The Next Day (followup to Day With Matt)

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The Next Day (followup to Day With Matt)
The Next Day

After my whirlwind day with Matt I was completely exhausted. I got back in my room and immediately headed for the bathroom and started to run the water for a bath. I glanced in the mirror and saw my face was still a mess.

There was dried cum in my hair and on my cheeks. I couldn’t believe my neighbor had seen me like that.

“Oh well,” I thought to myself, “perhaps it would lead to another fun day tomorrow.”

I stripped out of my clothes and peeled off my bra and panties and climbed into the piping hot Jacuzzi tub. I had poured in some of my favorite lavender bubble bath and it smelled so sweet as I sank into the steaming water. It was exactly what I needed after a full day of sexcapades.

I turned on the jets and lay back and let the massaging action whisk me away on a wave of relaxation. I couldn’t help but think about how amazing it felt to make love with Matt and how sexy it was for him to show off for his roommates when we got back to his place. I didn’t get to cum again during our second session so I was super horny still, my little clitty was poking up out of the water.

I massaged my aching asspussy with a washcloth as I stroked my balls with my long fingernails. I finally found the sensitive button on the underside of my five-inch cock and gently rubbed it until pre-cum started to leak from the swollen head. I couldn’t take it any longer and I inserted a finger, then two, into my still-tender boi twat and slid them in and out as I continued to stimulate my gurl cock. It didn’t take long before I was moaning out a powerful orgasm.

I finished up my bath and turned on the shower to clean up a bit before bed. After a quick rinse I hopped out of the tub and proceeded to wash my face, making sure to get all the makeup (and cum) off before I hit the sack. I put on my favorite black lace nighty and sunk into the king size bed for a heavenly night of sleep.

My alarm went off at 9:30 a.m. and I checked my email. There really wasn’t much for me to do work wise so I decided to hit the hotel gym. I grabbed some cute little black lace panties (a thong of course) and slid them on. I followed with some tight black yoga pants with cutouts down each leg and a cute tight white tank top and a light baby blue hoody. I laced up my adorable pink Nikes and shuffled out the door.

I had figured since I was in a business traveler’s hotel the gym would be empty for my late morning workout and I was correct. I limbered up with some light stretching and, after shedding my sweatshirt, then headed over to the treadmill. I did an easy walking pace for 10 minutes to warm up before hitting my favorite, the Stairmaster.

I set the timer for 45 minutes and began to climb the steps in hopes of tightening up my big juicy ass. I always dreamed of having a big bubble butt like those Brazilian models you see in magazines. I had trimmed up a bit but still had plenty of room for improvement.

I was about halfway thru my routine when I heard the door to the gym open. I glanced over my shoulder and saw a couple of middle-aged women enter. Now I wouldn’t say I’m 100% passable but when I’m done up and dressed in a more casual manner I usually don’t draw too much attention. Still, I was a little worried they might make me.

I kept chugging along while they chatted and walked on the treadmills behind me. I could see them in the mirror on the wall in front of me and they really didn’t seem to be paying much attention to me. I started to relax a little bit and got back to the work at hand.

As my timer ticked down to zero I slowed my pace and eventually stopped my climb. I wiped my brow, careful not to smudge my makeup, and took a sip of water from my bottle. I turned to walk out of the gym and one of the ladies smiled and complimented me on my “cute workout pants.”

I just smiled and looked away, hoping to get out of there without a conversation. Her friend giggled and said, “They look great on you sweetheart.” I peeked up at them and said “Thanks,” in my most feminine demure voice. They each gave me a knowing smile before the first one said, “Keep up the hard work and you’ll have all the curves us ladies have.”

I blushed and told them thanks again before rushing out of the gym. I had been made but they were totally sweet about it so I didn’t feel too bad. I quickly walked back to my room and closed the door behind me.

I took a quick shower and decided to get some work done. I threw on some leggings over a cute pale blue thong and a light cotton camisole top sans a bra. It was super comfy and a good outfit to get a little work done in.

