The Casting Couch Ch. 4

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The Casting Couch Ch. 4
Mmmm, yeah, baby, suck it, just like that.

Circling her tongue around the white cock in her mouth, Lisa slid the palms of her hand up the inside of the producer s naked thighs. She was determined to give him the best blowjob of her life. Oh yes, she wanted this role that bad.

Lisa couldn t believe her luck. She d been in Jeff s acting class for about 8 months now, and this was the first big break she d gotten from him. She d tried hard to get personal meetings with some influential movers and shakers in Hollywood, but had always had the door slammed in her face. Now, here she was, with the cock of a very influential man throbbing hot and hard in her mouth. She had the feeling she owed it all to her new friend, Allison, but then again, if she hadn t gotten Allison to join the class, none of this would be happening to either of them.

Lisa knew she looked good in the white dress she d chosen for the party. She d bought it for her boyfriend, and he d gone crazy the two times she d worn it for him. She d worn it tonight hoping to make a good impression. Obviously it had, because not long after Allison had gone off to dance with a guy, Barry Simmons had grabbed Lisa s hand, and without a word, had led her into this back bedroom. Although she d never slept with anyone to get a job before, she was almost to the point of desperation. She was trying to decide how far she d go to save her dreams when he d kissed her, long and deep, before sitting on the bed, putting his hands on her shoulders and pressing her to her knees down on the floor, again without a word. Not that she d needed any. Lisa had known exactly what to do, and pretty soon, her lush lips had been wrapped around his hard, white cock.

She was starting to feel a bit weird though, as if maybe someone had slipped something in her drink. She d been to enough raves and fallen victim to that scheme enough times to recognize the feeling. She lifted her head a bit and smiled at Barry, who looked like he was gonna blow any second now. She was feeling very horny herself as she raised her head, spittle trailing from her lips down to the tip of the man s cock. She replaced her mouth with her hand and lovingly stroked him as she tried to regain her senses. She didn t want to have to sleep with him, so if she could bring him off with her hands and mouth, she d give it the old college try.

Jeff had waited a few minutes and followed Barry and Lisa into the back bedroom. She didn t notice that he d slipped into the room and closed the door behind himself. Now, he smiled as he watched Lisa lovingly run her fingers over the shiny purple tip of Barry s shaft. Though Barry was quite a bit smaller than Jeff, Jeff figured his friend was still probably bigger than Lisa s boyfriend, whom she d talked about all night. Jeff found a chair and sat down. He d told Barry he could get a blowjob, but Jeff planned to be the first one tonight to fuck her.

Lisa gazed in awe at the hard, white pole sticking out of the man s pants. Her pussy twitched and started to get wet and she knew she would have to get herself off before long. Licking her lips, she lowered her head again and took the cock between her red lips, licking her tongue up the side as if it were a lolipop. Slowly, she lowered her head until the tip hit the back of her throat. Lifting her head again, she licked, then slowly sucked at the head of the thick cock, and felt the man squirm in his seat.

Damn, Jeff, this bitch knows what she s doing, he groaned.

Smiling, Lisa began blowing him in earnest, and feeling unbearably hot, she reached between her legs and slid two fingers into her own pussy. While she jacked herself off, she gave Barry the blowjob of his life. After almost five more minutes, he bucked his hips and groaned, and shot his seed deep into her belly.

Lisa too hit her orgasm and moaned, trying not to drown in the semen shooting into her throat. When it was all over, she realized that Barry had spoken to Jeff, which meant the black man had been watching them at least part of the time. Oh, god. She didn t want him to think she was willing to sleep her way to the top, because the truth was, she d planned to put the brakes on after a simple blowjob. She certainly didn t want to go home to her boyfriend tonight with a pussy dripping with cum.

Licking her suddenly dry lips, she wondered what had happened to Allison. She knew there were about 20 guys here tonight and only the two of them girls, which had struck Lisa as being a bit wacked and suspicious, but she d figured Jeff, who had a good, clean reputation, would stop the other guys from taking advantage of them, especially Allison, who was a bit on the naive side. But if Jeff was in here, that meant Allison had been thrown to the wolves. Oh god.

You OK, Leese? Jeff asked, looking concerned as he sent Barry an angry look.

Y-yes, she answered. She was trying to pick herself up and go find her friend when Barry stood up and picked up his pants. He told her, That was great, baby. I think you ve definitely got an audition for a role.

Lisa faltered. An audition? Screw the audition, she d expected to get a role with that performance.

As Barry stepped past her, he smiled at Jeff and said, In fact, I ll give you the audition right now. Jeff, buddy, you up to standing in for the leading man?

Jeff stepped into the role he d cast himself easily. Trying to look both disappointed and confused, he angrily said, What are you talking about, Bare?

You know– Barry waved at the woman still crumpled on the floor. I m gonna give Lisa an audition, right here, right now, but I need someone to run her lines off of. You willing?

