The Landlady Part 1

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The Landlady Part 1
The Landlady
By Manndee

Part 1

I had been lodging at the address for 7 months now. When I first saw the advert, it made me smile because the lady advertising the room seemed to be so eager to have a lodger. You could see it in her photo. It was not my first choice when I looked through the properties that were available online, but it was the cheapest, and funnily enough, it looked the nicest.

When I went around the house to view it, the landlady was really sweet. She was quite tall, in her early fifties, and didn t stop talking about how young she felt and how she loved disco music. It really made me laugh when I listened to her talk, but I politely let her talk and explain about the room she was letting. When I saw it I was surprised, it was near perfect for what I was looking for! It had a smart desk in the corner of the room and a big double iron cast bed and fitted wardrobes. I was really tempted to take it. The rent was really good; she wanted £400 a month with a month in advance. I sat down in the lounge and the lady started to fuss over me with chocolate biscuits. I started to think about it, the contract I had just taken offered me a lot of time to work from home, that would reduce travel costs by quite a bit, the room was less than five minute s walk from the train station if I had to pop into the office.

I decided to take the room, it suited me really well. When I told Tracy I would take it, she was beside herself, she announced that we should have a drink and wanted to offer me some cake. I declined nicely and said that I would contact her closer to moving in, which was nearly 4 weeks away. Tracy said that I could move my stuff in slowly over the 4 weeks, and if I was ready to move in early, it was fine, and that she would not charge until the beginning of next month. I did move stuff over early – to be honest, it made moving very easy, rather than doing everything in one go. As a result of this, I actually moved in one week early. Tracy was very excited when I asked if it was okay on the phone.

On my first night, Tracy announced that she had made dinner for both of us and wanted to celebrate being housemates. She was a really good cook and she fussed over me as soon as I sat down to eat. I could see the disappointment in her face when I thanked her for dinner and said I was going to my room. I told her I still had things to unpack and wanted to settle in. Tracy smiled and said she understood, but I could see she was upset. The thing was, Tracy was a nice lady, but in the nicest way possible, she was just too jolly for me, and on my first day she was already beginning to be a pain. I was sure it was something that she told her friends about at work, and in a way I thought it was funny, but sad that she finally had something in her life to make her happy.

Her cooking was really nice and was becoming quite a feature of the day. I kept asking her to let me contribute to the costs of the food, but she was adamant about me not paying any extra on top of the rent. I had got into the habit of helping her clear up and do the dishes after dinner – it was all going really well. Tracy had got used to me wanting time in the evening to myself; as long as she had a fix of me for an hour, she seemed to be happy.

My personal life was becoming more exciting, and the online dating that I was involved in was really introducing me to some really horny people. I still had not found exactly what I wanted in a new partner, but I was getting close to finding someone. I really enjoyed flirting online, and loved to get dressed after dinner and become Lisa, my alto ego, then sit in front of the PC and chat online to new people about dressing as a girl. It really made me horny; it seemed strange meeting people online, but it was very addictive, and what I liked about it was, it was safe. When I got dressed, I was able to become Lisa, the girl I knew I should be. Lisa was funny, and when I was dressed up as her, she was really horny. Lisa kept me calm; the work I did as a guy was very complicated, but it paid really good money which was starting to build up in my bank account. Soon I would start to buy some property and probably rent it out like a few friends were doing. It was without a doubt the way forward to make easy money.

I didn t hear the door open, what I did hear was Tracy when she shouted Oh My, Danny…you look so cute!

I spun round in my chair to see Tracy standing behind me in my room Jesus, Tracy…what the fuck?!

Tracy stared at me Wow Danny…I would never know it s you! Turn around, Darling…you look amazing!

I was lost for words! Nobody knew about Lisa! Nobody had ever seen me dressed like this! I was lost for words and really angry that my privacy in my room had been taken advantage of.

What are you doing in my room, Tracy? This is private! You have no right to be in here! Get out!

I saw a nasty side come over Tracy s face. Well if you want me out, I want you out of my house as well! Pack your stuff, Danny…I want you out in the morning…you and all your frocks! Tracy walked away to the door, she turned back Or you can come downstairs, dressed like that and we can talk about it! Don t get changed…I want you dressed just like that!

