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i****t/TabooOur family Sex Club
Our family Sex Clubbyelleann©
Chapter 1 – Grandpa

It was during my senior year in high school that Grandpa sold the farm and he and Grandma moved in. We have a big house so there was plenty of room, and they are such nice people that I was happy to have them live with us, us being just me and my parents. Grandpa s big hobby is chess. He plays it at the park near our house with other guys about his age. He says he is like a middle of the group player with them. Daddy plays chess too, and two or three times a week after supper Daddy and Grandpa would play and, if I wasn t busy, I would watch.

Pretty soon I was watching for a reason. It annoyed me being thought of as a dumb blond. I was in the top fifteen of my class, that s a class of 385 k**s, but I couldn t shake my she s just a piece of ass reputation no matter what I did. My counselor said it wasn t only because of the way I look, but also because I am naturally flirty , as he put it and that I can t help being a tease . I almost got mad at him for saying that to me but I knew it was true.

So I decided to join the high school chess club.

First, I would have to learn how you play. I got a book on beginner s chess from the school library and I also started watching Grandpa and Daddy s games every chance I got. I m pretty smart in spite of what people think, and it wasn t long before I figured I knew enough to try a game so one afternoon when I got home from school and Grandpa was in the living room reading a book, I challenged him to a game. He was nice about it like he is about everything and we played a game and he beat me in about three minutes. We played like five more games, one after the other, and he won them all easy as pie. After that, we played like almost every day, a lot of times right after supper before his game with Daddy, and Daddy would watch sometimes and point out my mistakes after the games were over, never during a game because you don t do that. I always lost but I was getting better. Then I won a game. I was thrilled. It wasn t a thrill like a sex thrill but it was almost as good as one.

Over the next few days I won more games than I lost. It wasn t because I was suddenly great. It was because Grandpa was getting more interested in me than in the games, which I didn t notice in all my focusing on the chess board, and then I did notice. I wasn t mad after I thought about it.

It happened when we were having one of our after school games. Grandma was at the movies and wouldn t be home for hours and Mom was out too. I was wearing a skirt and blouse. I wear skirts and dresses a lot for school because I like to show myself off. I get criticized for it but a lot of people like it, and I like it, so who cares. I have a philosophy about this that I call my Mother Nature philosophy and it explains why dressing sexy and even acting sexy doesn t mean you re not a good person. It doesn t mean you re a slut or that you re stuck up about yourself. During one of our games I told Grandpa about my Mother Nature philosophy and he said it was interesting.

So what you re saying boils down to a girl should get the most out of her looks while she has em, he said.

Well, something like that, Grandpa, I agreed. I felt my philosophy had to be more complicated than what he said, but I couldn t exactly see where.

We were sitting on the floor, on our big oriental rug in the living room. Grandpa wanted to play there instead of in chairs in front of the card table where we usually played because he said his back was bothering him and this would be good for it. I don t know that much about old people s backs but I didn t see how sitting on the floor with no support would be good for them, but I didn t say anything. I had just got home and I was anxious to get going with a game, hoping I might win again.

Just so you know, my skirt which was short and tan and my blouse which was tight and lemon colored had helped make me a hit in the hallways that day, so I looked pretty cute. I also had on leather sandals that showed my toes. I drew a white piece and moved out my king s pawn two spaces, the way I always opened. I waited for Grandpa to make his move, which normally took him about two seconds at the beginning of a game, but nothing happened. I was studying the board, thinking I might try a move I had read about if Grandpa gave me the chance, and finally I looked up at him, wondering what the problem was. I saw it was me. Grandpa shifted his gaze like half a second after I caught him. He had been looking at my tits and before that, he admitted a minute later, he had been looking at me lower down, where my skirt had hitched up from me being on the floor. I put two and two together.

Now I know why I ve been beating you and why you wanted us to be on the floor, I said, crossly.

He apologized, and he said, It s just that you re a sight for an old fart s eyes.

We talked a little about that situation, him being old and me being young and all, and then we got back to our game, both of us feeling pretty awkward. I felt bad that he was so down on himself and I also worried about him getting lackadaisical with his chess. I was afraid he could be developing a bad habit with his lack of concentration. I didn t want him to go from being in the middle of his chess group to the bottom, all because of me. I decided to try to make him feel better and let him know it was okay about him looking at me, so I just came out and asked him if he would like to see me without a top on.

