The Cunt Plumber

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The Cunt Plumber
Mrs. Jacobs was dry again. Her husband, Harold, rubbed her pussy with his

thumb while gliding his other hand over her tits and belly.

How s that, honey? Do you like that, huh Gloria?

Gloria was in her late 30s, had a big, round ass, a wide set of hips, a pot

belly, and a large set of tits that Harold loved to see bounce around while he

fucked her. Gloria had a mature face. She was not a beauty queen or a fitness

model. She looked more like a teacher, or a maid. She had a body that was not

unlike many of the others in their neighborhood – an urban block of mostly

multi-family homes, close together.

Its nice , Gloria said, with a bit of bored tension. She really was enjoying

it, but there was something missing. She was a little too tense to really

enjoy it. She was having a hard time relaxing, and, of course, she had no

juices. Harold was going to have to break out the lube again. Usually, she ll

come around.

Mr. Jacobs didn t seam to be having a problem. His cock was hard, harder than

usual, in fact. Earlier that day, he got a glimps of his secretaries left

nipple as it slipped out of her top – a surprisingly elegant tube top with a

very colorful print of a single rose running up her right, something she likes

to wear on casual Fridays. Its not the first time its happened. Her nipples

are always hard as it happens, and her nipples stick out pretty far – at least

a half inch. Every time, she makes a sudden, awkward motion which pops one

out, then she looks over at him and pauses for just a couple seconds too long

before slowly putting her tit back in and giving a smiling sorry, Mr Jacobs .

Harold had a big, hairy pot belly and an average-sized dick. As he pounded

away, in and completely out of his wife s pussy, his head was so engorged, you

could hear a wet pop every time he slid his cock out of her lubed pussy

lips. Gloria liked it, too. She liked the sounds it made when its really lubed

up and he slides it all the way out.

Yeah, fuck my pussy , Gloria said, getting a little exited now, and ejoying

herself a little more.

Harold kept thinking about his secretary s nipple popping out. Was it on

purpose? , he asked himself. His mind raced. He imagined next time, maybe

she d accidentally pull it all the way down, showing both her breasts. Maybe

she d accidentally pull her skirt down, and maybe he d accidentally shove

his cock in her ass. The image was clear in his head as he closed his eyes –

him shoving his cock right up her ass. The image was too much for him to take,

and he blew his load all over his wifes stomach.

He gave his wife a kiss on the lips, laid down on his side, nearly passing

out, and said thanks .

Gloria had not cum, but this wasn t unusual. She doesn t cum most of the time.

Sometimes, when she s alone, she ll take out her vibrator, give herself an

hour, watch some internet porn, and she ll be able to cum, but she rarely cums

with Harold, now snoring on the bed, fast asleep.

Gloria thinks about breaking out her vibrator, but decides not to. She decides

that she really just needs somebody to talk to, so she gives her best friend

Harmony a call (yes, her parents were hippies).

Gloria. What s up? , answers Harmony.

Nothing much. Just wanted to talk.

Let me guess – you just had sex with Harold again and you didn t cum?

How did you… , Gloria was surprised, shocked even.

This isn t the first time. It usually takes a while to coax it out of you,

but when you re feeling like you just want to talk with that voice, and I can hear it in your voice, its usually because you re sexually frustrated.

Am I just getting old? I don t know, Harmony. Am I being selfish?

Gloria and Harmony talked back and forth for nearly an hour, and at the end,

Harmony finally decided to give Gloria the number .

This isn t something I do often, Gloria, but you really should call this guy.

He s a professional, and he ll work with both you and your husband to improve

your sex life. He s a personal friend of mine, and I trust him. He s a great

guy. Both you and Harold will love him. Trust me.

Gloria wrote down the number, but didn t call. This was, after all, a decision

that both her and her husband had to make, so she waited till the next day, at


The Next Day, the k**s had left for school, and Gloria was alone with Harold, and felt that now was a good time to talk about it.

So…. , she said.

Yes? .

Never mind. , she said, coyly.

What s on your mind, Gloria? .

Gloria paused. She didn t know how to start this conversation, so she just

explained what happened.

I gave Harmony a call last nigh, after you fell asleep.

Oh , Harold said. Harmony is very liberated, and Harold is a little stiff, so

they never really hit it off.

I told her about my problem, how I m not enjoying myself, in bed, the way I

used to.

I see . Harrold was a little self-conscious, but understood. He s not the

most skilled lover on the planet, and never really dedicated much time to

becomming one. He felt bad about this, and wanted his wife to be happy.

She gave me the number of a specialist.