She closed the door behind her. Fucking hell, I had been exposed and so stupid! All these years my secret had been safe, now someone I hardly knew had found out the secret of Lisa. Shit! How was I going to move out in the morning? I had nowhere to go! It would cost a fortune to find a hotel and to put everything in storage in one day! It couldn t be done! I sat quietly in my room thinking, Jesus, what a mess! I reasoned with all the options and decided to see if I could cut a deal with Tracy. I would see if she would give me some time to move out, promise not to dress as Lisa, keep my distance from her, and be gone as soon as I could find somewhere.

I walked down the stairs dressed as Lisa, I was wearing black satin underwear, I had false breasts in my bra, they were a C cup, black stockings, a black PVC skirt and a red satin blouse. I walked into the lounge; my heart was beating like mad. Tracy was sitting on the sofa; she smiled when she saw me.

God, you re cute…you really make a pretty girl, Danny! Why didn t you tell me about this?

I walked over to Tracy Well it s not exactly a selling point is it, when you are lodging with someone? The truth is, Tracy…I m actually doing a play in a theatre group…you caught me in a personal dress rehearsal! I was going to tell you about it, Tracy…it s not what you think, honest!

Tracy smiled at me and put her hand on my PVC skirt. Well I don t believe a word, Danny…I think you love dressing up like a girl, don t you? You look so good, Darling…any man would just eat you up, wouldn t they?

I began to panic Look, just give me a few days, Tracy…I will leave as soon as I find somewhere, I promise!

Tracy stared at me No…you leave in the morning! I told you that you should have told me about this habit, Danny, or we could find some middle ground?

I stared at Tracy, what did she mean?

From tonight, whenever you are in the house, you only ever wear women s clothes! Do you understand me? Don t say that you have not got anything to wear! I have been through your wardrobes and seen all the lovely dresses and skirts that you own! You really are quite a sissy, aren t you?

I looked at Tracy who was still stroking my PVC skirt, No, you can t expect me to do this…it s blackmail, Tracy! You can t make me do this!

Tracy looked up at me, Danny, you can call it whatever you want! BLACKMAIL? Hmmmmmmmm…that is a lovely word isn t it, Danny? BLACKMAIL…yes, I like the idea of that! Forget moving out, Danny…I m going to Blackmail you! You re going to be my little sissy!

Part 2

I started to cry, my voice became girly as I feel to my knees in front of Tracy. Please don t do this to me…I won t tell anyone about this, I swear! I will leave as soon as I can give me some time to move my stuff out!

Tracy began to laugh You re pathetic, Danny…look at you on your fucking knees! That s where you belong, isn t it, Danny? In a skirt, on your fucking knees! The thing is, I have been monitoring you for quite a while…you so organised, and stupid! You leave everything neatly organised in files and post it notes with important passwords on, don t you? Yes Danny, I know everything about you! That s why I thought we could make a little contract up so you know the new rules about how you re going to be my sissy! I know everything Danny…absolutely everything…so yes, BLACKMAIL is my favourite word because I get you to be my sissy! Tracy laughed out really loudly; it was almost like a witch casting a wicked spell. Now let s see what about all those lovely websites you visit at night! All those sissy videos you watch with sissy-boi strap-ons, being done by beautiful Mistresses! You really like those, don t you Darling?

I couldn t stop crying, the tears were rolling down my cheeks.

Don t cry Darling, we can buy some of those toys can t we? Get you some of those beautiful maids uniforms…I can dress you in them and we can watch the videos whilst I fuck you! You ll enjoy that won t you, Danny? Oh yes, that s another thing…we need to change your name to a more sissy name! Can t keep calling you Danny! How about Bella? Yes…that s a nice sissy name, isn t it Bella? Oh, we are making advances already, aren t we Bella? Oh yes…your rent has gone up, Bella…it s now £1200 a month instead of £400! Don t worry, I made the changes online…you won t need to do that! I have all your bank account passwords and details…which reminds me Bella…your deposit for rent incase you move out…I have already sorted that as well! Took me 6 weeks to transfer the money, but it s done now, so you don t have to worry about it! So as the agreement says, if you decide to leave as a tenant, you will pay 104 months rent in advance! It s a bit hefty, but it s only for the next eight and half years, and we so love being together don t we? Time will just fly, won t it Bella?

