To Really Know Someone: Chapter 3

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To Really Know Someone: Chapter 3
To Really Know Someone: Chapter 3


The sound is hollow as it echoes through the cave.

Drip. Drip.

But even as hollow as it is, it s enough to wake her from her sleeep with the hazy pain that follows it.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip.

Her eyes open to the near pitch-black darkness of her surroundings and the shadows of the flickering lights don t do much to help her blurry vision despite her slayer senses when she tries to focus. Figures seem to form in the shadows and as they group together she starts to remember what lead her to where she is.

She starts to shift in the spot she woke up in, the cold dampness of her surroundings becoming more obvious the more she moves. Suddenly, something rattles and a weight on her arms seems to shift when she lifts them. Looking down at her hands, the feeling of the shackles fastened tightly around her wrists registers in her head.

“What the…?”

“I m sorry…”

Buffy looks up from her wrists to see Satsu crouched over a fire not too far from her, trying to keep it going.

“I… I didn t mean to… I didn t want to have to do that to you. But I… I-I wasn t really sure how you d react when you woke up. I couldn t take the chance.”

The blonde slayer brings her vision back to her wrists.

“Well, considering some of the decisions I ve made lately, that may have been a good idea.”

She reaches up to the back of her head and feels the lump there that s stinging from where she was hit earlier.

“Though I could ve gone without the tumor forming on the back of my head as a warning…”

Satsu watches Buffy for a moment.

“I-I… I m sorry. I didn t want to do that to you, but I wasn t sure that you d come with me willingly. Not after what I d done.”

The chained slayer watches Satsu intently as she tries to determine exactly how close to the edge the younger slayer has gotten.

“And what exactly did you do?”

“You, you saw… you know… you were there. I… I stabbed her. I… I stabbed Faith, right in front of you. You…”

Satsu s hands get shaky and she looks down at them with fear in her eyes. It s dark, but Buffy can just barely make out the dried blood stains that Satsu is staring at on them.

“You saw… I-I… I killed someone.”


“I killed her. I stabbed Faith and I killed her. I… I know how you feel about people like that. People… like us, people who kill people. I know what happens to them and how you deal with them. You told me about you and Faith. I…”

The young slayer crawls across the cold, hard stone ground of the cave the slayers are in to get up close to Buffy. She rattles her chains as she backs up against the wall a bit at the speed that Satsu crawls.

“I m sorry… I-I… I m sorry. I didn t mean to do it… I didn t mean to kill her. I… just reacted. I don t even know why. She… I went to talk to her. To… confront her about you and everything that happened when…”


“B-because… I… I needed to understand. I had to figure out… why… why all this had happened. Why she did what she did. What she was thinking and feeling about everything that happened. And what she was feeling about…”

Satsu brings her eyesight up to Buffy s and their eyes meet for the first time in what feels like a long time.

“And what she said gave you the uncontrollable urge to stab her in the stomach?”

Their eye line breaks again as Satsu looks down shamefully at the stone floor.

“I m sorry. I… I m sorry.”

Satsu has a sudden urge to throw herself at Buffy, her arms wrapping themselves around Buffy s stomach to hug her. The tears finally start to pour out of her.

“I m sorry. I m so sorry. I didn t mean it. I didn t…”

Slowly and cautiously, Buffy starts to put her arms around Satsu in a vain attempt to comfort the hysterical girl.

“I know…”

“I didn t mean to… I didn t mean to kill her. I m sorry.”

There s a long moment of silence where all that can be heard in the cave is sobbing and the faint echo of sobbing against the walls of the cave.

“Satsu… Faith s not dead.”

That makes Satsu let go of Buffy and pull away to bring their sight together again.


“She survived. Just barely, but she s alive and recovering. She may even be awake right now back at the castle.”

“But… but I…”

“You didn t kill anyone Satsu. You made a really stupid and irresponsible decision in the heat of the moment that you really shouldn t have. A decision you re going to have to pay for. But you didn t kill anyone.”

“I… we… she s… she s alive?”

Buffy reaches out to touch the side of Satsu s face.

“Yes. She s gonna be okay. And if we end this here… you can be okay too.”

Satsu leans forward into Buffy with a gentleness that hasn t been felt between them in a while and she leans in to kiss the older slayer. Quickly, Buffy tries to keep some distance between them, her hands pressing against Satsu s shoulders.

“Satsu, stop…”

They both get some distance from each other as Satsu backs off.


She looks uncomfortable and confused at the chained older woman.

“But, I thought you came… to… I thought you cared about me. That s… that s why you were here. You came because you cared about me. Because you wanted to…”

“Satsu, listen to me.”

Buffy moves a little closer to her Asian companion.

“I do care about you. I care about you a lot. And that, more than anything, is why we can t be anything more than friends. Because I want you to be happy…”

There s a long pause in Buffy before she continues.

“Satsu… look at yourself.”

There s another shorter pause that stretches out between them.

“Look at what everything that s happened between us has done to you. Can you honestly tell me that this has made you anything close to happy?”

After a brief moment of reflection, Satsu seems to sit defeated on the hard floor of the cave.

“I want you to be happy Satsu.”

Buffy moves a little closer to Satsu.

“Stop this before it goes further than it has to and maybe we can find a way to make sure that happens.”

They stare at each other for what seems like forever in silence, but eventually Satsu moves to unlock the shackles fastened around Buffy s wrists.

“I m sorry…”

The chains come unlocked and Buffy rubs her wrists where the heavy metal used to be.

“I know…”

Buffy slowly stands up and so does Satsu. The younger slayer steps into Buffy, hugging her tightly and Buffy hugs her back just as tightly. Eventually, Buffy puts her arms around Satsu s shoulders and starts leading her towards the entrance of the cave. As they move out of the cave and into the light of the sun, they both feel the warm feeling of the morning sun which seems to almost heal them instantly of everything. As if they were leaving everything bad between them back there in the cave.

“It s going to be okay.”

End of Chapter 3

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