I got thru a ton of emails and a couple conference calls before I realized it was already 3:30 p.m. I didn’t have an exact time for my planned meeting with my neighbor but I wanted to be prepared should he get home earlier than expected.

I went to my closet and looked for a perfect outfit for a nice dinner date. I picked out a cute black lace skirt and a low cut burgundy blouse that shows off my perky little boob cleavage. I grabbed some black stockings and my black waist cincher with attached garters as well as my black knee high suede boots.

I laid everything out on the bed before heading back to the bath to shave everything smooth. As I lay there soaking once again I thought about how handsome my neighbor was. I also realized I didn’t even know his name.

I giggled at how slutty I can be while I d**g the razor over my legs, crotch, chest and armpits. Once I was sufficiently satisfied with my smooth to the touch skin I rinsed and got out. I headed to the vanity to shave my face and reapply my makeup.

I shaved my face as smooth as could be and began to do my face. I worked particularly hard on my eyes. I had been trying to perfect the smoky eye look and this time might have been my best effort to date.

I looked in the mirror and saw a sexy sultry expression highlighted by my long bold mascaraed eyelashes and dark eye shadowed lids. The combination of the shadow and liner was flawless if I do say so myself. I was super excited to see how my new friend reacted to my look.

I tugged my waist cincher into place and then slid on my black lace thong and matching bra. I pulled my sexy opaque black stocking up into place and clipped on the garters to hold them in place, making sure to slip the straps under my panties so I could remove them when the time was right without having to unsnap the garters.

Next I pulled the tight short skirt into place, the back barely covering my round ass cheeks and the tops of my stockings. I buttoned up my blouse, leaving the top two buttons undone to show off the tops of my tiny tits. I zipped up my super hot boots and buckled up my thick black belt.

I headed over to the vanity again and brushed out my long brunette wig before expertly placing it on my head. It was cute but needed a little something more. I attached a really big black hair bow on top before adding some big silver hoop earrings to finish off the ensemble.

I was looking really cute.

I couldn’t wait for my neighbor to get home to see his reaction. I didn’t have to wait too long. I heard him rustling around outside his door about 5 p.m. I peeked out and saw him open his door and slide inside.

He must have just dropped his stuff off and came right back out because within 30 seconds he was knocking on my door. I didn’t want to seem too eager to I waited a minute to answer. I walked back to the middle of the room and said, “One second.”

I composed myself and rechecked my makeup and clothes in the mirror then headed to the door to answer it. When I opened the door I saw my neighbor, dressed in a very nice suite, staring at me wantonly. I just smiled and said hello.

He smiled back and invited me to come over to his room. He said he’d taken the liberty of ordering out for dinner and hoped I would come enjoy it with him. I thanked him and told him I’d be more than happy to dine with him.

He held the door for me as I grabbed my purse and headed the 10 feet or so over to his room. He had propped the door open with the swinging lock and just pushed it open for me so I could enter. He was a total gentleman.

Once inside he asked me my name. I giggled before telling him my name was Tiffany and said I had been thinking about him all day and only realized I didn’t know his name either.

“Jack, my name is Jack,” he told me. “And it is very nice to meet you Tiffany.

“Likewise,” I told Jack.

“So, dinner won’t be here for about an hour, can I get you something to drink,” he asked?

“I’d love some red wine,” I told him.

Jack headed over to his little kitchen and pulled out a bottle of red and poured a couple glasses for us. He handed me my glass and proposed a toast.

“To a great evening,” he said, “and hopefully some more of the moans and screams I heard yesterday.”

I found myself blushing yet again as I clinked glasses with him. He had a wry smile on his face as he lifted the glass to his lips to drink. I just gulped down the wine way too fast to try to calm my nerves.

Jack was a handsome older man. He looked great in his suite and I told him how much I liked it. He said thanks but I think it is time to get into some more comfortable clothes now that he was home.

