The Making of a Sissy (Part 1)

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The Making of a Sissy (Part 1)
It was the summer after graduation, and I was living with my mom who was recently divorced. She had been dating a lot during that period, which was kind of rough for me to deal with. I would usually give her dates a hard time, and to be honest I was completely unsupportive of her decision to be dating. Anyhow, I was up late one night watching something on t.v. when I heard her and her new boyfriend come home from a date. They were apparently somewhat drunk and making a lot of noise, but I just tried to ignore it. It wasn t much longer until I started to hear this moaning and rocking of the bed above me, as my room was in the basement of our split level home. I thought to myself, How much longer am I going to have to deal with this?. A few moments later that moaning got louder, and eventually I could hear her screaming and calling out all kinds of dirty sex talk. I wondered if they even realized I was home. Perhaps they thought I was just asleep and wouldn t notice.

Before I knew it as I was laying there, my cock was as hard as a rock listening to all of this. I couldn t help but let my curiosity get the best of me, so the next thing I did was tip toe upstairs to see if I could maybe catch a glimpse of the action. The noises got louder as I approached her bedroom. Once I got there, I noticed the door was cracked open. I looked down, and I could see the pre-cum leaking through my pants against my hard erection. As quietly as I could, I slightly cracked the door open just enough to see what was happening. I couldn t believe my eyes when I saw the man who was standing behind her pounding away. I was a tall, dark, and handsome black man with an amazing body, and there he was giving it to her like the slut she was turning into. I could see his massive cock sliding in and out of her as he held her head down, working it into her from behind. My heart was racing, and I became furious and more turned on than I d ever been at the same time. I couldn t believe she was dating a black man, plus this guy looked to be at least a decade younger than her. I felt my face becoming flushed, and it felt like the temperature in the room was 100 degrees. I must have let out a grunt during my guilty pleasure, and as I looked back up he was staring straight at me. Then he grinned at me, and I quickly turned around and ran back to my room.

As I got back into my bed, my heart was racing so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack. All kinds of feelings and questions were flooding my mind. My cock was still rock hard, and I could still hear the noises that got it there. I tried jerking a little bit, but I felt too guilty and embarrassed to actually make it happen. So I tried to close my eyes and force myself to sleep. After a while the noises stopped. I had heard her climax at least a handful of times, and I just couldn t get the image of them out of my head. A little later, I heard footsteps coming downstairs, and the door to my room opened. I figured she was coming in to either check on me, or even worse, I had been busted! Then I heard his voice, Did you like what you saw back there?
I gasped, Ummm…
Don t be afraid, he said. I saw the look on your face. I know it can be shocking for white boys like you, seeing a real man s cock for the first time. You must be Brian?
How did he know my name? I nodded as my face was turning red, and even in my dimly lit room I knew he could tell how embarrassed I was. I was expecting him to be upset, and I was scared of what might happen next. He walked up beside my bed, wearing nothing but his boxers. I could see his huge bulge through his underwear, and my eyes lit up. He pulled the covers down off of me, and both of us sort of glanced down to the same spot at the same time…my cock. I looked back up at him, and he smiled almost laughing.
Look at that pathetic little clit of yours, he grunted. I ma have to call you Brianna.

I had never considered myself small before, but now I felt tiny. My cock was almost 5 inches hard, but when I looked at his pants I could tell he was even bigger than that soft. As he towered over me he was checking out my slim figure, looking down at my long legs and back up. I was about 5 10 and weighed 140 lbs. I was wearing a tight blue t-shirt, and smooth black shorts. I looked up at him, his muscular abs, his big arms, and as he was looking down at me I didn t know what he was thinking. The next thing I knew, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his boxers, and I could feel his cock. This was the first time I had ever touched another guy, and his dick felt amazing in my hand. Naturally I started rubbing it, and I felt it growing as he got hard again. He slid his boxers down, and before my eyes the biggest dick I d ever seen was bouncing in my face semi erect. It was certainly a handful, fitting my fingers around his thick manhood, stroking him back and forth. Then he reached down and with both hands grabbed my shorts, and in one swoop yanked them down off of me. As a reflex I embarrassingly moved my hand down to cover my rock hard exposed little cock. Then he quickly slapped me across the face, and grabbed my wrist and put it back on his dick. He then lifted my shirt off of me, and pulled me down to the floor where I knelt down in front of him.

As he looked down at me, he spoke in his deep voice, You know what I want you to do with it Brianna. Go on and put it in your mouth baby.

I couldn t believe the way he was dominating me, but little did I know this was just the start. Without hesitation I wrapped my lips around his throbbing black cock and started sucking on the head. I could taste a little pre-cum, and his cock smelled like sex. As I pushed it further into my mouth and my tongue started licking, he looked at me and asked, You taste momma s pussy on there don t you baby? I sort of nodded. He then pushed his cock deeper into my throat, bringing tears to my eyes. I didn t hear you, he said.
Mhmm, I responded with a mouthful.
He slapped me again. What did you say? he demanded.
Y..Yes…Yes Sir! I responded.
Good girl, he moaned as he continued to feed me his long cock. This is the closest you re ever going to get to a pussy from now on, so you better enjoy that taste. Do you understand me?
Yes Sir, I mumbled with his cock in my mouth.

He then grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth harder and harder. I could feel his throbbing cock stiffen up, then he would pull it out and rest it on my face and tell me to lick his balls. I obeyed every order he gave me. He sat down on my bed with my head in his lap. I was still on my knees, and my jaw was started to get sore. I must have been sucking him for at least 20 minutes by now. He would pull his cock out of my mouth and slap me with it. He shoved it back in my mouth again, and then he told me to get ready for his load.
Whenever I shoot I want you to hold your head on there like a good girl and swallow this load, he said.
All kinds of girlish moans were coming from me as he fucked my throat harder and harder. My cock had been leaking the whole time, but u*********sly I realized I had started humping the side of my bed with each thrust. I felt his hard dick tighten up as he started getting closer and closer. Then he let out a loud moan of pleasure as he exploded and flooded my mouth with his seed. Like a good sissy slut, I pushed his cock down as far as it would go into my mouth and held it there as he emptied his balls. It felt like a river of cum oozing down my throat, some of it escaping the tight seal of my lips as I coughed and choked on this man s nut. I swallowed as much as I could gagging on his cock. I felt the most pleasure I d ever felt as I had also simultaneously released my orgasm humping the side of my bed as his spurts of cum continued to fill my mouth. Once he was done cumming I quickly licked and slurped up any remaining cum that I had missed.

It was the most satisfying experience I had ever had making his huge man cum, and to know that I made it happen made me feel even better. It all felt so natural as it happened. Once we got up, I went to the bathroom to wash the rest of our mess off of my face. When I got back he stepped back into my room and tossed a pair of panties at me that he had taken from upstairs.
I ll be back tomorrow night, he said. I want you wearing nothing but these, waiting on me when I come in here for you. Do you understand?

Yes Sir!


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