The night we met Jenna Haze

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The night we met Jenna Haze
So a few years back I had heard on the radio that Jenna Haze was going to be dancing at a local strip club, Club Risque. Now to say that I m a fan is an understatement, she has always been one of my favorites. Think it was a Monday when I found out, she was doing Risque Philly on Friday night and Risque Bristol Saturday night. Having been to both, I decided on Bristol as it s a bit smaller and thought it would be more intimate. I couldn t wait to tell my wife!

When I got home that night I was grinning from ear to ear! Kelly gave me a kiss and a sassy smile and said, What s got you all excited? I told her the deal and she giggled all sexy like bouncing up and down on her toes slightly so her big tits were jiggling, she was excited too! She knows exactly who Jenna is as we have fucked many nights watching her movies. We need to go shopping and pick you out a sexy ass outfit to wear! I said to her still smiling. Sexy or… slutty?! she replied with a devilish grin.

We went out the next night to see what kind of outfit we could piece together from the local mall. I won t bore you with the shopping but wanted to describe what she wore. Jenna always reminded us of a sexy little rocker chick… not quite goth or punk but a rocker if you catch my drift. So Kelly had already decided on her knee high leather boots with fishnet stockings/garter/thong/gloves, the works. Then we picked out this black and purple plaid ruffled miniskirt and just so happen to find a bra that matched perfectly. All that went over that sexy bra was a totally see-through, thin black lace shirt!

Saturday came and we were revved up to go! She was finishing getting ready while I was having a beer, I couldn t wait to see how she looked! When she finally came out of the bathroom my jaw dropped. I looked her over slowly from heel to head, soaking in her sexiness. She lifted her tits to straighten her bra that was barely containing her 36dd s. The bra was purposely too small so it pushed them up making an amazing amount of cleavage. So what do you think, love? she asked with a twinkle in her eye and a soft bite of her lip.
I think Jenna Haze may just take you home with her tonight! I winked as I slid up and kissed her, caressing her titty.

We wanted to get there early to be sure we had the perfect seat at the bar. We walked in to Risque around 7:00pm, Jenna wasn t coming on till 9:00. There was maybe 8 people inside not including staff, everyone turned their heads as Kelly walked by with me, even the dancer on stage. There is a very long bar and the stage in the center with 2 poles, one at each end. She led the way around to the far end and we sat down right dead center with the pole. I ordered us some drinks and got a stack of dollar bills and laid them on the bar. She put her hand over mine, kissed me and said, I think I want to give these out. Then she scooped up the stack of one s.

For the next hour or so, as the place began to fill up I let Kelly have free reign with the tip s for the dancers. Most of the girls took to her instantly, she was so hot in that skimpy little outfit it was hard to ignore her sexiness. Sometimes she would put the bill between her titties and they would have to grab it with their teeth! Other times it was a quick kiss or a G string, she was really having fun with them! After each set the dancer would come around and sit on my lap between us and rub on Kelly, she was flirting back and we were having a great time.

It was about that time and the DJ was starting to introduce Jenna. When he was finished he queued up the song and I noticed the familiar intro. Jenna exploded on to the stage to Stinkfist by TOOL wearing black leather and lace, sexy boots and thigh highs. I fucking knew she was a rocker! She danced her way from one end to the other, surveying the crowd. When she made it to our end she locked eyes on Kelly immediately and crawled towards her seductively. Jenna slides of the stage and leans right over the bar in front of my wife and kissed her! She winked at me and smiled as she turned and sashayed back to the stage. I couldn t help to notice that Kelly seemed to be chewing something. Turns out, she had Jenna s gum!! I said, How fucking awesome was that! She leaned over and kissed me deeply and whispered, Now you ve had a taste too!