Jeff pretended to hesitate. He knew he d get a bigger kick out of this seduction if Lisa saw him as a reluctant participant rather than the orchestrator of it all.

Tell you what, Barry added, sitting down in a chair across from the bed. I ll give both of you an audition. You d like a part in the movie too, wouldn t you, Jeff?

Hell, yeah, but–

Great! Barry said, just as they d rehearsed the night before. Let s do it!

Lisa, whose brain was feeling more and more fogged, wasn t sure she was up to an audition right now. Whatever d**g she was on was taking its hold. But we don t know the script, she tried to argue, hoping to put it off til later.

Jeff had anticipated this, though he d hoped Lisa would be so buzzed by now, she wouldn t realize they were making up a scene as they went along. He sent Barry a little nod to go ahead with plan B.

That s OK, Barry said casually. I ll set the scene, and I want you to ad lib your lines. That ll give me a feel for your acting ability. OK?

Sighing, Jeff shrugged. Fine by me. Lisa?

She blinked, looking sort of dazed as she nodded and pulled herself to her feet.

OK. Here s the scene. There s a serial killer on the loose and you both could be next. Lisa, you re scared, and Jeff is the big, strong man who s gonna protect you. You re trapped together in an old house. We re gonna start the scene with you both on the bed, talking about what if you don t survive the murders. You can use your real names. Got it?

They both nodded.

As Lisa sat next to Jeff on the bed, she felt herself growing jittery, almost excited, as she prepared for this impromptu audition. Her heart was pounding a mile a minute. Jeff started ad libbing some lines. She strained to pay attention. Damn, baby, I m not sure we re gonna make it, he was saying.

She focused on her role and pretended to shake. We ve got to make it, she argued, hoping she sounded scared.

I know, baby, I know, he said, reaching over and pulling her into an embrace. We just gotta keep our act together, that s all.

Lisa tried to think of something clever to ad lib, some way to steer the scene in a good direction. She tried to think of every horror movie she d ever seen and came up with an idea. But I…I don t want to die a virgin, she mumbled against his chest, pretending to cry.

Jeff smiled. Damn, she couldn t have ad libbed a better line for this seduction if he d written it done and told her to say it. I know, baby, he said, and urged her to sit up and look at him. Taking her face in his hands, he said, Maybe you won t have to. Maybe…we can… Then he leaned forward and pressed his thick lips to her soft mouth.

Lisa parted her lips slightly, just enough for Jeff to be able to press inside. She had to struggle to remember that Barry was watching, auditioning them for some roles. God, she felt so out of it. Jeff s lips tried to part hers and then his tongue slid inside her mouth and started to eat her out. She couldn t stop the little moan that escaped her throat. She d never dated a black guy before, but she d always found Jeff to be quite attractive. Once or twice, she d thought about asking him out, but she knew he had a serious girlfriend, and everyone said he was too damn honest to cheat. Besides, she was living with Mike and didn t want to be unfaithful to him either.

Jeff slid his tongue out of her mouth and licked around her lips. Then he pulled her close and stuck his tongue back inside at the same time he ran his hands up and down her sides. He finally managed to slip a hand between one arm and one breast, and his thumb stroked her nipple against the taut fabric of her dress.

Lisa was starting to get into the kiss when out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw Barry getting up as if to leave. She managed to pull back and ask, What s wrong?

Wrong? Barry repeated. Nothing s wrong. That was great, you guys. You practically steamed up the mirrors in here! he chuckled.

Lisa blinked. The room swam a little as she tried to focus on Barry. Beside her, Jeff was starting to get impatient. The plan was for Barry to quietly leave the room so Jeff could continue charming Lisa out of her panties and into a nice, slow fuck. Barry sure as hell wasn t supposed to interrupt now. He sent the man a look that said, shut up, get the hell out and follow the rest of the plan. Allison s sweet pussy was waiting in the next room for the white man to enjoy.

Er, but I have one problem, Barry added. Lisa, put a little more passion into it, he directed. Remember, this could be your last chance to sleep with a guy before you die. Let s see you two make out for a few and then we ll skip to another scene, OK?

Geez, he wanted them to audition making out? Since this wasn t a porn flick, Lisa figured Barry Simmons was a real horn dog who wanted to get his kicks by watching her do some petting with a black guy. But she wanted the role, so she nodded and tried to take a deep breath. The room was so hot, she was sweating, but the sooner she finished this, the sooner she could get outta here, she told herself.

Turning back to the black man, she slid her arms around his middle and pressed herself closer, pressing her lips to his. All she had to do was pretend they really were a couple, she told herself and slid her tongue against his. I want you to make love to me, Jeff, she said in character and slid her fingers into his waistband and underneath Jeff s shirt. She encountered warm, hard flesh and sighed against his mouth.