I begged him to keep it on. Nothing is sexier to me than a well-dressed man. He said ok but let me at least take off my jacket. I agreed.

I kept staring at his beautiful chiseled face as we chatted and sipped our wine. He had a well-trimmed grey beard and stunning blue eyes. His short salt and pepper hair was well coifed and I could tell he was very fit for his age, about 60ish by my estimation.

He asked me how long I had been dressing as a woman and meeting men. It was a pretty forward question but one I hadn’t really had to answer before. Usually when I get in a room with a man it gets pretty hot and heavy right away.

With Jack, it was different. He was taking his time and getting to know me a bit. Honestly, I didn’t know if I could make it to dinner, he was so sweet I couldn’t wait to get into bed with him.

He moved over to the couch and motioned for me to follow him. I snuggled up next to him and we continued our conversation as we continued to drink our wine. We much have gone thru almost the entire bottle as we covered our likes, dislikes, jobs and future goals.

I was feeling a bit tipsy when the knock came at the door. It was the delivery boy from the local Chinese restaurant. Jack told me he had paid by credit card and to just sign the receipt and leave the driver a tip.

I was a little wary of answering the door but didn’t want to seem like a poor guest. I walked to the door and opened it. The driver just stared at me as I smiled at him. I could feel him undressing me with his eyes. I asked him how much and he stuttered $64.39.

I giggled and took the receipt from him. I asked Jack how much to leave him and he said $20. I wrote in $20 and put a smiley face and a heart next to it. I took the giant box of food from him and thanked him before closing the door.

When I turned around I saw Jack sitting on the couch with his belt unbuckled and his hand in his boxers. I told him he better not be starting without me. He laughed and said he hadn’t quite worked up enough of an appetite just yet and thought maybe I could help.

I was so ready to go I just bit my lip and posed with my hands on my hips and said, “Who, me?”

He stared at me for a moment and wagged his finger at me to come to him. I slowly made my way over to the couch he was sitting on, making sure to sway my ass seductively as I sauntered towards him.

I could tell he was getting turned on by the growing bulge in his crotch. His hand was lightly rubbing his package as I settled in in front of him.

I told him, “I’ll take it from here baby.”

He sighed as I snaked my hand into his boxers and fished his nice sized half-erect penis out into the light. It might have been the most beautiful penis I’d ever seen upon first inspection. It was perfectly proportioned with a nice round head and a very thick vein running along one side of it.

I softly stroked it in my hand as I gently nuzzled up into his lap. I sucked on his hairy low-hanging balls, lavishing each one with my tongue until it was glistening with saliva and he was breathing heavily. I moved my mouth up to his pretty cock and engulfed the head which drew and audible moan from Jack.

He was about seven inches long and not overly thick but not thin by any means as he stiffened to full attention. I worked my mouth up and down his entire length in a slow rhythm that had Jack on the brink in just a few minutes. Trying to draw things out a little more I pulled off his cock for a moment and stared into his gorgeous eyes while I slapped his cute cock on my tongue.

I licked all around the head and sucked and slurped on it noisily while I continued to stare into his eyes. I wanted him to see the lust in my eyes as I worked his dick. He kept his eyes locked on mine and urged me on.

“Suck that cock baby doll,” said Jack. “You’re such a pretty little thing with that dick in your mouth aren’t you sweetie?

“Mmmmmmm hmmmmmm,” was all I could get out as I continued to suck the head of his dick.

I felt Jack’s hand on the top of my head pushing me down as far as I could go. He was gentle but firm and I melted to his touch, forcing his meat down past my gag reflex and into my throat. He held me there as he arched his hips, pushing his cock forward as far as it would go.

He backed off an inch or so then right back down it went. He started to moan and buck a bit as he let go of my head. I pulled off a bit and then clamped my lips back around his cock and sucked up and down until I felt him seize.