My mind was racing; the tears were blocking my vision. She was talking about so much; I couldn t take it in. What do you mean about the rent and the deposit? I spluttered out in a tearful girly voice.

What your savings Darling, for the house you were going to buy? Now I own you, the money is mine isn t it? Plus, we have some expenses you need to pay! We have already got quite a medical bill mounting up on you!

What the fuck was happening? Medical bills…what do you mean?

Darling…I have had you on female hormones for six months! Next week is a big change for you…we up the dosage! That s right, Darling…female hormones! That s why you re crying, because I m making you my sissy girl! The tissue in your breasts will be lovely and fatty soon, then we can get you some beautiful breasts, can t we? All part of the new sissy Bella! That s why I have been feeding you every night, Darling! That s how you have been taking your hormones in the food! She laughed again really loudly, Watching you change on your hormones is really sexy, Bella…that tight arse of yours is getting a very fem shape now, and soon you will have breasts! I bet you won t be able to keep your hands off those when they are done, will you?

I sat on my knees crying non-stop. What was going on? This was so unfair! I loved dressing on my own, in private. I loved the feeling of the silks and the satins, but I didn t want to be a real girl! Now she had my money and my passwords to my bank account, surely if I explained what has been going on, someone would believe me!?

You can t do this to me…it s not just BLACKMAIL…everything you re doing is wrong! You won t get away with this!

Tracy went quiet Ok Darling, tell everyone about what a wicked Landlady I have been to you! You re forgetting I m a magistrate in the local Crown Court! Who will believe you over me? I have a story I will tell that would give you at least 10 – 15 years in prison! I can make up a story that you will get convicted on 10 charges or more, then you will be popular Darling…all that cock in a prison and you having hormones…the prison mates will queue outside your cell for your sissy arse. So, tell who you want, but consider what might happen! Remember I have total control of you…I own you now…you are mine! You know when you dress sometimes and take photos of yourself…well I have all of them Darling, with your pretty face all over them! They ping on my Gmail account because I linked your photos with me! Imagine all those pictures going over FACEBOOK and TWITTER…all your friends and family would find out what a sissy you were! I have every single email address you have on your PC downloaded on to a drive! It s not here, Darling…don t go looking for it! Imagine the effect that would have to your career! Everyone seeing what a sissy you are! Oh yes, and all those Mistress and Master emails you get involved in where you offer yourself to them…I got those as well, Darling! They are especially useful…nobody would trust you looking and reviewing at their business plans like you do now, would they? If you didn t go to jail, and I think I know enough people to ensure you do, but if you didn t, you would be ruined.

I was fucked! I had no way of getting out of this wicked woman s clutches! She knew everything about me and now had total control of me. I was as she continued to say her sissy bitch .

Darling…I have so many things I want you to do for me! I m going to be quite a lady of leisure from now on! I m going to marry you for a start…you can be my sissy wife, can t you? Then you can cook for me every day, do the shopping, the ironing, the washing…oh my goodness, so many wifey things for me to not have to worry about anymore! Oh what a day Bella, what a day! I think it s time we went to bed, don t you Darling? Yes, let s go to bed! Come on; get that sissy arse up those stairs!

I was drained; I couldn t take it all in. My face was sore from the tears drying up on my cheeks, my throat was sore from the crying as well. Tracy looked directly at me, indicating that I should go upstairs, I stood up.

Get upstairs, Bella…put that nice pink short satin nightdress that you have on for me…I bet you will look yummy in that!

I walked up the stairs, completely broken; my whole world had crashed in just an hour of complete humiliation. There were no words of salvage; there was nothing that I could think of that could make anything easier for what had just happened! I got into my room and began to get undressed, it was laboured as I pulled the skirt down and took off my underwear.

Are you ready, Bella? I m waiting for you! Make sure you re wearing that pink nightdress for me!

Jesus! What did she mean by that? I paused. Oh fuck…yuk! She wants me to suck her pussy now! Fucking hell…can this get any worse? I put the satin nightdress on with the matching satin knickers and went into her room.