A specialist? , his eyebrows raised. Harold liked the idea of a specialist. It sounded safe and official.

Harmony says the guy is great, and is a personal friend and trusts him. She

also said he is very professional and works with couples who are having the

kinds of problems we are. I thought I d give him a call. Make an appointment.

What do you say?

Sure. What s involved?

You know what? I don t know. Harmony wasn t specific. She said he helps,

though. She swears by him, and Harmony is multi-orgasmic.

OK. I don t see the problem. Call him up and schedule an appointment. What

does he call himself?

You re going to find this funny. He calls himself The Cunt Plumber.

Harold busts out laughing. That s some interesting marketing. Are you sure

this guy is legit? That sounds like it might be some punk k**. I don t


I thought the same thing, but Harmony swears by him. I d like to try it.

You know what? Fuck it. OK, fine. Make the appointment. Let s try it out. I m up for anything.

The Appointment

It was 10 minutes before the official start of the appointment when Harold heard a knock on the door and went to open it. As he opened the door, there stood a man dressed like a plumber, with a tool box, and a name tag that read Al . He had a thick, policeman s mustache, a big pot belly, and a round face.

Mario? , Harold asked.

Close. My name s Al. I m hear to look at your wife s pipes.

Oh, hi! You must be the…the plumber , Gloria said. For some reason, she was

expecting some hot young stud. The plumbers average appearance, strangely, made her much more comfortable. Come on in.

Where do you want to…

In the bedroom. , and the three started walking.

Gloria, Harold, and Al all stood around the bed. Harold and Gloria were visibly a little nervous.

I m going to have you folks sit down on the bed for now, and I just want to

ask you a few questions, but first, I have to give you a bit of a disclaimer –

a warning. In the next couple of hours, you re most likely going to experience

a wide range of emotions. Some things we do may make you feel uncomfortable,

or even angry. That s OK. We re going to learn how to express those emotions

in a way that will help both of you experience a level of intimacy that you

may have not thought possible. Its a wild ride, but I promise you that you

will be a stronger, closer couple at the end of it, and you will enjoy your

sexual relationship much more. Is that something you re interested in?

Both nod. Harold has a look on his face that shows he has some reservations.

Harold, my friend. This is going to be especially intense for you. After all,

I have to touch your wife in very intimate areas, and it takes a strong man to

accept that. On the bright side, I ll be showing you some things about your

wife s anatomy and some techniques that will help you show your wife the time

of her life. I also assure you that I will not do anything unless you both

clearly, verbally communicate your approval. OK?

Harold breathed a sigh of relief. OK, I m ready for anything. This is exiting, honey. , Harold said, getting semi-erect.

You re going to be touching me intimately? , Gloria asked. The thought of

that made her a little wet. The only other man who touches her down there is

her doctor, and even that gets her exited.

Of course, but I assure you that I will not do anything you don t want me to

do, and there will be plenty of opportunity to tell me to stop if you feel

uncomfortable. In fact, let s get started now. Please, get up Gloria. Harold,

please remain seated on the bed. I want you to face each other.

Al stood behind Gloria. I m going to start touching you now, and I want you

to be absolutely honest about how you feel – both of you. Its also important

that you both look each other in the eyes.

Al started to rub Gloria s shoulders through her white cotton blouse.

How does that make you feel, Gloria?

Uhhm, relaxed? , she asked, apologetically.

You don t feel relaxed. You feel very tense. How about you, Harold? How does

seeing another man touch your wife s shoulder s make you feel?

Harold shrugged his shoulders. No big deal , and it was true. It wasn t a big

deal for him.

When Gloria heard that, she relaxed a little.

Oh! You see that? You just relaxed a little. Less tight, less stress. How s

that feel now? Remember to breath , said Al. You too, Harold. Take slow, deep breaths.

Better. I feel good now. , Gloria said as she breathed out a large sigh and

dropped her shoulders.

Do you see what happened, Harold? , looking over to Harold, Your wife is

very concerned about you and your feelings, and is nearvous about hurting your

feelings. She s relaxing because she knows you are OK with this. Let s try

something else. I m going to massage your wife s breasts, and I want you both

to really ask yourself what you are feeling. Be honest with yourself, and tell

me what you think.

Al moved both his hands to Gloria s breasts and started rubbing them gently

over her blouse.

Gloria s eyes started to close and she let out a soft moan.

I feel a little uncomfortable , said Harold, as he saw his wife s tits being rubbed right in front of him.

That s good. Feel that emotion of discomfort. Explore it. Tell me more.

Ok… , Harold was caught off-guard. I feel…upset .

