The Sketch Artist s Model

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The Sketch Artist s Model
Several years ago, when I was a poor college student, I was looking for ways to earn a little money with a side job. I had a part time job in a warehouse, but I was having trouble making ends meet. One day at school I saw an advertisement for models for an art class on campus. At first glance I figured they were looking for women only, but on closer inspection I found that they were looking for adults of any gender. I thought, “Why not? It’s on campus so it’s reputable and it pays quite a bit for a very short period of time.” I am a guy of at least average good looks and was extremely fit and athletic in those days.

The instructions on the ad were to go to a professor’s office between certain hours to get more details. I obediently followed the directions to Professor Wilson’s office. The good professor was an older and very polite gentleman. He had been a prolific landscape painter earlier and showed me some of his pictures on the wall. In time he came around to the details of the job. He said he needed six models for his evening class. He preferred to have a mix of women and men, but so far only women had applied. He told me that if I was interested he would be glad to bring me “on board”. He repeatedly asked me if I would be comfortable working in the nude and I told him that, as a practicing nudist, I had no problem with that. He never asked for me to undress or anything. (I think he was desperate to get a man to work for his class.)

I was a little concerned with just how this whole thing worked and I had many questions for him. He told me that this was an advanced class and all of his students were serious and talented. He told me that the first session would be fully clothed, the second session would be “d****d”, and he would leave the remaining class sessions open to whatever the students would work out among themselves. The plan was to have about four students for each model with each student taking a slightly different perspective from the same pose. He said that he could only offer about three hours of classroom work per week, but that he was allowed to pay an additional two hours per week to each model for “class preparation time”. There was a possibility that one or more students would offer to pay “out of pocket” for additional work, but that was out of his hands.

The course was an evening class and I arrived only a short time before the students showed up. As planned, each of us models (five women and me) were introduced by the professor and asked to tell a little about ourselves. This was meant as an ice breaker and a way to relax. After a few minutes of that, the professor had the models go and sit on designated stools spread around the room. He assigned four students to each model, but told them that by mutual agreement the students could switch “groups”. The only requirement was that there must be four students for each model. He then dismissed the models from the room and left the class alone to switch teams.

When I returned I found a “team” of three women and one man (about the same ratio at the class overall). The students introduced themselves as Darlene, Karen, Jill, and Jason. All had some experience with figure drawing, but not in this kind of venue.

Soon we got to work. The first assignment was to quickly sketch the model in charcoal. I was wearing a tight t-shirt, jeans, and sandals. The pose was simply sitting on the stool. Easy. For the remaining two hours or so the artists sketched quickly and deliberately. When the class was over, each student turned in one drawing and models were dismissed. As said, easy.

The next week our instructions were a little different. We were to arrive at least 30 minutes early, undress in the professor’s private studio and dress in loose fitting robes (really just bath robes). The idea was to have the models in a position to show off some skin. The early arrival was to insure that no marks would be visible on our skin from tight fitting clothes before the class session. This was actually a good opportunity for me to see how comfortable I would be being undressed in a classroom setting. (Quite a bit different from laying out on a beach or playing volleyball at a nudist resort.) As expected, I didn’t have any trouble undressing in front of the women models, and only one displayed any shyness at all to being nude with a nude male model.

The class experience was much the same as the previous session, except of course this time we didn’t need any introductions. The pose I was assigned was a little different. I was not given a stool, but was directed to remain standing with my left leg forward and my view off to the right. The robe was pulled down off my right shoulder exposing my chest and stomach but not my “privates”. By the way, I am about 6’-2”, 180 lbs., short brown hair, hazel eyes, and a slightly hairy chest. As with the previous class, the students had about 2 ½ hours to draw. They did not want to take a break, opting to use the entire class session to do the best sketches they could. It was slightly uncomfortable holding a pose for that long, but I did it.

For the third class visit the plan was for the session to proceed like the previous, except that the students would be allowed to select a nude pose for their models if desired. When class started and the assignment had been given, I found that my little group seemed a little embarrassed and nervous. I explained to them that there’s nothing to worry about as far as I was concerned, that I was a nudist, that I didn’t see this as anything sexual or sleazy, and that it was just a safe and sane school experience that students have been doing for years. That helped I think.

My group decided that I should take a nude sitting pose on the stool. I moved to the stool wearing my robe, sat down, untied the robe, and let it fall to the floor. As soon as I did that I felt for a moment that all eyes were on my dangling dick and shaved balls. Perhaps they were, or it was my own minor nervousness, but soon everyone spread around and took up positions around me. Feverish charcoal sketching ensued.

When the class was over the students and professor all filed out of the classroom. My fellow models all put their robes back on and left, but I decided to check out some of the pictures before dressing and leaving. A few of the students were really fantastic. The sketches of one of my fellow models was particularly good. It helped that she was gorgeous and had a fantastic body! One sketch particularly caught my eye. The artist did a great job of showing the shape and shadows of her large breasts. Her natural bush was prominent in another sketch of the same woman.

Apparently I let some of my professionalism slip by the wayside as I admired the sketches by myself. I allowed the excited feeling to take over and did not even attempt to restrain my growing erection. When I was extended to my full (and thick) 7”, I decided to go ahead and cover up.
I was just putting my robe on when the classroom door opened and Jill (one of the artists on my “team”) came in. The robe did little to conceal my erection and I could tell that Jill noticed. I tried to adjust my position, step around a little, etc. but there was not much I could do to hide it. Jill played it cool and said that she came back to see if I would be interested in helping her with some additional sketches. She wanted to improve her skills by spending a little extra time practicing. We discussed my availability and pay and agreed on meeting in two days’ time. We then parted and I made my way back to the professor’s office where I got dressed and went home.