Jeff leaned into Lisa and angled her head so that he could lick into her moist mouth as deep as possible. He stepped up the aggression; even d**gged, this bitch wasn t as easy to fool as Allison and would take a little extra work. He liked that. He liked the challenge.

He angled her and kept kissing her so deep, she didn t even notice when Barry left the room, shutting the door behind him. Smiling slightly against her mouth, Jeff pulled away and looked at her. Her body was growing limp and he knew if he let her go now, she d fall back on the bed. Her eyes were half closed, and her breathing was labored. The d**gs were finally, finally, having the effect he d wanted.

Mmmm-mmm. Jeff savored the sight of this sexy redhead, with her tight white dress hugging some delicious curves, a hot, plump ass and some perky tits. The tasty little white woman was obviously out of it, but he could also tell that she was as hot and wet as he d ever seen a woman. He didn t have much time though, so he pulled her back against him and nipped at her ear. You are fine, baby.

Lisa trembled, needing release and yet confused by her feelings. Jeff slid his large, black hands up her arms and onto her breasts, which were heavy with desire. The contrast of his dark clothes and dark skin against her white dress and white skin was almost startling. He slid his hands back down and reached for the hem of her dress and began slowly wiggling it up and over her thighs. Lisa moaned and stopped him from exposing her panties, guiding his hands back to her breasts and letting the dress slide back down. Running his fingers along the white material covering her tits, he lowered his head and began licking his tongue along the top of her breasts. Swirling his tongue around her pearly white tits beneath the dress, he lifted his head and found her lips with his.

He lowered her until she was laying back on the bed, hot and flushed, and pushing her dress up over her hips, he reached for her panties. Lisa felt him slide his fingers into the elastic and probe at her moist flesh. One finger flicked against her clit and she gasped, bucking up into his hand.

As he tugged the panties aside and pushed another finger between her folds, he surveryed the sprawled out white woman on the bed, just begging to be fucked, and fucked hard. She looked like she was in a trance now, but she was definitely enjoying what he was doing to her. She didn t even move as he lifted himself away and began pulling off his own clothes. She just closed her eyes, licked her lips and laid there, half-nude from the waist down, as if she were preparing to take an afternoon nap. After taking off his shirt, unbuttoning his pants and pulling his 11-inch cock out, Jeff sat down beside her and zeroed in on her covered cunt.

Grazing his fingers against the soft silky fabric of her skimpy underwear, he closed his hand and pushed the white dress further out of his way. As he looked hungrily down at Lisa s pubic area, he gew impatient. He lifted the woman s legs into the air so that they straddled him and began lowering himself closer to her on the bed. Gazing down with lust-filled eyes at how the white woman looked stretched out lewdly in front of him with her dress still covering her from the hips up, he wondered if he d fuck her still dressed or strip her completely naked. He figured he d play with her a little more before he made such an important decision.

With his right hand, Jeff dropped his fingers directly down on top of Lisa s pussy mound, giddy with the feel of the heat and moisture that seeped through her soaked panties. He slid his fingers inside the edge of the silky material to tease her slick folds with slow, careful strokes. Beneath him, she licked her lips and gasped, looking as though she wanted to say something. Smiling, Jeff leaned down and slid his own tongue inside her dry mouth for a taste, keeping her silent.

Pulling back and hooking his fingers around her ankles, Jeff positioned his grip around the woman s spread feet and pulled her legs further apart. Once she was spread open just right, he moved his hips between her thighs and continued stroking her wet pussy with his fingers.

Squeezing his cock hard in his left hand, Jeff knew it was time to stick his dick in this woman after months of wondering what kind of fuck she d be. With his left hand still on his cock, he reached down with his right and slid his index and middle fingers into the lacy edge of Lisa s panties until his fingertips poked out each side. He slowly began tugging his fingers downward, easing the helpless woman s panties right off of her. Come on, baby, lift your ass, he murmured, leering as her shaven mound came more and more into his view.

Lisa swallowed hard and shook her head frantically on the bed. Were they still doing the scene? God, what had happened to Barry Simmons. She couldn t see him anywhere in the room. Jeff nudged her white thighs apart even further with his knees as he slipped a hand under her hips and urged her to raise her ass off the bed so he could slide her panties completely off. Once that was accomplished, his hand returned to stroking his huge cock, which seemed to be growing bigger by the second. What was he doing? God, his fingers felt good each time they brushed against her senstive slit. But he couldn t stick that thing in her tonight. She had to go home…to her boyfriend. She stared up in confusion at this big, black man stroking his cock between her legs.

Watching as Lisa s tender white ass awkwardly lifted off the bed, Jeff caressed his cock even faster, realizing that this woman might be an even better fuck than her friend in the next room. He smiled as he swore he heard the walls shaking. Allison was obviously getting a pounding next door. Damn, he wished he could see what his black friends were doing to that white bitch and decided to hurry up with Lisa so he could go watch.