Well don t you look so cute? Now lay on the bed, close your eyes! Come on…move up the bed, Bella!

I had no choice; I did as I was told.

Close your eyes, Darling!

As I did, I felt her grab my hand, she put a cuff on my wrist then grabbed the next wrist. Before I could stop her, my arms were secured either side of the bed.

Well what a venerable sissy you are now! Look at you?

She started to take pictures of me. I struggled, and that just made her take more photos. I started to cry again, but this time I couldn t wipe the tears away. Tracy walked over to me grabbed my right leg, pulled it to my shoulder and secured it with another cuff, then she did the left leg.

Well look at you…it s like the stuff you watch on the internet, darling…except the sissy is you this time! Now let s get some lube on that clit of yours! Emmmmmmmmmmmm…does that feel nice?

I nodded my head. Tracy got on her knees on the bed and began to finger my clitty arse. It feels amazing as she inserts 2, then 3 fingers deep inside my sissy clit. My cock is so hard as Tracy places her lips round my sissy cock. I feel alive as she starts to expertly wank me off. Just as I am about to cum she stops. Then she starts again. I can feel her inside me again, she feels amazing, then as I look up, I can see both her hands holding my legs as she fucks me. Then I feel it – hot creamy cum deep inside my clit. I shoot my spunk out from my sissy cock as I orgasm as well; it goes all over my pink nightdress. I gasp as the spunk just keeps coming out. Tracy staggers to her feet and climbs on my chest she pushes her cock into my mouth.

Good girl, Bella…suck Mistress cock…suck all that lovely creamy cum off Mistress cock…eat that lovely protein!

Part 3

I sucked Mistress Tracy s cock for what felt like hours – it felt amazing in my mouth. I could not believe how excited I was! It felt like her cock belonged there! Mistress started to get faster and faster and her cock seemed to get bigger. I could feel the veins in her cock going hard. Realistically, Tracy fucked my mouth for about 10 – 15 minutes, and I couldn t explain it, but when it stopped, I found myself in my mind begging for it to continue. What was going on with me? Why had I gone from being a sweet girl that I knew as Lisa, now becoming Bella, a mad, cock sucking sissy?

Tracy finally stopped. Out of breath, she lay next to me breathing heavily. It was clear she wanted to say something, but she couldn t get her breath. She leaned over my chest and we started to kiss, her pink silky lips attached themselves to my lips, then her tongue started to probe my mouth, coming up for air. Mistress Tracy said, I m so happy, Darling…so happy that soon we will be married, and you will serve me like the Sissy Bitch that you truly are!

I felt my cock get hard.

It s a big day tomorrow, Bella…we will meet the woman who is going to change your life! She is a surgeon who specialises in gender reassignment…you will love her! She knows so much about you already! She s very excited to meet you!

Tracy released my arms from the cuffs; like her, I was breathing heavy from an amazing orgasm. We lay in bed and I found myself falling asleep in Tracy s arms. I woke up in my sexy nightdress with Tracy asleep next to me – it was not a nightmare – it really had happened! Tracy was a Dominant Mistress, and I had no choice but to follow what she had planned.

I got up from bed and walked out to the toilet – something that always happened to me after I cum – I always need a pee a bit later. For some reason I decided to sit rather than stand as I usually did. Oh, my God – I was now even going to the toilet like a woman! I can t explain what emotions were going through my head! What I did know was, I needed to keep the right side of Tracy because she seemed to have all the winning cards on her side. I walked back into her room, got in to bed, and fell asleep.

I woke to an alarm, looked up hoping, really hoping, that this nightmare that I was in, was in fact a dream! It wasn t! Tracy was awake – she was lying next to me smiling…

How is my little wife-to-be today? Are you as excited as I am, Darling? We are going to see the surgeon about your new breasts! Oh Bella…isn t this exciting? Tracy giggled in a haunting way; I could feel her power she had over me. Now Darling, you need to have a shower…I think you will have quite an examination today! Make sure you have a clean bottom…no girly girl has a dirty bottom! You re going to have that clitty checked fully today!

Was this really happening to me? Why was this happening? Yesterday was a normal day – nobody knew any different! Now I was going to a clinic to talk about breasts with a woman surgeon. I showered, and for some reason found myself cleaning the very areas Tracy told me to clean almost in recognition of what was about to happen.