Grandpa, would you like to see me without a top on?, is how I put it.

He said, Yes, I would. He said it very cool and calm, like it was the most natural thing in the world. It impressed me he would say it like that, as though you had asked him if he would like a glass of water.

I unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. I pushed up my bra and took that off. I sat sideways with my knees out and the skirt half way up my thighs, facing Grandpa while he sat across from me on the other side of the chess board and looked at me. He said I had nice tits and I thanked him for saying that and I asked him, pretty suggestively under the circumstance, what he wanted to do next.

Are you going to get your dander up if I tell you what I want to do is fuck you right here on this damn floor?

The words sound kind of rough when you write them out, but he said them totally cool and calm like before. I was proud of him.

No, I told him.

What does that mean, sugar? Are you saying I can fuck you?

I didn t say THAT, Grandpa. But I ve beaten you three games in row. So, hmmmmm, I will play you one more game and if you win you can fuck me. How is that?

He wasn t looking as cool and calm anymore. His face got red. Yeah, that s okay, that s okay. You know you re turning into not a bad little chess player. Suppose I don t win?

Hmmm. Then you can t fuck me. Sometimes Mother Nature says, Sorry, Grandpa.

Ha. Don t I know it. Sorry about that knee, old man. Sorry all that hair went away. Sorry you can t get it up like you used to.

Yup. That s good old Mother Nature. I was pretty sure, however, that he wouldn t have the last problem he mentioned if he won the game because he had a good bulge going at that very moment. I was teasing him anyway. I hadn t completely decided but probably I was going to let him fuck me even if he lost. It would be mean not to, don t you think? Plus I was in a sexy mood myself after my day at school.

Well, Grandpa got his concentration back big time. He played hard and I did, too. I tried my best. The outcome though was predictable. He steadily outmaneuvered me. He took one of my knights for a pawn, then a bishop for another pawn. He hemmed in my rooks and then he trapped my queen. I was a gonner. I studied the board even after I knew it was useless. I sighed and smiled at him and tipped over my king.

Mom s car sounded in the driveway.

Grandpa groaned. Mother Nature s a dirt bag, he muttered, and it made me laugh.

Don t worry, I promised him.

Mom came into the room and said hi. She was wearing skin tight jeans and a top that was almost skin tight itself. She looked a little funny, I thought. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were bleary, but she doesn t drink so it wasn t that. She looked gorgeous overall. She is forty-two but she looks more like thirty two and she has an amazing body. Everyone says I look the way I do because of her. She said she was tired and was going to take a nap, and she left. We listened to her go upstairs.

You won the game, Grandpa. Are you going to take your reward?, I said.

He looked startled. With your mother in the house? He could have said his daughter.

It s okay. If we hear her coming downstairs we ll stop and I can grab my clothes and run to the bathroom, and you would, you know, do what you have to do.

He grinned at me. Sounds like a plan, sugar.

I lay back on the rug and pulled my skirt up. He leaned over me and our eyes met.

Fuck me, Grandpa.

I felt his hands on me, then my skirt was coming off, then my panties were coming down. I held my breath. For me, this is one of the most exciting times, just before it happens. I had my eyes closed. I didn t need to see him. It wasn t like this was Lebron James getting on top of me. One of the great things about sex of course is that when the important part starts it doesn t matter how famous or handsome the guy is. Even the biggest sex symbol guy in the world might have a dinky you know what or he might be fine in the size department but not good at fucking a girl, while an ordinary old guy like Grandpa could be a superstar at it. You never know.

Grandpa was great all around. He had to clamp a hand over my mouth to shut me up at one point. The trouble with that was it slowed him down and it made it hard for me to breathe. I pushed his hand away and whispered,

I ll be quiet.

I did my best. A few times I clamped my own hand over my mouth as Grandpa was bouncing me on the floor.

We both had nice finales! A lot of Grandpa s finale was sprinkled over my tummy and thighs and a lot of the both of ours had formed a tiny puddle on the rug between my legs where it dribbled out of me. And that s the way things were when I opened my eyes and saw my mother. I was flat on my back looking up and she was standing over me looking down, with a big smirk on her face. Grandma was behind her and she at least had a kindly smile on her face. No one had said anything or if they had I had been in la la land and hadn t heard it.

