The Cats Taboo

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The Cats Taboo
The Cats Taboo

Last year I wrote of the initiation of The Cat from quiet divorced housewife and mother to a wonderful bisexual slut. I continue now with just a few of the more extreme tales of my life with The Cat for the last fifteen years. She’s been and still is my closest friend, confidante, lover and inexhaustible playmate.

She’s a tall (almost 6 feet) statuesque blond (sometimes) who is a striking and handsome woman with a strong muscular physique – a result of her active participation in her chosen sport (which if I revealed may well identify her locally and I have no wish to be indiscreet with her trust).

I’m not married to her but spend many months of the year with her in the rural coastal city where she lives and where I work but is not my home. We met accidently at an airport all those years ago and something clicked immediately because I was fucking her on a beach that night. Like most of us she holds down a very responsible job in the medical profession, is mother to three successful grown boys now and grandmother to two. She is the epitome of the model citizen yet who would believe that smouldering behind that conservative visage is the most erotic and sexually outgoing individual I have ever known in my 50 years of philandering.

Here is just one small example of her love of the erotic and dangerously exotic. This occurred about ten years ago when her middle son Rob had just turned sixteen.

As I did most mornings when I stayed over with her, I rose early , went for a run and then returned for some good morning sex if we weren’t working early. On this particular morning I had started a run but as it began to pour with rain I bought a newspaper instead and returned home to settle in the lounge to read.

I got comfortable in a large chair which hid me from view of the kitchen but from which I could see the kitchen if I bent forward. I’d settled only a few minutes when I heard the familiar click of the heeled slippers The Cat wore then the kettle going on. I was about to call out and ask her to make a cuppa for me when young Rob strolled into the kitchen just in his sleep shorts. The Cat doesn’t wear much around the house but she never deliberately goes naked in front of her boys and on this occasion she was wrapped in her towel – a usual standard for her just out of bed.

Rob walked up behind his Mum and pushing himself hard against her he grabbed both her tits through the towel and kissed her neck. I’d seen him quite affectionate with his mother before – unlike his other brothers – and often touch her on the arse. His kisses were always quite ardent but The Cat laughed them off and usually just smacked his hand. Thus this morning was really nothing different in his behaviour except for what he said.
“Mum I really want to fuck you. Won’t you give me a blow job at least like you promised?” he whined.
“ Oh Robbie you know I can’t do that – I’m your mother and its not right”
“ But you jerk me off when I need it and you said we could do more when I was older – sixteen now and legal – look what I have for you” and he grabbed her left hand and forced it on to his obviously rock hard cock under his shorts.
“ Its beautiful as always darling “ she responded as she left her hand there and stroked it a little then returned to her tea making, “ but it wouldn’t be fair to your brothers “. The Cat wasn’t resisting as Rob pushed harder against her and I knew she couldn’t take much more before she’d weaken. If there’s one thing The Cat loves and responds to it’s a hard cock and even more so if it belongs to a healthy young man. I had watched her fuck young guys over the years and she never tired of them – just seeking more and more.

Rob became persistent and when she thrust back to push him away with her bum he held her towel and pulled it from her tits exposing her front fully. She didn’t rush to retrieve it but then she’s never been uncomfortable being nude in front of anyone so probably didn’t realise her nakedness. Rob on the other hand took the opportunity and immediately stepped back to let the towel drop completely to the floor. Then with one hand he pushed his shorts to his thighs and pushed back hard against his Mum. I knew she’d weaken quickly. She braced herself against the bench and let her head drop forward as Rob started to rub his cock between her bum cheeks . When he stepped back and pushed his cock down between her legs so it rested along her slit, she reacted. She moved back and forth a couple of times then realising where they were, she said” Not here Rob – your brothers might catch us – go to your room. I’ll be along in a minute”.

Not wanting to miss a minute of this I waited until The Cat had disappeared along the passage then quietly rushed to the verandah surrounding the house and hoped that Rob had left his outside door open as usual. He had. I secreted myself in the washing on the line hanging outside where I could get a good view through the meter wide door opening – just three metres from Robs bed and certainly in hearing range as well. The Cat had obviously gone to her room for a piss then re-appeared in Rob’s room where he lay back on his bed sporting a wonderful erection that I knew his mother could simply not resist.

True to her word she sat on the bed next to him and immediately began stroking his cock and thinking aloud about the wisdom of what she was about to do. Lust got the better of her so, after extracting a promise of the importance of secrecy about this, she lowered her head to his beautiful erection and engulfed it in her mouth. I knew this was not her usual method as she loved to ‘worship’ a hard cock – nibbling its full length, using her tongue and engaging the balls as much as possible. In all the years of my seeking and finding orally exciting companions, The Cat stood as way above the others in her technique and her ability to hold the cock hard for significant time depending on what she decided she wanted to do with it – did she want to simply swallow or get sprayed with jism or was she after a good hard fucking. You never knew but you enjoyed the journey. Today she was sucking Robs cock and sucking it with great vigour. When I heard Rob say “Mum I’m going to cum”, she just lifted her head and replied “No you’re not, I’m in control here and I want this spunk in my cunt son”. She slowed her action and I saw her grip the base of his cock tightly to stop any ‘accidents’ then asked “Darling, slip a couple of fingers into my cunt will you – I need a little more juice there before we fuck.