Slipping Lisa s drenched underwear up and off of her feet, Jeff casually tossed them aside. With his dick securely griped in his left hand, he pressed his chisled body forward, in the process pushing Lisa s thighs apart as far as they could go. He dropped the heavy tip of his cock right down on the entrance to her trembling, white pussy. Pushing his pants out of the way, he lowered himself so that his cock nestled comfortably in the silky wet folds of her femininity.

Leaving his heavy cock resting there, resting on top of her clit, Jeff dug his fingers into the bottom hem of her dress and lifted it up over her tits causing her average sized but perky breasts to spill free. The movement caused him to slide his cock a little, and she gasped and wiggled beneath him. He continued to disrobe her as he pulled the dress up and over her head and tossed it aside too. They both looked down and saw that her pink nipples were painfully erect even before he began to roll them between his fingers and thumb.

Lisa closed her eyes and let a little moan escape her throat. Sharp, hot sensations shot through her chest and down into her loins as he teased her swollen flesh. She saw his dark crotch resting against hers, his pubic hairs tickling her senstive flesh while his long, hard cock was rubbing against her pleasure point. Lifting her arm, she slid the palm of her hand down his stomach, between their hips, until she found the base of his cock. Jeff shifted so that she could slide her fingers around its girth and caress the tip with her thumb. While she continued to stroke and pull at his throbbing meat with one hand, the other reached for and found his huge dark balls bouncing gently below. She massaged and squeezed him there, feeling the heat of his molten seed boiling deep inside. She was screaming for release, but she knew she couldn t let him slip that monster in her pussy. She was on the pill, but she always made her lovers wear condoms for health s sake. And besides, how could he fit that thing in her tiny pussy? Her fingers began stroking him with more skill, trying to bring him to quick orgasm, just as she had Barry.

Oh, fuck, he groaned, removing her hands to a safer part of his body. As he did, he also lowered his fingers back to her sopping wet snatch and pushed one, then two, fingers inside her. You ever had a black man? he asked seductively. You ever had a big, black cock stuck up this sweet pussy?

Lisa shook her head on the bed. Trying to push his hand away, she begged, Please don t do this. L-let me give you a b-blowjob instead.

Oh, yeah, Jeff knew that was an offer too good to resist. Licking his lips, he agreed and telling her to stay where she was, he stood up, shoved his pants and underwear down his hips and pulled them off, then crawled up and turned on the bed so that they were in a 69 position. Lisa saw the huge black cock poking down at her lips and found herself staring in awe. She d been a cheerleader in high school and had once let the black quarterback talk her into a drive in his new car. She d been apprehensive when he d parked at a popular makeout spot and started kissing her. Afraid that he d try and fuck her, she d given him a blowjob to put him off, and that had been the one and only time she d ever seen a black cock up close. And from what she remembered, Darnell s cock hadn t been near the size of this b**st.

Jeff pressed his hips down and Lisa opened wide, attempting to swallow his meat as the head moved between her lips. At the same time, she felt his hands grab her thighs and spread them apart as he lowered his head and sniffed her juices. Shifting so that his fingers spread her pussy lips apart, he must have lowered his mouth to her gaping cunt because she suddenly felt his lips eating her out like no one ever had before. Her scream of pleasure was muffled by the long cock in her mouth, and she began mimicking his actions, licking at his meat the way he was licking at her hole.

Unable to stand the teasing any longer, she reached up, grabbed the back of his thighs and pulled his hips down sos he could deep throat the monster. Not needing a further invitation, Jeff pushed his cock deep in her throat and groaned as her pussy juices suddenly flooded his mouth. As she bucked and writhed beneath him, he grasped her thighs and speared her hole with his tongue.

Ohhhh…uhhhh! Yes . . yes! She panted, pushing his hips away long enough to catch her breath and moan. Then her hand reached automatically to find and grasp his black meat again. She took him as deep into her mouth and throat as any woman ever had.

The sweet sensation of her throat muscles working his cock was too much. Oh, fuck..Unnnnggggggghhhhhhhhhh!! he lifted his head and shouted as he suddenly erupted in her hot, wet mouth and throat. Lisa cried out helplessly and tried to push at his hips to keep from drowning in cum, but Jeff wouldn t budge. If anything, he pressed deeper into her throat until every last drop of his seed had been squirted in her belly. He eventually raised himself and gave her a chance to breathe as he once again lowered his lips to her pussy. Spreading her open wide, he darted his tongue into her folds and licked deep and long.

Her body bucked and jerked out of control as Jeff decided she was good and ready for a slow fuck. Lifting his head, he told her, Suck me some more, baby. He needed some help getting hard again.