Jack held my head tight as he began to pump his seed into my mouth. After a few moments he relented and I continued to milk him with my tongue and lips until I got every drop of my salty reward. Jack was panting a bit but had a look of satisfaction on his face as I let his softening dick slip out of my mouth.

“That was a great appetizer baby!” I told him as I savored the salty remnants still clinging to my tongue..

I went back to work on his now flaccid member, milking every last drop of his precious nectar from its source. Jack just laid back and watched me wantonly massaging his pretty pecker with my mouth. He smiled and said now he was ready to eat.

He stood up and walked over to the small dining table and started to unpack our meal. It was great, we relaxed and chatted over the meal and I could tell I was falling for this handsome older gentleman who knew how to treat me like a lady. I wanted to do whatever he asked of me.

Although I really didn’t eat too much I had an amazing time just talking and laughing as we discussed current events, music, movies and even our favorite sport’s teams. Jack sure could carry a conversation. I felt so at ease with him, it was enthralling.

After he cleaned up our mess he settled in on the couch and beckoned me over to him. I slinked over to the living room and nestled in next to him. He stared into my eyes and pulled me in for a deep long kiss.

I just melted in his embrace and felt the powerful assault his tongue was making on mine. He nibbled on my lips and explored my mouth as we made out for what seemed like five minutes straight, never disconnecting from our lip lock. He ran his hands up and down my back before moving one to my little boobies.

He found my left nipple and began to rub it gently while our tongues continued their dueling dance. I let out a soft moan as my nipple began to harden under his careful touch. He pulled away from our kiss and smiled at me lovingly.

“Does that feel good Tiffany?” he asked. “Your face is aglow my dear.”

I sighed and told him how my body was tingling from his sweet touch and the mind-blowing kisses.

“Please don’t stop baby,” I pleaded. “It feels so good Daddy!”

Jack pulled my blouse open and reached around to undo my bra. I slipped my arms out of both and he dove straight in for my budding breasts. He pinched my left nipple and circled it with his right thumb and forefinger while he devoured my right nipple with his strong tongue and lips.

He gripped it between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue and I couldn’t help but let out a vocal sign of my appreciation.

“Oooohhh, mmmmmmmm, yesssssss,” I moaned as I wiggled and squirmed as he kept up his efforts. “Suck my titties Daddy!!!”

He moved his right hand down to my crotch and quickly found my hardening bulge. I felt an electric shock as he stroked it before peeling my panties to the side to release my rigid gurl cock. It sprang out of its confinement already leaking pre-cum.

Jack dipped a finger into the pearl of juice forming at the tip and carefully spread it around the underside of the head. The slickness added to my pleasure as he expertly found my “button.” I writhed in ecstasy as he teased my clitty stick and my nipple simultaneously.

I was in Heaven.

I ran my fingers threw Jack’s hair and pulled him up off my chest for another long deep kiss. He kept up the stimulation on my rock hard cock and I moaned my appreciation as our lips locked and our tongues dueled.

Jack pulled his head away for a moment and I took the opportunity to push him back against the couch. I stood up, turned around asked him to unzip my skirt. I lifted my blouse over my head and removed my already unhooked bra. I posed in front of him and seductively slid my tight skirt down over my boots before stepping out of it.

I then bent over right in front of him and wiggled my ass in his face as I pulled my panties down to my ankles. I stepped on foot out and then turned and kicked the other sending my moist black thong floating towards Jack. I postured there with my hands on my hips in nothing but by boots, stockings and waist cincher.

Jack grinned and sat back on the couch. He was rubbing a growing bulge in his pants. I licked my lips and sank back down to my knees in front of him.

I tugged at his belt and unbuttoned his pants before pulling them down as he lifted his butt to allow me to get them all the way off. I pulled his boxers down before pulling each of his socks off as well. Jack was rock hard but I didn’t pay his boner any attention.

I slid up next to him and slowly undid his tie and carefully unbuttoned his shirt exposing his defined hairy chest. Jack was completely naked and I was soaking the attractive sight in. I nuzzled up and began to kiss his neck and ear while he ran his hands all over my tits and ass.