Jill had given me directions to her apartment. It was not far from where I was living in an average working class part of town. I walked up, rang the bell, and she greeted me dressed in jeans and a dirty looking t-shirt. Jill was about 5’-2” and about 120 lbs. She had relatively short dark brown hair, and beautiful green eyes. Under her shirt I had the impression that she had a nice pair of C cup breasts. Her jeans were also relatively tight and her small but round butt appeared tightly enclosed and firm looking.

Jill offered me a glass of beer and started in with some small talk about what work I did when I wasn’t modeling. She asked me a little about nudism and where to go to be nude in our area. I explained that the beach was not too far away, but that there were a few places closer. I also go nude at home I told her. She seemed interested.

Finally she said that she had about four hours to spend and asked if I would mind sitting for several short poses in the nude. “Of course not. That would be great.” I replied. She asked if I wanted to change clothes in the bathroom and I declined, simply pulling down my jeans and lifting my t-shirt off over my head. She smiled as she seemed to admire my chest, and I could see her eyes drop to my cock and linger for a moment.

While sitting at a desk she motioned me to stand in the middle of the room and simply face her. I stayed like that for about 15 minutes before she asked me to come over as see what she had done. The drawing was very flattering of my body. My face was not clear, but the outlines of my body were good and there was great detail in the hair on my chest. My cock was prominent in the picture as well. I’m 7” erect, but I’m quite close to that when I’m limp too.

Jill asked me to take a seat on the floor sitting with crossed legs directly in front of her. Before taking up her drawing pencil she asked me what was so appealing about being a nudist. I honestly don’t have a simple answer to that. It is just a natural comfortable feeling being nude and unencumbered with textiles. I asked if she had ever been nude in public and she said that she had thought about it but she was too shy. I asked her if she might consider drawing in the nude, since we were there alone and in private. She said, “What an interesting idea. I don’t know.” I said that it may give her a different perspective on her drawing. Finally she gave in. She walked to the back bedroom, and in less than a minute came out completely undressed.

Jill DID have a hot little body. Her breasts were even fuller than I thought they were. Her little butt was absolutely perfect and her pussy was smoothly shaved. She was very pretty, but also very innocent and vulnerable looking.

The pose went well, though I had to concentrate to avoid having an erection. About 15 minutes of drawing and Jill asked me to take a look. The likeness and realism were outstanding. Strangely though, it was a clear and detailed drawing of my dick with the rest of my body not particularly clear at all. She asked me what I thought and I told her that it was very good. I pointed to the picture and said that it was so clear that you could see the veins in my penis. She seemed a little embarrassed but said, “I can’t really take my eyes off of it. I’m sorry.” I told her that I had a similar problem as I watched her draw. I was attracted to her breasts “etc.” I told her. She giggled and said that she was happy that I liked what I saw, just as she was happy to have me fully exposed to her.

I was starting to feel a little turned on by this talk when she asked if I could try a reclining pose on the sofa across the room. I laid down on my side (allowing my dick to dangle) and she sat on the floor in front of me. She seemed unhappy with the pose and asked me to put my hand on my “member”. I did as directed and she seemed a little happier. She drew for a while and then moved forward and lifted my hand, placing it in a slight different position against my cock. She sat back down, looked unhappy, and came back to me. This time she moved my cock just slightly with her hand and placed my hand just a little to the side. She also gently cupped my smooth balls and tried to reposition them slightly. Of course they could not be moved much, but in the course of all these manipulations I couldn’t help but to get a little aroused.

She noticed that my dick was not staying put in the position in which she placed it and she called me on it. “It looks like your little friend has a mind of its own.” I laughed and apologized. I asked if I should cover up or just let it go. She said that I should just allow it to stay erect as she would like to draw it that way. What a relief! I could just let it all hang out (point out?) and relax.

I let my dick rise to its full glory and watched the artist work. After about 30 minutes she motioned me over to look at the picture. Still with my cock pointed up to the ceiling I looked at the extremely realistic sketch see had made and told her I was pleased.

Jill said that she was a little tired of drawing, but asked if I would indulge her and spend a little more time with her. Of course I didn’t mind. Even if she wasn’t paying me I would stay and spend time in the nude with a beautiful nude woman.

Jill went over to the couch I had been posing on and sat down. She asked me to come stand in front of her – very close – and let her look at my body. I did so. After a time she asked me to turn around. I felt she was staring at my rear end from up close, but that was fine. Then, while still facing away from her, she asked me to bend down and touch my toes. I did so and knew that she was looking at my ass and dangling cock and balls from behind. She asked me to stand up straight but spread my legs. Again I did as told. While in this position I felt her hand on my butt. She gently let her fingers run down my right butt cheek and proceed down to my thigh. She lingered on the inside of my thigh and then reached between my legs from behind to hold my balls. I could feel my erection returning as I sensed her on her knees behind me gently rubbing my groin from behind. I told her I liked that and she said that she did too.

I started to turn around to face Jill but she said “No. Stay that way.” She then began to stroke me in this position. I was rock hard and told her that I couldn’t last too long like this. She said that she wanted to feel me come in her hands. I felt one hand on my crotch with fingers up to my balls and her thumb on my asshole. The other hand continued stroking. My breathing became faster and suddenly I let loose with a grunt and groan. I shot my load in three or four big pulses, sending a stream of white cum across the carpet in front of me. Jill continued to hold me in this position for almost a minute before I turned to face her.

“When will we meet again?” she asked.

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