The perfect birthday gift! PART 1

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The perfect birthday gift! PART 1
Everything was ready, Sarah thought to herself as the four girls sat around in their pajamas in her room, it was herself her two best friends Karin, the slim redhead, Marie was the blond with the largest tits of the group, and then there was Rachel, plump brunette, not fat or even overweight just a little rounder in her curves. She didn t know it yet but the other three girls hated and loathed her, she had perfect grades and attendance even though she lived on a goddamn farm miles away from school.
They had planned this night for weeks, planned for their revenge, since they always had to hear that they should be more like her, since she was always on time, always listened and took notes and fucking hell was every fucking teachers pet.
But tonight Sarah would get her revenge together with her best friends, it was her 18 birthday and she had made sure that they would get the house to themselves all weekend, just enough time to abuse this cow. Not that Rachel knew that, she had been delighted that the popular girls wanted her to be in their group. There was just one big problem with Sarah s cleverly laid plan to sexually abuse and torment Rachel, and that was that Rachel was a total humiliation slut, At home on the farm she usually got out and rolled around naked in mud before she rubbed her pussy like mad.

But here they were, four girls alone at home with loads of junk food and booze, compliments of Karin s older brother that Sarah and Marie gave hand jobs to for a week to get. Sarah cleared her throat.
So since I m the birthday girl I get to decided the first game She faked thinking about a game, since it was planed since long ago. hmmmm lets go with Truth or Dare. Karin, truth or dare!
Rachel gave a little squeal of happiness, she had never played this game but she had heard it was the best one for naughty things to happen, even in a group of just girls. Karin gave Sarah a knowing wink before she also gave a fake hesitant ponder.

I think..I ll go with…Dare! She had hardly finished the word before Sarah gave her the dare Slap Rachel in the face! She said with a badly masked evil grin, The other two grinned just as much and to their surprise so did Rachel, it took Karin a few seconds to get up and by that time Rachel had sat up better and was leaning out her chin for the girl to slap.
Go on Karin, it s all just for fun she was also trying to hid her own surprise and excitement, she never though that she would get a chance like this, she was already starting to get wet and they had hardly started.
The sound echoed and the cheek was burning with lovely prickling pain, the slap had been harder then she had thought it would be, causing Rachel to let out a soft moan before remembering where she was.

Perfect hit, Karin the other two girls cheered, giggling like crazy, still thinking that this was something that Rachel would regret later on. Now it was time for Marie s turn to get the question, which she also took a dare.
I dare you to rip that horrible t-shirt of Rachel Her order according to the scrip, now they all laughed, all four, which wasn t according to plan. Which was when Marie asked her puzzled question.
Rachel, why are you laughing? You shouldn t enjoy this To which the other two girls feel silent, that was very true. The plump girl on the other hand just giggled to herself, having the best time of her life, that slap had almost given her a orgasm then and there, so she just smiled and looked into Marie s eye.
Not gonna answer that until you have done your dare, come on rip it to pieces! she laughed and egged the girl on by giving her the scissor that was laying on Sarah s desk. I think you ll need this to get started. Marie needed no more encouragement, she snatched up the metal object from the other girl s hand and went to work, starting with making a big cut at the bottom of the big pink shirt, which had My little ponies on them. she cut, teared and finally the fabric ripped apart loudly exposing Rachel s C-cupped breasts still hidden inside her white bra.
Okay, Rach why are you having fun when we are doing this to you? Marie asked, breath still a little heavier from the little exercise, then add into she was for some reason getting quite excited by this too, just like the others. Not that she was surprised that Sarah was, she had always loved bulling the weaker, but Rachel was a puzzle so far.

All right I ll tell you, but promise not to stop okay? She swallowed to give her some time, the other three was staring on her now, all thee with all their attention on her. I love it, I wanna be smacked around and humiliated. please to stop, write bad stuff on me please, and fucking me and anything you want check how wet I am A soon she had started to tell them, her courage grew bigger and she couldn t really stop now. she got up and pulled down her pajamas pants and white cotton panties exposing her dripping wet trimmed snatch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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