I sat bolt upright and saw the cum on me and on the rug. Grandpa had his pants back on and he was sitting in a chair looking glum.

Enjoy yourself, Elle?, Mom said. She explained that Grandma hadn t liked the movie so she took the bus home and had just come in the kitchen door when she heard my squeals and gasps. She poked her head in, saw what was going on and went up stairs without us hearing her and got Mom, and that was that.

I m sorry. It was my fault, Mom. It was my fault, Grandma, I said, wishing I wasn t such a mess.

Don t be silly, hon, Grandma said. You didn t make yourself a sex magnet. Mother Nature did that.

Wow!, I thought. Wow and double Wow! I could have kissed Grandma.

So what happens now, I wanted to ask, but instead I jumped to my feet and skipped to the bathroom to wash up. I wasn t against being a sex magnet. You can t fight Mother Nature, right? But I was still against being a dumb bell. So in the bathroom I had like two main things on my mind. One was my plan to go to the meeting of the chess club tomorrow and see if I could join. The other was what was going to happen when Daddy got home? Were they going to tell him? At supper was Grandma going to say something like, Steven why don t you eat Elle for dessert and then fuck her? I could almost believe she would, and that Daddy would, and that I would.

Chapter 2 – Dr. Button

As it turned out, actual sex wasn t on the agenda during supper that night but the topic of sex sure was. I learned things that shocked me, like the fact that I come from a long line of sex magnets , like the fact that most of the adults in my family have sex with each other. They put on sex parties, sometimes at our house. Broadly speaking that covers it.

Our family on my mother s side has been i****tuous for like a hundred years. Daddy came to it reluctantly. Mom would only marry him on condition that he would go along with it, just as Grandpa went along with it for Grandma, and he did, and now Daddy is like one of them, except he put his foot down about me. He made Mom agree I wouldn t be brought in which otherwise I would have on my 18th birthday (last month), like Grandma and Mom were on their 18th birthdays, like my aunts Sissy and Meg were on theirs, like my cousins Phillip, Rachel and Paula, all in their twenties, were on theirs, and probably like my cousin Jenny is going to be next year and my twin cousins Bradley and Dereck the year after that, will be on theirs, – that s the tradition. I don t exactly understand how they make this tradition work but apparently they have a way to do it. The agreement about me didn t matter now because I had come into their i****t arrangement on my own and they all, except Daddy, said they hoped I would be a full fledged i****t person from now on. Daddy didn t say anything about that. He seemed a little upset. Grandma told me afterward it was just a matter of time before he got his head together and screwed me.

There are other details I won t bother you with except one. You may remember my mother looked strange when she came home as Grandpa and I were finishing our chess game. Well, she looked that way because she was feeling the effects of a visit with her sisters where they had tea and muff diving.

So you can see I had amazing stuff on my mind at school the next day. I hadn t forgotten my chess club idea, however. In fact, I was more determined than ever about that, and as soon as classes got out I went to Dr. Button s home room. Dr. Button is the chess club advisor and his room is where they meet. He s teaches a course in psychology and he s a counselor, too, though he was a never a counselor for me. Five k**s, four boys and a girl, were with him, all sitting at a long table with chess boards on it, when I opened the door and stepped in. They turned and looked at me like I was someone from a different planet. Maybe that was partly because of my pink cotton sweater and short blue skirt. The sweater was on the revealing side. I had on a bra but it was so thin it hardly made a difference.

Hi! I said, cheerily. I was wondering if I could be in your club.

Dr. Button got up from his chair and came up to me. To be honest, I didn t like him very much. I always felt there was something creepy about him. He s a short, balding guy, about forty years old.

Sorry, Miss Blake. This is the chess club, not the chest club, he said loud enough for the other k**s to hear. I heard snickers. The biggest snickerer was the girl, Mindy Forest, who I knew didn t like me.

I know it s the chess club, Dr. Button. I know how to play chess, I said, politely.

You don t say? Well, we are getting ready for a tournament in two weeks. Why don t you come back after that when we may have the time to evaluate your, um, qualifications. You can t just know how to play , Miss Blake. You need to be competent in order to be one of our members.

I noticed that two times while he was saying this Dr. Button s gaze dropped to my boobs for a fraction of a second before he caught himself and looked up again.