I could see his fuck stick throbbing but I wanted to make him wait to heighten his excitement. I slowly made my way down his chest to his stomach and then to each inner thigh. Jack was visibly and audibly enjoying my ministrations, which made me very happy.

I then moved my lips up to his balls, first licking all around his hairy scrotum and then taking each of his balls tenderly into my mouth and sucking them before popping each one out of my mouth. I stared up at Jack as I moved my face into position right beneath his now-leaking dick.

I rubbed it all over my face, smearing his pre-cum on my lips and cheeks before grabbing it in my hand and slapping it on my tongue. I then covered just the head with my lips and ran my tongue all around the head, eliciting quick breaths and panting from Jack.

I just peeked up and smiled as best I could with his hard rod in my mouth.

Jack looked like he was getting close again but before I could really get into sucking his cock he pulled me off of him. He led me over to the bed and laid me down on my back. He spread my legs and pushed them up before dropping down between my legs.

Jack began to gently lick my honey pot. He focused around the outside of my asspussy as he slowly entered me with a finger. He continued to add fingers until he had four pistoning in and out of me, lubricating my cunny with his spit when needed.

I could barely contain myself while he pleasured my with his hand. I reached down to stoke my erection but was quickly rebuffed. Jack brushed my hand away and told me to relax.

“I’ll take care of that sweetheart,” he said. “Just lay back and enjoy.”

Oh, I was enjoying being taken away on a cloud of desire.

Jack took my little boi cock in his hand and stroked it lovingly as he kept hammering my asscunt with his other hand. I couldn’t handle it any longer and began to squirm and writhe before I felt my orgasm begin to cascade throughout my body. Stream after stream of hot gurl jizz squirted out over my tummy and up to my boobs.

Jack slowed his thrusts as I screamed out while I nutted all over myself. I continued to push my boi twat down on his fingers until he had milked every drop of juice from my clit. As my heavy breathing subsided I glanced down at Jack and he was smiling. He withdrew his fingers and gave my cock one last stroke from the root to the tip, forcing one last bead of cum to the surface.

I was spent.

Jack then snuggled up next to me on the bed and asked what I wanted to do next. I told him I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me but I might need a minute to clean up. He jumped up and grabbed a warm wet washcloth from the bathroom. He wiped my stomach and boobs clean and then placed the towel over my crotch. He stroked my cock clean and then tossed it back towards the bathroom.

I propped myself up on my elbow and invited him to come closer with my finger. Jack moved in for yet another sweet kiss. I wrapped a leg around his waist and pulled him in close.

Jack was plunging his tongue deep into my mouth when I pushed him to his back and straddled him. I leaned back in and kissed his lips before telling him it was my turn to please him.

“Just lay back baby,” I whispered, “I’ll take it from here.”

I lifted my hips and slowly sank back down on his still hard, still leaking cock. My snatch was still soaking from his finger fuck and his cock slid right into me. I slowly adjusted my position over him before beginning to ride him in a slow rhythmic motion.

Jack grabbed my hips and guided me up and down on his cock as my limp gurl cock bounced off his stomach on each downward thrust. Jack reached up to play with my sensitive hard nipples for a bit before placing one of his thumbs into my mouth. I sucked on it like I was trying to make it cum, running my tongue all over it.

I was really getting into it when Jack pulled it away from me and placed his hand behind my neck forcing me down on him. Our bodies were sweaty and hot after a good five minutes of hard fucking but it felt so good. I lay there, my ass in the air, as he pounded his cock upwardly into me while he sucked on my tongue.

I began to whimper and moan again, OMG, I was building towards another orgasm.

Jack must have been able to tell I was getting close. He placed his hands back on my hips and guided me off of his cock, pushing me away and telling me to get on my hands and knees. I assumed the doggy position and Jack slid in behind me.

