The b**st in the Shadows – Part 1

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The b**st in the Shadows – Part 1
It was already 10AM when Deb came at last to her desk. She was an hour late. She sat in a hurry and quickly turned on her computer, and then marked a pause to look at her coworker, Angie, who was a little stunned. Deb was never late. Please don t tell the boss ! she said. But what stunned Angie the most was the radiant smile on Deb s face. She didn t seem a bit worried, even less sorry. It was like being late at work was a newly found source of happiness. Angie tried to smile back, murmuring Of course. It took her a few minutes to get fully back at work.

During lunch, while Deb was about to take a first bite into her meal, Angie asked right away :
What was that about this morning ?
Deb smiled at her
Hmmm, let s say I had a hard time getting up.
Angie was not satisfied. She wanted the whole story.
Why do you sound so enigmatic ? And why so you look so happy ?
I really shouldn t tell you, it s kind of a big secret…
Oh come on, you know making it this mysterious have me ask for more !
I m sorry…
Angie deliberately took an offended stance.
Deb, it s been like what, ten years working together ? We are more than simple coworkers no ? You know you can trust me ?
I know, but… really…
The more Deb looked embarrassed, the more Angie was getting curious.
I know you Deb, you have an affair am I right ? Is it because it s someone in the office ?
Deb was getting anxious. Her mouth was open but nothing could get out of it. Angie thought she was hitting it right. She was excited.
My god, it s someone from the office ! Who is it ? Please tell me ! Pleaaaase !
No no no it s not someone from the office ! You re getting the wrong idea…
Not to me Deb said Angie, jubilating of her deductive talents, Not to me ! I know you too well !
But I swear…
Angie started eating, a malicious look on her face.
I leave this for now Angie said after a first bite. But I ll get to the bottom of this ! Seeing how panicked Deb was, she added as to reassure her, winking, Don t worry, your secret s safe with me !

Who could it be ? The question did not left Angie s thoughts for a minute the rest of the day. Deb left work in a hurry, but slow enough to hear Angie say Go find your lover ! Deb only had an embarrassed smile to answer. Before taking the office s exit, she went to the boss desk.
Do I wait for you honey ? Asked Angie.
No darling, I still have much to do, see ? We need to get those numbers right with Al. You can take the car if you want…
No I m ok, I ll take the bus home.
Oh and I had Nat on the phone, he won t be with us tonight.
He s again with this Jim I guess ?
Well honey, our son is 18 now…
But James, he still lives under our roof !
I know, I know…
Do we have diner together at least ?
James took a sorry face.
Ok I see… Well, see you later then !

Angie brain was on fire during the trip home. She actually wanted to take the bus, knowing her mind would be to busy to focus on the road. Could Deb s lover be… James ? Being in the administration of her husband s business, she knew the trade was going through hard times and that he was really having some overnight work. But did James used this real situation to also cover a little an affair ? Thinking of it, he was late home the whole month, sometimes coming home around 1AM. Does he really have this much to do ? And in the morning, is he really this ok to take Nat to college or is it another cover to meet Deb just before work ?
Angie went home and prepared some salad just for herself. Her loneliness in this empty house fueled her dark thoughts the more. Now she was facing it, her sex life was not on a high. Well, when was the last time actually ? 6 months ago ? Not a year ? Angie couldn t remember, and it was alarming. But as far as she could remember, she was the one asking for it ! Her sex drive has always been higher, she assumed James wasn t in the mood anymore… Maybe he needed something new ?
But why would James choose Deb ? If James wanted some diversity, Deb was not really an obvious choice to Angie. Both Angie and Deb were very much alike. They were short and chubby white women in their early fifties, both brunettes, both with glasses. They looked almost as sisters. And Angie had much bigger boobs, which she knew was of the taste of James… He could at least try something really different, like younger, taller, slimmer ! At least, she considered, one could say she must still look attractive to him if he seeks the same type. So it must be Deb s personality… She s maybe a little more bubbly, a little more funny than her. Maybe Angie s been so much drawn into work she lost her sparkly character.

James finally came home a little before midnight. Angie was in bed, faking to be asleep. Her mind was still on full throttle. But now she had a plan.