I got out the shower, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. There on the bed was some amazing underwear – a white camisole top, matching French knickers, bra and suspenders, and some tan coloured stockings. The whole outfit was simply delicious! Tracy came in just as I had finished dressing into the underwear – she looked really smart in a business dress – it was black and white, she had black stockings and 4-inch-high heels on. She looked completely different to normal – she really looked beautiful!

Bella, you look wonderful, Darling! I want you to wear these today, Bella! she handed over a short black leather skirt and a white satin blouse. Hurry up, Darling…don t want to be late, do we? Wear these as well! Tracy handed over a pair of black leather boots – they were knee length. Call me when you re dressed, Darling…I will sort out your makeup! Something that you will learn, Darling…quick powder and lipstick…brush of the eyelids…the feeling of satin lips, and incredible makeup! So many dreamy nights for you to come, my Darling!

I got dressed, walked down the stairs, and found Tracy waiting for me.

Sit in the dining room, Bella…let s get some simple makeup on that pretty face!

It didn t take long – Tracy was very quick to do the makeup.

I got this for you, Darling! she held up a black leather jacket.

I put it on – it fitted perfectly! I felt like I was in a dream world – I can t explain what was going on – I just seemed to go with it.

* * *

We left the house and walked to the station; I felt like I was walking on sponge! The boots were tight against my legs, and I felt amazing! No one looked at me! Tracy got the return tickets to London – it was just after ten and the train was expected in 10 minutes. When it arrived, the carriage was half full – two seats together were free, and Tracy nudged me towards them. I sat down and adjusted my skirt, which was shorter than I realised. Nobody seemed to care! Everyone was either reading a newspaper, clicking on their mobile phone, or reading books. I felt very vulnerable – no money, no keys to get home, I was a prisoner of Tracy and I could see her smiling at me throughout the whole train journey.

We arrived at the Victoria station, got off with everyone else, and just merged into the queue of people walking to the barriers. Tracy gave me ticket and the barrier opened. As I walked through, I could see a large concourse with probably 1000 people walking towards each other and narrowly missing each other – everyone had a satnav built in them to ensure nobody crashed into each other! I never noticed it before, but it was really clever that no one crashed in to each other.

Let s get a taxi, Bella!

We walked to the right amongst the busy workers and tourists, I followed Tracy to the taxi rank, we walked straight over to the taxies and got in one. I sat down and adjusted myself again. The taxi driver was balk, fat and about 55. He was very jolly and didn t stop talking about the weather and the new president in America. He waffled on about what he would do if it was him, and kept making Tracy laugh. I couldn t hear everything he was saying, but Tracy and he seemed to be getting on really well. What I did hear was a question that shocked me; the taxi driver asked why we were going to Harley Street?

Tracy s answer was just so frightening; I nearly had a heart attack. She said Well, Bella here is getting her breasts enlarged, aren t you darling? Tracy burst out laughing along with the taxi driver.

Well good luck, Bella…get some nice big ones done…they might earn you money!?

The taxi driver and Tracy both laughed at my sheer humiliation.

We got to Harley Street and got out of the taxi.

Good luck, ladies! said the taxi driver as he drove away.

The clinic was very fancy; it had a big reception desk with two female receptionists and lots of big leather chairs. Tracy walked over to the desk with me standing next to her submissively. Bella Alton to see Doctor Winters!

The receptionist smiled and told us to take a seat .

Bella Alton – she was using my real surname and my new female name together. Jesus, what is happening to me?

When I heard the receptionist shout Bella Alton! Tracy jumped up excitedly.

Bella, stand up…it s us!

I stood up and walked towards the open door where a very well dressed lady was standing in the doorway.

Tracy…at last I get to meet the lovely Bella! Oh my goodness…she is a work of art, isn t she? She s better than your last girl! Come in ladies…let s get started! Now Bella, you have been on the new advanced tablets that are sort of on trial…so let s see where we are! Now Bella, step over to the bed…I will get a nurse to come in and help you!

I walked over to the bed almost like a robot and stood there motionless. When the nurse arrived, she walked over to me, smiled and started to help me get undressed.