Lisa mindlessly opened her mouth and took the tip of his cock between her lips. She sucked him good, not daring to take him as deep as before for fear she d gag and throw up next time he came down her throat. If his lips and tongue weren t doing such a good job of driving her crazy, she might have wondered why she was sucking him off again, especially as he continued to grow and leak precum in her mouth.

Jeff felt his cock growing hard and knew it was time to fuck this sweet pussy. Pushing his mouth down hard on her cunt, he aimed his lips and tongue at her clit and worked it over hard, bringing her to another mind-shattering orgasm. While she was still shaking and spasming beneath him, he pulled his long dick out of her mouth and rolled off the bed. Hurrying to position himself between her thighs, he settled himself against her, aiming his hard cock at the entrance to her vagina.

Lisa felt Jeff lay down on top of her. W-what? God, were they still doing the scene? She couldn t remember. Maybe she was dreaming, but she was pretty sure he d just brought her to one of the best orgasms she d ever had in her life. She licked her lips as she felt him settle between her thighs, his big black cock sliding against the folds of her pussy lips again. She moaned when she felt its size against her. He didn t insert it into her, he just slid the length along her slick folds, mimicking the fuck she suddenly wished he d give her. He continued to tease her without penetration as she squirmed beneath him. Then again, she couldn t let him stick it in her. Mike was waiting for her at home. God, she was so confused. She felt him kiss her neck softly as both of his hands massaged her firm, heavy breasts, and she felt her hands sliding up to his black hips to hold him closer.

Without raising up, Jeff positioned his hands at her hips, steadying her wiggling body for his penetration. With his body positioned directly above hers, Jeff pushed his pelvis forward and began to slide his huge uncircumsized cock into the white woman s pink, blistering hot sheath.

Ohhhh… Jeff…what…are you…doing? … Pleeeease, she exhaled. He wasn t sure if she was begging him to stop or to continue. But she seemed determined to fight him and her own desires. She raised her hands to his hips and tried to push him back, but it was too late. Jeff had already managed to slide about five inches into her bubbling twat and was still pushing.

Lisa s eyes grew wide as she felt the intruder invade her pussy so slowly, she felt every inch slide in, its ridges brushing the inside of her cunt in ways that sent tiny tremors of electricity shooting through her groin. With tiny gasps, she tried pushing at his hips, trying to stop him, but he just kept sliding in as if he belonged there. Ahhh….oooohh…nooo, she breathed. Finally, she felt him stop, and Jeff pulled back enough to admire the sight of their union, his black crotch pressed tight into her white, shaven mound.

Her tender pussy lips were folded around the width of his black cock, holding it tightly in place. He had about eight inches in so far, with three more to go. Picking up her hips to angle her just right, he gently pressed forward into her. Aaaaaggghhhh, she moaned when he slid in another inch. Damn. This bitch obviously hadn t ever had a real cock before.

Panting, Jeff told her, Almost there, baby. Just hold on…hold on. Shaking her head, she once again tried to push at his hips, but her arms didn t have the strength to stop him. He slid another inch into her twat, saw her wince, and paused for a moment to allow her pussy to accomodate his length. Even though her pussy was dripping wet, there was still some resistance.

Lisa moaned feeling Jeff s meat lodged in her cunt. God, he was so big. Bigger than she d ever had before. His hips pressed hers into the mattress, trapping her, but she tried to wiggle out from under him anyway. The sensations caused from her movements were mind blowing. She felt her stomach muscles clench then start to roll as she had another orgasm. Jeff felt the resistance give way and slowly buried himself to the hilt, grinding his crotch into hers. Lisa screamed as the head of his cock pushed against her cervix and peeked inside her womb. As if on cue, there was another scream, from the next room, as Allison s sweet voice yelled out, Ohhh, oooh, fuck! The two women were getting hammered at the same time, it seemed.

Jeff slowly pulled his cock out of Lisa s cunt and slid back in a few times, making sure she was well adjusted to his size. OOOHHH…… OOOHHH… EEEHHHH…. AAAHHHHHHHHH… AAAAHHHHHHHHHH, Lisa squealed as he circled his hips for the best results. Jeff lowered his head and bit down on each of her milky white tits, licking his tongue in long swaths around the dusty pink areolas then biting her nipples hard. AAAHHHHHHH! she screamed.

Having already blown his first load moments earlier in her mouth, Jeff knew he could stay rock solid inside the squeezing walls of her quivering pussy without having to worry about cumming for a while.

He started to really work his cock in and out of this sweet pussy with a smile on his face as she twisted and grunted beneath him, obviously enjoying the ride of her life. Grabbing her ankles and pulling her to the edge of the bed, he raised her left leg over his shoulder and pressed her right thigh onto the bed. Circling his hips, he rotated his cock deep inside her in a way he knew would drive her wild. He found that he loved burying his cock to the hilt, grinding his hips against her, digging the tip of his cock into her cervix, before he pumping her again.