Next day, Deb came a little less late, but clearly she didn t take time to shower, she was a little smelly and sweaty. Too sweaty for this time of the year, as winter already covered their little suburb of thick snow. Angie welcomed her just with a smile. The day passed, and when Deb left, Angie stayed at her desk five more minutes, took her furry black coat, her black leather handbag and left out, looking determined. She walked by James s desk without stopping, James just having the time to say : Don t wait for me hon…
Deb was a real friend to Angie, she came a lot to her place, so Angie took the bus to Deb s home, holding her handbag extremely carefully. This was less than an hour ride but because of the season it was already plain night when Angie stopped a little before Deb s small, cheap house. All was very still in the street, the lights of Deb s house were off, it seemed empty.
Maybe they don t meet here… Maybe they go to a motel ? Thought Angie. Or maybe she just went to pick some food before… Let s wait and see, James won t be home before 11PM anyway, I can take my time.
Angie almost forgot the cold. But a little wind reminded her the hard way it was winter, and she could not stay all night long outside. Angie hesitated a little, but being this far chose to went on on a way more risky way. She sneaked inside Deb s house, and, with her phone s light, found her way. Angie knew Deb s house had two bedrooms, the second one being Deb s daughter s Kelly. Kelly now lived in another city and visited Deb only on occasion. So Angie went inside Kelly s room and sat on her bed waiting, leaving Kelly s door open just enough to see what s going on in the living room without being seen.
There, she opened her handbag and took a small camera with a big zoom lens. She turned it on to check the battery level, and if the card was empty. Angie was decided to confront her husband back home with some evidence. Satisfied, she turned it off for now, but still holding it, ready for some action.
Sitting here in this small, very modest house, she began contemplating Deb s life. Deb was single for a long time, having divorced 17 years ago from an abusive husband, then raising Kelly on her own. Angie knew Deb never totally recovered from this divorce and lost a lot of confidence and self esteem. Deb seemed to thought no man would ever want her again. Angie started feeling sorry for her and started to wonder if maybe she could accept this situation, Deb being so sad and lonely, maybe she deserves a little happiness after all this time. But then felt furious after James, for not being able to see that her wife too need some care !
A brutal sound came from the entrance door. Angie almost jumped. She heard some giggles, then Deb moaning and kissing with her lover. They were still out of her sight, and didn t bothered to turn on the lights. Angie s heart was beating like crazy. Without a sound, she came close to the door and turned on the camera, hitting the rec button. Then Angie saw Deb sitting on the coach. Deb threw her coat on the ground and said Come here my boy ! He came close to her, still standing up. Angie could see both profiles. The street lights were hitting him from behind, so Angie couldn t see clearly. He seemed taller than James, and with different clothes.

I m so hard right now… His voice created extremely strange feelings in Angie. He sounded a lot like James but not quite though. And this was not the kind of language James used, even in bed.
Let me check that ! Deb responded, with a very sensual voice.

Deb unzipped his pants and pulled them slowly down with his boxer. Angie saw his pubic hair, wild and bushy, glimmering thanks to the street lights. In what seemed like an eternity, Deb reached the point where the pants and boxers would no longer cover his penis. It made his cock straighten up instantly like an unbending spring. It looked enormous, not only long but very thick, four hands could easily grasp it. Some precum was already leaking from the tip, gently dripping along the colossal trunk. It seemed very hard, so hard it was pointing upwards, which given the size seemed to defy the laws of gravity. Angie could see big veins running all along. His balls were insanely big too, loosely hanging low with a heavy look and some glimmering fuzzy hair all over.
This is definitely not James cock thought Angie.
My god, I know I say it all the time, but you re so big ! said Deb, with a stunned face.

Deb started to gently kiss and caress the natural wonder. Angie could see drops of mixed saliva and precum dripping all over Deb s mouth and her lover s cock. This made her instantly conscious of her panties which were already extremely soaked. How long has it been since Angie felt so aroused ? How long has it been since she last had those so delicious, so pleasurable tingles in her lower belly ?
Angie turned the camera off and put it aside. She was feeling out of space and time, letting her hand, out of any conscious control, go down between her legs, slipping under her wet panty, looking for this little fruit she had forgot for too long. So nice to be back there…

He started to pull away Deb s clothes and Deb his, so they were quickly fully naked. He looked young, with a thin but muscular body, with some hair on torso but not as mush as the wonderful bush from which his cock popped out. Angie thought his body contrasted beautifully with Deb. A tall, thin, sporty young man with a short, fat mature lady. This made Angie felt extremely horny, seeing herself with this handsome stallion.
So hot young men can be attracted to us… she thought, still rubbing her thighs.

