The waiter

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The waiter
It was the perfect day and the perfect evening on our honeymoon. Married only a few days, we had gone to see the Space Needle, and had an amazing dinner at a steakhouse. As we walked back to the hotel, my wife whispered in my ear, I want you so bad today . Not one to argue, I held her hand even tighter as we walked, and suggested we went to the hotel bar for a drink before bed, just to get us even more in the mood.

We ordered champagne, and when the young, black waiter brought it over, I couldn t help notice my wife checking him over. He was in excellent shape, and had a handsome smile. When my wife bent down to pick up her bag, I also couldn t help noticing him staring down her low cut top at her 36EE chest.

We drank the champagne and when I suggested it was time to go upstairs, my wife asked if we could order another bottle. She could hardly take her eyes off of thE waiter, who would look up and flash a smile at her every once in a while. I could see she was getting hot for him, and a fantasy of mine for a long time had been watching her with another man. You like him, don t you? I asked playfully. She blushed, yes, he is a nice young man . you know that is not what I meant I said.

As we enjoyed the second bottle, I bent over and whispered in her ear do you want to take him upstairs? instead of slapping me, she looked into my eyes and said I love you, I would never cheat . is not cheating if we agree. I want to watch you two fuck . She blushed, and told me not to be silly.

After a short time, the waiter came over. I am finishing my shift. Can I ask you to please close the check before I leave? he couldn t take his eyes off my wife. He went to print off the check, and I said nows your chance, invite him for a drink, I will leave you alone for a minute . I left the money for the bill and went to the toilet.

When I came back, my wife looked excited. She explained that he had gone to get changed, but could not have a drink here, so they were going to go to a bar about a block away. fine , I smiled, I will leave you to get to know him. Bring him back to our room . I waited for him to come back, told him it was ok, and watched them leave. I decided to follow them discretely, keeping my distance, and watched as she took his hand. After 100 metres, she turned and they kissed, passionately. I was very hard, and resisting the temptation to go back to the hotel and masturbate.

The bar they went in to was large, and dark inside, so I decided it would be safe to go in. Maybe I could find a spot where I could watch them. They got a drink, and went to sit in a quiet, dark corner. I too got a drink, and stood across the bar, where I could watch. They were not paying any attention to anything anyway.

They talked for twenty minutes, flirting and kissing. I saw my wife put her hand under the table and I could see from her shoulder movement, she was rubbing him. I could see too, that her arm movement was exaggerated which in my mind indicated he was not small! I decided to leave, and go back to the room.

Around half an hour later, they returned. I said pretend I am not here . They started kissing, and my wife reached down again to stroke him. He unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a very well toned body. He was kissing her neck, and lifting her skirt. He began rubbing her shaved pussy, through her knickers.

When she undid his zip, I was shocked at what popped out. His penis was huge – 9 inches easily, and as thick as a soft drinks can. She could hardly fit her hand around it. She immediately bent down and took the glistening tip in her mouth, working it with her pierced tongue.

When she stood up, her skirt came down, and she took off her blouse, revealing her huge tits. He removed her bra, and his trousers, and they held each other in a naked embrace. He lifted up my wife and took her into the lounge area of our suite, and sat her on the the table. She moaned as he began to lick her sweet pussy, and as he tongued her, she lay back to open up her pussy for him.

When he came up, his face was glistening from her juices. She sat up and took his monster cock, gently sliding the tip inside her. She moaned as he pressed deeper, and screamed as he thrust the rest in. She began to kiss him as he fucked her, looking like she was in ecstasy. He lifted her from the table and on to the sofa, where she knelt doggy style and let him pound her from behind. He moved her o the window and fucked her against the glass, for all of Seattle to see.

They moved to the bedroom, where he began to really pound her sweet pussy, she was screaming, and cumming every few minutes. I thought she was going to pass out ! When he came, he came deep inside her. I could see she loved it, as he began slowly thrusting, pushing the cum out and down her labia.

He went for a shower. The look on my young wife s face said it all, as I knelt between her legs and lapped up her cream pie. I really enjoyed using his cum as a lubricant, and came before he was even out the shower.

For the rest of our honeymoon, my wife had this affair . On the last night, I joined in too, and we had the most amazing threesome. I will tell you about that another day,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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