Ahhhh…..Ahhhh……Ahhhh……Ahhhhh, Lisa began a steady chant in time with his strokes. She laid her head back on the bed, but her hands clutched and grabbed at his biceps as she strained for release. She began bucking her hips up to meet his thrusts and realized she had taken him all. His balls began to make a soft slapping sound against her ass with each downstroke.

You ve got it all, baby…how does it feel? he grunted as he paused once again to grind against her. He figured he was stuck up her womb as he rotated his cock inside her twat.

Lisa could barely answer through gritted teeth, Uhhnn…ohh … my gawd.

Jeff lifted both her legs and placed them on his shoulders, then planted both hands on each side of her. Once he had repositioned her, he pulled his cock almost all the way out and held it at her opening for a second teasing her. Ready for a real fuck…? he whispered.

Ahhh…gawd…I….! she said incoherently. He took that as a yes.

He suddenly slammed back into her and she cried out in pleasure. Then he began to pound into the white woman like a jackhammer. The bed moved and groaned beneath them and Lisa s breasts shook back and forth as she neared another orgasm. Jeff knew she was close again and he began to change his movements … rotating and grinding his hips, then just pounding into her with speed and stamina. Lisa spasmed and let out a keening cry that could be heard well into the next room. For at least 20 more minutes, Jeff continued to fuck her in that same method, drawing orgasm after orgasm from her twitching thighs.

Finally, Jeff began to gasp and grunt too, and Lisa realized he was close as well. Weakly, she begged him, Don t cum in me. She didn t want Mike to know she d been with anyone. Slowing down, Jeff lifted a hand to turn her face up so she was looking at him. Open your eyes, he told her, straining not to cum yet. He wanted her to look deep into his eyes and know that a black man was shooting his cum into her pussy. He wondered if she was on birth control and hoped she wasn t. He loved fucking fertile, unprotected white women, he d decided. Slowly, she lifted her eyelids and met his gaze. Almsot u*********sly, she humped her hips up into his crotch.

Oh God, baby…..I m gonna cummm! he shouted as she shuddered, yelped, and clawed beneath him when he bowed his back, pulled her crotch tight to his and spewed his hot cum deep inside her.

Wiggling his hips to shake the last of his semen into her hungry pussy, Jeff licked his lips, laughed in triumph and smiled down at the sexy, used redhead on the bed. She was breathing hard, looking confused and dazed as her pussy clamped tight to his black meat. Her stomach muscles trembled and her inner muscles squeezed him tight, coming close to bringing life back to his fading erection. God, he wanted to turn her over and stick it up her ass, but he just didn t think he had the energy right now and he was anxious to go see what Allison was up to…or more precisely, who was up in her. Besides, there was a whole room full of horny black guys waiting their turn with Lisa, and he was sure any number of them would love to fuck that round, white ass too. Maybe he should be generous and offer one of them the chance to pop that cherry, because he doubted anyone had ever done the deed in her sweet ass.

Sliding his deflated cock out of her dripping cunt, he watched as her legs fell down and she lay there spread lewdly with cum running out of her now gaping hole. He didn t bother to get dressed. He walked over to the door, opened it wide and smiled at the line of guys waiting their turn. He saw another group crowded around the open doorway of the next room.

Pushing his way through the eager gathering, Toby, who d graciously donated his home for this event, stepped forward and said, Bout time you finished up in here. I ve been waiting to get my hands on some of this pussy too. Damn, that other bitch is one hot fuck, Jeff. Gonna get me some more of that one before the night s over, he said as he once again slid off his pants. How s this one?

Jeff glanced back at Lisa, who seemed to have passed out, and shrugged. Why don t you find out for yourself?

With a shit-eating grin, Toby nodded and walked over to the white woman. He lowered a hand and fingered her overflowing pussy. Damn, Jeff, you done got her nice and lubricated for me. Hell, she should be able to handle Toby Jr. easy now.

Without any foreplay whatsoever, Toby rolled Lisa over onto her stomach and with her hips resting on the end of the bed, she was at the perfect position to accept his big meat as he slipped it to her from behind. The others crowded into the room and watched in awe as Toby dropped his pants and lined up his big 13-inch prick with her gaping hole. Grabbing hold of her thighs and lifting her in a sort of wheelbarrow position, he started to push his hips forward, sliding his big cock inside her without much effort. He got about 8 inches in when Lisa started to come around, moaning and pushing her hips back. Oh, god, no more Jeff, she moaned, trying to pull herself forward and away from the intruder in her pussy.

Just hold still, baby, Toby told her. Just hold…on, he grunted as he shoved at least 2 more inches into her.

OOOHHH…… OOOHHH… EEEHHHH…. AAAHHHHHHHHH… AAAAHHHHHHHHHH, Lisa yelled, clawing at the bedsheets and thrashing beneath him. Jeff figured she was realizing that wasn t him pushing into her. Toby was at least a couple of inches wider and longer than Jeff.