Oh Darling, look at that sexy underwear! I m jealous! Where did you buy this, Darling? Look…it s beautiful!

Tracy walked over and smiled at the Nurse. It s from Victoria s Secret! I love that shop! Doesn t she look pretty? I said to Bella that she doesn t realize what a pretty girl she is!

The Doctor walked over with a big smile. Tracy, she s going to look wonderful with her new breasts! Let s take a look, Darling!

I sat backwards on the examination bed as the Doctor lifted my camisole top.

Very sexy, Bella…let s undo that bra for you!

The nurse was smiling at me as I felt the tension of the bra release from my chest, the Doctor put her hand on my nipples and pulled them, I reacted by wincing.

Need to get those nipples bigger, Bella! I will sort out some suckers for that! The skin around the breast tissue is perfect, Tracy! I think maybe 2 – 4 weeks! I will check my diary and we can get those breasts sorted out! I have some false breasts here…we can give them to you now! So from today, you can feel what they will be like when you get them for real! Now let s see! Yes…I think you will be a 36DD nice big titties for a pretty girl!

I didn t realize, but I was crying. The nurse handed me a tissue and I wiped my eyes.

Let s have a look at that clitty, Bella…come over here take that horny skirt off, you little minx! Nurse…help Bella step into the chair!

The chair was what a gynaecologist uses. I sat on it and the nurse strapped my legs into the chair. I felt my arse raise up, my sissy cock was so hard. The Doctor walked over to the chair with plastic gloves on…

Nurse, get me some lube, please! She put a lot of lube on her hand and then inserted two fingers into my sissy arse. Mmmmm…lots of room! I need more lube, nurse!

The nurse walked over to the Doctor and put more lube on to her glove, the Doctor s hand went back inside me. Good girl…that s four lovely fingers inside that clit! Oh my, Tracy…she is divine! They will love her!

Part 4

What the fuck was going on? Tonight? What has Tracy planned now? the tears in my eyes were obvious. Stop this! Please stop doing this to me!

The nurse put her finger up to her lips, indicating that I should be quiet, but the horror of what was happening to me was becoming overwhelming – my whole life was simply disappearing away in front of me and nobody was there to help me. Tracy sat down on a large black leather chair.

Can you just go over a few things with me again Doctor, so I know what Bella is going to have done?

Well my research at the moment is showing Erogenous Sensitivity is measured by the capabilities to reach orgasms in genital sexual activities…like masturbation and intercourse. Many of my patients have shown that after surgery, there is an increase of orgasms in both sexual activities, implying the possibilities to maintain or even enhance genital sensitivity after surgery! She smiled at me.

Tracy crossed her legs on the chair. So Bella will turn into quite a minx? So we are talking about a full sex change then?

The Doctor walked over to Tracy and sat behind her large desk. When changing sex from male to female, the testicles are removed, and the skin of the foreskin and penis is usually inverted as a flap, preserving blood and nerve supplies, to form a fully sensitive vagina. I m sure you would like that, Bella…wouldn t you? A clitoris with nerve endings…basically it will be innervated! This can then be formed from part of the glans of the penis! In extreme cases of shortage of skin, or when surgery has failed, a vaginal lining can be created from skin grafts from the thighs or hips, or a section of colon may be grafted in…but to be honest, Bella seems to be near perfect!

Tracy looked over at me, helplessly sitting on the chair with the nurse by my side. But if Bella has this surgery, I assume there could be complications?

The Doctor sat forward in her chair. Because the human body treats the new vagina as a wound, this means that Bella will require some long-term maintenance of dilators, dildos, or suitable substitutes like the real cock to keep the vagina open. But I think we know that Bella will be busy after her transition…and to be honest, her body will not need a lot of work!

Tracy smiled. So I choose well Doctor, didn t I? Bella will probably be your finest work, won t she? So, we have the various pills that Bella has been on for the last 5 months…what will happen after surgery? What will she need to take?

Regular application of estrogen directly into the new vagina! You will need to help her at first, but eventually she will be able to do it herself! Tell me, Tracy…is Bella looking forward to tonight? I want to show Bella off to everyone at the Medical conference!

