The Naughty School

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The Naughty School
I was put into a boarding school at 16 for naughty k**s for truanting. I had to see a psychologist to find out why I misbehaved, twice a week I had to see him for an hour. He was in his 50 s and within a couple of visits he asked if I would like to help him because he was doing a study on the sexual behaviour of teenagers.

I agreed and he began asking questions about masturbation, how often/times of day etc. I found myself getting really excited telling him.
Soon that s all we seemed to chat about. One day he pulled a sex mag and opening it I saw it was hard core. As I looked at the pictures he would ask which pics I liked best. When we got to the last page it showed cum shot pics, he asked which one I liked most and I pointed to the guy with the biggest cock.
He then got another mag out it had only pics of guys with hard-ons wanking, again he would ask which pic I liked most.
As he turned the next page he asked if I had ever had any homosexual relationships adding that no one else would ever find out.
I nodded yes and he began to ask me to tell him about them, starting with my first time. I found myself telling him about boy to boy stuff I had done, he wanted to know in detail, I found myself telling him about sucking friends cocks etc.
He seemed so interested, almost excited listening to me. Eventually he asked if I had had any adult contacts, again saying that it was between me and him. I said that I had been with one guy, he asked me to go into detail and before long I found myself telling him all about the caretaker, how when I saw his very thick cock I had been so turned on.
He was almost falling off his chair leaning across listening to me as I told him how I loved sucking his bloated helmet until he pumped his load down my throat.
When I had finished he leant back and I could clearly see his trousers bulging.
On the next visit he told me he had arranged for the doctor to examine me adding that it was for his research. I nodded ok and we then began looking at the mags again.
Later that day I went to the docs appointment, it was 5pm his last one. The other k**s had all joked that he was a queer. He asked me to undress and lay on his couch, He put on a pair of latex gloves and began to examine my genitals, he told me that my psychologist had told him about the research I was helping him with and that only the two of them knew and nobody else would be told.
He grabbed a bottle of lube and poured some over my balls and cock, he began to massage my balls before gently wrapping his fingers around my cock sliding them up and down it s length, I had to try my hardest not to get hard.
He saw I was struggling and told me not to worry about getting hard because he wouldn t mind a sperm sample. My cock began to grow and quickly I was rock hard. That s better he said with a smile on his face. One of the perks of my job, I get to see some nice young cocks . He carried on slowly wanking me standing to the side of his couch, as he wanked me he commented on it s nice size and how stiff it was.
I was heaven. My arms were at my sides and as he wanked me his crotch was pressing against my hand, I could feel his erection, I couldn t help myself and began running my fingers along it s length. He looked at me saying You ve made me so horny now i ll have to have a wank also. With his spare hand he unzipped himself and pulled out his nice fat circumcised hard cock. Grabbing my hand he forced it on to his hard cock, gripping hard I began wanking him. He was soon grunting telling me how good I was wanking him. Very soon I could feel my orgasm approaching and let him know. Making his way along the couch he stood next to my head, Suck my cock he ordered. I turned my head sinking my lips over his bellend, his hand grabbing my hair holding me still as he began to face fuck me hard, I m gonna cum in your mouth boy he hissed as seconds later his legs began to shake and with a loud groan he shoved hard as his cock began pumping it s load into my mouth. As I felt his cock pump it set me off my cock exploding shot after shot so hard my cum flew over my head hitting the wall behind us.
As his cock began to subside I turned facing him letting him see my cum filled mouth before showing him that I was swallowing it all.
He gave me some paper clothes to clean up telling me that there was nothing wrong with my ejaculation. When I had dressed again he asked if I wanted to come back for another appointment in a couple of days, smiling I replied yes.
The next day I had to see the psychologist again. Straight away he opened a mag, this time it was about a lad around my age and and a mature guy, I looked at the pics as we chatted when he said The doc told me all about your examination I smiled replying Yes it was good I think he want s to examine your asshole next time, do you think you ll be ok with that sounding really turned on Do you know we share a flat and if you wanted instead of going home this weekend you could stay with us, we d have a lot of fun by now his hand was openly rubbing his crotch as he spoke. Yes ok, that would be fun I answered. He gasped hearing me and pointing to a pic of the old boys cock entering the lads ass he said We ll both be doing that to you all weekend, we ll watch porn vids and see how many times we can make you cum .
My cock was rock hard as I openly rubbed my bulge If you want to wank then go ahead seconds later my cock was out with my hand in a blur. Sit on the table and face me so I can watch you . I stood and shuffled myself onto the table top. As I wanked he pulled my trousers and pants right down and unbuttoned my shirt. Sitting back down he rubbed his hardon while watching me, don t cum yet we still have 20 minutes left and I want to watch you till then he gasped. I so wanted to cum but done as he asked, after I had edged myself about 20 times I found myself pleading with him to let me cum. We still have 5 minutes so keep going he panted back, I m gonna get my cock out now he said as he stood up, I know you like big ones so I m sure you ll like mine . Unzipping himself reaching inside he slowly pulled out one of the nicest cocks I have seen to this day, 8 inches or so long, thick with a beautiful bloated helmet. I nearly cum just seeing it and had to let go of my cock.
He walked forward until his gorgeous was laying on my stomach, he then began wanking muttering how he had wanted to do this the first time he d seen me. Within 30 seconds he was groaning he was gonna cum, not sure if he wanted me to suck him off I moved my head down, No, I want to cum over you and as I straightened he gave a loud groan as the first of about 8 or 9 shots of his thick cream exploded the length of my torso. I grabbed my cock and before his forth spurt I was exploding my cum with his also.
Afterwards he told me not to bother with the docs and to save myself for the weekend.
The Friday night arrived and the school gave me the bus fare home, within minutes of standing at the stop a car pulled up and 15 minutes later I was back at their flat naked watching porn.
That weekend they must have both fucked me a dozen times and made me cum so much my balls ached for a week, but I loved every minute of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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