Oh, I m competent at chess, Dr. Button. I would be a good member on your team for the tournament. I was bluffing of course, but I wanted a chance.

Hmmm. He glanced at the clock on the wall. Tell you what. You can attempt a game with me. If I don t mate you in ten moves you can be a probationary member and then we ll see how you do as time allows in our next few meetings. You will have thirty seconds per move. I ll have twelve seconds per move. That means your king needs to survive a maximum of seven minutes.

I smiled at him. I can count, Dr. Button.

The other k**s wanted to watch. I told Dr. Button that would make me even more nervous than I already was and he said okay and set us up at a small table at the back of the room. Mindy and the boys were told to stay at the big table in the front and not disturb us. The boys, by the way, were what you would expect at a chess club. Nerdy. The only one I knew was Dinky Evans, a real nice k** who isn t dinky at all in height but that s why they call him that. He s like six-three and weighs about what I do. He s as skinny as you can be.

Dr. Button gave me the choice of men and I picked black. My whole plan was to defend for those ten moves. I didn t care how hopeless my final position was as long as I still had a position, so black was good. Dr. Button came out aggressively at me. It made my nipples tingle which conveniently made them hard and pointy in my sweater. I began building a defensive wall to slow him down, and after four moves I could see his attitude changing. He started to show a little respect for me which must have been conflicting for him because he was also having trouble keeping his attention on the chess board. Naturally, I was helping him with his trouble by trying to distract him.

I made good progress during my sixth turn. I had already decided for that turn what my move would be. I took the first few seconds to review it – I wouldn t actually move the piece until my time was about run out, and then I said, Hmmmm, and frowned at my left breast with its perky nipple in a pink disguise that wasn t much of a disguise. I put my right forefinger at the the top of the slope and made little brush strokes coming down, a little like a skier turning himself sideways this way then that way to keep from sliding off the mountain. My finger didn t slide off. About half way down my breast, I brought it back to the top and started brushing down the hill again. Dr. Button was watching and before he said something, I sighed and said,

Do you see a crumb there, Dr. Button?

He cleared his throat. A crumb?

Yes, I saw a crumb there. I hate it when I have crumbs on my sweater.

Oh, ha. Well, you re not supposed to talk during the game, you know. He didn t sound that upset about it.

The timer was about to click, so I made my move. Now he had twelve seconds and he was visibly flustered.

I m sorry I talked, I whispered, leaning over the table. He glanced down at my boobs. I wished I had worn a top with scooped neck. You can t remember everything.

To make a longish story shorter, my king was still standing after Dr. Button s ten moves, and I was now in the chess club. I played a few games with the k**s, which I lost, and I sat in while they discussed the tournament with Dr. Button. When the meeting broke up the k**s said friendly goodbyes to me, except for Mindy who didn t say anything to me the whole time when she didn t have to. Dinky shook my hand and said he was glad I was in the club and that he could tell from the game I played with him that I had talent, which I really appreciated him saying. Then, as he was going out the door, my darn mind reverted to a familiar place. I wonder if Dicky would like to fuck me, I said to myself.

As I was heading for the door, Dr. Button said he wanted to speak with me, and we went into his office which was next to the classroom. I sat down in front of his desk figuring I was going to get lectured for having distracted him during our game. That wasn t it.

He looked at me with a strained expression and said, Thanks to you, Miss Blake, I ve had an erection the last ninety minutes. It won t go down. Less than half an hour from now I am to be at a faculty meeting. I think you have a responsibility to do something about this.

He saw my eyes widen and my jaw drop. He put up his hand to stop me from interrupting.

Hear me out. We are short on time. You could say if I am having this problem why don t I go into the bathroom and take care of it. I could do that, yes, but I choose not to. You have gotten into my libido, Miss Blake, and there is only one way to discharge it.

I m a magnet, I said. I was being a smart ass. I could see what was coming.

You re a magnet?

I m a sex magnet.

Well now. Hmmmm. Yes. I was about to say the same thing basically. You are all about sex. When you smile, when you move your hips, those mind boggling legs, your round bottom in your damn skirts, the way your breasts rise and fall when you breathe. You exude sex.

Good grief, you make me sound like some kind of a robot.

