The new Secretary – Short Story

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The new Secretary – Short Story
Mary Monroe, 21, secretary, single, enjoys one-night-stands more than a continuous relationship. In her vivid fantasies she uses her body to entice and encourage men to a spontaneous encounter without responsibility. Making love with the same partner for more than once seems to bore her and to hinder her for the all so fascinating new adventures:

I m a bit nervous on the first day of my new job as a secretary. The manager that introduces me to my duties is young, handsome and very lively. With his dark brown eyes he scans my whole body, seems to undress me already in his mind. He stares at the plump mounds in my pullover with unhidden pleasure, as if to imagine the shape and size of my breasts. He is definitely fascinated by my long legs and especially by the region, where they disappear into the mystic shadow under my short red dress.
I quite like his attention, even when I don t think, that sex in the work place is a very good idea, and for sure not on the first day! But I like it when men are attracted to me – it makes me feel beautiful. So: I arch my back and I wiggle my pouting little bottom, not just for the eye. If there is a god, he gave me this nicely rounded body for something! And my manager knows what for, and his agile hands are always somewhere on it.
He tells me, that he has to show me the files of the past years first, and that they were up in the attic room. And then he laughs with a mouth full of healthy teeth, that he seduces all the virgins up there! We will see about that, you little Casanova, I think by myself, give him an innocent smile and teasingly smooth down my short dress over my plump buttocks.
He leeds me to the steep staircase up into the attic. He is a real gentleman and says: »Ladies first!« As I find out, only to have a better look at my legs, and maybe to catch a short glimpse at the arousing white triangle of my knickers under the short red dress! And I expect his curious hands on my arse every step up the way. And right: there it is, testing the softness of the skin on my inner tigh, moving higher into the darkness!
With a couple of quick steps I move out of reach. It s extremely steamy up here under the roof and the dust dances in the dim light of a single bulb. In the middle of the small room stands a little table full of documents and all along the sides a dozen of cabinets. My new manager opens and closes the heavy drawers and explains the filing system to me. Then he looks at me, sees the sweat on my forehead and exclaims: »Mei, are you hot! You wear much too much – let s get that warm pullover off you!« And in one determined move he pulls it right over my head.
With his hanky he dries my face, the neck and deep down into my cleavage. A funny feeling of tiredness befalls me because of his tender attention. »That s cool!« he says and grins at me like a boy scout. He fumbles around until a strap slides off my shoulder and one of my rosy nipples peeps out of the dress. And quick as a rabbit he got it between his fingers and starts to play with it. I pretend to be embarrassed and turn away from him to cover myself again.
»Let s see if you can find the file of the Brown Company from Sixty-nine?«, he returns to his cunning instructions. I pull the right drawer out and begin my search. Obviously it must be in the bottom one and so far in the back, that I have to bend right over. His hands sit already on my hips to stabilise my stand as I rummage through the dusty folders. And slowly he pushes my dress up my back to spy on my tightly stretched knickers.
I can t find the bloody Brown file anywhere, and as his hands touch the bare skin of my waist the funny paralizing feeling comes back with more intensity. But as he boldly tugs on my knickers I have to get up. »In here it isn t!«, I declare, and he just says: »Then it must be still on the table!« That was a good trick, you little rogue, I think, smoothing my dress down once more.
He brushes a strand of hair out of my face with a fingertip and then suddenly he kisses me right onto my mouth. His tongue moves in and roams over my teeth, searching for a place to hide. On my buttocks he pulls me closer onto his big hard-one, and again his nimble hands sneak under the dress to find my flesh. they dive into my knickers and wander deep down into the moist crack. The funny feeling wells up again and weakens my defence, but as he starts to play with my tiny arsehole I free myself quickly and turn around again.
His ubiquituous hands move already over my tighs into my groin, and swiftly under the seam of my knickers. They comb through my pubic muff and search for my tickler. A wave of extreme tiredness washes over me, as I feel his cock pressing dangerously into the crack between my buttocks, but I m firmly in his grip and can only turn again.
With an extremely cunning routine he exposes my breasts and sucks like a baby on my nipples until my knees threat to buckle. »What about the folder?«, I want to know, to show at least a little bit of interest in my new job, but he just grunts like a pig. Then he straightens his back and grins at me, the fire of lust burning in his eyes. »Oh, the fucking folder… it must be on the table!«
I have a look at the unsorted documents whilst he massages my breasts and kisses the back of my neck. That makes me so absolutely tired, that he has an easy task to push me down onto the heap of papers. He rolls my dress up to my waist and pulls my knickers down to the knees. I close my eyes as if for a short nap as he pushes a finger deep into my juicy pussy and then two, and the thumb up my arse.
I have to gasp for air as he sets my libido on fire and lubricates all my muscles for the lusty encounter. The loud noise of sticky suction makes me feel very nasty, and when he starts to spank me hard I spread my legs in utter submission. I can hear his zipper going down and his cock slapping against my denuded cheeks. He greases his enormous machine with my own secretion and drives his piston into my belly with one perfect move, all the way in to the hilt . . .

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