Everyone watching was amazed. Toby was by far the largest cock in the group, and they d never seen any woman handle that whole monster in her cunt. As he pushed his hips into her from behind, he kept slipping inch, after inch, into her tight, white body. His balls were almost touching her clit when he stopped, panting, as he let both of them get adjusted to the tight fit.

Satisfied, Toby dropped her thighs and wiggled his hips against her, sliding his thick, meaty hands up and down her silky smooth back. Sliding his hands between her arms and chest, his fingers dug beneath her and cupped her firm tits as he began humping her in earnest. It was quite a sight–this big, black ex-football player hunched over the backside of a small, naked white woman. The bed shook along with both of them as Toby worked his hips up and down.

Oh, gawd! she yelled as he sawed in and out of her. It s soooo biggggggg!! I can feel you…in my…belly!! she gasped around thrusts.

The other men began to cheer and offer catcalls as Toby punched his meat into the sexy white slut from behind. Jeff smiled as he decided to go see what was going on in the next room. He was surprised to see a group of guys settled around a card table, playing poker in the living room, obviously uninterested in the fucking that was going on around them. Hell, maybe they were just passing the time until their turn came, or maybe they d already deposited their semen in Allison s tight cunt or ass. Who knew? As long as his debts got paid tonight, he didn t care.

When he pushed his way through the crowd of naked men, the sight that met Jeff s eyes took away his breath. Allison was sandwiched between two men, both of whom were standing with a cock in each end of her. One black guy was stuck up her pussy as she clung to him, her legs around his hips and her arms circling his neck. He had his thick lips on hers and was licking into her mouth as she panted hotly, her eyes glazed over as if in a trance while the guy behind her pumped his long, black cock into her ass with steady strokes. The guy in front shifted her higher on his hips and began pumping his hips too, so that she was getting fucked in her cunt and ass at the same time. This shocked her into moaning and squeezing her eyes tight as she murmured, Oh, fuck, that s a ….a ….w-weird …f-f-feeling!

Jeff glanced around the room. All of the guys in here were naked or half-naked, with their zippers lowered and their cocks sticking out of their pants. On second glance, Jeff realized most of the guys were recovering from recent fucks, dried cum crusted around their cocks and pubs. Either they d cum in Allison or while watching someone else cum in her. Someone had grabbed a video camera and was filming all the fucking too. Jeff was glad he d really have some ammunition now. Allison was married and easily controlled. He hadn t been so sure about Lisa, but now he was.

Yeah, baby, ride that black cock, the guy in front of Allison was praising. The guy in her ass sped up, bucked forward hard, and started spraying his cum deep in her bowels. After he pulled out, the guy in her pussy groaned and walked her over so the wall could support her back. With her backside pressed against the cold wall, he leaned away from her, bracing her with his hips and knees, leaving his cock buried in her cunt, and ran his hands up the inside of her milky white thighs. Spreading them apart and holding her up with his big, black hands by pushing up against her inner thighs, he began pumping into her again, slow and steady.

Ahhhh, Allison moaned softly, without much emotion. Jeff figured that she had cum so many times tonight, she was starting to grow numb against the sensation of a cock in her pussy. He felt a fleeting moment of guilt for letting the others use her like this and wondered if he should put a stop to it.

Ohhh, yeaaahhhh! the guy in her pussy exploded. He ground his crotch against her pubic mound, obviously having slid all of his dark meat up into her twat as his sperm erupted from his balls. Take my black juice in your white cunt. Take it all, baby!

Jeff was jousled aside as someone new entered the room. The guy called out, Hey guys, you gotta come see this.

Wondering what in the hell he should see, Jeff pushed his way through the crowd of onlookers and realized what the fuss was all about when he spotted what was happening to Lisa on the bed in the next room.

Toby was still rutting away at her, but this time, it wasn t her pussy he was pumping his thick 13-inch pole into. He had tried to squeeze the monster into her tight, virgin ass. Lisa squealed and clutched at the bedsheets as he inched into her hole. They were both breathing hard and sweating, and Lisa had tears in her eyes as she alternately grunted and pleaded, Oh, god, don t! Owww! God, it hurts! Pleease!!

Just a little more, baby, he soothed. I ain t never done anyone in the ass before…feels good…ugnh…oh, yeah… From what Jeff could see, Toby had about 7 inches in her ass, and it didn t look like she could handle any more. He pushed his hips forward again causing Lisa to scream and pass out cold.

Jeff watched as Toby hunched over the prone woman s ass, sliding his hands underneath her and grabbing hold of her squashed tits. He pumped his hips a few times, then howled as his ass muscles clenched and he released his juice deep into her ass.