He pulled me back to the edge of the bed so he could stand on the ground and pushed his stiff pole back into my waiting asscunt. He really started pounding away as he reached around and stroked my clitty stick. I tried to push back onto him as my orgasm began to build once again.

“That’s it baby,” Jack exclaimed. “Push that sweet ass back on my hard cock babydoll! Milk that cock lover!”

I did my best but his handy work on my gurl cock was making it difficult to concentrate on anything. Suddenly I couldn’t control anything as I began to cum once again. I just froze as I shot my second load while Jack continued to pound away as my dripping hole.

“Give me that nut sweety,” Jack ordered. “C’mon, let it all go mama. That’s a good girl.”

I couldn’t manage to say anything, I just sat there like a statue as my cock erupted again under the constant hammering my pussy was taking. I just lay there screaming, moaning, whimpering inaudibly, a total mess with zero control of myself.

Jack seemed to be enjoying the fruits of his labors. He kept slamming his cock in and out of me while he held my hips pulling me in for each deep thrust. Soon enough I gained my wits back and redoubled my efforts to make this man cum.

I had surmised he was close to cumming a second time while I had his dick in my mouth before we started to fuck. Boy was I wrong. Here we were at least 45 minutes into our session and he was still going strong.

He fucked me doggy style for what seemed like an eternity. That was after I rode him for a while too. Now he had me propped up on a pillow on the edge of the bed as he slid is cock in and out while still standing on the floor.

I was starting to get a little sore after my second orgasm had subsided. Perhaps my face showed the signs of that pain because Jack slowed his pace before pulling his cock out of me. He bent down and started to lick my pussyass, spitting in it and rubbing his saliva all around it.

He stood back up and jabbed his hard cock back deeply inside of me. He pulled it all the way out and then did it again. I could tell he was admiring my gaping asshole as he continued to alternated deep strokes and total withdrawal. He glanced up at me and smiled as he told me what a great ass I had.

I wondered if I could ever make him cum again. He seemed like he was going to go on forever. There was no slowing him down, he just kept fucking me for what seemed like forever.

Jack finally pulled out and laid back down on the bed and motioned for me to climb back on top. He said he was getting close and loved to have his gurl ride him to climax. I was eager to oblige him, I was beat.

I mounted him once again and began to slowly rock my hips forward and back on his dick. Jack said that it felt good but he preferred I lay back and really start riding it fast. I propped myself up on my hands and slid my booted feet forward and lifted myself up so my ass was barely holding his dick head inside of me.

I started to bounce my bubble butt up and down on his cock while he pushed up into me. It felt great but I didn’t think I could keep it up much longer, it was tiring. Jack told me to keep going he was really close.

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as I banged my ass down on his dick as hard as I could. I felt Jack grab my limp cock yet again, trying to coax it back to life one more time. I told him I didn’t think I had it in me.

He just laughed and said, “Keep riding my dick baby, I’ll see what I can do with yours.”

I was almost annoyed at this point. I just wanted this man to cum so I could relax. Well, that was until he started to pinch the underside of my dick while cupping my balls.

I don’t know how this guy did it but my cock slowly sprang back to life as I kept bouncing on his dick. It was not fully hard but the feeling had come back under his gentle touch. I had finally pooped out from riding him and told him I needed to lay down.

He rolled me over and kneeled between my legs, reinserted his cock and began to stroke me again. He pushed himself in and out and rubbed my inner thigh with one hand while massaging my cock with his other. I told him it felt great but I didn’t think I could cum again.

He told me he would not shoot his load until I was ready for my third nut. I was frustrated but I couldn’t be mad at him for wanting to please me. I just laid back and tried to concentrate as he pummeled my asscunt. It didn’t take long, he was amazing with his hand, I told him I was getting close again.

Jack slowed his pace and, with long deep strokes, he kept fucking me. His hand squeezed my gurl cock firmly while moving up and down and I felt the telltale signs of my impending orgasm. I couldn’t believe I was about to squirt for the third time.

