The Neighbor, Part 3

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The Neighbor, Part 3
I swallowed hard and froze. My internal dialogue processed that my mother
was in the room. She knew what I had agreed to; she had to know it all.

Mommy? I asked softly, on the verge of tears. Here I am, baby she was
suddenly at my bedside consoling me, rubbing my forehead. A sweet kiss was
placed right above the bridge of my nose.

I can explain, mommy… I started, but she stopped me. It s ok,
honey. Gary has explained everything to your father and I. It s so
wonderful what you re doing.

Monica, I couldn t have you go through a major operation like this without
letting your parents know. I called them right after the nurse took you
away and they rushed down here. Everything is going to be ok now…


The tears wouldn t stop as my mom calmly recounted my c***dhood struggles
and how she and daddy had always suspected I would like boys. How they were
so worried when I got married that I would end up breaking her heart. How
much they like Gary and feel so terrible for him, but so happy that I can
help him and he can help me become my true self.

It s all going to be better now, Monica. There is nothing like being your
authentic self. Daddy, Gary, and I want you to be happy. You re going to
make such a wonderful mommy to your baby and wife to Gary.

I was still crying but these tears were happy tears. I was still
overwhelmed but I felt more relaxed than I ever had. I have spent my life
acting like someone I m not. Suddenly I had been thrust into this alternate
universe where there were no secrets. A place where I was being encouraged
to express this girl who has been inside of me my entire life.


After being visited by a battery of doctors and specialists (most of which
was incredibly embarrassing in front of Gary and my folks), my primary
doctor told me that I should be able to go home tomorrow if I felt ready
but for now he wanted me to rest. He was polite about it but he managed to
kick everyone out of my room. Gary kissed my cheek and told me he d be back
in the morning to get me. My dad had been pretty quiet through it all but
he gave me a hug and kissed my forehead. He whispered in my ear We ve got
so much catching up to do. I m excited to get to know my daughter. The
tears came again. Mommy couldn t contain her excitement to do some
shopping. I m gonna go get you a few things for tomorrow and then we ll go
together when you re up for it. Love you, Sweetheart!

Once they were gone, my nurse, Kelly, came in to give me some meds and my
hormone treatment. She was on all night if I needed to talk or anything. I
wasn t feeling up for it, but I told her I d hit my button in a bit – I had
a lot of questions.


I woke up around 11 that night. I was curled up in the fetal position on my
side. My hand was cradling my belly and rubbing absentmindedly. My skin
felt so soft; I started to explore a little. I rubbed my hands along my
hips and legs. I worked up my belly and reached my chest. I was a little
bummed that I couldn t really feel a big difference in my breasts but when
I brushed past my nipple I got a wild jolt that felt like it went straight
to my bottom.

Kelly came in to check on me about 15 minutes later and we got into a
pretty deep conversation. She walked me through the what to expect parts
of my pregnancy. She gave me some tips on behaving like a pregnant
woman. While we talked she brushed my hair and put in a headband she found
in my things. It felt good to have my hair out of my face and I alway relax
when I have some girlish paraphernalia on me.

After a marathon QA session she encouraged me to sleep as much as possible
– tomorrow was gonna be a big day.


I had been half-awake for a while when Mommy brought me out of my daydream
with her sing-songy Good morning, Angel! She had a number of bags with
her and was immediately helping me out of bed and to the bathroom.

Now, your incision is covered but you still need to be careful – don t get
it wet, go in and apply this depilatory cream on your legs and private
area, including your tush mom instructed. That needs to sit on there for
at least 10 minutes, then call me if you need help getting into the
shower. I ll bring you in some clothes Sweety and with that, gave me kiss
on the cheek.

I sat on the edge of the tub applying the cream liberally – I let myself
enjoy the moment, drifting into a wonderful euphoria. So many of my dreams
from c***dhood were coming true all at once. I was getting horny, but it
was different this time. My body felt warm all over, my nipples were rock
hard, but my little penis was doing zilch, nada. My stitches form my
orchiectomy were still very fresh and everything was tender so I didn t
bother trying to touch myself as I was really wanting to do; that, plus
mommy was in the other room and I sensed her about to barge in any moment.

I got myself into the shower and let the water wash away the hair from my
body. As I washed my hair I heard the bathroom door open and mom came in. I
could hear her setting things up on the counter and as I looked around the
curtain she was hanging a really pretty floral dress on the back of the
door. I got a little giddy that s for me! the voice in my head

I couldn t reach the towel and when I asked mom to hand it to me she
scoffed and told me to step out so she could inspect me and help. I
hesitated out of embarrassment but relented and stepped gingerly out of the
shower. Oh honey! mom trumpeted, Smooth suits you, she informed me. As
she toweled me off she explained how girls don t rub, they dab – helps keep
the skin softer I was told (I already knew this but I was loving the
attention from mom so I let her play `girls-world tour guide for me. After
I was sufficiently dry she gave me a tube of lavender-scented lotion and
had me start at my feet and apply everywhere, working my way up my
body. She gave me a short silk robe to cover myself. Finally some modesty!