Tracy smiled. Well Doctor…Bella does not know about tonight, do you, Bella? But she does now!

Both the Doctor and Tracy laughed out loud – it was very humiliating! I just wanted to wake up! I just wanted this bad dream to end, but it was not ending – it was getting worse!

The Nurse smiled at me and kissed my forehead. Deep breath, Bella!

Jesus…what have you just done to me?

It s just a butt-plug…but it s quite large, Bella! Keep your breathing slow…it will settle in your arse! It s to get you ready…help your training! The nurse smiled at me as she walked away.

The Doctor opened a draw and leaned forward to Tracy. Nearly forgot…here are your tickets for the conference! You are with me on one of the top tables! It s at the Park Lane Hotel in London! Reception is from 19:30! It will be busy…they are expecting around 1200 guests! OK, I think we are done here…probably need to speak in a few weeks about when we do those breasts for Bella!

The journey home was virtually in silence – I don t remember the journey – I don t remember what Tracy said to me on the train! All I know is she was very excited about what was happening! When we got home, I walked in through the door in a complete daze. Tracy pushed past me and went upstairs – my world was ending – she had control of everything about me! I needed to find a way out of this mess I was in. I knew if I did anything stupid straight away, she would follow through with all the things she had threatened me with – pictures of me to everyone that knew – financial ruin! I had to find a way – a way that would give me back control. I walked upstairs and could hear the bath running. Tracy skipped past me and came back with two large blue bath towels.

Come on, Bella…we need to get you ready for tonight! Now lucky you…I have hair removal cream and lots of lovely facial scrubs! I think my Bella is going to be the Belle of the Ball, aren t you?

I smiled in a false way in the hope that she thought I was happy.

See! Tracy is going to look after you! I wish it was me, Darling, but you are too perfect to be replaced! You will be a piece of artwork when we finish with you!

Tracy used a cream on my legs – we waited 15 minutes, then with a spatula, she scrapped it down my legs – all the hair just scrapped off – no pain, just very bald legs. I got in the shower quickly – it was quite amazing how my legs felt – they were like silk. Then she made me shave my face twice. She made me get in the bath wash myself, and then when I got out, she dried me slowly. Then she started my makeup with heavy tan coloured cream on my face. It was weird – she really took her time! Then got a mirror and showed me a completely clear face. I couldn t believe that the shadow that I had under my chin had completely disappeared.

You like it, don t you Bella? You look like a dolly, don t you? I worked as a makeup artist for 15 years before I became a Landlady with my 3 houses that I rent out, but you never forget how to do makeup! It will be such fun teaching you, Darling! I need to give you some lashes and eyeshadow now!

The whole process took several hours. When the makeup was complete, Tracy made me sit in my room and wait for her; she gave me a satin dressing gown to wear and disappeared. When she came back, she actually really looked good. She was wearing a red evening dress – it was subtle, but really looked good on her. Her makeup and hair looked great! I was surprised because I had only recently seen her dress nicely, and she really looked good when she took her time.

Wait till you see what I have for you, Darling! she held my hand and walked me into her bedroom. Hanging on the wardrobe door was a stunning purple evening dress. You are going to be the centre of attention, darling, and that will really please me! You want to please me, don t you Bella? Put these on first!

Tracy handed over a black corselet with stocking suspenders attached. I rolled it on up my body. Tracy handed me my new breasts – they felt like they were encased in my body like they had always been there. Next, I rolled up the black stockings – they made me shiver with excitement as I clipped them to the corselet, then I stepped into my satin heaven of a dress – my legs felt amazing! I was going dizzy as the satin lining slid up my silky soft legs.

Tracy walked over and fitted a long black slightly curly wig on my head. You know I will have to fuck you when we get back, don t you?

A taxi arrived just before 7 pm – where had the day gone? I don t know why, but I just seemed to accept that I was going out yet again with Tracy, dressed in women s clothes, to a function in a fancy London hotel. When we got to the hotel it was full of people queuing to get in. All the men were smartly dressed in bow ties and dress suits. Everyone was very well spoken and very polite as we waited to enter the function. Tracy handed the tickets in at the door and she walked over to a large table map on a wall. Table 3! she said to me as a young waitress appeared by my side and asked if I would like a glass of champagne. We walked over to table 3 where the Doctor was standing talking to two handsome mature men. She smiled when she saw us and walked over.