Jeff watched in amazement as Toby pulled out of her and two other guys moved over to take his place. One lowered himself to the floor behind her and began sucking on her dripping pussy while the other crawled onto the bed and shoved his cock in her mouth. Lisa, who was so far gone by this point, accepted it and began blowing the guy in her mouth as she humped her hips back at the tongue in her pussy. Pretty soon, the guy at her ass had had enough and pushed his pants aside. He started plowing her pussy with his dark cock just as the guy in her mouth blew his nut. It didn t take long for him to be replaced another guy.

Jeff watched Lisa being bounced around for a while before turning to see what the commotion was behind him. Some of the guys were now crowded around the living room, watching the game of cards that was being played. Then he realized they were playing with new stakes and a new prize–Allison, who was already sitting one guy s lap. The skinny white guy was having the time of his lfe fondling her bare 36-C breasts.

Big Al, who weighed almost 300 pounds, won the hand being played and wanted to claim some pussy. How about you come sit in my lap while I play this next hand, baby?

One of the guys led Allison, who could barely walk she was so high and so fucked up, over to Al s seat. She sighed when Big Al grabbed her naked hips, turned her so that her back was to his front, and slowly lowered her onto his lap, lining her juicy cunt with his freed cock. The thing was short but fatter than fat, and Jeff shook his head when it slid inside the white bitch without any trouble. Big Al steadied her on his lap, just letting her sit there for a few seconds with his thick monster buried deep in her pussy. After he folded his hand, he grabbed her thighs and began to wiggle his cock around inside her. I d give you a good, hard pounding, but I don t want to distract the boys, he said with a laugh, moving his hips beneath her. He felt up her bare tits and slid his beefy fingers along her pussy folds from front, and Allison moaned and closed her eyes, obviously enjoying the way his thick meat rotated around inside her, hitting all her pleasure spots. Pretty soon, Big Al was moving with pretty fast strokes inside her, and when he grabbed her hips and bucked up, holding her tight, she felt her cunt being filled by yet more black cum.

I won the next hand…My turn, yelled one of the only remaining white guys in the room. Quickly freeing his impressive cock–he was almost as big as Jeff–he guided Allison over his lap and moaned, feeling her wet muscles clamp around him as he sank deep into her body. Allison, who was once again facing the other players, each of whom had forgotten all about the game, licked her lips as the young stud began pumping his hips up into her. He didn t last nearly as long as the other men. He spewed into her after some furious pumping and only three minutes.

One by one, she was passed around to all the men at the table. One black guy said her cunt was too sloppy, so he held her still while he planted his long stick in her sloppy ass. Allison, wanting satisfaction for herself, rode him hard, finally crying out in release when he came hard inside her bowels.

After she was too exhausted to do more than flop around as they used her, Jeff decided to call a halt to her activities. He picked her up and carried her into the now empty bedroom, placed her in bed and tucked her in. When he returned he saw that the guys had decided to use Lisa as the prize instead, and now she was the pussy being slowly lowered onto Big Al s cock.

Jeff let most of the men take a turn at her sloppy white cunt and ass, then carried her into the bathroom, cleaned her up and fucked her one more time before lowering her into the bed beside Allison. He smiled, thinking that he would have to plan a threesome now so he could watch the two women go at it with each other, but right now, they were both too exhausted for more fun and games.

Glancing at his watch, he realized it was almost 3 in the morning. Damn. His girl would be wondering where he was. The party was clearing out now and just Toby and two more guys remained. Jeff was smart enough to ask the guy with the video camera if he could buy the only copy–he didn t want it to ever be able to be used against him–then asked Toby to make sure the two women got home.

Hey, no problem, Toby told him. If they re still too fucked up to drive in another hour or two, we ll take their cars and drive them home.

Jeff didn t really care, other than that his two students might decide to cry **** if they didn t get home soon, and that could jeopardize his career and upcoming marriage. Still, he had no choice but to trust the other men.

Once Jeff had left, Toby turned to his two friends and smiled. You guys ready for one last taste of white pussy?

Toby was clearly the leader of the other two, and after he d rearranged the u*********s women on his bed the way he wanted them, he lowered his crotch between Allison s lewdly spread thighs and lowered his face to Lisa s sopping wet snatch. Got the camera ready? he asked. The other guy nodded, and Toby went to work, eating one pussy while he fucked another.

Just as dawn was breaking, Lisa and Allison were carried to their cars and driven to Allison s house. The three black guys were too exhausted to have a run-in with Lisa s jealous boyfriend and Jeff had explained that Allison s husband was away on vacation, so they felt it was safe to deliver them both at the one home. As the men walked away from the nice suburban house, Toby videotaped the sight of their used white bodies laying spread lewdly on the front seats of their cars, cum running down their thighs and soiling the clothe seats…

Toby chuckled. Damn, Jeff is gonna love this tape. Just wait until he sees what he missed after he left…

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