I sat on the toilet facing the mirror while mommy dried my hair and styled
it up as best she could. It was longer than the average mans, but still
shorter than the average womans. When she finished blowing my hair out she
started with some light makeup. I guessed at some shades and tints, but
we ll go together in a few days and get you loaded up on a whole set just
for you, Darling.

With my makeup complete to her satisfaction, it was time to put on my new
clothes. She had me disrobe and knelt in front of me with my panties in her
hands as I stepped in gently. They were peach, full bottom, satin briefs
with a floral pattern embossed into them with the sweetest lace trim and a
little white bow in the front. Feeling her pull the delicate satin
underthings up my, now very soft, smooth legs, gave me a crazy shiver and I
got goose bumps all over. Mom noted my state and gave my a wry little
wink. As the panties reached my waist she pulled them snug up and smoothed
around the back against my tush. Without the impedance of testicles they
actually fit perfect. Just the slightest little bump from my limp penis,
otherwise I would have been the spitting image of a young woman.

With a little pat on the bottom she retreated into a bag for my bra. I
secretly wondered if I was going to get some falsies temporarily to fill it
out, but I was told that it was padded and I would soon be filling it out
on my own. It matched my panties (mommy had really good taste in lingerie
apparently). God I felt amazing. I was dying to see myself; since before
doing my makeup, I had not been allowed to look at myself in the mirror.

As my mother lifted the dress over my head and I felt it fall down over my
body I started to cry. Moments were coming at me so fast I couldn t control
my emotions. I was in a full on sob by the time she zipped my up in the
back. As she turned me towards the mirror I was overcome with happy
tears. Standing before me was this adorable young woman with her mother by
her side, arm around her waist, looking so proud.

Mom hugged me and wiped away my tears. Just then a knock on the bathroom
door was accompanied by Kelly checking on us Everything ok in there? she
inquired. Everything is just perfect, Kelly mom responded for both of
us. We re coming out, are you ready to see Monica?

I stepped into a pair of ballet flats that mom had picked out to go along
with my dress and did my best impression of a confident person as I open
the bathroom door. When Kelly saw me her hands went to her wide open
mouth. Oh you look amazing! she proclaimed loudly. Give me a little
spin… she instructed and I twirled slowly for her, but just fast enough
to feel my dress twirl out. I had done that move so many times in secret
and I just did it in front of a my mom and an almost stranger.

Tell me the truth Kelly asked, Are you more nervous for Gary or for your
dad to see you?

Gary, I think… I paused for a moment as self-doubt rushed in, …what
if he doesn t like me? What if he thought I d be prettier? What if he
changes his mind?

Mom and Kelly picked up on where my head was going and immediately began to
reassure me. I didn t believe everything they were telling my but I decided
it best to let them think it was working. I forced a smile and shook my
head like they had swayed my doubts.

I have some paperwork for you to fill out, but you should be ready to go
shortly. I m going to let the doctor know that you re dressed and we ll
have you out of here in no time. And with that that Kelly left mom and I
alone again.

Honey, I m going to stay with you and Gary for a few days, maybe a week,
to help you get situated. We ve got some shopping to do and a little
training in the art of femininity that you didn t get the benefit of while
growing up.


A few different nurses and administrative folks wandered in and out with
paperwork as mom and I chatted and mostly caught up. When Gary came through
the door I was so happy to see him that I jumped up and gave him a
welcoming hug without even thinking. With my arms around his neck he
chuckled Wow! I don t know the last time anyone was that happy to see me.
I apologized sheepishly realizing what I had done, but he looked down at my
and lifted my chin with his hand so I had to look him in the eye and told
me you don t have to apologize for being you, ever.

As I stepped back away from him he looked me over. I got an actual up-down
inspection from a man. I felt his gaze devouring me. I had never felt this
before but I loved it. He inquired how I was feeling and placed his hand
over my tummy when he asked how the baby was doing. Mom gave him a recap of
the morning and I assured him that the baby and I were both doing great.

OK you two, let s get this girl home mom decried. A nurse had brought in
a wheelchair – standard procedure for expectant mommies I was told.


This next step felt monumental – I was leaving the hospital in a dress,
panties and a bra, and pregnant! I was going home with this man that I had
only known as my neighbor until a few days ago. I was going to live with
him and carry his c***d. I was going to give birth, to be a mother. To
possibly be his lover. And my mother was there for all of it. It was a
dream that I couldn t have imagined even in my wildest moments.


To be continued….

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