My Darling, Tracy and Bella…you must meet my friends! She walked us over to the two men who both appeared to just stare at me with very deviant smiles. Gentlemen, let me introduce my good friend Tracy, and my latest piece of art. Gentlemen, I give you Bella!

Both men smiled directly at me.

Well hello ladies…welcome to a boring medical conference that just got better for eye candy!

Everyone laughed as the younger of the two men walked over to me and kissed my hand. As he did, he whispered in my ear I saw want to fuck you!

An announcement was made by a man in a red tunic. Ladies and Gentlemen…please take your seats!

Everybody walked towards their tables and we sat down. I sat between the Doctor and Tracy. Sitting between the two males was a face I recognized – it was the nurse from earlier in the day. She nodded at me and smiled. Dinner was excellent – it was silver service, with a fancy pate, toast and salad, followed by chicken, vegetables and potatoes. The waitresses were excellent – nothing was hurried, but everything was efficient. The desert was the classic, caramelised pears in a strawberry sauce, followed by cheese and biscuits, served with piping hot coffee.

Ladies and Gentlemen…I trust you have all enjoyed the food tonight and hope that the next 3 lectures will be as pleasing as the food! We have a range of lectures tonight…all the speakers are pioneers in their own rights! We will hear about Heart transplants, DNA technology on the edge of breaking medical science… But first, I think we need to hear from a remarkable lady who has transformed gender reassignment in ways unknown to the medical profession! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Doctor Alison Hart!

The Doctor sitting next to me stood up, the audience in the conference clapped like mad as the Doctor went up to the podium at the front of the dinner hall and prepared herself to speak.

Thank you, Ladies, and Gentlemen for an extremely kind welcome on a subject that is almost never discussed! Unfortunately, medical science has been slow to help so many people trapped inside bodies that they know are incorrect! Thankfully, their condition is no longer thought to be insanity or hormone imbalances…science and the medical profession have finally agreed that these poor human beings are simply trapped in wicked freaks of nature! These poor men and woman are simply sitting in the wrong bodies! My work started over 10 years ago, when two male patients came to see me and tried to explain how they felt about their bodies. I was a gynaecologist at the time. As I got to know them, I realised both of them were trapped in wicked circumstances of nature s many failures, and that someone had to help them! That is when I decided it should be me and others that should help them escape the ghastly prisons they found themselves living in!

The audience clapped very loudly, and some of them cheered as Alison took a sip of water from a glass.

I didn t see the nurse standing behind my chair. She bent down and said This is so boring, Bella…follow me! Let s escape and get some fresh air!

I stood up and followed the nurse past all the tables to a door that we had come in from.

You make me feel like a lesbian, Bella…I want to fuck you tonight! Tracy said I can, before you lose that fantastic cock of yours!

I followed the nurse to some lifts; we got in the lift when it arrived, and she pressed No 18. The lift was really fast; it pinged when we got to the 18th floor, the doors opened. The nurse grabbed my hand and we went to room 1818. She clicked the door with her door card and we walked into a fantastic hotel room.

Oh, my God, I m cumming in my knickers just thinking about fucking you, Bella! Can you smell my cunt?

The nurse pulled up her skirt to reveal black stockings, suspender belt and satin French knickers.

God, put your hand on my knickers whilst I m cumming! Put your hand on my fucking pussy! Can you feel how wet I am? Oh, God, I need your cock inside me, Bella…those tits of yours look amazing, Darling! I need you to fuck me dressed like a horny Bitch! Oh God, I m so fucking wet! God, the cum is so wet and warm in my knickers…I can feel the creamy thick cum in my clit! Get on that fucking bed, Bella…I need to fuck you right now!

The nurse put her hand between her legs, inserted four fingers into her wet pussy; she pulled them out and put them in her mouth.

Jesus, Bella…wait till you taste my cum! It s so warm and creamy! Mmmmmmmmmmm! I can t wait to tell the Doctor how horny you have made me! She will be here in a minute after her boring lecture! She will be so jealous that I fucked you first!

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