onto his lap. She slid onto his cock and he started the bike up. Slowly he rode off until he hit the cobbled road. In quick bursts he rode over the bumps. Each and every bump impaled her on him harder, and the thrill of the wind and the grind of his cock soon had her as hot as hell. He rode all the way up the lane and turned it round she was close to orgasm as he stopped and they kissed hard. Then he let rip and sped down the bumpy road, she gasped as the sensations coursed through her and his cock jolted her pussy all over. Her clit banged into him and as they arrived back at the bunker she screamed an amazing orgasm. Sobbing as they came to a stop she could hardly walk as she got off. Sascha needed no second invitation and had been frigging herself as they came back. She climbed on and again slowly impaled herself onto his groin. Again slow short bursts over the bumps had her coming all too soon. At the end of the lane they kissed hard as he let rip once again. His cock jostled and pushed and gyrated all round her insides, and as they came to a stop she came again on him screaming to the heavens. Mal climbed off with Sascha still round his waist and now started to hump her hard, letting her crash back into him. He needed to come himself so he fucked harder, deeper, faster and she built again as she felt him close. Sweety joined them and placed one hand squeezing his balls and the other on her clit so it was frigged and bashed by finger and groin. Mal fucked hard for five minutes until he felt Sascha contract again and he let go. He spurted a wad inside her and grunted as he pulled out and sprayed her belly with three more spurts. They collapsed on the grass and Sweety tidied them up by licking them both clean. They lay staring at the stars one on either side of him and drifted to sleep cuddling and kissing. Eventually dawn came and they got dressed, some others had already left. They wheeled the bike back, and as they departed he kissed them both thanking them for their sense of adventure, horniness and hopefully many more days of fun to come. Mal fell asleep in Jo’s unlocked car until the others joined him and they all went back to the mess for a sleep. As Mal drifted off to sleep he was already thinking about where he could take his friends next.

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