The Bra from Hell

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The Bra from Hell
They are kind of rare these days but this was an actual cocktail party given by the professional association to which I belong. So being work related I had no choice but to be there. This one was easy as it was held in a restaurant’s bar and I was going to meet friends afterward.

I was standing in line waiting to get a drink when a very lovely woman got in line behind me. When I looked to see who it was thinking perhaps it might be a colleague, she gave me a welcoming smile so I said, “Can I buy you a drink?” “Well since they are courtesy of the association I guess you can!” she said with a grin. It turned out that this was a very self-possessed lady with a very ironic sense of humor and a lot of fun to talk with. And she had what I believe is technically known as “a body to die for”. Cute face, blond, an athlete’s body, with while not overly large breasts you could tell they were oh so nice. It was those breasts that would lead to so much trouble.

By our second drink we were laughing and teasing one another.

She asked, “What would you do to me if you found me passed out in the woods?”

“Why absolutely nothing of course, I would stay with you and call for assistance.” I answered.

“You wouldn’t even cop a feel?”

“Goodness no, absolutely not, I am a gentleman and would never take advantage of a woman who had not given her consent”, I responded somewhat indignantly.

“Good Boy! You pass the test.”, as a huge grin lit up her face.


“Well yes. Let me reset the scenario for you. What if you found me in the woods playing that I was passed out and you knew that I wanted you to touch me?”

“I would be all over you like a cheap suit. In a heartbeat” I answered now grinning.

“Well I saw you looking at the ‘girls’ a bit ago and it made me think of one of the things on my sex bucket list. I would love to have a guy find me like that and give my nipples a good twisting for quite a while!”

“That sounds hot, can I give you a titfucking at the same time?” I responded with mounting excitement.

“That would work for me”, again smiling.

So we chatted on for a bit. About the only significant thing that happened was she did find out from me that I have a real thing for ladies in sexy lingerie. But the party ended, I had a nice dinner, and the days passed without me giving the conversation much more than a passing wistful thought.

I was in my home office working when my phone rang with a text. “I am going to the woods, you will find me passed out…” and provided me with an exact location. On the way there, every time I looked at the speedometer it would read “50” in what was of course a “35” and I would slow down. Moments later it would creep up again.

I had no trouble finding her as she was right where she said she would be. God, she looked sexy sitting up against a tree. Her eyes were closed and she was at rest. The only give away was the little smile on her lips.

She had on jeans, running shoes, and a denim shirt that was totally unbuttoned. Under the shirt and exposed to my view she had one of those long line bras that are popular at the moment in a blue that matched her shirt. And that bra, oh that bra fit her perfectly. It lied flat against her which made her breasts in the cups really stand out. And the cups were of a light stretchy material such that I could see the shape of hard nipples protruding. This was perfect. A perfect set up for what we had discussed.

So there was a plan, a plan that I was now desperate to carry out. Clearly the first thing was to get her out of that shirt. So I reached down and lifted an arm. I don’t know how she was able to do it, but she was absolutely limp. This made it a struggle to get her arm out of the sleeve but I finally managed after she tumbled on to her side once and I had to gently right her. So I went to the other side and repeated the process, although this time I managed to catch her before she fell again.

Progress! Although it was taking much longer than I wanted. I had hoped to be twisting those nipples while titfucking her long before now. Now I stopped for a moment to consider how to get her out of that bra. Tilting her forward so that I could access the hooks at the back seemed the most direct approach except it just was not going to work.

When I tilted her forward at the waist I had access right enough. But the bra was so tight that there was just no way I was going to get those hooks off of their rings. So I stopped to consider yet again. Eureka, a new idea; I gently pulled her legs away from the tree so that there was no space between her and the tree. And I went around an put my back against the tree so that I could slide down so that she was now between my legs.

That should do it I thought. I leaned her back against my chest hoping to take some tension off the bra, but what I found was that while it helped, there still wasn’t space enough for my sausage fingers and the bra. Now I was really frustrated and starting to become pissed off. How in hell did she get this damn thing on?

It occurred to me that emergency rooms and EMTs must have a special tool that can be used to cut such a garment, but who comes to a sexual assignation in the woods with such a thing. I did have my little swiss knife in my pocket with its 3/8 inch sissors. But that damn bra look as if it might be reinforced with Kevlar. Probably beyond the means of my little knife. I had noticed a shed on the edge of the forest when I arrived, and wondered if I might find a hedge clipper. But I discarded that notion as just a bit drastic.

Now frustrated and horny beyond belief I finally decided to give up on the bra no matter how much I really wanted to titfuck her. With a little bit of spite in my mind I said “fuck it” to myself and modified the scenario. I would give her a different surprise instead. I stood up, put her against the tree with her face tilted slight up. I straddled her legs and got my swollen hard frustrated cock out and started to jack myself off. I was going to trade that titfuck for a facial! So I came on her face from her forehead, across her nose, and down to her chin. And for good measure I took my cock and smeared that cum all over from ear to ear.

Released, I thankfully stood above her and started to worry about what I had done. Was she going to be pissed off? Was she going to start to scream? Would she tell people that she had just fallen asleep sitting against the tree? Oh god this is a mistake, a huge mistake.

She reached up a sc****d a bit of cum out of her eye and opened those eyes and looked at me. The moment of truth made me weak in the knees. “How did you know that a cock rubbing cum all across my face was also on my list?” I am not sure if the release I had from ejaculating was bigger or the release that occurred when she said that was bigger.

“I guess I shouldn’t have worn this bra”, she said at which point we both start to laugh. I mean it was one of the laughs that takes control of your body. Just gales of laughter from both of us until I found myself sitting next to her against the tree.

“When you rubbed that cum across my face like that, I think I gushed into my panties” she cooed. “Would you mind finishing me?” as she undid the top of her jeans. I slide my hand down into her jeans and below her panties. She really must have gushed as her panties were quite wet against the back of my hand as I arrived at her slit. She was in fact that two fingers just suck into her without hardly any pressure whatsoever. She was slippery, slick, and gooey. So I followed her lips up to her clit and played up and down, side to side.

“Put those fingers into me”, she whispered. So I suck the fingers where she asked but the ball of my hand just below the fingers continued to press against her clit as I moved my hand about. Her breathing got heavy and then her one leg shook and straightened with some force. She moaned a deep moan and then trapped my hand from moving while remaining in her pants.

Well it must have worked for her as a few days later she invited me over. This time she met me at the door in a little white almost nothing of a bra that opened in the front with a simple “S” clip.

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