Not some kind, one kind. But I know you re not a robot, not a sex doll. You re not satisfied with being just that. I can t imagine why not. If I could be a male version of you instead of this puny excuse for a man that you see here, I would be ecstatic.

You re not that puny, Dr. Button. I felt sorry for him. I figured his erection must be puny itself since I hadn t noticed it. He gave me a funny look,

Yes, well thank you. Anyway, you want to play chess and get the better of smart people with your brain. Very commendable. I can help. So, Miss Blake, this is what I propose, an exchange of good turns. I will teach you chess, say fifteen hours of private lessons, no hanky panky, straight chess. In return for that promise, you will let me fuck you. Right now. We are talking about fifteen hours from me to five minutes from you. What do you say?

Hmmmmm. I gave him a long pause, for effect mostly. I had figured out as soon as he mentioned his ninety minute erection where he was coming from. I have to admit it does sound fair, I said. It did, especially if I was responsible for his problem like he said and I probably was – the way I taunted him with that crumb bit. It would bother me all night if I left him there with his invisible erection and his libido situation. Plus he was giving me an excellent opportunity to get good at chess! That was the exciting part.

He looked like he couldn t believe I was agreeing. He was so cute. It made me want to tease him. I did the brushing thing on my sweater again and said, Would it be so terrible if you were just a little late for the meeting, Dr. Button?

What? No, I suppose not. Why?

I don t know. I was just wondering. Brush, brush. My nipples were sticking out with their hard points. You said no hanky panky during my chess lessons. Suppose you have that libido problem again. What happens then? Brush, brush.

A line of perspiration broke out along the top of his forehead. Nothing happens, that is unless you want it to, Miss Blake. You will have totally filled your side of the bargain by letting me fuck you now.

Mmmmm, I was never fucked in a teacher s office before. I hope we are going to do it here.

Yes, yes! Here. Oh, thank you, Miss Blake. He jumped out of his chair and pulled off the cushion which he put down on the floor next to the desk. Don t want those pretty knees of yours to get bruised. I want to fuck you from behind if that s all right. You kneel on the cushion there and I ll do the rest.

Don t you want me to take my panties off?

Oh, right. Absolutely. Take them off.

You might like to see me with all my clothes off, Dr. Button. Would you?

He was already tearing at his own clothes. He stopped. Oh, that would be wonderful. I better lock the door. Ha, ha. How could I forget that?

He ran to the door and locked it. I was standing up, taking off my clothes. He watched me, never saying a word. It made me a little nervous the way he stared. What did I expect? Why would that make me nervous considering what was coming next? Anyway, I started chattering.

Off came my blouse. I don t know about your libido theory, Dr. Button. Off came my bra, and I paused, keeping my hands at my sides while he looked. I would think that fucking me could make that problem worse not better. I unhitched my skirt and let it fall down my legs. I had already stepped out of my sandals. Mmmm hmmm, I hummed. I wouldn t want to make your problem worse. But you re the psychologist, not me. Mmmm hmmm. I can t wait to see your cock, Dr. Button. I don t care how big it is. I bet it s strong and powerful like you are when you play chess. Down came my panties. I was completely nude. I stood while Dr. Button stared some more. After like fifteen seconds I went to where he put the cushion on the floor and got down on my knees, pointing my bottom at him. I looked over my shoulder. He hadn t moved a muscle.

Dr. Button, you re not going to just stand there, are you? He was disheveled from having started to undress but not finishing any of it, unbuttoned with his shirt hanging out and his fly unzipped in his baggy pants. I assumed the bagginess was what concealed his hardon and it was still concealing it. He had a kind of crazed expression but that didn t worry me. I was turned on by my own teasing, for heaven s sake.

Heh, heh. Oh, no. I m not just going to stand here. I m coming there to fuck you and fuck you good, Elleann, you hot high school whore.

As soon as he said it he realized his mistake, or what he thought was a mistake. He began apologizing like mad. I thought it was funny. If it made him excited to call me a hot high school whore, I didn t care. It made me excited. I told him not to worry about it.

I gave a big sigh. But I don t feel like talking any more, Dr. Button, if you know what I mean. I wiggled my bare bottom.

Oh God, he groaned and went back to yanking off his clothes. When his cock finally came out, it was better than I expected, at least five inches when I had been afraid it would be smaller, and it was sturdy looking. I wiggled again for him without even thinking about it.

