The seventh floor

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The seventh floor
The seventh floor

That August last week was really something to forget about. In those days Ana had her own car broken and had been going to her office on a bus. But that Friday evening she called me telling she was too tired for a bus ride and asked me if I could pick up her on my way home.
I could be there at seven, because that day I had a lot of pending paperwork to deal. But I was very lucky; energy fell down on the building and of course all computers were also down, absolutely useless for any task. So, I grabbed my car keys and went down to the parking lot at the building basement.

I reached Ana’s office by six thirty; parked my car and took one of the elevators way up.
My sweet wife’s office was on the seventh floor. But I could not find her there. I asked about her to some employees, but none of them had seen Ana during the last hour. They were all leaving at this time. I wandered across the same floor, finding most of the office rooms already empty. My wife seemed to be not there, I convinced myself after a second round from side to side.
Suddenly I heard a muffled moan coming from inside a closed room. I thought it could be Ana, but then I heard the sounds again and concluded it was sounding like sex!!.

No way, Ana could not be there inside a room, having sex. Not her, but… who knows…
I opened the door very slowly; trying to make no noise at all. Then my heart raced and almost stopped when my eyes became accustomed to the dim light in the room.
My sweet Ana was there, bending over a desk, leaning forward and placing her hands on the flat surface. She was keeping the balance with her long legs wide spread. Her summer dress was wrapped around her soft waist and worst thing of all, a giant black man was standing behind her, with a big cock out from his trousers, hanging half erected.

I recognized his uniform and I could see he was one of the maintenance janitors.
He was holding Ana with one heavy hand pushing down her back onto the desk. The other hand was between her buttocks, with at least two of his fingers buried inside my wife`s tight cunt. I saw the man separate her pussy lips and enter her wetness. She sighed and moved her hips in rhythm with his fingers.
A low moan escaped her mouth as the most sensitive part of her body was aroused. Her pussy lips separated, her deep channel became lubricated, and she anxiously awaited the next stage of the process.

You are a fine piece of ass, Mrs. Ana”. He whispered “I think you will enjoy my huge cock; all white pussies I have fucked tell me they love it”
“Turn around madam, he said in a commanding voice.
Ana tried to raise her waist up, but suddenly the black man grabbed her blonde curly hair and made her turn around, facing him very close. He shoved his sticky fingers in Ana’s mouth, laughing and telling her very softly: “Taste your nice pussy, madam, you are so fucking wet”

I could not see her face now, but I knew she was not enjoying the humiliating moment. I was sure the only thing she wanted right now was to be fucked wildly by that black man.
He made her bend over again, her breasts flat down on the cold desk surface. Their bodies were apart for just a few seconds and I had the first glimpse of his black cock. It was long, hard, and oozing pre-cum. The man was going to fuck my sweet wife with that monster.
Are you protected? He asked her very softly. No, I m not on the pill. The answer was.

“Never mind, madam; all white pussies deserve to be filled with my hot, sticky goo”.
“No way, Jerome; I don’t want to get pregnant, please use a condom” She begged him.

“Shut up, bitch; I will fuck you bare and you will enjoy my hot goo deep inside your cunt”.
Are you ready? He asked using his feet to spread my wife’s legs further apart.

She reached behind her back to guide his cock to her open wet pussy lips. Taking a deep breath she waited breathlessly. Once lined up, he shoved himself into her in one rapid stroke, going deep inside up to the hilt.

Ana groaned, screamed in pain and bent forward to allow him better penetration.

They fucked with his forward and upward strokes being met with her returning movements.

Within a minute I noticed she was rubbing her clit with two fingers. She knew for sure that she wasn t going to climax vaginally; so she used manual stimulation to increase her arousal.

Jerome was an old man, almost sixty years old, but he had great stamina and stroked her for what seemed a long time. His huge black cock was not showing traces of being tired. He felt and heard her climax when her body tensed and she screamed in pleasure at her release. He then plunged into her harder and harder. His body was sweating now, as he fucked my wife’s pussy with his giant black snake. It was really amazing!!.

Suddenly he seemed to be reaching his peak. He tensed, grabbed firmly Ana’s hips and filled her cunt with his black sperm. He collapsed onto her back, staying onto her for a few minutes. Then he raised and slid from her, leaving my wife still arched over the desk.
Thank you Mrs. Ana; I really needed to have your nice hot pussy He said very softly in his deep voice. Then he just opened a side door at the end of the office and left the room, leaving Ana there, half naked with her swollen pussy dripping a mix of his cum and her juices. I saw the liquid running down between her legs.

Ana stood there. I knew she was half satisfied because she wanted and needed another orgasm. She wiped herself dry, but then, instead of restoring her dress, she sat on a chair and opened her legs wide open. She lubed her middle finger with her own saliva and then plunged as far as she could into her red swollen pussy. She had another orgasm in seconds.

I saw her having her summer dress restored and then raised from the chair, coming to the door where I was hiding behind. I hurried to the fire stairs and then came back to her office. She was there, gathering some papers. She smiled at me and came to my arms, kissing me.
“You are early, honey; that’s better; I was really getting bored here alone” She said very happily. “Let`s go home and see what can we do to get some fun”.
Well, at least I knew that night she would not refuse to be butt fucked; her sweet pussy would be still swollen and she would claim a certain soreness condition there. That huge black snake had wasted her really.
I promised to myself I could pick up her from her office at least twice a week…

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