I bucked my hips and shook uncontrollably while moaning out in ecstasy as he drained what felt like an enormous load from my tiny dick. I was a crying, stuttering, slobbering mess but I felt a blissful feeling I’d never felt before. I was snapped back to the moment when I heard Jack’s deep voice rumbling out a guttural roar as he emptied his nuts into my worn out cunt.

I just lay there admiring this manly studs rippling chest and straining face as he pumped each stream of steamy cum into my bowels. He shuddered with each deep thrust and squeezed my hips tightly as he forced his seed as deep as it would go. I squeezed my ass as tightly as possible trying to help pull all that nectar into me.

Jack came down from the high of his orgasm and gently massaged my cock. I screamed out and tried to push his hand away, it was so fucking sensitive. He chuckled and “shocked” me a couple more times with quick strokes. I giggled but it tickled so much it almost hurt.

I looked down and expected to see a gallon of jizz on my tummy but there was almost nothing there, just a couple small beads and a little still leaking out of the tip. It had felt huge but I guess I just didn’t’ have anything left after two earth-shattering orgasms in less than an hour.

That wasn’t the case for Jack. His softening cock slipped out of me and I felt a torrent of cum run out of my sopping asspussy and onto the bed. I couldn’t help but laugh and ask him what the hell he did to me. He burst into laughter as well.

“That’s just what you do to me Tiffany,” said Jack with a smile. “You made me wait so long I guess I just built up a little pressure.”

“Oh my God,” I declared. “I don’t think I was the one who was making you wait. Who was the person who decided he wouldn’t cum until I came three times?”

“Guilty as charged,” Jack laughed, “but I’m guessing it was worth it for you too.”

“Ummm, yeah,” I said with a wicked smile. “I’ve never had an orgasm like that last one. I didn’t think I was going to ever stop cumming. It felt like I shot for an hour.”

“Well, I’m glad I could give you the best sex of your life,” Jack said with a wink.

“I don’t know about that …” I tried to joke.

“Oh really,” said Jack, “where is that little clit of yours? I guess I’m going to have to make you cum again.”


I rolled onto my stomach to hide my tiny dicklette from him. He pounced on me and reached between my legs and grabbed it. I begged him to stop, it was still really sensitive. Jack just laughed and pulled me towards him for a great soft deep wet kiss.

“You are such a sweetheart Tiff,” said Jack. “I had an amazing night with you. I hope we can do this again sometime soon.”

I kissed him back heartily and thanked him for being such a gentleman and a great lover.

“You are the best Daddy,” I said as I pecked his cheek. “I’m sure I’ll never forget this night. Thank you sooooooooooo much!”

“Anything for my princess,” said Jack, “and the sweetest asspussy I’ve ever had.”

“Awe, thanks Jack,” I said, “you are totes adorbs!”

With that, Jack jumped up and said, “I need to take a shower and get to bed. I have an early morning tomorrow my dear.”

“Okay Daddy,” I said, “Will you walk me out?”

“Of course babydoll,” he said.

I grabbed my panties, bra, skirt and top and started to walk to the door.

“Aren’t you going to get dressed Tiff,” Jack asked.

“It’s only about 10 feet to my door,” I said with a wry smile.

“Okay baby.”

“Hold the door for me?”

“Of course.”

I stopped by the little desk by the door and wrote down my number and email for him. I spelled out T-I-F-F-A-N-Y inside a big heart and kissed the paper, leaving an faint lipstick outline. I guess I’d left too much of it on his lips and cock.

He said he’d reach out the next day with his info. He also told me he’d be back in So. Cal in a month or so and that he’d love to see me again. I told him I’d love to and that I couldn’t wait.

Jack and I embraced and kissed one more time before I headed out the door and back to my room. It was an amazing night and I really did look forward to seeing him again. After a much needed shower I headed to bed to sleep and hopefully dream about Jack and our wonderful evening.

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