Al bounced his wife s boobs right in front of him. Go on. What are you upset


I feel like my wife is being violated.

Do you feel violated, Gloria? , Al asked.

I feel… , Gloria tried to put the right words together …aroused , a

pause, …ashamed .

Oh, that s good. Mixed emotions. That s normal. How about you, Howard? Do you

have any mixed emotions about this? , Al said, as he reached inside her blouse

and started playing with her tits inside. For instance, are you arroused at

all. Be honest.

It was true. He was having mixed emotions. This was going to be tougher than

he thought. Yes, I guess I am having some…mixed emotions.

That s perfectly natural. What I m going to need you to do now is to remove

your clothes.

Me? , asked Gloria?

No, I m going to need Harold to remove his clothes.

Wait…Why do I have to take off my clothes? asked Harold.

Both of you will have to take off your clothes. However, for reasons that are

purely psychological and are, frankly, difficult to explain, it is best if the

husband does it first.

Harold didn t want to remove his clothes, but felt obligated, and that seamed

liked a reasonable, if cryptic, explanation.

Harold did as he was told, and the embarassment combined with seeing Al play with his wife s juicy tits made his cock hard. Soon, however, Harold felt comfortable being the only one nude. He sat there, on the bed, with his cock hard, not daring to masturbate. He didn t know what to expect, but so far, Al was right. Mixed emotions. His wife was already arouse, and here nipples were sticking up through her blouse. He had a hard-on, and nothing really bad had happened. He trusted him a little more.

More moans came from Gloria as Al continued to massage her breasts. What am I

doing right now, Gloria? , asked Al.

Playing with my… Gloria trailed off.

Playing with your what? , asked all.

My breasts

Is that what you call them? What do you like to call them, Harold?

Harold looked at the activity going on underneath his wife s blouse and mumbed

tits , his cock jumping up for quick second.

Are you enjoying watching me play with your wife s tits? Please, feel free to

masturbate. That s what this is for – for both of your enjoyment.

Harold started jerking off, slowly, as he watched.

Oh, my god , let out Gloria. She wasn t expecting this, but she was already


OK, great. We ve reached stage one already. You guys are doing fantastic. You

should be proud. Let s take off this top. . Gloria helped Al unbutton the

blouse as Hardold continued to jerk off. Her pot belly and hip fat overflowed

a little over her jeans, and Al snapped off the bra, letting her tits swing

out. Wow, look at these , Al said as he bounced them around aggressively,

squeezing the nipples, and grabbing all over. Look how juicy your wife s tits

are, Harold. How do you feel about me bouncing around your wife s juicy tits

like this?

Harold continued to jerk off, a little faster now, saying nothing.

Harold? , Al repeated, demanding an answer, shaking Gloria s tits.

I feel…horny , a pause, I feel…confused…nervous

Horny? Do you like that word? What about you, Gloria? Are you horny?

Gloria s hard nipples said it all, but she manage to say yeah… in a deep,

barely audible voice. She was losing a little control.

OK, fantasitic. Moving right along, I m going to need you, Gloria, to sit at

the edge of the bed and raise your skirt. . Gloria complied as Harold watched

on, stroking himself, wondering what will happen next.

Gloria was wearing large, white undergarments. Al moved his hand all over her

underwear. How do these underwear feel? Are they too tight? Do they feel good

up against your skin? . He moved his hand all over, occasionally moving over

the crotch and noticed that it was wet. What is this?

Both look at him, confused.

What do you like to call this?

Pussy? , blurted out Harold, as he continued to jerk off.

Good. , Al said, as he rubbed her wet spot through her panties. What about

when I take off her panties, like this , Al said as he lifted Gloria s legs up

in the air and pulled down her panties from beneath. He sat her back down and

spread her legs again, her pussy in plain view of both of the men, gliding his

hand all over teasingly, never touching her pussy.

A pussy? , Harold said, confused.

That s not what I m asking…here… , he paused, moving his hand to her

pussy, What about now? . He started rubbing Gloria s wet pussy in front of

her husband. What do you like to call it now? What am I playing with?

Harold was confused.

CUNT , Gloria blurted out, griding against his hand. You re playing with my

cunt. .

Very good. , Al said as he rewarded her by sticking a couple fingers inside

and jamming them vigorously, more than Harold likes to do. A little bit of

liquid squirted out.

You see that Harold? When I play with your wife s pussy over the panties, its

a pussy , but when I take her panties off and do this to it , he says as he

violently shoves three fingers into her cunt , it s her fucking wet cunt. How

do you feel about me playing with your wife s wet cunt, Harold?

Harold starts jerking off vigorously now, in silence.