It had taken him quite a while but then he was at me in a flash, grabbing me by my hips. He pushed his cock in and banged away. He had zero finesse. He fucked the way a dog does only he couldn t go that fast. It was fine. I liked it. I pushed back at him, getting every bit as much of those five inches that I could. He lasted a minute at most, forget about five. I can usually have an orgasm in no time myself if I m aroused when we start, which I usually am and I was then. We both had a short good time.

Afterward, I lay on my back letting the whole thing sink in while Dr. Button got dressed. I was having my usual glow. It wasn t one of my great ones, but it was a glow. I noticed Dr. Button giving me sharp glances for some reason.

I hope your libido is better, Dr. Button, I said, softly.

It is at the moment, certainly. I m appalled at myself. Get dressed.

Hey, thanks a lot! I sat up. If that s all he could say to me, that he was appalled at himself, he could throw his chess lessons in the lake.

He had a black felt cap on his desk that he puts on his bald head to make himself look like a cool guy. I grabbed it and used it to wipe the cum off me. I put it back. He glared at the cap, not at me, and didn t say a word. Then I got dressed and stomped out without saying good bye and neither did he. I went for my bike.

I don t want to leave a wrong impression. Dr. Button was only appalled at himself until he got horny again. It s the way that usually works out, right? Things turned out fine. I had ten hour long chess lessons and ten half hour lessons and they ended the same way, every one of them. I knew the lesson part of the lesson was over when Dr. Button said, So, Miss Blake did you find your lesson stimulating today? This was our little ritual. Oh, yes, Dr. Button, I did. I m hot as anything. Hmmm, I never knew anyone who became sexually aroused by chess. How do you explain it? Well, I don t see how a girl can t become aroused. The man, if she s playing a man, attacks her defenses with his powerful pieces. He takes her pieces. He surrounds them and snatches them away. He drives her into a corner. She has no escape. He weakens her more. Then he mates her, mates her, Dr. Button. Notice that word.

By this time Dr. Button would have one hand between my legs and one hand under my top and I would be rubbing him and unzipping his fly. It was pretty hot!

That was later, however. Now I was on my bike going home and, as I pedaled along, Dr. Button went out of my mind and my family situation came back in. My mother was going to give me more details tonight about our family sex club which I had super mixed feelings about. I worried especially about Daddy. The more I thought about him the surer I was becoming that I wanted him to keep being my regular safe and secure Daddy. No sex, thank you.

It was after five when I got there. We had a crowd at the house. Cars filled the driveway and the street in front. They were my uncles and aunts and cousins cars. Was this about me? I pulled into the driveway and got off my bike. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, our neighbors, came up the sidewalk and turned into our sidewalk. I felt a wave of relief. I stepped out from behind the cars and said hi.

Well, Elleann, hi!, Mr. Johnson said and he and his wife gave me big smiles.

What s going on?, I said.

Your initiation party of course. Are you teasing us, Elle?

What initiation party? What are you taking about? I had prickles running up and down my spine.

She doesn t know yet, Ernie, Mrs. Johnson said, tugging his arm.

They had to be talking about the sex club but the Johnson were neighbors, not family. No she s just being careful, aren t you, honey?, Mr. Johnson said. No one told you yet about us being in the club. We were invited in years ago. Your family felt we had the, um, appropriate qualifications. Mary and I are the only non family members ever admitted in a hundred years. What do you think of that? But this is your night, sweetheart. Everyone is looking forward to it in a big way, including yours truly! He laughed and winked at me. You better believe it!

I had known the Johnsons my whole life. Mrs. Johnson used to babysit me. Mr. Johnson made me a doll house for my sixth birthday. There were a zillion things like that going back over the years with never a hint of anything sexual, and now he was looking at me like sex was all there was.

I fought to keep my composure. Oh, I know all about it Mrs. Johnson. Mr. Johnson was right about me being careful. I was trying to trick them into revealing information I didn t have but the next thing I said showed I didn t know much of anything.

Well, I don t know what everyone is looking forward, too. I haven t decided to be a full fledged member and I might decide not to be.

I gave them a stern look. They gave me blank stares.

Honey, once you re in, you re in. You are a full fledged member. There s no other kind, Mr. Johnson said.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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