Three s Company

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Three s Company
I felt honored to get an intern position with an architectural firm at the end of my junior year of college. I was attending Oregon State and the offer from a Portland firm was incredibly convenient. I was even paid a little bit and I could afford a small apartment.
I m about 6 5 , lean and muscular with very little dating experience.
I started dining at Denny s each morning before work. It seemed like the young waitress liked me. She gave me great service and started hanging around and talking to me. Eventually she was giving me free food and spending a lot of time at my booth each morning.
Eventually she gave me her phone number. While I stared at the napkin she said; why don t you come over this evening?
I agreed to her offer and found myself at her apartment door about 7:30 that evening.
Susan greeted me at the door and I was impressed with her young beauty. She is about 5 7 , dark hair and a great smile. She had muscular legs that were visible in her jean shorts. She had on a tank top that clearly outlined some big titties.
I didn t realize she lived with two friends from eastern Oregon, Jimmy and Cynthia.
Cynthia is about 5 6 , blond and lean. Smaller titties than Susan.
Jimmy is about 5 10 dark hair and lean, he looks like a cowboy with long hair.
They are all about 18 it seemed.
The apartment was sparsely furnished, it was obvious they didn t make much money.
We watched a movie together and drank beers. I don t know how they got them.
When the movie was over Jimmy and Cynthia left for their room.
Cynthia immediately began kissing me. I was flattered because I had never been approached like this by a girl before.
Pretty quickly Susan brushed my dick with her hand as she was re-positioning. She quickly muttered an apology but didn t move her hand.
Wow, that thing is huge
I was somewhat embarrassed.
She started unzipping me and said again
I can t believe how big your dick is
Almost immediately she had me in her mouth.
I almost came right then. I had never been blown before. It felt great.
Susan took a pause and slid my pants all the way off.
What about Jimmy and Cynthia?
They won t bother us
I came violently soon after. My back arched and I thrust my dick into her mouth. My dick throbbed as I shot gobs into her. She kept her mouth locked onto my dick.
I was breathing heavy as I tried to catch myself. Susan got up, grabbed my hand and lead me to her bedroom.
She started undressing and I followed.
I just stared at her body. She has great titties with large nipples. Her legs were muscular and she trimmed her pussy.
I moved closer and we fell to her bed. I played with her titties, watching her nipples harden as she stroked my dick. It was hard again.
Susan laid back and spread for me. I moved my fingers in her and looked at her beautiful pussy. Her inner lips did not protrude and her outer lips were puffy. She grabbed me and guided my dick into her.
She gasped as I slid about a third of my dick in her. I waited for her pussy to loosen up. She pushed her hips towards me and grabbed my butt, pulling me all the way in.
What i fantastic feeling, a young tight pussy. I stated at her beautiful titties and slowly started moving. Susan arched her back into my thrusts. I felt myself growing and nearing another orgasm. I couldn t control my self and came again.
Susan was breathing and groaning and I could feel her tighten around my shaft as she move her hips.
Susan collapsed and heaved
I m sorry I came so quick
Are you k**ding me? I ve never had a fuck that good
Really?, it seemed so quick
That dick of yours is a gift
We laid together for awhile and then I had to pee.
I got up and headed for the bathroom, wearing nothing.
As I walked past Jimmy and Cynthia s room I noticed the door wasn t shut. I wondered if I just gave them a show.
I spent two more nights that week screwing my brains out at Susan s
Saturday morning she had to go to work and told me to have some coffee when I got up and let myself out.
About 10 I got up and went into the kitchen, started some coffee.
I looked out at the balcony and Cynthia was getting tanned- topless.
She already had a dark tan. blond hair and titties that came to a point right at her nipples. They are perfect, no sagging.
She hadn t seen me yet so I cleared my throat.
Once she saw me she slowly put on her top. I found out Jimmy worked at the warehouse Saturday s also.
Another week, another week of great sex with Susan/
Each time I walked to the bathroom the door to their room was open.
The next Saturday Cynthia was tanning topless again. This time she didn t bother putting on her top.
I decided this shy k** needed to see if he could push things a little.
I walked to the balcony
Would you like me to rub some lotion on your back?
She looked at me with a slight smile
She rolled onto her stomach.
I rubbed on the lotion and slide my hand underneath the border of her suit, covering the top of her butt and way up high on her thighs,even grazing her cheeks. She didn t flinch.
Another week of great sex with Susan. I m learning how to eat pussy with patient instruction.
The next Saturday I decided I needed to take a risk
I offered Cynthia another round of lotion and she agreed.
This time when I got to her suit I untied the side straps. She didn t flinch. I lowered them and exposed her entire butt. It is beautiful.
I rubbed lotion on her cheeks, taking in the site.
I then pushed her suit between her thighs exposing her little pussy
She either shaves it or waxes, what a sight
She didn t move.
I rubbed lotion on her pussy lips and then re-positioned
I slid my face between her legs and she spread them. I started licking her sweet pussy.
She started moaning as I gave her the best licking I knew at that age.
She started arching and moaning and I knew I was doing it right
Within just a couple of minutes she came, loudly
Now it s my turn
She turned around and started pulling down my running shorts.
out here?
It was okay when you were doing me
I sat down on the chaise lounge and she moved next to me, grabbing my dick.
Susan was right, this thing is huge
Cynthia examined my dick from all angles, slowly stroking me. I thought I was going to come right away. She got on the chaise lounge and took me in her mouth. I think Cynthia can suck better than Susan. I was in heaven. I laid back and looked at this beautiful little blondy suck my dick.
Then I glanced up and the next door neighbor was watching.
She was a re head about 25 and very pretty. I almost grabbed my shorts to cover but then I didn t. This pretty lady was watching me get sucked and it added to the thrill.
I came in no time. I thought I was going to blow off the back of Cynthia s head. I shot a huge load. I m not sure how she kept it all in.
I looked up and the red head disappeared.
Cynthia grabbed me and we went into her room and fucked some more.
About Tuesday or Wednesday night I was headed to the bathroom again as I ran into Jimmy coming out of the room.
I went in and took a leak. I exited and headed back to Susan s room. Jimmy was standing in the hallway at the entrance to his room. As I twisted sideways to get past him he surprised my by grabbing my dick.
I didn t know what to think. He examined it almost like a doctor inspecting someone. I didn t say anything and neither did he. I did start to grow. I looked into their room and couldn t tell if Cynthia saw anything.
Without any warning Jimmy dropped to his knees and took my in his mouth.
I wasn t expecting anything like this
I looked in their room and Cynthia had turned onto her side so she could watch.
Jimmy took one hand and grasped my member as he sucked. He was almost as good as Cynthia. He started stroking me and I came quickly as Cynthia watched.
Neither one of us said anything and we went to our bedrooms.
The next night as I made my trek, I decided I should take advantage of this situation.
I took my pee and headed straight to Jimmy and Cynthia s room.
I pulled back the covers and Cynthia was greeting me in her nudity and smile.
I nudged her over and stroke her awesome tits.
I felt her moist pussy and she groaned.
I slid between her legs and began a good fucking, Jimmy watching
What a great feeling, one guy watching me fuck his girl. He didn t complain, just softly stroked the back of my legs.
I hurried back to Susan s room
I now knew I could fuck either girl, almost at will.
About a week later I came home early and found myself following the red headed neighbor up the stairs.
AS we got to the landing, she motioned me inside her apartment.
I barely got the door closed before she had mu pants down and my dick in her mouth.

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