Rob was so engrossed he had forgotten his mother’s pussy was staring him in the face. He was a bit rough when he rammed his fingers in with no thought for tenderness but it did the trick. Soon The Cat was moaning that familiar refrain that I knew so well and I knew her sons has heard so often. She was nothing but very noisy when she came and didn’t care who heard. This morning was no different except it was her son giving her the pleasure. As soon as her orgasm subsided she threw her right leg over Rob’s thighs and rapidly moved to impale herself on his proud erection. No formalities, no foreplay – just get as much of that lovely young cock into her as possible. She is insatiable.

She slowed her pace wanting to savour every moment of this first time with her son. She told him what she wanted and now how often she expected it. She obviously had made up her mind to continue this with Rob. I knew exactly the exquisite feelings Rob was enjoying. She was using her cunt muscles now to suck his prick as she withdrew slowly then push down hard and fast. The action was guaranteed to make a boy explode and I knew she would be ready to repeat her orgasm the moment she felt her son start to pulse. It happened soon enough – Rob didn’t even say a word – just grunted and groaned in ecstasy as he poured his young healthy jism into his mothers cunt. As expected she joined him in a noisy mutual orgasm promising to “fuck you for the rest of your life” and other orgasmic promises made n the heat of the moment.

She lay forward on his chest and kissed him deeply while regaining her breath then without prompting she sat upright and slid along his body until her cunt was over his chest.
“Look at this and enjoy darling” as she knelt higher and allowed the cum to drip from her cunt lips onto his chest. “ This is what I love to share with my lovers – their cum and now if you have the energy I want a second load down my throat”.

She swung her leg off him and kneeling near his head she planted her mouth over his still erect cock, telling him “I’m a glutton for sperm and I want breakfast from you”. She commenced sucking and lavishing his young prick with kisses and kneading his balls but knowing he would take at least 15 mins to re- build his load. Thus after several minutes she just said “keep this hard for me sweetheart. I’m going to make my cup of tea and I’ll be back for seconds”. I stayed hidden, not wanting to miss a moment of this highly erotic scene. I wasn’t to wait long as she returned with tea in hand and sat herself down on Rob’s bed again and with her free hand just slowly stroked his cock as she started to relay stories of her sex life to her son. She told him adamantly that he would not be her exclusive lover and that Lew (me) was her special friend and always got first consideration but that she knew I’d be happy to share. She also said she has a variety of lovers and would fuck them as and when she pleased. However with Rob in the house she might call on his services whenever she pleased and he could ask if he wished. She would give him hand and blow jobs during the school week and only fuck him at weekends when they both had the time but he was not to spend the night in her bed in respect for his brothers. She guessed they may find out some day but she wouldn’t advertise the fact that she was fucking Rob.

As soon as her tea was finished she so nonchalantly bent down and commenced licking and sucking at Rob’s still erect cock. She knew exactly how to get the best from him by sucking his balls and running her fingers right to his anus that she tickled and probed. Her experienced mouth and hands very quickly had Rob taking short breaths again as he warned “ Mum I’m going to cum again” then let fire. She had her mouth firmly clamped over his cock and I could see her swallowing action as she missed not a drop. I knew she would be absolutely delighting in this and having a small orgasm at the same time. She just loved cum – in her, on her and drinking it down. This was no different. Taking one last long suck to clean up the last strands of goo she leant forward and kissed Rob full on the lips and told him to get ready for school then she got up and went back to her bed.

I gave her about fifteen minutes then strolled casually back to her room and got undressed and got back into bed with her – my usual practice. Spooning her with a nice hard-on now, I reached down between her legs and feeling the sopping wetness of her cunt I said “ and who visited you while I was gone”.
She answered “ that’s a big secret honey” and giggled a bit. I just responded with “I saw you in Robs room” then said nothing more.
She asked “ you don’t mind then that I’ve just fucked my son” to which I replied that I knew what a sexual creature she was and got jealous as she well knew. I’d been watching her fuck others for years now and getting it on with her son was of no consequence so long as she felt comfortable about it. She reached between us and slipped her hand over my cock saying “put that in my arse darling because I want you and my pussy has had a service this morning”.

I easily slipped into her beautiful tight hot arsehole using her excess of natural lube from her cunt and we chatted about her thoughts on sex with her boy. It was a lovely slow fuck and very intimate as she revealed her deepest emotions. She had no intentions of missing her sons beautiful prick so I encouraged her and she knew if she ever had any doubts she always had my shoulder to rest on. I watched a short time later as she dressed for work in her very conservative business suit and couldn’t help admire this beautiful sexy woman for the incongruities in her life which she managed to hide so well.

This started a spate of sexual activity over the next few months which was typical of The Cat but so erotic and wild that I’ll relate that in a whole new story.

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