He lay on the coach on his back, almost face to Angie, while Deb offered her the magnificent view of her wide hips and very large, fat buttocks.
Deb, you re so beautiful… you really deserve it. Would you share with me this love ? Angie thoughts began to wander in the possibility of making love altogether with those two magnificent human beings.
Deb then got on top of him, and gently grasped his cock to guide it inside her. Angie could see, from Deb s back, this action in its full glory. Deb s small hand, so small compared to this monster, her fingers not being able to grasp all the circumference, yet firmly holding it, taming the wild horse to make him enter his master s stable. Deb was carefully going slow. Angie left her wild little strawberry to let her fingers go further south, trying to be in sync with Deb s stud.
When his cock s tip barely touched Deb s pussy lips, Deb took a big inspiration. She knew what was going inside her. But Angie wondered. She could see Deb s vagina. Surely, this was not a little girl s pussy. It was a magnificent sex, the vagina of a strong woman, open to its desires, with the wide hips of a mother, crowned by a thick, dense tropical jungle, wet and mysterious, here to remind you the wilderness of a true natural woman. Her lips were dilated like a volcanic rift, all steamy and ready to devour what may come too close. But even if Deb was a full figured, fully grown woman with a real amazon s muff, her vagina still seemed too tight for what was coming.

It s ok, take your time. He whispered to Deb, loud enough for Angie to ear.
What a sweetheart. Angie thought. He seems so gentle and caring. And yet he s so big and hard…
He was softly caressing Deb s body, slightly touching her skin with his fingers, going from her neck to her anus, then very gently grasping her huge buttocks, then carefully playing with her big saggy tits and nipples. Angie was a little sad not see what Deb s nipples looked like.
I really have to fuck them. She said to herself, on a resolute tone.

His cock began to slowly enter Deb. She let out briefs moans that electrified Angie, not sure wether it was pain or pleasure. Angie let her fingers too enter her sacred realm. As Deb got down a little deeper, his cockhead slowly disappearing, they moaned together, almost like a scream, as if they completely shared all emotions, pain and pleasure. Deb was already all sweaty. She released his cock from her grasp, making him in turn firmly grasp her large ass, like their bodies expressing there was now no turning back. Deb resumed her descent, they were now both breathing heavily. She slide down to the two thirds of his cock, which seemed to Angie like an impressive feat, and then got up and back again, and again, pacing up slowly, gradually. They were both loudly moaning. Angie was both in intense pleasure and contemplation, her fingers going downside at the exact same pace of Deb s heavily bouncing arse. It was so much beauty to see those two bodies dancing together, their penetrating sexes all soaked, sparkling from the few street lights hitting their abundant fluids.
Deb was clearly leading the dance, as she better knew the limits of what she can take, waiting for the right time to unleash the b**st. She would sometimes bend closer to him.
Go ahead, baby, suck my tits. Deb said, moaning as his mouth tasted her nipples.
What a woman ! Tought Angie, I never could have think Deb was this bold.
They went on for what seemed to Angies like hours. Angie was about to cum, she waited for Deb but they seemed to have too mach stamina for her, she now was barely able to hold it. Then Deb shouted.
Oh ! I m cumming ! Cum with me, oh yes cum !
And Deb unleashed the b**st.
Angie couldn t believe her eyes. She was able to see his cock having huge contractions, making it almost vibrating, and then unbelievable amounts of sperm leaking from Deb s vagina, big drops running along her legs and his cock. Deb was having contractions too, making her loudly scream, so strong they finally pushed away his cock. But he was still squirting huge loads of white, thick and sticky cum. Angie never thought it was even remotely possible to ejaculate this much. She came instantly, not being able to hold back some noise, thankfully covered by Deb s screams and her lover loud moanings. His huge squirts splattered not only Deb s large ass but also the couch, the floor, and almost everything in a 3 feet range from the volcano, leaving smears of cum sometime as big as a feet long for half an inch wide.
They all took a few minutes before recovering some consciousness. When Angie was able to reopen her eyes after having almost fainted, she saw Deb turning around, grabbing his cock, still half hard, and taking it to her mouth.
Let me clean you a little… Deb said, giggling. Hmmm, so much seed… it tastes so good…
Deb proceed to lick the semen all over his dick and balls.
My god, your cock is so big, even now I have a hard time sucking it. Deb marked a pause and smiled. Does your mom knows your have such a huge cock ?
He laughed nervously. No, I don t think so… He sounded embarrassed.
Well, you have to act like a good boy now. Deb responded, jokingly. If not, I will tell her how naughty you are !

Angie was on shock. Her heart went insanely fast, her head was like heating up, burning. Deb s lover was not James. It was Nat. Her son.
Of course it was Nat. With this deep, masculine voice so close to his Dad s. A flow of confused thoughts came to Angie. She realized she knew he was well endowed. Well, she did not thought it was of this proportion, but she began so get conscious of all these little time she noticed the abnormally big bulge on his pants. She remembered clearly now, wondering for half a second how big it must be, then immediately hiding theses thoughts in her deepest levels of u*********sness. Angie was like changed to stone, she felt like she could not move, could not do anything. A battle was going on in her brain. She was struggling for her feelings. What she did was horrible. And yet it feels so good. How something this horrible can be this good ?

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