Harold, come on now, we need to communicate. Tell me how much you like seeing

another man playing with your wife s wet cunt.

Oh, FUCK! , Harold stops jerking off to avoid blowing his load, then starts

up slowly again. I like it. …Al makes a motion to go on, I like it when

you shove your fingers into my wifes wet cunt.

That s just fantastic. , said Al. I m going to pull my pants down now .

Al pulled down his pants, revealing a massive hard-on. Gloria stared at it, mesmerized by it s size and girth. It must have been at least 10 inches. Possibly more. Al bounced his cock around in between Gloria s legs, looked over to Harold, and said, Look down, Harold.

Harold looked down at the cock dancing around against his wife s legs, and felt a deep shame in the bottom of his balls.

How do you feel about that, Harold?

Harold was silent, but the intensity in which he masturbated increased, and he bit his lip.

I m going to take that as an approval, Harold. I think you want me to fuck your wife, so I m going to.

Are you ready , Al asked Gloria.

Gloria felt a shiver going from her head right to her asshole. Fuck me , she muttered, as her hand began stroking her clit.

Al rythmically moved in and out of Gloria s wet cunt, right in front of her husband, as he sat there naked, and masturbating, watching another man s ass bouncing against his wife spread legs, his belly slapping against hers, the noise of sweaty, slapping fat flesh filling the room and making Harold s dick hard.

Who s cock is bigger, Gloria? , Al asked.

Gloria didn t want to say, but knew the question was obvious. Al was at least 2,maybe 3 times the size of Harold. Without any word from Gloria, who was having trouble consentration, he turned to Harold. Who s cock is bigger, Harold? Mine or yours?

Harold looked down at Al s massive dick, then looked down at his own, and saw a big difference. Yours . He continued to masturbate, just staring helplessly now.

See? Harold said it. Now it s your turn, Gloria. Whos cock is bigger?

Your cock is bigger , she muttered out, barely conscious now. Her sopping wet cunt didn t need any lube, even with this monster.

Say it again.

Your cock is bigger.

Bigger than whose?

You re cock is bigger than my husband s .

And what about your husband s cock? How do you feel about his little dick?

Oh my God. I m going to cum on your fat fucking cock.

That s wonderful. , said Al, but not just yet , he said as he opens up his tool box.

Al took out a strange looking device that had a tube going into a container.

First thing we need to do is clean you out a little.

He took one end of the device and lubed it up, then moved it in circles around

Gloria s asshole. How do you feel about that, Gloria?

I feel a little strange.

What do you like to call that? , Al asked.

Her dirty little shithole , blurted out Harold, to the surprise of Gloria.

You looked surprised, Gloria. , Gloria nods. You like that? You like it when

Harold calls it your dirty little shithole? , Gloria nods. You like

surprises? , again, she nods.

Al then shoves the device into her dirty little shithole, nice and deep, to

Gloria s surprise.

He flips a switch, and low humming can be heard, as well as some water flow.

OK, that s going to clean you out. Just let it run.

So, Harold. Do you like fucking your wife s dirty little shithole?

We used to do it once in a while, but then we just sortof stopped .

I see. Pain? , he looks over at Gloria.

Sometimes, but sometimes I like it .

I see. Well… the machine stops, and Al takes it out of her dirty little

shithole. We ll see if we can avoid that in the future.

First off, Harold, when you want to fuck your wife s dirty little shithole,

you need to first get her ready. That means using your fingers to do a little

anal play…like this. See what I m doing? .

Yes , Harold said, stroking his cock.

Tell me what I m doing to your wife s dirty shithole.

You re sticking your thumb inside.

Inside what?

Inside her dirty shithole

Inside who s dirty shithole?

Inside my wife s dirty shithole. , Harold was barely able to mutter under his

breath, embarassed and hard as a rock, stroking faster and faster, until he

couldn t resist. Open your mouth. Stick out your toungue , he commanded his

wife, and she obliged, to recieve his hot, sticky load all over her face,

taking her over the edge.

Oh, I m gonna cum , said Gloria. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

Just then, Al slapped Gloria right across her fucking face.

Ooooh , moans Gloria, as waves of orgasm flow through her body, feeling the

sting on her face of where Al just slapped her, managing to mutter out This

was such a good idea, Harold , as her legs bucked back and forth, squirting

her juices all over Al s hard cock.

Before she finished cumming, Al jammed his cock in her ass, and let her

bucking asshole finish him off. Right before he came, he position his cock to

point right at her face.

Thank your husband for this. , Al commanded Gloria.

Thank you so much, honey , Gloria said, as Al shot his load all over her


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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