Jenna continued her amazing 1st set for another 20 minutes or so, paying alot of attention to our end of the bar thanks to my Smoking Hot Wife!! To say that she is energetic wouldn t scratch the surface… The things she could do on a pole, and with her body in general.. just incredible! Club Risque is normally Topless only, but Jenna gave you the full show! The next song was slower and as she came back to us we got a special little treat. She locked eyes with Kelly again and began to rub her pussy. You could see her juices glistening from the stage lights as she erotically gyrated her hips in rhythm to the music until she burst with orgasm right in front of us!

The set was ending and Jenna left the stage, the regular girls came back up for the next 30 minutes or so. We had another drink and took some time to cool down. Jenna had the whole place buzzing with electricity, especially my wife! That was amazing, my panties are so wet right now! she said seductively, her eyes sparkling Shall I pick us out a toy? Without another word she got up and began to case the room, searching for a girl who had danced earlier. When she came back she had this sexy petite little brunette arm in arm giggling and said, This is Veronica and for the next 10 minutes, shes ours!

Veronica led us through the club to the private dance area, all the way to the back in a nice secluded corner where she instructed us to sit down(were practically laying down) side by side. She started in front of both of us, dancing and teasing. Then she removed her top and slid over to me from the floor and up between my legs. Her hair dangling over my cock, making like she was giving me head. From there she climbed up on top of me, straddling over me. I was already hard and she started sliding her pussy back and fourth over my throbbing cock, even through my pants it felt amazing! Kelly s hands were all over her body, as were mine. She was pinching her cute little nipples while I was squeezing her ass, rocking it motion to her hips. Veronica turned around to give me a view of her sexy ass as she continued to work her hips over my bulge! I was almost ready to explode, just then she got off me.

Now it was Kelly s turn! She started the same way, coming up from the floor between her legs but this time when she stopped at her crotch, looked at Kelly with a naughty smile and began licking her over her panties! I heard a soft moan escape my wifes lips as she ran her fingers through Veronica s hair. Then she turned around to show Kelly her ass and began to work her way down, rubbing her pussy back and fourth across her thigh. She layed her back to Kelly s chest, slipped her hand between my wife s legs and began to rub her swollen clit over her panties. Kelly began to do the same to Veronica as I was rubbing her hard nipples. They began to cum in unison, both moaning and rocking their hips back and fourth in pure ecstasy! When they finally calmed down and were finished Veronica gave us both a big hug and kiss and said we we re the most fun she ever had with a couple s lap dance!

When we got back to our seats (thankfully not taken) we were in a daze, still tingling with Veronica s energy, just in time for Jenna to come back out. She went through her 2nd amazing set, including some toy play that was awesome!! I m not going to go into full details but, she was just as incredible! After her 2nd set Jenna had some prizes to give away, and a little Q&A with the crowd. She was doing the prizes when I said to my wife, I would really love a poster, and winked at her. Jenna gave out a couple DVD s but she kept eyeing Kelly. When she got to the poster Kelly stood up and pulled her shirt up, showing her big beautiful tits to the whole room. Jenna noticed immediately and yelled I see titties! and ran down to us to motorboat my wife s tits and handed us the poster! A little while later during the Q&A I managed to get the mic to ask Jenna a question and I said, Do you want to see my wife s ass? Jenna giggled and replied, Of course I want to see her ass, I want to smack it! Kelly hopped up on the chair again and hiked up her skirt and bent over for all to see! Jenna ran over to rub her cheeks teasingly and then smacked that ass till it got a little pink!

Before leaving Jenna was doing a greeting and signing stuff so we were first in line to talk to her. We exchanged pleasantries and told her how we were both big fans and so glad to meet her. Jenna said how awesome we are and how she had a great time and we were a big reason why! She asked us our names, and she signed our poster that Kel s tits won us. She signed it *Ed and Kelly, Fuck my ass! Love, Jenna Haze*

So that s our story of meeting our favorite porn star Jenna Haze. Needless to say when we got home and had and amazing night of intense orgasmic pleasure! This is my first story so maybe if you all enjoy this I will write some more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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